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The Good Life

I can't believe that I've already made it this far onto the estate.  The Wallace's, one of the richest families in probably the five surrounding states, and I was about to make the score of the century off them.  I'd been casing the house for months now, and rumor had it that the whole family was going out for some large gala at the governor's mansion.  I had the guard's rotation movements down to the minute, I knew I could do this and rub it in my brother's face.  Him always thinking he's a big shot cause he keeps getting so many houses and not being caught.  Well this was the mother load of all houses, and tonight it was mine for the taking.

I saw the doors that I had found the best to sneak into the house, and made a dash for them.  Pressing myself against the wall closest to the door I gently opened the doorknob not knowing what was inside the room beyond.  I slid my way in quickly, gently closing the door behind me, so as not to catch a passing guards attention.  As I surveyed the room it was easy to tell that I had stumbled into someone's bedroom, and when I got around to the bed it seemed that someone was still here.  Not only that he was sitting up in bed, without any clothes on, and probably the sharpest looking sword I had ever seen.

"I was really hoping that you would try your little break in scheme tonight, while the rest of the family was out." The figure said as he reached for the lamp on the bedside table.  Immediately I drew in a sharp breathe as I saw Jay's face, and also almost lost the contents of my bladder.  Jay was known as the least rough of the family, but probably the scariest one.  He had his older brother and parents eating out of his hand, what Jay wanted Jay got. 

"Jay, man I'm sorry its really just a big misunderstanding," I said trying to slowly back my way back out the door without taking my eyes off him.

"I really wouldn't suggest running Paul, it would be a lot worse than if you stay right where you are."  Jay said, standing up and casually placing the sword on the end of the bed.  Without thinking I turned around fast, and came face to face with two of the most vicious looking dogs I had ever seen waiting for me on the other side of the door.  "I told you it would be worse out there.  Now, why don't you sit down in the chair over there so we can have a little chat."

He pointed to a chair across from where he had gracefully reclined on a couch like object.  I made my way quickly to the chair, never really letting my eyes off him.  I have to admit given difference circumstances I would have been extremely aroused, even at 17 Jay could take your breathe away with his looks.  Being only 23 myself I wasn't a bad looking specimen, but nothing of Jay's caliber, he was perfect from the top of his black hair to the bottom of his obviously pedicured feet.  There wasn't a blemish anywhere that I could see and given his current state of nudeness that was pretty well everywhere.

"Now Paul, let's be up front shall we, Daddy knew about your scheme since pretty well you first started planning it.  And was thinking about just having you arrested with the evidence we already had, I convinced him not to."

"Thanks," I said softly not quite sure where this was going. 

"You shouldn't thank me yet, you may not like the next part of the conversation, or you might I'm actually hoping you do.  Paul, I want you to be my boyfriend, and given how I've caught you watching me at the mall and even when you trying to case the house I have a feeling you might not be adverse to this ideal."

I sat there in stunned silence.  Was this 17 year old boy really asking me to become his boyfriend after catching me not only breaking into his house, but knowing I'd been planning on doing it for weeks now. 

"So I just want to get this straight your father catches me trying to break into his house, you not only stop him but then wait for me on the night I plan to do it, just so you can ask me out?  Don't take this offensively but are you insane?"

Jay burst out in laughter, which really didn't help the whole insane question much.  "No, Paul I'm not insane.  Look, its hard for me to find someone out there, everyone knows who I am and would only treat me like a trophy not like an actual person.  So when I heard about your plan, it showed that you had well bluntly, balls, I knew that you would stand up to me when I needed it and be strong.  If you were willing to break into our house, then you were brave possibly really stupid but brave.  And that's the kind of boyfriend I want."

"And if I say no then what, your father turns me into the cops and I'm sent off forever?"

Jay chuckled softly at that.  "No, but I will have to have one of the guards beat you up a little just so people don't get the wrong ideal that they can easily break into our house."

"And if I say yes?"

"Then my hope is that since my parents and brother won't be back until Sunday morning that we can have sex until then, or until we pass out from exhaustion.  Then of course Sunday morning you'll meet them over breakfast."  He chuckled again.

I gulped a little at that thought, "And how are you parents going to react to this whole boyfriend thing?  Especially your father considering how it all came to be."

"Well my family already knows that I am gay, and I'm pretty out to most other people.  I'm sure my brother will razz you a little, but no more than he would me.  My father I've already explained my intent so, he won't be surprised and will probably be more happy that I've finally found a boyfriend that I like."  He said.

"This is a lot to take in can I have like five minutes to think by myself?"  I asked.

"Sure, I'll go grab us something to drink, you want a coke or something?"  Jay asked, pulling himself up from the couch thing.

"Umm, yeah that'll be fine, thanks."  I mumbled still in shock.  This had to have been the oddest moment of my life I'm sure of it.  Jay had been right I had been looking at him, I had thought pretty covertly, but I guess not as much as I should have.  No one knew I was gay, even I wasn't completely sure.  Jay was a different story, there was just something about the guy that made me want to stare, and make my pants get tight.  Well if I was going to have the alternative or actually get something I might enjoy, I knew for sure which one I was going to take.  Jay hadn't returned yet, so I thought I would get up and check out what I assumed was his bedroom.  It looked like a normal guys room, probably a little cleaner than most, posters on the wall.  The bed though, it was huge, it could probably hold 4 if not 5 people at once, I chuckled softly thinking if it had before.  I had heard some wild stories about Jay, especially when he first came out.  I heard the door open, and Jay walk in with two glasses of ice and a couple of bottles of coke on a tray, sitting them down on a nearby dresser.

"So have you thought about your answer?"  Jay asked, pouring the coke into a glass and handing it to me. 

"Actually I think this is probably the best answer I can give you."  I stood up quickly and pulled him too me placing a kiss directly on his mouth.  I felt him quickly relax into my body, given he was still naked I could tell he was enjoying the close touch.  "No."

He looked at me shocked, "WHAT?"

"I don't like the circumstances, that you've set up.  So how about this, Jay I would like to go out with you, would you be my boyfriend?"  I asked, pulling him close again.

"I think I would like that very much Paul,"  Jay said blushing slightly.  "I have a feeling this is going to be an interesting relationship."

"Me too, Jay, now, what was that about having sex until we were exhausted?"  I laughed, kissing him again.

"Hold on a second."  Jay pulled away, and going over to the doors that lead outside, "Don't want to give the guards to good of a show, at least not this time."  He said pulling heavy curtains over the doors I had come in.  "Now where were we, ohh yeah, I think here."  He said while walking sexily over to me.  "I think these have to come off first though."  Jay purred, while starting to pull my head over my shirt. 

I had started to help him by undoing my pants, when his hands covered mine.  "Nuh, uh, I want to do it.  You'll just have to go at my pace for a little while."  Jay said, sliding his hands up my stomach then chest.  I felt him lean in and start kissing around my neck, making a trail leading towards my nipples.  We started scooting back towards his bed as his mouth started sucking and nibbling on them, switching back and forth between his mouth and hands.  We landed on his bed on my back, he continued to make his way down to my pants.  I could feel his mouth cover the area where my dick was through my pants, even through the material I could feel the warmth.  I moaned loudly, "I think someone likes this."  He said chuckling a little.

"Fuck yeah,"  I said through a moan as he started unbuttoning my pants.  I think he was starting to get impatient as he quickly pulled the rest of my clothes off. 

"Get the rest of the way up on the bed on your back,"  Jay said, I quickly complied waiting for the next part.  Jay went to the bottom of the bed, and slowly started crawling up between my legs hovering over my hot cock.  He lowered his mouth to the tip of my, and started licking the tip of it, licking up every ounce of pre-cum that my dick pulsed out.  Without warning I felt my entire length into his mouth and I'm sure his throat, I couldn't hold myself anymore.

"Jay I'm going to cum, Jaayyy, JJJJAAAAYYYYY."  I screamed as I felt his mouth just suction harder and go faster.  I came like I had never cum before in my entire life, I felt like my entire balls had been sucked out my dick.  Jay took every bit of it in his throat, as I was coming down I still felt Jay sucking.  Unlike most guys, I had a nice ability of being able to stay hard for at least three good cums, so I'm sure jay was surprised when I only got mildly softer. 

"I'm thinking you liked that?"  Jay asked, looking at me like a cat who had finally gotten into the cream.  In fact every now and then licking my still hard dick. 

"Ohh, yeah, you ready for your turn now."  I asked pulling Jay up to my mouth again kissing him.  Enjoying the taste of myself in his mouth. 

"Yep, but not the way your thinking, we can do that later.  I want my first time tonight to be with you in me.  I'm hoping we can go for quiet awhile."  Jay said, going back down to my dick. 

"OK then, swing that ass around here then, I want to taste that sweet hole before I go in there."  I said.  Jay quickly turned us into a 69 position.  I quickly dove between his cheeks, tasting nothing but a little sweat.  I dove into one of the most magnificent looking asses I had ever seen.  I couldn't feel a single hair anywhere in the area, as I started forcing my tongue into his tight hole.  I could hear jay doing some of his own moaning, while I enjoyed going crazy on his ass.  "You know what would make this taste even better Jay?"  I felt his head shake no.  "A little red meat."  He turned his head around to me looking confused.  Then I laid a hard slap on his right asscheek, then another on his left, I could see he jerk his head back and moan, but obviously not from the pain.  With a couple more whacks, I saw his ass turning redder.

"GOD PAUL FUCK ME NOW."  Jay yelled, as turned again facing me.  I saw him lift himself up, and place my dickhead at his hole, then start entering into his little hole.  "Ohh, god, Paul, it's even better than I thought it would be, I can't wait."  With that he plunged himself straight down onto my dick, not stopping until all ten inches was firmly placed into him.  I almost came when he bottomed out, but I held back wanting to give Paul a ride for our first time.  After a minute I felt himself start to lift up and down, moaning loudly, I had never seen such a beautiful sight.  A boy lost in the pure pleasure I was giving him, I wanted to help him even more so placing my hands on his pecs I started playing with the gorgeous brown nipples on his chest.  If the guards didn't know what was going on before now, they certainly would after the moanish scream that was coming from Jay's mouth.  "Paul I'm going to cum, I'm going to cum."

"Hold off Jay, I want to come with you."  I said picking up my pace.  Jay just started a litany of ohh god, ohh, god, trying to hold back his orgasm.  As I felt myself come to the brink again, I shouted, "LET IT GO JAY, LET IT GO."  With that I felt his ass get tighter and my dick get bigger as we both came, which just caused us both to cum even harder and longer.  After what felt like an eternity I felt my head coming back down to earth, as Jay landed on my chest.  We lay there a little while getting our breathe back.

"I didn't think exhausted would come so early,"  Jay chuckled, while keeping his head on my chest. 

"Neither did I quite honestly, do you have a shower, maybe we can pick it up a little?"  I replied, stroking his hair. 

Jay chuckled into my chest, "Good ideal."  He said, pulling himself off me, and grabbing my hand leading me to a door off the side of his room.  We entered into a large bathroom, a shower stall that could hold at least 3 if not 4 people at once, toilet, and a mirrored sink that looked like it held enough bottles and things to give a Hollywood actress a run for her money.  We walked over to the shower, climbed in and got the water steaming hot. 

"I was hoping you'd like really hot showers too,"  I said, leaning into Jay kissing him.  "How about we get a little dirtier, before we get clean."  I felt Jay start to kneel down, "Nuh, uh, my turn this time, I want to taste the front since the back was so delicious."  I said pulling him up, and starting my own trailing down his chest, enjoying each nipple as I went.  Again I couldn't feel a single hair anywhere on his chest, then stomach, then his nice 7 inch cock.  When I got to that very lickable piece of meat, I went further down in order to enjoy the taste of his balls.  I could hear Jay enjoying my mouth with the moans coming from him.

"God, Paul, please suck me."  Jay asked pleadingly.

"You mean like this?"  I asked teasingly licking taking the head of his dick into my mouth.  I was relishing the pre cum spewing out of balls, licking every ounce he could pump up.  Not wanting to tease my new love anymore I made my way down his meat, enjoying the over heated boy trying to buck into my mouth getting more and more in.  When he got to the back of my throat I swallowed the rest of him on down, as he bottomed out I felt his hands on the back of my head slightly pulling my hair.  I started moving up and down, trying to never let the head of it move out of my throat.  I felt Jay start to pick up the pace by moving his dick back and forth into my mouth, trying to push himself over the edge with the help of my mouth.  When I felt his dick start to swell, I pulled the head out of my throat, and let enjoyed the taste of load to the fullest. 

"Paul, man, that was insane, I've never felt anything so good."  He said looking down at me, where his face changed to a little puzzled.  I got up and pressed our mouths together, with little warning to him, I started letting his load back into his mouth.  When he realized what was going on we both swapped his sweet load until it was down our throats.  "That was hot."  Jay said finally pulling us apart.

I chuckled, "Told you I wanted to get a little dirtier before we got cleaned up."

With that we did get cleaned up, our horomones at least mildly controlled at the moment.  Climbing into his large bed we turned out the lights, and I hugged my new and so strange boyfriend to my chest enjoying his warmth, quickly falling into a contented sleep.


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