"THE MALE'S HOUSE" is a gay story, with some parts containing graphic scenes of sex between males. So, if in your land, religion, family, opinion and so on this is not good for you, it will be better not to read this story. But if you really want, or because YOU don't care, or because you think you really want to read it, please be my welcomed guest.

THE MALE'S HOUSE by Andrej Koymasky © 2019
written on November 25, 1994
Translated by the Author
English text kindly revised by "williamjack"

Until his relationship with Bruno, Fiore hadn't looked at other boys for lovemaking (as Bruno explained it to him, it was anything but a game, making love, it was a serious thing) -- he was happy with Bruno, he liked him. Now though, as the days are elapsing, he misses him more and more. Inevitably, at first subconsciously, he started to look around with different eyes -- the eyes of desire.

He feels uneasy about approaching his brothers, even though Bruno did learn from one of his brothers, Fiore's are all grown up... The other boys he knows, there are one or two that he likes, but he doesn't have many opportunities to be alone with them, and anyway he isn't close enough with anyone to try something with them.

Fiore goes back to the shelter, alone, and jacks off, dreaming about the beautiful moments he spent there with Bruno.

Some months pass; Bruno never did learn how to write, so there is no correspondence from him. The desire for physical contact dramatically increases in Fiore, but he really doesn't know how to go about satisfying it.

When summer comes, Fiore needs to go to the nearby village to run some errands for his father. Instead of riding his bicycle and taking the national road, he decides to hike, cutting across over the hill, it's fine weather, besides, he's up for a walk.

He cuts through the fields, crosses the little woods, climbs to the castle ruins and goes down the other side towards the village. He crosses the gorge, turns towards Saint Fermano chapel, and looks for the ford in the stream. He feels good, strong, full of life and vigour.

He reaches the small falls, reduced to a babbling brook -- now easy to pass. While deftly jumping from stone to stone, he hears soft giggles. He stops. They're coming from behind those boulders. Now curious, he stealthily goes around them, curious to see their source, and stops gape mouthed... his eyes and jaws wide open -- there in a pool of clear water, stark naked as the day they were born, are his friend Daniele and his cousin Giovanni. -- the latter standing with the water up to his knees, with legs spread, Daniele crouching in front of him, the water up to his armpits, enthusiastically sucking his cousin's erect rod! They are not aware of Fiore's presence and continue imperturbably. Fiore hides, squatting behind a bush and watches them, holding back his breath.

He doesn't like Giovanni, he's the same age, his cousin has a stumpy body, but even more than that, he has always been a bully. Daniele, otherwise, is just fifteen years old but already has a ripe beautiful body, he is likeable, always cheerful, with a quip always at hand and eyes of a rascal. He plays on their parish's soccer team, with Giovanni.

Fiore is jealous of his cousin -- he would like to be there in his place, with Daniele!

He overhears his cousin saying: "Go on, Dani, milk, milk my udder so that I can soon feed you!"

Daniele puts his hands on his companion's buttocks and does his best. Giovanni seizes his head and starts to quickly hammer back and forth in his mouth.

"Go on, Dani, soon I'll cumm... drink this milk I've been saving for you... it will make you big and strong... Drink Dani... driiink iiit!"

Wow, it's done, Daniele has swallowed all of it like a greedy calf! He stands up and Fiore admires his erect stake, now out of the water, it's even bigger than his own, and feels his mouth water. Daniele grasps it and starts to quickly beat it. "But what?" Fiore thinks with amazement, "why doesn't Giovanni suck it? That gift from god? If I were there! Fucking shit, how gorgeous Daniele is, I wouldn't allow it!"

He looks at him cumming -- a jet of white, luminescent pearls makes an arch in the air and falls in the water. Daniele's body shudders. Then he relaxes, calming.

Giovanni, looks at him with a little smile and says: "You know what, Dani? We have to meet more often. You suck it like you were born to do it."

"Yeah, but you asshole, you don't get me off. You make me give you head, but you do nothing in return."

"And why should I? Isn't it enough that you enjoy biting my big sausage!"

"I like it, I like it, but it's the only thing I like of you, Giovà! It was much better with Mario, before he left for the city."

"Mario... yeah... do you remember what great threesomes we had? He really had a nice big cock, that guy, and he was always turned on!" he says while they come out from the water.

"Fucking goodness gracious," Fiore thinks, "does half of the village do these things? To think that all this time I believed I was almost the only one!" He waits for the two boys to leave and comes out from his hideout. His dick is hard, he pulls it out and beats off, thinking of Daniele, then a plan starts to take shape in his mind.

The next Sunday, he waits for him after mass. He succeeds in finding some private moments alone with Daniele on their way home.

"Daniele, I heard that you like milk." he says with an allusive little smile.

His friend looks at him and asks: "So what?"

"...Or do you prefer sausages?" Fiore asks, further goading him.

Daniele looks furtively at him, then says, somewhat hesitantly: "Also..."

"And possibly, better than anything else, sausages sprouting milk, isn't that right?"

Now he understands, and he's angry, Daniele lowers his voice: "Who told you? That bastard, Giovanni?"

"Nobody told me."

"Then how did you find out?"

"The other day I saw you two at the pool by the waterfall."

Daniele turns pale, his knees threaten to fail him: "You aren't you going to spread this around, are you?"

"No way, I'm not an idiot. Just, that I..."

"Just, that what?"

"Well, I was asking myself what is it that you find in my cousin."

"Well, you know, He's better than nothing..."

"Wouldn't you rather do it with me, instead?" Fiore suggests, feeling his heart racing.

His friend smiles: "You bet... Do you like it too?"

"Eh, yes, and I would do it to you, that is, return the favour."

"Are you serious? You'll bite at mine?" the boy asks, now really interested.

"Yes, but only if you don't say anything about this to Giovanni -- I don't like my cousin."

"I'll agree to that! When and where?"

"Why don't you come to my place this afternoon, after the match?"

So, that afternoon, Daniele shows up in the barnyard of Fiore's house.

"Is Fiore at home?" he asks in a loud voice.

The boy comes out at once: "Here I am... Mum, I'm going to take a walk with Daniele!" he shouts towards the house.

"All right." his mother shouts back from inside.

"Let's go..."

"Where to?" Daniele asks.

"Keep quiet and come with me."

They walk behind the house, and go to the back of the stable.

"See that small window up there? I'll climb up there and wait for you inside. Just be careful that nobody sees you, then come up... understand?"

"Eh, I do..." his friend answers with a conspiratorial little smile.

Once they are both inside, Fiore blocks the little window. Daniele sees the pallet, now understands and smiles slyly.

"But what if somebody comes?" Daniele whispers, looking at his friend who is already undressing.

"The window is blocked, and there isn't a way up here from the stable any more."

Daniele proceeds to undress too: "But what if somebody comes into the stable?" he still asks.

"They can't see us. All we have to do is to keep quiet and wait for them to leave."

The two boys admire each other's nakedness -- it is evident that they like each other, their sprouting erections show it. Fiore makes his friend lie down.

"What do we do, now?" Daniele, now aroused, asks.

"Let me start, and then we can figure it out from there." Fiore says and leans toward his friend. He starts to lick all over his body as he used to do with Bruno.

Daniele likes that very much and, as Bruno didn't do, he too starts to lick and caress Fiore's body. Their limbs search each other, brush against each other, and intertwine.

Daniele seizes his friend's rod with his mouth and Fiore at once follows suit. Their two bodies form a circle and pleasure flows in this ring of bodies, from one to the other. It is a crescendo of emotion. The two young bodies shudder in unison.

Fiore parts from his friend.

Daniele raises his head: "What, why are you stopping?" he asks disappointedly, in a whisper, "it was becoming more and more beautiful, Fiore..."

"Daniele... do you feel like putting it here inside?" Fiore asks touching his own ass.

His friend widens his eyes: "What? What do you mean? In your ass?" he asks with a low, restrained voice.

"Yes. Would you please?"

"I don't know... I've never put it there, and haven't had it there. If I do, afterwards... you'll want to put it up mine, right?"

"Not necessarily, it doesn't matter, I like taking it there. Why don't you try?"

"Well, okay... why not?" Daniele says, hesitantly, but with interest.

Fiore takes the small metal tin that Bruno left behind, hands it to Daniele and proceeds to explain to him what and how to do it, then he gets on all fours. He hears his friend bustle, feels him prepare him, lean against him, with his stake pushing... and finally feels his rod sinking inside him.

"Wow, Fiore... that's great..." his friend pants, excitedly.

"Yeah, it is, isn't it?" Fiore says lustfully -- he likes the feeling of being filled up again at last, "Go on now, move back and forth... possess me, go on!" he urges his friend.

Daniele doesn't need to be told twice. Even if the boy is one year younger that Fiore, he has a nice big clapper. Daniele rocks it inside his friend's hot channel with the neophyte's enthusiasm, with vigour, while he fingers and caresses all of his body. Fiore is enjoying the ride, and thinks that it is even better than it was with Bruno!

Fiore senses that his friend is near cumming and waits happily. Daniele clings to his body, pushes with fury and cumms, moaning softly with his strong pleasure. Then he parts from him, panting heavily.

"Did you like it, Dani?"

"Not half bad... but did you?"

"Oh yes, very much."

"But you didn't cumm..." Daniele says fingering his hard, straight and throbbing rod, and looking at him, "If you want to try putting this in me..."

"No... make me cumm with your mouth."

"Sure!" readily answers his friend bending over him as he starts greedily sucking it.

Fiore closes his eyes -- Daniele is really skilled, he knows how to give him first rate service.

"Here... here..." Fiore moans, arching his loins, as jets of warm male seed sprout, and Daniele drinks them with big sips. He sucks to the last droplet.

Then Daniele finally straightens up with a sated air: "For sure Giovà will see no more of me... with you I've had none better! Hey... I don't know how to ask this, but... could we do this again, me here with you?"

"Sure thing! I like you very much!"

"But, tell me... is it good feeling it inside? There in the backside, I mean?"

"I like it a lot."

"I think I'd like to try it too, you know? Maybe the next time..."

"I have to admit that the first few times it hurts like hell. Later, though, you get used to it, and then it becomes great, really great. It took me more than a full month, about every day..." Fiore frankly states.

"But you got used to it, right? And now you like it, don't you?" Daniele asks, while gently caressing his friend's chest.

"Yes, sure, that's true."

"Then, I can get used to it too, and learn to enjoy it... I was watching, I saw how much you liked it, you can't keep it all to yourself," he said, giggling. "You know, you are not like Giovà, that bastard only cares about his own enjoyment!"

The second time they meet, Daniele is ready and willing to loose his cherry. Fiore is still somewhat afraid -- he remembers how painful it had been for him. Taking that into consideration, he prepares his friend without hurry, then when he thinks that he's finally ready he tries. He pushes slowly and feels resistance, this arouses him even more. He pushes with more pressure and feels the little hole yielding little by little, and wedges himself in his friend just a little bit.

"Ouch!" Daniele moans.

"Does it hurt? Do you want me to pull out?" Fiore worriedly asks, even if he really doesn't want to.

"No... It does hurt a little, but I like this feeling. Go on and push!"

Fiore is happy, grateful and excited. He starts to push again, entering a little more, and starts to feel glowing, wonderful heat. He continues to push and with difficulty, sinks inside the tight channel. The sensations he is getting are stronger and stronger. He caresses his friend's body, gently kneading his genitals and realizes that they didn't get soft, a sign that the pleasure Daniele is feeling is stronger than the pain. So, he pushes with even more vigour -- a little bit more and he will be all the way inside. The sensations are incredibly strong. Before he is able to put it all the way inside his friend, Fiore bursts in an incredibly strong orgasm.

"You already came?" Daniele asks, somewhat disappointedly.

"Yeah, I couldn't help, it was too great!"

As his rod softens, he slips out. Daniele embraces him and they lie down.

"I hurt you, didn't I?" Fiore asks in a low voice.

"Yes, but I don't care. I'll get used to it, though, isn't that right? But you, did you like it?"

"Oh, yeah..."

"I enjoyed it too, after all, don't you know that? You do want to do it again, don't you?"

"Sure." Fiore says with a smile.

Daniele fondly looks at his friend and moves in to kiss him on his lips, in his mouth. Bruno never kissed him, this is a new experience for him and Fiore likes that. He returns the kiss, their tongues playfully search each other's; it is beautiful.

"Who taught you how to kiss?"

"Nobody, in the movies I saw that lovers do it, and I thought it must be beautiful."

"It's beautiful, yes. But then... does that mean that we two are lovers?"

"No, but something like that. Anyway, I like you a lot, Fiore."

"And I like you too, Daniele."

"We will always do it together, right?

"Sure thing!"

"But only us, never with anyone else unless we agree, will you promise me that?"

"You won't do it with Giovà?"

"Of course not!"

"Then, I promise, I'll be true only to you."

Bruno, when his army service was over, didn't return to the village -- he found a job in the city. Fiore now is not sorry. In the village now everybody knows that Fiore and Daniele have become bosom buddies, inseparable. However, no one suspects that in reality they are lovers. The two boys, about two months after their first clandestine meeting, became aware that what they are doing together is not just for fun, mutual pleasure, but that they love each other.

Daniele was the first to realize it. "Fiore, if I tell you something, do you swear not to laugh at me?" he says.

"Sure, I swear."

"I was thinking -- that, we two, aren't we really... lovers?"

Fiore thinks about that for a while, then says: "Well yes... I think so, we're secret lovers."

"But then... do you, or can you swear to me that we will always be together?"

"Yeah, of course -- Fiore and Daniele, forever!"

Fiore is now seventeen, and Daniele sixteen, so that he too can stop going to school. They continue enjoying their clandestine meetings. One time, while Daniele is lying on his back with Fiore on top of him, holding him tight and kissing him, Daniele instinctively girdles his legs around his friend's waist. Fiore feels his hard rod slipping between Daniele's thighs then brushing between his friend's cheeks, across his blossom. He thinks that possibly he can take his lover in that position, from the front. He initiates it and Daniele, now understanding what his lover has in mind at once backs him up, thrusting his hips into position. At first, they don't succeed but then Fiore realizes that they can if he puts his friend's legs on his shoulders. Finally, in that comfortable position, he is able to slip inside him smoothly and easily, with mutual pleasure. They find that they both love it in this way, as they are able to look into each other's eyes, caress each other's body, and even kiss without contortion. This new way to unite entirely changes their reciprocal satisfaction, and they feel that in this position it is more than just fucking, it transcends onto another plane of lovemaking.

Fiore is eighteen years old and Daniele seventeen. Their birthdays are just two weeks apart, so they decide to celebrate them together -- in this way it seems to them that they become even more united. Neither has a girlfriend, but there in the countryside it is rare that boys their ages have girlfriends, so nobody finds that to be odd. They are absolutely not interested in girls. They feel too comfortable together. They are developing to be strong and beautiful. They like each other more and more.

When there is a village festival, they go square dancing, as everybody does. While they dance, each with a different girl, they from time to time look at each other. Without needing any sign, it is enough for their eyes to meet to know that, after the dance they will go to their shelter and make love.

Now they understand each other immediately. Each is able to read desire in the other's eyes and at once is aflame with the same desire. The girls with whom they dance feel, with their bodies, the awakening passion of their respective dance partners, and they are aroused, presuming themselves to be the cause. Then they are disappointed when each boy courteously thanks them and leaves them to ask yet another girl for the following dance. The poor things can't figure this out. What the girls don't know is that the two boys do it on purpose -- they don't want to be bound to or delude any girl. They talked about that between them, and decided to behave in this way.


Fiore is now nineteen, so he has to leave for his army service period. The two boys are sad about the inevitable separation. And even more so because, when Fiore finally returns, it will be Daniele's turn to leave. They promise to each other to write often. Daniele invents a secret code, to prevent others understanding just what it is that they are writing to each other. Then the last day, they passionately make love.

Daniele, afterwards, while they are caressing each other, whispers: "Fiore, I am madly in love with you!"

Fiore hesitates -- it is the first time that the word has been said. He thinks about how the movies and TV programs are filled with love stories. They are two men... but what is the difference? His lover is right!

So he replies, full of tenderness: "I am deeply in love with you too, Daniele."

His lover silently cries and pulls himself tightly against Fiore: "I'll miss you terribly!"

"I will also miss you too much!"

They kiss, their hearts filled with this new, sweet awareness -- yes, they are in love with each other. After all, didn't they already say they were lovers?

Fiore starts his life in the barracks. He has no difficulty in adapting to it. He regularly writes to Daniele, each Sunday, telling him about his life in the barracks, and includes here and there their secret signs, telling him 'I love you, I miss you, I think of you..." but also including sentences like those that they jokingly exchanged in their intimate moments, like "How is your big willy today? Does the bee miss the blossom? Do you ever go to the shelter to play with your willy?"

When the Recruits Basic Training period is over, Fiore is moved to his new barracks, in the city. Here, one afternoon when he leaves his barracks, being allowed a short leave, a young man approaches him.

"Are you a soldier?"


"In what barracks?"

"That one." Fiore points it out to him.

"Do you have a girlfriend?"

"No no."

"Not even at home?"

"No no."

"Are you perhaps waiting for someone, now?"


"May I offer you a drink?"

"Why should you? We don't know each other."

"Normally soldiers are always hard up... so I thought that it wouldn't hurt to offer you something... We could spend some time together, become acquainted..."

"Ah, then, OK." Fiore says, thinking that after all the guy seems likable enough.

"How come a handsome guy like you doesn't have a girlfriend?" Giampaolo, the young man, asks him while they are sipping a beer in a pub.

"I'm really not interested in girls." Fiore frankly answers.

The eyes of Giampaolo have a sparkle of interest: "Ah... it's the same for me. I feel better around men, you know?" he says.

"Yes." Fiore simply answers.

They change the subject, then they say good bye, but not before Giampaolo arranges to meet him again. Fiore thinks that he is likable enough, and that it is not at all bad having a friend with whom he can spend his free time. Moreover, Giampaolo always offers him something, and this isn't bad either.

They meet two, and then three times. They are becoming friends. Giampaolo is single, thirty years old and works in a travel agency. One day he invites Fiore to his place for lunch... Fiore goes, innocently. The food is good, they enjoy the meal.

Afterwards Giampaolo says: "If you want to lie down for a while..."

"No thanks. I'm not tired." Fiore naively answers.

"I am, so I'll go lie down for a while."

"Then, I can leave."

"No, you don't have to, I'm not going to sleep. I just want to relax. Come with me, so we can chat." the young man suggests.

They go into the bedroom. Giampaolo pulls off his shoes and lies down on the bed. He motions for Fiore to sit on the edge of the bed, near him. He loosens his belt and opens two buttons of his fly: "I ate too much. This feels better..." he explains.

They chat about this and that.

Giampaolo rests his hand on Fiore's thigh: "I like you, Fiore." he softly says.

"I like you too." the boy again naively answers.

"I feel good with you." the other insists.

Fiore notices that the hand on his thigh squeezes slightly. A friendly gesture, he thinks. Then he sees Giampaolo take his other hand to his half open fly, slip it inside and caress himself.

Giampaolo smiles and says: "It became hard... does that ever happen to you?"

"And how!" Fiore smiles.

"And... what do you do in that case?"

"Well... at night, in bed, I beat it."

Now Giampaolo's hand slips further up on Fiore's thigh. The boy starts to feel a little bit uncomfortable, but also aroused.

The man says: "I need a good jerking off... will it bother you if I do?" and without waiting for an answer, he pulls it out -- it is hard.

Fiore looks at it with fascination, his own hardens, then he feels the man's hand on his fly, fingering it.

"Go on, pull yours out too. It is even better together than alone..." Giampaolo says while he lowers Fiore's fly zipper, now swollen.

Fiore lets him do it. But then, he feels too excited, so he pulls away the man's hand. Giampaolo is now hesitant, preparing himself for the worst. But instead Fiore stands up, releases his belt, and lowers his trousers. Giampaolo smiles and relaxes. Fiore pulls them off, then takes the man's trousers and pulls them off also. Giampaolo arcs his body to facilitate him. Shortly they are both naked. Fiore lies on top of the man and embraces him, they embrace each other, kiss, and their members grind against each other.

Giampaolo offers himself to the young soldier: "Come on, fuck me!" he murmurs, hoarse with desire.

Fiore smiles, wedges himself between the man's legs, lifting them: "Do you have any Vaseline?" he asks.

"I don't need it... god, aren't you gorgeous... screw me, come on!" he urges him.

Fiore takes his position, the man guides his rod with his hand: "Go on, bugger me, stallion!"

Fiore pushes and slips inside to the hilt, completely in a single stroke.

Giampaolo moans in ecstasy: "God, what a male! Fuck me, harder... harder..." he pants, pushing his ass against the soldier's groin, rotating it to increase the sensation of the soldier's strong rod.

Fiore starts at a gallop. No, he is not making love with him like with Daniele, he is just fucking him -- isn't that what he wanted? Giampaolo gives a start at each thrust, in ecstasy -- these countryside stallions are really skilled, he can recognize them on the spot, and six out of ten are more than happy to give him what he needs.

When Fiore gets back to his barracks, he is happy and satisfied -- he really needed a good fuck! Then he thinks of Daniele -- he has to tell him, but how will he react? He can't include it in his next letter... no... he will tell him when he has his next long leave, when he can return to his village.

In the following days he returns often to Giampaolo's place, and each time he fucks his new friend with pleasure. The young man doesn't ask for anything else, but nevertheless gives him presents, takes him out to dinner, pays for movie tickets, and gives him a nice leather jacket.

Fiore has a long leave. At last he can again see his Daniele. They meet at the station, where his lover is waiting for him with a radiant smile. They are happy to be together again.

"Tonight at nine, can I see you at the shelter?" Daniele asks with sparkling eyes.

"Yeah, sure!" Fiore answers without hesitation.

They meet.

After they make love, Fiore faces the issue: "You know... in town I met a guy. His name is Giampaolo, he is thirty years old and he works as a travel agent."

"Ah, are you friends?" Daniele asks, quietly.

"Yeah... he's kind, likable. At times I go to his place, about once a week. But we meet a lot more often and just go out somewhere. He's always offering to meet for drinks or meals, and gives me presents."

"Good." Daniele says, without fully understanding.

"And when I go to his place... he wants me to fuck him."

"Fuck? Do you mean... you and him..."

"Yes, but... there is nothing between us, you know? It's not like you and me. Just so..." Fiore hastens to explain. Daniele keeps silent. Fiore senses that he is not happy. "Are you upset? If you are, I'll put an end to it."

"No... if you say that there is nothing..." Daniele says, but not sounding totally convinced.

Fiore is now remorseful: "I missed you, and..."

"Well, I missed you too. But I waited for you." Daniele says in a reproaching tone.

"Dani, you're not happy with what I've done are you?"

"Happy? Of course not."

"But I love you, I always let you know that, nothing changed between us, believe me."

"Yes, I know, but... now, whenever I think of you, maybe you'll be fucking him... and I don't like the thought."

"Then I'll stop doing it."

"It doesn't matter."

"It does too, I don't want you to feel bad. When I go back, I'll won't see him or be tempted by anyone else, I swear!"

He sees Daniele cheering up, and he is happy.

Daniele has to leave for his army service just one week before Fiore completes his period, so they cannot even meet in passing. Now, Fiore is back home. They continue to write to each other, meet whenever Daniele can get a leave and they make love. This is Daniele's first experience in any town, and he doesn't like it. He just longs to again be with his Fiore.

Fiore's parents sit him down for a long talk: "Now you are a man, you've completed your army service, so it's about time that you get a girlfriend and start thinking about marriage."

"Yeah, I know." Fiore says just to make them stop with such talk.

But he doesn't want to marry. He'd rather live with Daniele. It's just that... how can they? There, in their village, it is not even to be fancied that they could live together. How could they justify it? People would put two and two together, sooner or later, and then they would make their life hell on earth. They could go live in a town... but both of them hate town life, they couldn't stand it. Go to live in another village? All they know how to do is farm work and anyway, even in another village, the same problems would soon arise. All the villages have the same biases.

When Daniele comes home for his next leave, he talks to him about it. But his lover is not able to suggest a solution either. He just knows that he doesn't want to marry either, he wants to live with Fiore, but how can they do it? They feel trapped by the situation they're in, and don't know how to get free.

Fiore's family doesn't let up, they continue to put pressure on him. Fiore shilly-shallies, he doesn't say "no", but neither does he do anything to find a girl. It is not that he doesn't have the opportunity, the girls hang around him because he is a very handsome boy, but he not only does nothing to encourage them, but behaves in an arrogant off-putting, cold manner. He gets the reputation of being an unsociable bear.

Eventually, Daniele ends his army service. The two boys are glad to be able to resume their secret encounters without having to wait weeks and weeks between one and the next. Whenever they are together, when they make love, then yes, they really are happy.

But now Daniele's parents start to make the same demands, to apply the same pressures on him. Daniele too is a gorgeous boy, and the village girls hang around him. Daniele disinterest's them with a different technique -- he makes sarcastic remarks, teasing them, and points out, pitilessly, their slightest flaws... so in short time becomes infamous as a nasty and unpleasant boy.


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