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Subject: The Magic In My Voice/ Chapter 1

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The Magic In My Voice

*Chapter 2*

Beautiful green eyes floating in a sea of blackness was all I could see. They stared at me, never blinking, just staring. Yet, I didn't feel any fear, just this strange sort of calmness that flickered throughout my mind. After what seemed like hours of looking into those piercing eyes, they began to gradually fade away, leaving me alone in that void. I began to struggle in the dark, trying to cry out after those eyes. “Please don't leave me alone,” I tried to cry out, but I couldn't seem to get a sound out as those gorgeous eyes finally faded completely from view. Fear began to rise from within again as I searched in the void for something, anything really, to help ease my fear, but there was nothing but complete darkness all around me no matter where I looked.

After an eternity of searching, I slowly sank to the ground in the darkness and began to cry. As I cried I heard an evil sounding snicker somewhere in the darkness in front of me. Panic began to fill me up along with the fear that was already at an all time high within me. I cautiously lifted my head up just in time to see several hands coming out of the darkness. They were coming straight towards me. As I panicked, I began to try to move backwards away from those hands, but no matter how hard I tried, I was stuck to that spot. The hands finally came in contact with my body. They slowly began to caress my face and my body. It was a little strange at first. I was still terrified, but the sensation those hands were having on my body was definitely not a negative one. This continued for a few minutes until the hands began getting rough with their handling of my body. I tried to cry out, but yet again, no sound was able to escape my lips. The hands continued their treatment to my body, getting rougher with each passing second. I began to feel a painful throbbing in the back of my head as I twisted and turned trying to find a way to get away from those hands. I inhaled as deeply as I could and I proceeded to scream as loud as I possibly could.

I sat straight up in bed, screaming louder than I thought was physically possible. I was breathing heavy as I scanned the room, trying my best to calm down. “It was all just a bad dream,” I said to myself as I scanned my bedroom, finding reassurance with each familiar object my vision met. My eyes looked to the side of my bed and surprise jolted through me as I saw a first aid kit sitting on my night stand. Confusion began to creep into my mind. It was just a really bad dream wasn't it? All of it had to be as I threw my legs over the side of my bed and began to stand up. My head swam as I stood up to my full height and I fell backwards back onto my bed. My head hurt, really bad. I glanced at the first aid kit again and then gently ran my hand across the back of my head. It hurt at the slightest touch and there was a bandage plastered to the back of my hair. My confusion began to ease out of my mind, only to be replaced with horror as the events of the previous evening began to slowly replay themselves in my head.

Those three guys.... They cornered me and threw me in an alley. And then they were about to.... Tears started falling down my face as I fully remembered what they did to me and what they were going to do. My body trembled as I replayed the evening in my mind again, remembering every word, every touch from those three. “BUT THAT MAN!” I almost screamed as I remembered my savior. He came and fought them and saved me! But how did I end up back at my house??? Confusion began to swirl in my mind again. This is all just to much. I don't want to think about it anymore. I can't think about it anymore. Dwelling on what “could have” happened wasn't going to help with anything and thinking about my hero, no matter how hot he was, wasn't going to help either.

“He was really hot though,” I thought as I remembered his face and those beautiful green eyes. I lightly shook my head as to not hurt it anymore than it already was. “That's totally my luck though.” I sighed and rolled my eyes at myself as I slowly started to stand up again. Of course, I would have to get saved by a total hottie that I knew nothing about, including his name or how he got me home. A true gentleman at that too, if he was willing to put himself on the line like that just to help me, a complete stranger. “Well thanks whoever you are and come back soon,” I said aloud as I slowly made my way to the bathroom. It was 11:05 am as I glanced at the clock hanging on the wall. Fucking great, I was supposed to be at work at 9:00 this morning. I work at the hospital. Reception work, running errands, really anything anyone needed at the time is what I do. I am still trying to complete my Masters in Business with a focus in healthcare, so I thought any type of job in the health field would be good to help boost my resume for after graduation so this was the job I got stuck with. Wonder if I still have a job? Surely they will give me a break considering what happened. I quickly got into the shower to begin getting ready. Going in late is better than not going in at all, I guess.

“Hi Sandra” I said in the most perky voice I could muster as I walked into the hospital. Sandra works the front desk and we chit chat every once in a while. She looked up from her computer, a small smile on her face. “Hey gorgeous,” she said smiling as she looked me up and down. “You don't look very good.”

“It was a really bad night,” I said back to her, the smile slowly fading from my face. I hate when people say stuff like that. It's like, gee thanks, wasn't sure if I looked like total shit today, but you just confirmed it. Thanks so much...

“Duncan was looking for you earlier,” she said, the smile fading from her lips as well. “He seemed pretty pissed off that he couldn't find you anywhere.” Great, just what I needed to hear. Duncan is my boss and he is a total horn dog and a complete prick. He has had a thing for me from the moment he laid eyes on me, but I made it very clear from the start, that I wasn't interested, which he clearly didn't appreciate. Though it still didn't stop him from making comments about my ass or lips or him touching me every time I walked by. Sexual harassment, yes, but I had gotten a little used to guys acting like that towards me, so I always just brushed it off. “Where is he?” I groaned as I made my way towards the elevator. “In his office sugar,” Sandra called after me.

Should I tell Duncan what happened to me? I wondered as the elevator slowly began going up. Or should I just come up with some random excuse? I could only imagine the weird sexual remarks he would make while listening to me retell my tale of the previous night, but I honestly couldn't really think of anything else on the fly to tell him, so I just decided to be honest. The ding of the elevator reaching my floor jolted me out of my thoughts. I made my way down the hall to Duncan's office and knocked. “Come on in,” I heard a voice yell, knowing instantly it was Duncan's, I opened the door to go in.

“Before you start in on me Duncan, you need to hear what happened to me last night and you will understand why I am late.” I said as I made my way into the office. Sitting behind his desk was Duncan, staring at me with those eyes full of lust as always. Standing at 5 foot 8 with a solid build, mustache, and soft brown eyes, he isn't a bad looking guy, just a complete douche. Duncan wasn't the type to be shy about what he wanted. He didn't care who was around, ever. He smiled at me and licked his lips. “Hold on a second beautiful, we have a guest,” he said as he gestured to one of the chairs in front of his desk. I stepped forward and around the chair so I could see who he was referring to.

“YOU!” I almost screamed as I saw who was sitting in the chair. “ME!” exclaimed the figure. It was him! It was my hero from last night. I couldn't believe it! So many thoughts started swirling through my head all at once that I started to slump down. My knees instantly grew weak and I knew I was falling. I mentally braced myself for the impact on the floor, but to my surprise, arms circled around my waist as the man in the chair jumped up and caught me, bringing me up against the front of his body. That heat and those muscles were all I could think about as I felt the man hold me against him. He was wearing a really expensive looking suit, which he looked amazing in. I slowly shook my head from side to side as I realized how I must have looked to Duncan and I straightened up and stepped back from the man, shyly looking him in the face as I did. He had that dreamy smile on his face and those eyes! God those eyes could make anyone, man or woman, swoon.

“Well, I guess you two already know each other,” said Duncan crossly, folding his arms in front of his chest. I shook my head back at him. “Not really,” we both managed to say at the same time, glancing and smiling at each others unison. “Well....?” said Duncan. As he kept looking between the man and me.

“He helped me last night Duncan,” I said as I rolled my eyes at him. “You could have asked me for any type of help you could ever want or need, Josh,” said Duncan as he threw a sly smile in my direction. This guy is completely relentless I thought as I shook my head at him.

“I got attacked in an alley last night.” I said quietly, tears beginning to fill up my eyes. “This man stopped them before they could......before they could....” my voice trailed off without finishing, the tears overflowing my eyes and falling down my face despite how much I tried to hold them back.

“Babe!” exclaimed Duncan as he got up from his chair, arms open and advanced towards me. I retreated further back towards the door to escape his embrace. “I'm not your babe for the millionth time, Duncan.” I said in a mixture of sadness and anger as I wiped the tears from my face.

“They didn't 'have' you did they?” Duncan inquired. That statement made me cringe back even more. “Because if they got you before me...” he trailed off, looking at me with those lustful eyes again glancing up and down my body. My face instantly went from one of sadness to one of complete fury. “Drop dead, asshole!” I yelled as I turned and threw the door open and walked out. “What did I say, Connor?” I heard Duncan say as I walked from the door. Connor? I thought to myself as I walked to the elevator. At least I knew his name now I thought as I stood in front of the elevator door and pressed the button going down. I heard footsteps walking towards me. “I am taking the day off Duncan. I am not in the mood for your sexual harassment and bullshit today!” I half yelled and then turned in that direction.

“Probably a good idea,” said Connor smiling down at me as he finished the distance between the two of us and stood beside me waiting for the elevator. I blushed furiously. “How about a nice, strong coffee instead?” He asked, still smiling at me. He put his hands up in front of him. “No bullshit required.” I couldn't help but giggle a little bit as he did this. “Damn, that's a pretty smile,” said Connor quietly as his smile got even bigger. I smiled even more as I blushed an even deeper shade of red and looked down at the floor. I glanced back up and he kind of shook his head. “Ummm... I mean it's good that you can smile after all that has happened,” he said nervously as he pushed the down button again and glanced down the hall. The ding of the elevator arriving broke the now awkward air and we both stepped towards the elevator. Our arms bumped against each other as we both tried to get into the door at the same time. We both fumbled our words, both trying to get an apology out.

“After you,” Connor said as he made a gesture forward, smiling at me as he did. I smiled back and stepped into the elevator followed closely by Connor. “I could actually use some coffee,” I said as I pressed the button for the first floor. He gave me a huge smile in response. We didn't really say anything else to each other on the ride down. We both just kept glancing at each other, smiling and blushing. I have never had this hard of a time around a guy, especially one I was actually interested in, I thought to myself. I also couldn't help but to mentally notice how close Connor was to me in the elevator. Usually when its two people, each take a side of the elevator, but he was right beside me. Our hands were so close to touching. I leaned more weight on the foot closest to him and my hand brushed his. He didn't jerk back or anything, so I moved a little bit again and the side of my hand made contact with his and I left it there.

We remained this way for a few seconds until he moved both of his hands in front of himself, interlacing his fingers with one another. The elevator doors opened. He gestured once again for me to go first. I stepped out, Connor following behind. I made my way to the door, smiling at Sandra as I passed. She smiled this all knowing little smile and instantly grabbed her cell phone. It wasn't a minute after, I felt my phone go off. I entered my password and it was a text from Sandra. “He is totally hot! You better get that or I will!” Ending with a smile and a kissing face. I shook my head and giggled, glancing sideways at Connor, who was now walking in step with me. He was looking at me smiling, but his eyes instantly filled with alarm once he realized he had been caught and he looked forward and stayed looking forward, a neutral expression on his face. I looked forward, the smile leaving my face. I was beginning to feel confused at some of his reactions to me. I mean it seemed like he was into me, but I dunno.

I mentally kicked myself as we walked to the coffee shop across the street. Why am I getting all excited about this man? I don't know anything about him. Yea, he is hot and apparently chivalry wasn't dead to him, but besides that, I didn't have a clue. What if he is straight? Or worse, what if he is married? He could have just been being nice. Great, I thought sadly. The expression on my face growing somber.

“Are you okay?”, Connor said. I glanced up and noticed he had been holding the door open for me, a concerned look on his face. “Never better,” I said quietly, trying to put a smile on my face as I walked forward and into the coffee shop.

To be continued...

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