Date: Friday, August 24, 2012

From: Josh Vickers <>

Subject: The Magic In My Voice/ Chapter 1

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The Magic In My Voice

*Chapter 1*

Well, I guess I should start off by telling everyone a little bit about myself. My name is Josh and I am 27 years old. I live in Louisiana. I am a born and raised southern boy, but with a little of that gay flare thrown in! I wouldn't say that I am flaming, but I'll admit that I definitely have a little sugar in my tank. I am around 6 foot tall with long, golden blonde hair. I don't work out, I say that I am going to all the time, but I guess I am just too lazy to actually do it, but I am not unhappy with my body by any means. Flat chest and stomach with a nice V going down into my boxer briefs. I am sort of tan, but not too tan. I hate people that lay out too much or lay in the tanning bed too often. Nobody likes the color orange on people! Now, to my best features (or at least the ones that get me the most attention). I have deep, steel blue eyes that have silver streaks swirled in, they are cradled in long eye lashes that have a natural curl to them. My mom used to joke about my eyes reminding her of Raiden from the movie Mortal Kombat. But the thing about me that gets most people's attention would have to be my lips. I have big lips and perfectly straight, white teeth. I am talking like Angelina Jolie lips. My lips are so big that in the town that I currently reside in, I have earned the nickname the DSL King, but let me clarify that I did not get this nickname because of the amount of dicks that I have sucked.

I am more of the conservative type and totally old fashioned. I can count on one hand the amount of men that I have had sex with and I can count on both hands the amount of guys that I have fooled around with. Not that I don't have options, but as I said, I am more old fashioned. I like to get to know a person before making that type of step. As you can imagine, that doesn't make me fit in very well with all the other gays in town, who all just want to bang me, no commitment required, so I tend to keep to myself besides my close friends. It was kind of strange moving to this town at first because I really am a very outgoing, friendly person, but I quickly realized that my flashing my perfect smile and being friendly automatically meant SEX to a lot of guys around here so I had to adjust my outgoing nature some. I really enjoy going out with friends for drinks and I absolutely LOVE dancing. I will admit, I am pretty damn good at it too! Besides dancing, I love to sing, read, play video games, swimming, and I enjoy tennis when I can find a partner that can keep up.

I have a Bachelors degree in Social and Criminal Justice, but I realized after graduating that it wasn't for me, so I am now going to school for a Masters in Business, which I am almost done with. Just have till the end of the year. Oh, I also recently came out to my entire family and friends. Most everyone knew already because of the “sugar in my tank” that I referred to earlier, but to my parents, it was somehow a complete shock. I was raised in a strict Southern Baptist Christian home, so one can imagine how my parents reacted when I told them. The word disown was thrown around a lot and also burning in Hell. I stood my ground though and my parents eventually decided to just act like they didn't know. The topic is brought up every once in a while, which leads to the same old argument and the same old threats. I always threaten back that I will leave and never come back and they can forget about ever hearing from me again. This usually keeps them quiet, at least for a few weeks. Well, I guess y’all are probably tired of me talking about myself so I guess it is time to begin the actual story! I hope you guys enjoy. It is the first time I have ever tried writing anything that wasn't for school, so please let me know what you think, but try not to be too harsh guys! Lol! :-)

“It's really quiet tonight,” I said aloud to myself as I walked down the sidewalk to the parking lot that my jeep was parked in. Carrying the groceries that I just purchased, I wore a pair of tight fitted jeans that have holes in the knees. My shirt is also tight fitted ( I like showing off my slender frame) and a light blue color that made my eyes shine like stars and a pair of flip flops. It was starting to get late, a little after 11:00 pm. I usually don't go to the store this late, but I had gotten out of the library late where I was working on my thesis and I knew my house was completely void of groceries so I had no other choice but to make a trip to the store.

As I made my way down the sidewalk, I kept hearing footsteps behind me, but every time I would stop the steps would stop as well. After about five minutes and three stops, I finally whirled around expecting to see some creepy homeless man or worse, a stalker. I have had a few stalkers in my life, some being guys that I turned down and some being guys that I didn't even know. So I turned around ready to lash out with my tongue and fist if necessary, but nobody was there. “Just being paranoid I guess. I must be going nuts,” I nervously giggled to myself as I turned back around and continued to walk to the parking lot. The footsteps began again as soon as I began walking. I began to speed up my pace, but as soon as I did I could hear the footsteps speeding up as well.

“Oh my God, I am going to get mugged or raped,” I thought as I began to jog until I was running full speed down the long dark side walk. All of the sudden, two men stepped out of the alley in front of me which made me come to a dead halt. Both were in their early twenties, both cute in a kind of bad boy way and both wearing these devilish smiles that I automatically knew meant trouble. I began to take a few steps back when my back slammed into another body behind me. I slowly turned around, terror obvious in my eyes, to find another guy the same as the others. Early twenties, cute, but bad news obviously.

He grabbed me by my arm and held it behind my back hard. “Hey beautiful,” he said giving me a slanted smile, eyes filled with lust. He pulled my arm harder behind my back which caused a small squeak to escape my lips. “Mm-mm, that's really hot sounding coming from that gorgeous mouth of yours,” he said as he began to push me towards the alley where his two friends stood waiting.

As we four got into the alley, the guy who had his hands on me pushed me forward hard causing me to fly forwards and land on the ground. I turned over, sitting on my butt and began to crawl backwards as fast as I could. “Ain't no escape baby,” said one of the other guys as all three began to laugh and advance forward. “This alley is a dead end babe. I knew I had to have that ass and those gorgeous lips wrapped around my big dick when I saw you in the store earlier,” said the guy who had pushed me forward. Tears began to stream out of my steel blue eyes and down my face. My bottom lip was trembling as I begged and pleaded for them to not do this and to just let me go, but I knew nothing I could say at the time would make any of these guys back down. They had their “prize” and there was no way they were letting go.

I had finally crawled all the way to the back of the alley and was pressed up against the wall. All three got right next to me and their hands started to caress all over my body and face,one guy shoving two of his fingers in my mouth, demanding that I start sucking on them. I tried to scream and spit them out, but this seemed to drive them even further into their lust filled frenzy and he shoved a third finger into my mouth. I did the next thing I could think of, I bit down, hard. The guy screamed and the other two started to laugh. I refused to let go of his fingers though. He wanted those dirty fingers in my pretty mouth, well he wasn't going to get it without some type of fight from me. He finally jerked his hand free, blood pouring out of all three fingers, perfect teeth marks etched into all three. Before I could even prepare myself, he reared his good hand back and slapped me as hard as he could across the cheek. I yelped as I automatically felt the blood starting to well up in my mouth.

“Fuck dude! Don't damage that pretty face, at least not until we have all had our fill,” laughed one of the other guys. All three began unbuckling their jeans and started to remove their clothes as I sat their still stunned from the blow. Next thing I knew, two of them were holding each arm as the third began to literally rip my clothes off me. It didn't take much to finish ripping off the tight fitting, thin fabric shirt I was wearing. Each paused a moment to soak in the image of my upper body and then the guy started to remove my jeans.

“This is really happening,” I screamed in my mind, finally really realizing the extent of what was about to happen. Tears streaking down my face, I began to scream for help, thrashing back and forth trying to loosen the grip of the two that were still holding me up. Each kept yelling for me to stop or they would make it even more painful for me, but by that time I didn't care. I just wanted to get away.

“Do it,” yelled one of the guys holding me to the guy that was trying to remove my jeans the rest of the way. “We told you to stop beautiful,” said the guy removing my clothes, “but you just won't listen will you?” So he grabbed a metal pipe that was lying in the alley beside us and swung hard, knocking me in the back of the head. The pain was excruciating! I tried to block it out as I struggled to keep myself conscious, but I could feel myself slowly slipping into blackness.

“What the fuck are you guys doing?!?!” I heard a voice say somewhere in the blackness of my mind. “Get the fuck out of here man unless you want the same as this beauty,” screamed one of the guys still holding me. “ I don't fucking think so,” said the voice. That voice, it was like music meets beauty meets sex all mashed up together I thought in my mind. Somehow that voice was drawing me up out of the darkness of my mind. I felt myself released from the two that were holding me and I slowly opened my eyes and tried to focus them the best I could. I could only make out blurs, but I could tell the blurs were the three guys and another figure. I guessed the other figure was the one that told them to stop. I blinked my eyes over and over again trying to focus better. I could hear noises that sounded like the three were fighting the man and I could make out the blurs going back and forth and around the alley.

Next thing I saw was a blinding flash of light. It lit up the entire alley way. It was so bright that my unfocused eyes couldn't handle it as I weakly tried to shield my eyes from it. The light slowly faded and I could see a figure gradually approaching me. I couldn't tell who it was and the terror in me began to build up even more till it felt like it was going to make me explode.

“Please, please don't hurt me anymore,” I begged as the figure got closer. I began crying even harder as I sadly attempted to cover my body, failing miserably. “Please, I'll give you anything, just please don't hurt me.” My body was trembling out of control as the figure got beside me and knelt down. A hand reached toward my face. I cringed back expecting another smack across the face, but the hand was soft and gentle as it slowly brushed the hair out of my face.

I strained to look up and to focus my eyes to see who this hand belonged to. “I wouldn't dare hurt someone as magnificent and beautiful as you,” I heard that amazing voice softly say. “I dealt with your attackers. You don't have anything to worry about anymore. I am here for you.” Before I knew what I was doing, I lunged forward and hugged the figure in front of me, clinging to this body like my life depended on it, which it had only a few minutes before. I screamed and cried as hard as I could while clinging to his body. His arms wrapped around my body like some sort of all encompassing security blanket. I could feel the heat radiating from his body and I could feel the strength and power behind every muscle and let me tell you, from the feel of it, it was solid muscle.

After about ten minutes of clinging to this stranger and crying, I slowly drew my body away from his and looked up, finally being able to get my eyes to focus again. The face that I saw was pure perfection. It was like I was looking at Adonis himself. Dark tanned skin covering a perfectly chiseled face. He had a strong jaw line and perfect lips, not too thin, but not too big with perfectly white and straight teeth hidden behind them. His body was just as I thought from what I could tell under his clothes, pure muscle covered this 6 foot 3 inch tall man. But what caught my eye and made me gasp in surprise was his eyes. He had the most piercing green eyes I had ever seen. They looked the color of the most perfect blade of grass one could ever find. So bright and they seemed so strong, but kindness was in them as well. His dark tan skin set those perfect eyes off even more. He smiled warmly at my gasp of surprise and wrapped one arm behind my neck and the other under my legs and he slowly lifted me up from the ground. He picked me up and began carrying me to the entrance of the alley. He acts like I weigh nothing I thought in the back of my mind as he carried me.

“Umm...,” I mumbled in his arms. He looked down at me with those piercing green eyes and a smile slowly spread across his face. “Do not fear me love,” he softly said in that sing song voice of his, “I would never dream of harming you nor will I let anyone else harm you ever again.” Love??? I wondered as I gazed at those eyes and that smile. I felt completely safe and secure in those arms even though I had no idea who this man was or where he was taking me.

“I don't care,” I thought, “as long as he will keep holding me like this, I don't care where he takes me or who he is.” Some may think that is a really stupid thing to think after what just happened to me not five minutes before, but there was something about this man. I have never felt so relieved or felt so must joy in my life. The way he looked, his voice, and especially those eyes had some sort of calming affect on me. Before I knew what was going on or where we were going, I slowly began to fall into a deep sleep.

To be continued...

Well, that was Chapter 1 of my fantasy story! Let me know if it was alright, but again please don't be too harsh as this is the first story I have ever attempted to write. Thanks for the feedback! :-)