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Subject: The Humiliated and Exposed Artist Model

- Chapter ONE


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The Humiliated and Exposed Artist Model


Edited by Rembert (USA)







Leif is a handsome student. He is 22 years old and has short brown hair, blue eyes, height 6'1 and a waist 31. He is one of a few people who can look rather inconspicuous and average as a child and adolescent but then transform with age into a true beauty. If someone compared photos of Leif at aged 15 or 16 years old with current photos, you would hardly believe they were the same person.

Leif was the type of man who focused himself completely on his studies, even though his athletic career should have come first. Because Leif had received an athletic scholarship, but his father's words still resonant within him, "More important than athletic success are a good education and knowing people who can open important doors."


His coach and his team mates were unaware of Leif's attitude toward swimming. He didnīt openly comment that swimming really wasnīt his real priority. Even though Leif was not the star of the swim team, he always fulfilled his swimming obligation, trying to meet all the requirements of his scholarship. In his view, almost everything went as planned.


Most people were a little lenient with him because they knew Leif had lost his father when he was 16. Leif still missed his father very much.


Leif's good looks never went unnoticed, repeatedly being asked whether he worked as a model. He received many admiring glances from both men and women. He looked stunning and had a body which many lusted for and admired.


Most swimmers had a strong chest with fantastic pectorals but less powerful upper arms. However, due to Leif's intense swimming program, he trained his upper arms as well. So he not only had the typical strong chest muscles, strong legs like other swimmers, but Leif also had strong defined upper arms.


Perhaps that was one reason why he would never win the first place in the swim meets. As an athlete you have to focus only on one target and train only for one discipline.


Leif also swam in public meets hoping to make contacts which could further help him professionally later. He was a natural out-going person, not having any difficulty in get close to new acquaintances, even though most made the first step and approached him. The Adonis was drawn to people like a magnet. Still, he was more reserved and remained grounded. Nevertheless, Leif was not arrogant.


He was often asked whether someone could take pictures of him and he never said no. He was not stupid; he knew they wanted a photo of him in his Speedos. He was a sex object and filled out the tiny Speedos very well. People enjoyed his body and beautiful face. They consumed him like an object of desire. The less he wore, the more they took photos of him. Recently they even made videos of him.


It never bothered Leif if people wanted to photograph him wearing only Speedos. He was a swimmer after all. Of course, he also got offers while at such events, which he found less likeable. To some people, it was not enough to take photos of his breathtaking body and his face or make a video of him. They wanted more, but he would always decline those offers politely.


Although he did not win this swim competition (he had placed second), he was again the center of attention with a number of girls. They could not stop taking pictures of him. They also asked him all sorts of questions. Some questions answered Leif rather evasively. His father had taught him not to lie, but he had also taught him a few tricks on how he could answer unpleasant questions in a clever way.


One of the girls was a bit too pushy and tried to get Leif to voluntarily or involuntarily do something to pull down his Speedos. One of the fathers noticed what was happening and took action. He chased the girls.


"I have to apologize for the behavior of my daughter and the other girls. I didn't know she would do something like this. Maybe it's her young age and a peer pressure within her group. They can sometimes feel stronger in a group. By the way, I'm Harvey Specter. I am glad to meet you."


"My name is Leif Hoffman. Hmm, I think I have seen a photo of you in the newspaper."


"Well, if someone leads a large company, he can't always remain private. The press can drag a person's name through the mud." Joked Mr. Specter.


Leif could remember quite well the content of the article, because he wanted to do his degree next year and had already been researching potential employers. Specter Industries was a very interesting employer in this city. He could hardly believe he had met such an important person at this swim meet. It developed a lively conversation between both. Leif had become so relaxed talking with Mr. Specter that he completely forgot he was only wearing Speedos.


While he chatted with Mr. Specter, visitors of the competition again past by and took pictures of the young Adonis. This was not unnoticed by Mr. Specter, who also looked at Leif's Speedos.


Mr. Specter suddenly looked thoughtful. "I have an idea. Leif, I would like to ask you a question, if I may. "


Leif was very impressed with this man's politeness and courtesy, especially being he was a very powerful entrepreneur. Leif replied, "No problem. Ask me any question you like. "


"I formed a foundation a few years ago to promote young artistic talent. The foundation has several goals. First, we want young people to have an opportunity to use their leisure time and in parallel we are looking for genuine talents. If participants are distinguished in our courses by special capability, then we want to encourage them further. In special cases, this can go up to the granting of a scholarship to study art. The head of the foundation mentioned to me recently, how difficult it is to recruit young men as models. I noticed the reaction of the girls (and some of the men); they seemed rather intent on staring at you and your body. You appear, as far as I can tell, to have an amazing body for a model. Would you be interested in the job? "


Leif was very surprised. He hadnīt expected an offer like that. He was often asked if he wanted to work as a model, but in addition to studying and his swim training he did not have much free time. It was important for him to get a well paid job after studying and to make contacts with influential people. But he had not considered the fashion and glamour business. He really wasnīt interested to become a model.


Mr. Specter was a very successful businessman who had an eye for talent and was a good judge of character. He could see Leif wasnīt much interested on the offer at the moment.


"You don't have to decide this now. Here is the calling card of the head of the foundation. If you are interested, contact him and discuss everything with him. It was indeed a pleasure meeting you. I'll never forget it by the way, when someone does me a favor. You see, my foundation is very close to my heart.

Incidentally, consider the amount of money you would have made today if you got paid one dollar for each photo they had taken of you in those Speedos today. You would have loads of money coming out of your Speedos." With this joke Mr. Specter said goodbye.


Leif thought that Mr. Specter's remark about the favor was interesting. What would that mean for Leif? A modeling job really didn't interest Leif, however taking the job for Mr. Specter's foundation might give him a chance to get a job at Specter Industries. How realistic was this idea?, he thought.


Leif had taken the calling card of the foundation head and he mulled over Mr. Specter's offer. It was a foundation about discovering and promoting artistic talents. The foundation was looking presumably for models which were willing to present themselves naked to students. Leif was accustomed to standing around wearing thin Speedos in front of a large group of unknown people. He was not a prude. But he was certainly no exhibitionist. If other people looked at his body with pleasure, this filled him with pride; it did not excite him.


Leif thought, would he be comfortable as art model standing in front of a group of art students? They would study his body closely, including his genitals. Well, especially his genitals for sure. Everybody would do so. Because he kept himself lean, his genitals looked large.


How could he manage this additionally job? His study and swim training took priority. Would the job as a model give him access to Specter Industries? His father had taught him that it is better always to address problems openly.


He arranged an appointment with the head of the foundation and made a mental note to speak openly about his concerns. He would need to consider his schedule with the demands of the modeling schedule.


As it turned out Mr. Specter had already informed Mr. Ross the head of the foundation. He invited Leif to an interview at the institute. Mr. Ross was younger than Leif had expected. He had expected a man between fifty and sixty years. He was pleasantly surprise that Mr. Ross was in his late thirties. He was also quite attractive. In Mr. Ross's office where a lot of interesting photographs hanging at the walls.


Leif discussed with Mr. Ross his training schedule. He had to fulfill the commitment of his scholarship. He also gave him his lecture dates. They tentatively agreed on one day a week. Leif would work as an art model for the students. Still, Leif wasnīt sure yet. The lessons would take 90 minutes. Leif was concerned about making his scholarship commitments.


According to Mr. Ross, the Foundation would pay in this exceptional case Leif with a higher hourly rate than other models. Mr. Ross had already discussed with Mr. Specter. Whether Leif would be modeling nude or in Speedos, this would be the decision of the young man alone.


Mr. Ross said, "I understand very well that nude modeling is unfamiliar to you at first. If you get used to everything and become relaxed with the students, you may be willing to stand nude. If, after the second or third session you donīt want to pose nude, then we will understand and accept your decision. Young men seem to have much greater aversion to nude modeling than young women. Of necessity we have always used older men as a model, but neither the student nor the instructor perceive this as pleasant for different reasons (Mr. Ross smiled and winked)."


"I would like to show you the art room where the art classes are held. You can familiarize yourself with the room layout. I would like to ask you to take off your clothes, so I can get an artist's impression of your body and how you will look on stage. Mr. Specter told me you are a swimmer and he met you at a swim meet. He said you have a stunning body, but I would like to make my own opinion. I will show you a few typical poses, which you might strike during class. You can keep on your underpants of course."


On the way into the drawing room, they passed some drawings which were displayed on the walls.


"Some drawings of our students are already quite good. Unfortunately, we have yet to find outstanding talent. Mr. Specter wants nothing more than to discover that one true talent. The discovery of a truly talented artist would help the foundation attract more attention and recognition. "


The classroom of the foundation for drawing had very high ceilings and large windows. This allowed more natural light to shine into the room. In the middle of the room was a platform for the models. Around the platform stood chairs and drawing easels.


"So, here we are. This is where the drawing classes are held. I will show you a few common poses used in the classes which give the students perspective. You should be able to hold each pose at least 15 minutes. There are some additional poses that last up to 45 minutes. This hall has a small adjoining room which allow the models prepare for the sessions. Since it is just you and I in here at the moment, may ask you to please undress and onto the platform. You may use the adjoining room or undress here, whichever makes you comfortable."


Leif looked briefly around the room. It did not bother him to undress right here.


"To save time, I will take my clothes off over here." He said.


Leif sat on a chair and took off his shoes and socks first. Then he stood up and pulled off his T-shirt. Mr. Ross was very impressed by the trained upper body of the athlete. Any existing arm-, chest - and shoulder muscle appeared to be optimally designed. Leif was a perfect model for the drawing students.


Impressive was not the mass of muscles but the perfect shape and definition of shoulders, arms, chest muscles, waist and back. Leif turned briefly aside to fold his shirt and lay it on the chair.


That gave Mr. Ross the opportunity to admire the play of muscles of the young Greek god. The elegant movement of the perfect body was fascinating.


Mr. Ross was aware that he stared at Leif who is undressing himself. While this was not allowed and not nice, he could not help it. Mr. Ross looked at Leif's chest, pecs, nipples, and faint treasure trail. Mesmerized, he stared at this young man who exposed himself slowly. He could not wait until the stud had finally take off his jeans. The pectoral muscles and the upper arms and all other parts of the upper body were perfectly trained.

Leif opened the zipper of his jeans. He chose not to look at Mr. Ross, because he knew the man was watching him intensely. From the corner of his eyes he could see the man following his every move. That wasnīt new for him; everybody did this, from the coach to the parents to the students. It was not easy but he had learned to live with the attention.


Mr. Ross looked spellbound as the Adonis was at ease baring his almost naked body before him. The head of the Foundation went even twice a week to the gym, where he had observed many well-built young men, but none of the bodies had the perfection of Leif.


The young god pulled the jeans down until his tight underpants appeared. His tight-fitting briefs displayed a sturdy and round butt. Mr. Ross was beginning to get a dry mouth and had a slight feeling in the front of his pants.


As Leif stood slightly to the side of Mr. Ross, the man got a good look at his tight butt and the front bulge in Leif's taut briefs. It was obvious to Mr. Ross that Leif had a thick cock. Leif fixed the position of his briefs as they had ridden up his crack. He continued to push his jeans down below his knees. Mr. Ross was able to admire Leif's powerful thighs. While Leif remained calm, grew the excitement at Mr. Ross, including in his pants. He had often watched young men taking their clothes off, but watching this beefcake was something special.


Leif raised his right leg to get off his pants, and then his left leg. This caused his dick and balls to move visibly in his briefs back and forth. To watch this spectacle was almost too much for Mr. Ross as his own cock and balls moved back and forth.


After Leif had taken off his jeans he folded them up and put on the chair. Finally Mr. Ross was able to admire the young man's body in all its perfection. Too bad that the young Adonis hadn't agreed to modeling nude.


If Leif ever decided to model nude, Mr. Ross would have to find some excuse to be there. He could imagine nothing better than to see this young God full naked. His butt was sturdy and round and not too big. Leif looked more slender than corpulent or bulky. The whole body seemed to consist entirely of curves and bends.


Leif rose to the platform and waited for instructions. While he had done that, Mr. Ross had his eyes constantly on the body of this young athlete. His movements were elegant, natural and graceful at the same time. Here is a young man of dignity and elegance was aired, although he was almost naked. Mr. Ross was very impressed. He completely forgot that he had to give directions for typical standard poses for drawing a male body.

Leif waited a moment and gave Mr. Ross the opportunity to examine his body and look at it. On the movement of the man's eyes, he could see that Mr. Ross looked at him again from top to his thighs.


Leif turned first to one side and then presented his backside. The young God had a perfect V-shaped back and a narrow waist. Mr. Ross would like to follow the movements of the young Adonis for hours. Mr. Ross managed to demonstrate the first pose. Leif repeated these poses and all the other without problems.


"Young man, I think it is fair to say that you were the best male model the foundation has ever had."


"Thanks. May I get dress now? It's a bit cold up here." It suddenly dawned on Mr. Ross after seeing Leif's hard nipples just how cold it was in the room.


"Of course. Oh, there is a window open, so it's a bit chilly. During class we will naturally close the windows and if necessary turn on the heat."


Mr. Ross starred at him while Leif descended the platform again and got dressed with the same calmness. He was almost addicted to look at the body of the athlete and to capture as much detail as possible. Such a body is not seen very often.


Later Mr. Ross was angry for his own unprofessional behavior. He had behaved like a child, who had looked at a naked man for the first time.


Leif, for his part, had noticed the interest by Mr. Ross for his body. Maybe Mr. Ross was gay, because his interest was a bit too much for a straight guy. He tried to ignore it and avoided any eye contact. He had already had similar experienced with coaches and teammates in similar situations; they would longingly stare at his ass and cock. Mr. Ross was a likeable man, which made it easier to tolerate his staring. Leif always tried to keep people at a distance just in case it was something sexual.


People who did not look like a model could never imagine that beauty could be both curse and blessing. A truly beautiful person is much more often sexually harassed than others.


In addition, there are many envious people and they would try to do harm to the beautiful people, even if they didnīt know the person closely.


Leif had developed over the years his own strategy to cope. He learned to tolerate much more than people gave him credit. For example, if he was photographed by anyone he did not like or touched by other people, then he would walk away without saying anything. Even he was a man, Leif was often exposed to sexual harassment.


To avoid this harassment, he never wore skintight clothes. He not styled his hair and sometimes even wore hideous glasses with simple glass panes. He actually didnīt need any glasses.


It was sad when close friends (boys or girls) fell in love with him and he didnīt feel the same. He was never sure who was his real friend and who would only want to have sex with him. Leif refuse one night stands. He never discussed this with anyone because they would laugh at him. His male friends only wanted to go out with him in the evening, because it was easier for them to make contacts with good looking girls. Leif then served as a decoy.

"Dude, I would like to have your problem," or "Mate, it's only your imagination. You are suffering from persecution mania." they told him.


"So Leif tell me, has the foundation found a new model?" asked Mr. Ross uncertain. Perhaps his unprofessional conduct had deterred the young man.


"I will give it a try. If my studies and my training don't suffer, then I will be available as a model. But I donīt want to make any promises."


"Leif I appreciate very much that you are completely open and honest with me. We would in any case be very happy, the students, Mr. Specter and I. I'll see you tomorrow at your first session. "


Leif was actually not interested in another situation where he will be exposed in front of a lot of people. They only stare his body and his appearance; It was so superficial and vacuous. He was not an exhibitionist. He tolerated it when he was being photographed and stared. Leif believed in Karma. First you have to give something to others and then you receive something in return later. The more generous you are, the more you get back.


If he could make important contacts with this modeling, especially with Specter Industries it would be fine. Leif was a good-natured and generous person, but his father had warned him. People like Leif can become victims and in the end, they are left empty handed.


The fee as a model would obviously be useful if he was unable to find an immediate job after graduation. Somehow he had to bridge the time gap financially. Leif quickly tried to block out any horrible thoughts. A few days ago he erupted almost in panic as he thought about the time after graduation and not having a job prospect. Maybe he wouldn't be able to find a job. Leif was be on his own, he didn't have much support. He quickly turned his thoughts to the next lecture.


* * *


Leif arrived as scheduled for his first session as a model for the foundation. He met the instructor, Mrs. Pearson. Mrs. Pearson was so impressed by the face of the new model that she changed her plans for today's course. For Leif, this was very pleasant, because he just had to sit on a chair on the platform and had to look at an imaginary point on the wall. The 16 students were drawing Leif's face. The group of students was made up of both young men and young women from the ages of 16 to 19 years.


During the class, the teacher Mrs. Pearson explained incessantly on what the young artist had to consider. At the end of the first exercise, a break was given and all drawings were assessed by the teacher. Further instructions for improvement would be given. She asked Leif if he would like to review the drawings as well.


It was quite clear that one drawing was significantly better than that of any other. The name of this young artist was Maxwell. He was 18 or 19 years old, about 5'10 and very slim. He had black hair, brown eyes and strong eyebrows. He looked almost like a boy and therefore wore a three-day beard. He wanted to look older. Maxwell could have been described as handsome, if he didn't look so serious, almost stern.

Maxwell had captured Leif's face realistic. Mrs. Pearson seemed quite surprised. So far, the young artist had not produced any outstanding results. Leif had noticed Maxwell was staring at him with a very intense look. Do all artists stare at their subjects for long periods? Did they have to study so intensely what they wanted to draw? Elsewhere you would call this rude or embarrassing.


After the break, the teacher told the students the lesson would entail something different than usual. It was because Leif just started to model and the foundation wanted to give him the opportunity to become familiar with the task and the situation. It was clear Mrs. Pearson was very glad the foundation had found a young man as a model for the class. In addition, Leif was just perfect in stature and the appearance.

In the second part of the lesson, students would paint Leif's face and upper body. Leif stood on the platform and took off his shirt. He assumed the pose, demonstrated briefly by Mrs. Pearson, and fixed his gaze this time to the ground. Some girls giggled softly. They whispered something to each other that led to a renewed giggle. After the young Adonis had been modeling naturally in front of the students for some time, there was a continued slight restlessness.

One of the girls took a photo of Leif with her mobile phone. When Ms. Pearson noticed this, she rebuked the girl. "It is not permitted under the guidelines of the Foundation to take pictures of the models." At the end of the session, Ms. Pearson and Leif looked again together at the results. Maxwell's drawing was far more professional than the other students.


"Really impressive," Leif said, noting a lighting up in the eyes of the talented artist. Maxwell didn't' speak. He made no comments on the work of the other. Mrs Pearson thanked the class and finished the course. Ms. Pearson asked Leif for a private conversation.


"Well, do you like it so far? Will you come back next week? "


"It is a bit unusual, to retain a certain pose for a long time, but I think I can handle it."


"That pleases me. Next week, I would ask you to pose in just Speedos, assuming that was fine with you. The group would draw the body completely. You could undress in the next room. You will find appropriate robes in there that the models wear when they get prepared for the class."


"I would like to show you another drawing by Maxwell, which he had drawn last week. This might help you to understand my surprise at his today's results. "


The drawing showed a nude woman with an oversized head and breasts. It was more of a caricature than a realistic picture. The whole drawing could have come from a child.


"It almost seems Maxwell didn't like our previous models or he had no interest in making an effort to try hard. With you as a model that seems to be completely different. I am very excited about what we will get to see the next time from Maxwell. Perhaps we have actually found a rough diamond that just needs to be polished. I have taken copies of the two drawings and will show these to Mr. Specter. This development is certainly going to delighted him. He takes a keen interest in everything that happens in his foundation. "


This was a result of Leif's support and he could only hope Mr. Specter saw it the same way; it might lead to a job opportunity with his company.

"Our courses are open for everyone. We donīt have conditions for the participants. We want all allow easy and uncomplicated access. There should be no inhibitions. We want to give everyone the chance to give drawing a try and learn new techniques. There are constantly coming new students and others to stay away after a few weeks. Unfortunately, this leads sometimes to unprofessional behavior of the participants. The constant giggling girls today and taking a photo of you during posing is inappropriate. We will have to install signs prohibiting photographing in the building. Nowadays, apparently people took pictures at any time and all over the place. "


* * *


As Leif arrived one week later for his second session, there was a large group of young girls and boys in front of the Institute building. When they saw him they began to giggle and whisper. Many of them took pictures of Leif with their mobile phones. This is really odd and unusual, Leif thought. In the building signs were now posted prohibiting the taking of photographs.


Leif did not look around, but he had the feeling that the group of people who had been standing outside the building had indeed followed him into the building.


As Leif entered the drawing room, there were some students sitting at the easel. Some he recognized from the last session. He greeted everyone with a friendly gesture and everyone responded back.


Maxwell greeted Leif with a gesture. Seems to be difficult to bring the young man to talk, thought Leif.


This session Maxwell was positioned closer to the platform than the previous session. Leif went into the next room, took off his clothes and put on one of the robes which hung on the door.


Then he entered the hall wanting to go to the platform. The hall had filled considerably in the meantime. The hall was crowded with people, some who were not sitting at their easel; it was clear to him they were not there for painting.


Mrs. Pearson greeted Leif and made a humorous remark about the surprisingly high number of participants. Leif noticed that she seemed a little tense. The room atmosphere felt tense as well.


"You can wait a few more minutes in the next room. I will give a few introductory remarks and then call you when we want to start drawing. "


Mrs Pearson tried to act as calmly as possible but she was concerned about this many new participants. She also felt the behavior of some new participants was weird. She had already contacted Mr. Ross with her mobile phone and suggested to him that he may want to attend the course. Mrs. Pearson thought "Maybe it would be enough if he would be present for the course during the first 15 to 20 minutes."


Mr. Ross was informed that Leif would be only in Speedo model for the first time today. He was secretly happy Mrs. Pearson asked him to cum and support the class. Perhaps Mrs. Pearson needed his help to enforce the prohibition to taking photos.


As Mr. Ross arrived at the drawing hall he was very surprised about the many visitors. His first task was to reduce the number of people outside the room due to overcrowding. "I'm very sorry, but please come back tomorrow. Today the class is already full. Please leave the building. In case of an emergency the hallway must be empty. Thank you."


Inside the drawing room Mrs. Pearson gave a very long introductory speech. At the same time, she tried to get a sense of each participant's real reason for being in the class today. She had given several of the participant a "behave" glance, ensuring they noticed her forceful attitude to maintain order in the room. Some of the participants were getting restless.


After her speech and the explanations of the various rules for the class, Mrs. Pearson spoke briefly with Mr. Ross and asked him to observe a special group of participants who apparently all belonged together. This made Mr. Ross somewhat suspicious, but he trusted Mrs. Pearson.


Mrs. Pearson went and asked Leif to join the platform. On the platform the Greek god opened the robe and slipped out of it. Some whistles and comments were heard. Some participants made suggestive remarks out loud. The participants became increasingly restlessness. Mr. Ross knew now why Mrs. Pearson had asked him for help. Somehow she must have suspected something like this.


Some students started drawing. Notably, Maxwell did not seem fazed by the unrest and was focused on his work.


When Mr. Ross discovered a girl, who was fiddling with her mobile phone, he quickly went to her and told her to leave the hall. The atmosphere was becoming more and more heated. Catcalls were the result. "I thought this is about nude paintings. Why is this handsome guy not naked? Is he a prude? " Some laughed very loudly.


"Should we put a few dollars in his sexy Speedos, so he'll finally strip?"


Mrs. Pearson exclaimed indignantly: "This is not the place for such comments. This is an art course and not a strip show. Visitors who are not seriously interested in learning to draw, must leave the hall now."


Mr. Ross had already taken his mobile phone and called the police. He wanted to remove all the troublemakers out of the building.


Leif had a strange feeling regarding what was happening but he stood quiet on the platform and kept his pose. From the corner of his eyes he could see some students were drawing intensively. Especially Maxwell seemed to be concentrating fully on his work.


"Hey, stud, how does it feel standing naked in front of us? Do you enjoy it a lot? " Someone shouted.


From another corner someone shouted, "How much is your rate per hour? Maybe I'll book you and we can have fun together."


"How about if you model in my bedroom tonight, without your Speedos?"


"Pretty face, do you prefer men or women as your clients?"


"He doesnīt care, as long the pay is high enough."


"Most guys who are an exhibitionist must be gay."


It was not the comments themselves, which Mr. Ross, Ms. Pearson and, now, Leif worried, but it was the aggressive and hostile tone.


"How many plastic surgeries have you had?"


"Must be hard to earn your money standing naked in front of people."


"Hey, if he (Mr Ross) may use his mobile phone in here, why can't we as well?," someone shouted.


Immediately many of the visitors who were causing the disturbances used their mobile phones and started taking pictures of Leif. Others made videos.


When Ms. Pearson saw this, she shouted, "Let's take a break. Leif put on the robe, please. We will not continue until some people have left the room."


"What's going on, he can't get dressed? We haven't seen his cock and balls. "


"This man hasn't done his job. We were promised nudity but he is wearing a Speedo. You can't make people curious and then not deliver."


As Leif just bent down to pick up his robe from the floor, three girls stormed the platform and grabbed at Leif's Speedos. Leif didn't see this because they attacked him from his backside. He tried not to lose his balance and fell forward onto the platform. The girls easily pulled down his Speedos to his knees. All at once, Leif's firm ass was exposed. His hairless crack was on display for all to see; Mr. Ross was looking intently at Leif's crack and feeling a certain hardening in his pants. Leif was successful in time with the robe and prevented his genitals from being displayed.

Two of the girls pulled on the robe to uncover Leif's genitals. The third girl groped Leif's bare butt, successfully poking Leif's hole. At the same time Mr. Ross and Ms. Pearson had stormed forward to prevent further incidents. Just then two police officers arrived to the classroom.

One of the officers called out with a loud voice, "Police, do not move."


The three girls realized now they had lost, and let go of the robe. Leif put the robe around his bare butt, but not before Mr. Ross was able to get a very good close up view of that hot tight ass.


Mr. Ross was shocked and deeply upset. He shouted to the two police officers. "Officers, I want everyone's name and personal details who are in this room and their mobile phones collected. Obviously, this was an organized action against one of our model to strip him and take nude photos and record it. The institute will file charges against anyone who has photos or videos. The three girls who attacked the model must be arrested for sexual harassment."


Suddenly there was silence in the hall. Both police officers had not left their place at the front door. One of the two policemen called in reinforcements, because such a group this large could not be handled by two officers alone.


Mrs Pearson asked Leif to go into the next room, where he could get dressed. Mrs. Pearson was trembling slightly with excitement and Leif was relieved he could sit down on the chair in the next room.


What bothered him was not the fact they had photographed him naked from behind and even filmed, but the violence inflicted on him. This was not a harmless prank. He didn't know the people and they didn't know him. The aggressiveness with which one had pulled his Speedos down and had then pulled the robe to film him completely naked. The look on these people's faces, as they did this to him, shocked Leif the most. Cold and unfeeling they were at that moment.


For Leif, this was a new and horrible experience. Mr. Ross was probably right; the whole action was planned. One of them was to pull down his Speedo and the other would take pictures and video. How could they do this to him? Why? Just for fun? What had he done to these people? Could such a thing happen again? This has never happened at a private party or dorm. Maybe this could happen to him at a swim meet too? Had he been too careless in the past? One thing was clear to him, he would not return to work as a model. He wanted to finish this chapter of his life.


Leif would be able to leave the room after he made his statement to the police. Meanwhile reinforcements arrived and the first young men and women have already been discharged.

In the meantime Mr. Ross had notified Mr. Specter, fearing that perhaps the online media would report the incident. Mr. Ross had secretly hoped no one would see the photo he took of Leif's bare ass using his mobile phone.


A little later Leif received a call from Specter Industries. The chief secretary informed Leif how sorry Mr. Specter was about the whole incident. He wanted to talk about it personally. Mr. Specter would pay compensation to Leif. The lawyers of Specter Industries will make sure that all attackers were prosecuted. All photos and videos will be banned from the internet.


"Oh, God," thought Leif. Had these guys, despite the rapid intervention of the police managed to make photos and videos of him and put them online. He felt a weakness in his knees. Next year he would be applying for jobs. Would this have an impact on the company's decision to hire him?


Mr. Specter was afraid that Leif would sued him for damages. In what kind of world are we living in. Reluctantly he arranged an appointment for the next day.


A short time later he got a phone call from Mr. Ross. He asked him how he was feeling and if there was anything he could do for the young man. Mr. Ross informed him what the police had find out. One of the visitors of the class last week had posted a photo of Leif in the social media. She had written a lot of rubbish. She invited people to the second class to see a strip show for free. She will get into huge trouble.


* * *


Leif was happy the appointment with Mr. Specter was not in the Institute, but at Specter Industries. Mr. Specter asked him to sign a statement that grants him a small compensation and guarantees confidentiality. The statement contains the usual legal language.


Leif was impressed by the headquarters of Specter Industries. It was an impressive building.

Leif expected an anonymous conference hall where already two or three lawyers waited on him. Instead the secretary led him to Mr. Specter's office. He was alone. Mr. Specter apologized for the incident at Leif. He told him what steps the police, the prosecutor and his lawyers had made to the one to keep the consequential damages for Leif as low as possible and at the same time to punish the perpetrators severely.


All Internet pages where photos or videos had Leif have been directed by Specter's legal team to remove the material. Mr. Specter offered Leif compensation and asked him to continue to be available as a model.

"Financial compensation for me is not as important as an traineeship and good references. I will finish my studies next year. This should not be an extortion attempt, but only a suggestion. I don't want to continue working as a model. I was from the outset rather skeptical of modeling and after the yesterday's incident, I would no longer model only in Speedos and certainly not naked in front of a group of strangers. I will change my behavior at the next swimming competitions as well."


"Hmm, I didn't know everything has made such a big impression on you. Well, to arrange a traineeship for you, maybe there is a possibility. Maybe we can find a compromise. I want to show you something. This is the drawing Maxwell has made of you yesterday. You know which guy I'm talking about?"


"Yes, Maxwell is the most talented artists in the class, a little bit shy and with the stern look."

"Yes you are right. He looks a little special, but he really seems to have talent. "

Mr. Specter showed Leif the drawing and even a layman could see, that this was painted by someone with above-average skills.


"The drawing is of course not ready, because this unspeakable incident has led to the postponement of the class. To put it briefly, we would like to give Maxwell a chance to complete the drawing and more than that."


As Leif was about to make an objection, Mr. Specter quickly added, "You would model alone for Maxwell. Maxwell was not involved in the repulsive action. Since you have been modeling for him, he has opened himself and shown his true talent. Many famous artists have their muses that inspired them and drives to peak performance. Maybe we have a similar situation here. We will see. Maxwell anyway deserves his chance and for the foundation, it would be a chance to discover an outstanding talent and promote. This would allow the foundation to get the attention it deserves. If you continue to model for Maxwell, I guarantee you a position in one of my companies. "


"How often I would have to model for him?" Asked Leif.


"It would be ideal if you could work with him every day."


"I can't model every day for Maxwell, complete a traineeship in your company, study and do my swimming training at the same time."


"No, you're right. That would be difficult to do. Could you give up your swim training?"


"So you are asking me to violate the conditions of my scholarship?"


"Well, would you quit your swim training if it didn't jeopardize your scholarship?"


"I would!"


"Then we have two options. One of my lawyers reviewed the terms of your scholarship in detail. Perhaps there is a way out of the scholarship. My foundation would give you a new scholarship grant until the end of your studies next year. In return, you would be Maxwell Model. Your internship could partially complete during your holidays."


"Forgive me, but you invest a lot in Maxwell. What happens if tomorrow he has no desire to draw or he find another sponsor. And what will happen to me?"


"Well, I am pleased you have recognized the problem correctly. I think you will make a good trainee." Mr. Specter smiled. "Maxwell will have to sign a contract, and you have sign one as well. He will do this but only after you have signed your contract. "


Maxwell wants so be sure that I am his model. Is that flattering or frightening? Leif thought.


"Did Maxwell still put other conditions relating to my modeling?" Asked Leif with a bad premonition.


"Now your question shows me you generally do not reject the offer and are understand the pit falls of the situation. If you want to work long and trusting, then you have to determine in advance the exact rules of the agreement. You impress me more and more as an intern. "


Leif looked Mr. Specter expectantly, waiting for a precise answer.


Mr. Specter glanced out of his window, from which one had a magnificent view of the city and said, "Well, our young artist demands absolute artistic freedom. He would insist you model naked how and where he wants to paint his picture."


"Completely naked?"


"Yes, that is his condition."


"How and where he wants?" Leif raised an eyebrow.


"Well, if he wants to stand you naked in Times Square, then this will not happen, because it is not allowed. It would violate applicable laws and regulations. "


Nice, Leif thought, but that still leaves a fairly large margin.


"At the end of your modeling sessions with Maxwell, we would organize an exhibition and try to sell a few of his paintings. After all, I am a businessman, in spite of everything that has happened."


"This means the images of me completely naked would be available to everyone."


"Yes, they would be available to the public. Do you have a problem with that?"


"Honestly, I have a problem with several things. I'd like to think about it a few days. For me that would be a big step."



..... to be continued ....


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