"THE MALE'S HOUSE" is a gay story, with some parts containing graphic scenes of sex between males. So, if in your land, religion, family, opinion and so on this is not good for you, it will be better not to read this story. But if you really want, or because YOU don't care, or because you think you really want to read it, please be my welcomed guest.

THE MALE'S HOUSE by Andrej Koymasky © 2019
written on November 25, 1994
Translated by the Author
English text kindly revised by "williamjack"

Fiore is a countryside boy like many others. He attended the compulsory schools, since his parents respect traditions and laws, even if he did have to repeat the middle school courses for two years. He doesn't like mathematics or geography. History is so so, if only the teachers didn't ask for all these dates and names, it would have even been amusing. Anyway, with God's help, he is over it all now, and he can work full time in the fields. He loves this work a lot more than the school benches...

He did work in the fields some before he finished school, especially during the busy periods. He always liked the country life and this is not because he didn't know town life. His first of more than one experience with it was when he was thirteen, when he visited the home of an uncle working in a factory.

There was too much confusion, noise, dirty air and bad water - how can people live there? Moreover, people don't greet you, don't smile - each one goes directly on his own way, and all always rush. You cannot even have friends in town.

But he learned something interesting there, from his cousin Marco, two years older than him, on the second night that he was in his uncle's home. They had to sleep together, in the same bed, as his uncle's house, different from their country house, was very small.

The second night he remembers very well. Marco, at a certain point, touches him between his legs, on his briefs.

"What you doing?" Fiore asks, with amazement, "Why you touching me there?"

"I just wanted to feel if yours is up. Mine is, feel it..." his cousin whispers.

Fiore feels: "Yes. Mine gets hard too at times..."

"And don't you beat it?" his cousin asks him, continuing to rummage in his briefs.

"Beat it? Are you a fool? Why do I have to beat it?"

His cousin is now aware that Fiore doesn't understand, that he still knows nothing about sex, so he decides to explain this to him. His hand is now around Fiore's member, and he fingers it.

"It's hardening..." Marco says with a giggle.

"Yeah." Fiore observes quietly.

"Don't you like the way I touch you?"

"It doesn't annoy me." the boy answers.

When it is completely hard, Marco starts to move it up and down in his closed fist: "This is beating it." he explains, "and in a while you'll feel pleasure."

"It's starting to feel good." Fiore murmurs.

"Then, do it to me too, come on, so that we can both amuse ourselves." Marco invites him.

So, Fiore beats off his cousin. After a while Fiore reaches his first orgasm, but only a few drops emerge.

He pants. "That's a nice game! Who taught you?"

"A friend."

"You city boys, you all do it?"

"Well, I think so. At least until you get a girlfriend, when you're older."

After that they do it almost every night, having a handkerchief on hand so as not to wet the sheets, because, his cousin explains to him: "If adults become aware, they make a big fuss."

"Eh, yeah, grown up people never understand our games, they think they are silly." Fiore knowingly replies.

The next time that Fiore goes to town, as soon as he is in bed with his cousin, he at once touches him there.

Marco at his turn touches him, and whispers in his cousin's ear: "Do you know, I learned a new game, even more amusing that this one."

"Really? What's that? Will you teach me?" Fiore says, at once curious.

"It's called the piston pump, or the blow job."

"How's it done?"

"You take it in your mouth and suck."

"You take, what?" Fiore, who doesn't understand, asks.

"The dick, silly boy!" Marco giggles.

"But, how? You can't reach it with your mouth!" Fiore says, continuing to finger the now hard member of his cousin.

"But ... no! You suck mine and I suck yours!"

"And... doesn't it taste like piss?" Fiore asks, making a grimace.

"No, no. It tastes like cream."

"You did it with your friends?" Fiore asks with astonishment.

"Sure, and it's great. Listen, I'll show you how it's done, then you can do it to me, agreed?"

"Bah... yeah, OK." Fiore says, not really convinced.

Then his cousin slips under their sheet. Fiore feels warm lips on his dick, then feels Marco slip it inside his mouth and start to really suck it, his head moving up and down. It's like beating it using the lips instead of the hands, Fiore thinks, but a lot better...

"God, it's great, Marco!" the boy murmurs, at once succumbing to this new game.

After a while his cousin emerges, hot: "Now you do it a while to me, then I'll do it again to you."

Taking his turn, Fiore slips under the sheets and returns the favour. It is not bad at all, feeling in his mouth that warm and firm peg, and it doesn't taste at all like piss, but it is better being sucked. When Marco makes him stop, he tells him.

"It's possible to do it at the same time, together, then it is called sixty-nine. Do you want to try?"

"Sixty-nine? Why?"

"If you write this number, it seems like two fellows doing a blowjob to each other."

"Yeah, right!" giggles Fiore.

"So are you game?"

"Eh, why not?" They both turn on their side, their bodies folded in an L shape, so that each has his head in the lap of the other, and they start to suck each other.

'Oh yeah,' Fiore thinks, 'this way is great!' He feels Marco caressing his butt, so he does the same to his cousin. This too is rather agreeable.

When Fiore feels he is near cumming, he tries to warn his cousin but does not have the time to. He is worried, afraid his cousin will be mad at him, but to his amazement he sees not only that Marco doesn't pull away, but he drinks all his skim.

When he is finished, he says, completely amazed, "Fucking shit! You drank it all!"

"Sure, it's tasty."

"Tastyyy? And what does it taste like?"

"Make me cumm, and taste it." Marco says pushing down Fiore's head into his lap.

Fiore starts to suck his cousin again and thinks, 'I loved it while he was drinking mine, and he seemed pleased...'

Marco starts to spurt inside Fiore's mouth, and the boy, willing himself to, sucks and swallows. It is warm, thick, like if it was zabaglione, but not so sweet. A little sour, agreeably sour, it tastes more like yogurt. Not bad at all...

"So then?" Marco asks Fiore when he returns to lie at his side, wiping his mouth.

"It tastes like yogurt... " Fiore says thoughtfully.

"And, do you like yogurt?" Marco asks, giggling.

"Well, yes... it's less sour than yogurt, creamier and warm."

"So, do you like this new game?"

"Yes, but I like the sixty-nine better than just the pump, the blow job. Beating it, I can do that when I'm alone, in the country. But not these games..."

"So, take advantage of the time you are here with me, okay?"


The next morning, at breakfast, Fiore's aunt asks, "Would you like some yogurt, boys?" and the two cousins burst into laughter. The woman of course cannot understand the reason and shakes her head. "What silly boys! They laugh at the slightest thing!" she murmurs.

The third time Fiore goes on vacation to town, there is a change. Marco doesn't feel like playing in bed any more. He now has a girlfriend, he grew up. He is sixteen now. Fiore is somewhat disappointed, but doesn't insist.

Fiore is fourteen years old. He is sitting in a corner of the hayloft, where he climbed up to using the ladder. He lies down with his legs well spread; he opens his fly and is beating himself. It's a pity that Marco got a girlfriend, he thinks, recalling his last trip to town. He caresses his hairs around his dick - they are becoming thick, he notices with pride. He liked to play with his cousin; it's a pity that country boys don't know these games. The girls seem barely interested in the grown up boys. What do these boys find in girls? They don't even have a dick! He saw there, once, when his mother was bathing his little sister - what a shock! Smooth and with a slit! He is proud of his dick; he likes it. And then, he also saw his elder brother's, once they were pissing in the fields, side by side. What a beam! Who knows if he too will get such a big tool, when he's older? He looks at it carefully - it is growing, anyway, he thinks with some pride.


He is immersed in these thoughts when he hears a faint creaking. He looks up and becomes still, his hard dick in his hand, his eyes wide open. Bruno, the seventeen year old farmhand is in front of him, his legs are slightly parted, with his hands on his hips, looking at him with an ironic little smile.

"How clever our Fiore! If your father knew about this, who knows how many blows he would give you with his belt!"

"You aren't going to tell him, are you?" the boy asks with a worried look.

"I don't know... it depends."

"It depends? On what?" Fiore asks while his dick is softening, as he tries to put it back in his trousers.

Bruno draws nearer. "If you come and do it with me, I won't tell him anything." the boy says crouching near him.

Fiore relaxes, or rather, smiles, "Oh, do you know this game?" he asks.

"Oh, don't be silly, I've been doing it for at least four years!" Bruno says with an obvious tone, while he pulls aside the boy's hand from his fly and starts to open it again.

"And... do you also know the game called a blow job?"


"And the other like it called sixty-nine?"

"Of course! You... do you like them?" Bruno asks him, pulling out the boy's dick that is starting to harden again.

"Sure I like them! Can we do them together?"

"Sure! Pull mine out too, go on!"

Fiore doesn't need to be told twice, but while he busies himself with the farmhand boy, he has a thought, "How come I didn't hear you coming? What if somebody else comes up?"

"Don't worry, the ladder creaks, we'll hear it in time. I was taking a nap back there, I heard you coming."

"Wow, what a nice dick you have!" Fiore exclaims as he pulls it out and fingers it with both hands, "and how hard is it!"

"Suck it, go on!" Bruno invites him.

"I will if you do too, I like the sixty-nine..."

"All right."

"And we will also drink it, agreed?" the boy excitedly says, setting up the game.

"Sure, but be careful, I spout out a lot. I don't want it to go the wrong way!" Bruno giggles.

After swallowing Bruno's, Fiore notices that in his mouth, the big dick is even better than his cousin's. And, Bruno is licking and sucking his own like an expert. So, it isn't true that only the town boys know these games. He licks Bruno's balls, he lightly kneads them. How hairy they are!

"Hey Fiore, careful, I'm near cumming... suck it, go on, so that soon you'll have plenty to drink!" the farmhand boy says, his firm flesh stake throbbing inside the boy's mouth.

Fiore is ready and feels that he too is near that magic moment. Bruno starts to spurt a few seconds before him, and Fiore drinks, starting to feel that it is going the wrong way, he feels like gagging, but successfully finishes drinking it all. He realizes that Bruno is drinking all his load... and all ends blissfully.

"All right, Fiore?" Bruno, now sated asks, looking at the boy with a smile.

"You were never-ending..."

"I told you, didn't I? But you were good. Tell me, who taught you?"

"Me? My cousin in town, and you?"

"Me? My brother, before he got married..."

"Which brother, Milio, your oldest?"

"No, the second, Vito."

"Does he have a big dick?"

"Eh, almost too big... But he also taught me another way..."

"Really, how's that?"

"I'll show you tomorrow, if you want to meet me here."

"You can bet on it..." Fiore merrily says while they tidy themselves.

The day after, they go up to the hayloft together after checking to see that nobody is around. Bruno explores all the hayloft to be sure that they are alone. He then pulls out from a corner a wide blanket and a small, round metal tin.

"What's that?" Fiore asks curiously.

"It's for later." the farmhand boy says while spreading the blanket. They get on it. "Drop your pants, now." Bruno tells him while dropping his own.

Fiore lowers them, looking hungrily between his companion's legs.

"First we'll suck each other a while, then I'll teach you that other thing..." Bruno says.

After a while, Bruno stops. "Get on all fours now, Fiore."

"What for?" the boy asks.

"Because now I'll slip my dick all the way up your little ass."

"Whaaat?" Fiore says, looking at the stake he just sucked, "Did your brother Vito do that?"

"Yes, of course."

"Did you like it?"

"Sure I did. Go on now, get on all fours." Bruno says, opening the little round tin.

"And what's that?"

"It's Vaseline, to make it slip inside easier. So now, good... stay still, I'll prepare you."

Fiore feels the finger of his companion rummaging between his cheeks, linger on his little hole, spreading the cream and massaging. "Mmmmhhh, feels good!" the boy murmurs.

Bruno takes more cream, spreads it again, and slowly pushes his finger inside the tight hole.

"Oh, that's great!" Fiore says.

Bruno continues without hurrying. He knows he has to adequately prepare the boy, if he wants him to not slip away at the right moment. His brother, the first few times, had to menace Bruno in order to persuade him to take it. He remembers the pain, therefore he goes calmly now. While it is true that his brother has a bigger tool than his own, his stake is not so small. He massages for a long while, all around, inside and outside, and sees that Fiore is enjoying that. Yes, the boy is ready...

Bruno kneels behind Fiore, spreads the cream on his rigid stake, places its tip on the little hole, without pushing, makes his arms pass at Fiore's sides, over his chest, and with his hands grasps the boy's shoulders - this is the right position.

"You like it, Fiore?"

"Yeah..." the boy says without worry, not knowing what awaits him.

Bruno gathers his energies and, giving a forceful shove with his loins, pulls the boy's body towards him. Fiore shouts, Bruno feels himself sinking into the tight channel.

"Shush! Don't yell, we could be heard!" he says, continuing to push inside and pulling him.

"You're hurting me!" the boy complains, wriggling in a useless attempt to get free, but the farmhand boy's hold is firm.

Bruno sinks inside more. "Stay still, it will pass. It just hurts at the beginning, but then it becomes great." Bruno pants, pushing more.

"You swear it?" Fiore asks, with tears in his eyes.

"Yes, you'll see." Bruno says, now all inside the boy. He stops pushing and caresses the boy's body, his genitals, "Come on, Fiore, don't act childishly. I thought you were a man, don't disappoint me!" he coaxes him.

"It's that... it really hurts!"

"It did to me too, my first time. But then, little by little, I learned to love it."

"I knew it was too big!"

"No, it went in, didn't it..."

"It hurts. Pull it out."

"Okay, but slowly." Bruno says, slowly withdrawing.

Fiore trustfully relaxes.

But when it is almost completely out, Bruno thrusts it all inside again, forcefully.

"Ooouuuuch!" Fiore whines, trying to escape him.

Bruno holds him fast, Fiore slips down onto his belly, but doesn't succeed in escaping his impaler. Then Bruno starts to move his pelvis up and down with pleasure. The tight and hot channel of the boy excites him a lot. Fiore understands that he cannot free himself, and stops struggling.

Then he starts to feel a strange pleasure, enjoying that body that tosses and rocks on top of him, inside him. Bruno is strong, he thinks, almost pleased. It is not that the pain went away, but the pleasure certainly is increasing. His dick, which first softened, compressed between the cloth and his groin, starts again to pulsate, to harden. Fiore feels that Bruno is near cumming. He waits, then he feels him almost wheeze, stiffen all over, tremble... and finally relax on top of him.

"Oh, Fiore, it was great!" the youth sighs slowly slipping out from him. He makes the boy turn over, smiles at him and dries his tears: "You have been really valiant, you deserve a nice prize..." he says and lowers between the boy's legs to suck his hard dick.

Fiore relaxes, sighs - now he really likes it. His ass is still hurting, but Bruno sucks his dick, and caresses him, until the boy cumms.

They pull back on their trousers. "But you really hurt me." Fiore says, pouting.

Bruno ruffles his hair in an affectionate gesture: "But now, you became my boyfriend!" he says.

"Your boyfriend? What does that mean?" the boy asks, frowning.

"That now we are like, engaged."

"Engaged?" Fiore echoes him, looking at him with an interrogative air.

"Yeah, sure. This is our secret... but we are now lovers."

The next day, Bruno invites the boy to go up to the hayloft.

"No, you'll hurt me again."

"It's not your first time anymore, right? And then, are you or are you not my boyfriend?"

"Swear to me that you will not hurt me anymore. I still feel a big pain..."

"Well... you'll feel less pain than yesterday, anyway." the farmhand boy admits.

"No... let's go and just do a sixty-nine today."

"No, then nothing." Bruno says with a surly tone, parting from him.

"Come on, you like it, don't you? Come on..."

"No, no. If you don't want to be my boyfriend, it's better that I do nothing, with you!"

Fiore is disappointed. Bruno, all day long, avoids him, and also on the following day, and again the day after. Fiore's ass doesn't hurt any more, he just feels uncomfortable between his butt cheeks, when he makes certain movements, but he can bear it. He looks for Bruno.

"Listen... would you come to the hayloft?" he asks, crestfallen.

"No." the youth sharply answers.

"Come on... I want to try it... again..."

"To do what?" the other surly asks.

"To be your... boyfriend."

"And will you start to whimper again?"

"No, I swear. Come on..."

"Do you really swear that you won't behave like a child anymore?"

"Yes, sure, I swear... will you come?"

"Let's try, just once more." the farmhand boy says pretending to unwillingly surrender.

Fiore brightens. They go up. The usual preparation. Fiore takes his position - he is somewhat tense, but he tries not to show it. Bruno lubes him carefully, even more than the first time. Then takes him.

Fiore feels invaded, it hurts again, but he holds out. Tears come out while Bruno slips inside him, even though he knows that his friend is trying to be gentle. It is painful, but less than the first time, and the pleasure is there. He resists the pain...Bruno starts to pump inside him, his big rod slips back and forth with evident pleasure for the farmhand boy. Fiore hopes he will not take too long to cum, that he will be fast. But he doesn't complain, he says nothing, since he doesn't want Bruno to refuse him again. It's painful, but at the same time he really likes feeling that tool rummaging inside him, hot, quivering, strong and manly.

Fiore reaches his fifteenth year. He is now used to receiving Bruno's big mace. It now enters smoothly and easily, and he receives intense pleasure. Yes, he is happy being Bruno's boyfriend.

They don't meet in the hayloft any more. When winter came it became too cold up there. They discovered the old, now unused hay bale storage area in the stable, a wooden floor up under the roof. They climb to it from the outside, passing through a narrow little window that they can lock from the inside. It's a warm and safe place. Bruno brought some wide and thick old blankets, so now they can undress completely and be comfortable. They call it "the shelter". Fiore likes the naked body of Bruno, who is now eighteen years old. It is really beautiful, strong and muscled. He likes to lick it all, before sucking his cock, and then turns to offer his little ass to his friend.

Fiore reaches his sixteenth birthday. He is sad. His Bruno is about to leave for his army service, so he will not see him again for ages! What will he do without him? Ah, who invented the compulsory army service? He counts the days before his Bruno's departure. The only one good thing about being sixteen, is that at last he can stop going to school.

Tomorrow Bruno will leave. Fiore goes to look for him.


"What's up?"

"Do you feel like coming one last time to our shelter?"

"Of course I do, right now, start going..."

Fiore flies. He checks to make sure that nobody can see him and climbs, fast like a squirrel, slips inside the small window and waits. In just a few minutes Bruno comes, silently and nimble. He locks the small window and they both quickly undress.

Bruno lies down with his legs spread, his arms under his head, his member is already half erect. Fiore lies on top of him and starts to lick, to kiss, to greedily suck him all over. He wants Bruno to remember this last time for a long time. God, how much he loves that manly body! He crouches between Bruno's legs and bends to lick his balls, then the fierce rod, all along and around its length, then he takes it between his lips and lets it slip into his throat, he laps it inside his mouth, sucking until he feels it throb strongly. Bruno sits up - this is the signal, he is ready...

Fiore goes onto all fours, feels Bruno preparing him, lubricating him, then at last he feels him slipping inside him with his usual vigour. He closes his eyes and enjoys that fabulous penetration. When Bruno is completely inside him, to the hilt, he seizes Fiore at his waist.

"Don't cum too soon, this time. I want you inside me as long as you can." Fiore begs him, his eyes glossy with pleasure.

"Sure..." the farmhand boy says, starting to pump inside him with vigour, and meanwhile caresses Fiore, feels him, bites his neck and ears.

Fiore is enjoying these strong thrusts, that vibrating mace hammering inside him, massaging his tight and elastic channel.

Bruno succeeds in controlling himself for a good while, with mutual enjoyment. But then, the pleasure is too strong, unrestrainable, his movements become feverish, uncoordinated, strong, even more strong, stronger, and finally he bursts inside Fiore pressing himself forcefully against him.

Fiore waits for him to slip out, then turns around, kneeling and offers to his lover his member, that now is not quite so small. Bruno takes it in his mouth with pleasure - this time too, his boyfriend deserves a big prize. He skilfully sucks it, until he makes it vibrate, and then sucks the abundant nectar, while Fiore shudders from the intensity of the emotions.

The day after Fiore sees Bruno to the station, where the other conscripts are gathering, their tri-colour scarf at their necks. Girlfriends, mothers, sisters... and Fiore.

"Don't forget me, eh?" the boy whispers to him, sad that he can't embrace and kiss him like the women are doing with the other recruits.

"No, Fiore." the farmhand boy says, and climbs quickly onto the train.

Fiore waits until the train is out of view, then sadly goes back home. The road seems to him longer than usual. He will miss Bruno, and his beautiful rod with which Bruno took him, making him his own...


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