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Subject: The Pizza Boy - Chapter ONE - Gay - Beginnings


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The Pizza Boy

Chapter ONE


Today has been an unusually stressful working day for me. I had some

urgent work I had to get done by tomorrow morning. This was proving

much more difficult than I had initially thought.

Instead of the usual dinner in one of my favorite restaurants, I'd indulged

myself with just a quick snack. I left work at 7pm and drove home to

continue working on my computer where I had the opportunity to listen

to my favorite classical music as well. After an hour's hard work, I was

finally satisfied.


When I had finished my work I realized how very hungry I was. Maybe

it was because I could relax at last. In the hustle and bustle of the day I

had forgotten that I needed to go out and buy some fresh food, as there

was nothing in the fridge that was of any interest to me.


It was already too late to go to a dinner evening at friends. It had

rained on and off all day, and it looked as though it would start again

soon, so I decided not to walk to one of the nearby Italian restaurants,

instead I would call a pizza delivery service and order a vegetarian pizza.

Normally I don't use this type of delivery service, but a friend had

recommended this particular one so I was confident it would be quite

good, however, it was only open until 10pm and it was already 9.30.


The delivery service told me that my pizza would be delivered in about

30 minutes. I sat comfortably in my favorite chair where I could relax to

music or read a good book or a news magazine. About 20 minutes later it

started to rain again. At first there were just a few drops but then only

minutes later, the rain suddenly increased and became a downpour.

The rain seemed to quite literally tip out of the sky. Five minutes later I

heard the buzz of the door entry system. I picked up the phone and asked,

"Yes please?".


"Pizza delivery service," I heard at the other end.


"Great, I live on the fourth floor. You can take the elevator. "


I pushed the door opener. The money for the pizza plus a tip I had

already sorted out. A short time later, the elevator door opened and a

young man stepped out, his clothes were soaking wet. They were also very

dirty on one side.


"My goodness, what happened to you?" I asked.


"I got caught in the rain cycling here."


"Why on earth do they make you deliver the pizza by bicycle on a day like



The young boy looked very unhappy. "The rain didn't bother me, I had

finished work and was on my way home anyway. I actually work in the

kitchen. Unfortunately, I fell off my bike in front of your house; the rain

has made the road very slippery because of that nearby construction

site. I hate to say it, but I fear the pizza is now only fit for dog food.

I'm really sorry. It should be thrown away."


The unfortunate young man presented a very sad picture. He had absolutely

no experience of delivering pizza and had used his own bicycle because he

was on his way home. Now he felt he had not done his job properly, got

soaked through and dirty from falling off his bicycle; he seemed to be in

some pain too.


I took a closer look at him. His drenched clothes stuck to his body and I

could clearly see he had an athletic physique. I was fascinated, above all

with his height, maybe 6'2, and his long, powerful legs.

The young man was really quite good looking.


His thin oval face, dark brown hair and his brown eyes were very

attractive. His voice was ... wow ... pleasant is just not doing it justice.

He seemed to be a little shy. I felt comfortable with him because of his

very quiet charisma. He probably wasn't aware of how attractive he was.


"Frankly, I am so hungry I don't care if the pizza has been crushed. I'll

take a look; perhaps the damage isn't so bad. In the meantime why don't

you come in, I'll bring you a towel to dry off with and then we can try

to clean up your clothes. "


"I think I'll stay out here on the stairwell so I don't bring any dirt into

your apartment."


"No problem. The floor is tiled, so you don't have to worry about a

little water and dirt. That can be quickly and easily cleaned up. At the

moment it's still raining in torrents so there's no sense going back out

there right away. "


I quickly went into the bathroom to get a towel. Meanwhile he took the

pizza box out of his satchel which he gave to me on my return. The box

was indeed badly crushed in some places, but not torn.


"It doesn't look too bad. Don`t you want to wait for a few minutes until

the rain stops? "I asked him.


I took the pizza box into the kitchen and opened it. Although the pizza

was not a pretty sight, I was hungry and taking pity on the young man, I

decided to pay the full price for it and give him a good tip. His dark,

sad eyes were beginning to get to me.


"I can still eat the pizza, even though it's a bit mashed – it'll taste the

same." I called to the young man.


All of a sudden there was a loud clap of thunder and then a flash of



"As long as there's a thunder storm, I can`t send you back on the road."

I said, "Especially not when you're riding a bicycle. You might get struck

by lightning! You just would not be safe. Tell you what I have a washer

and dryer. By putting it on the fast short eco program we could wash

out your stuff and then just put it in the dryer. It would only take about

30 minutes, and by then the storm will most likely have gone over.

As long as there's lightning you should stay inside."


"You are really very helpful and friendly," said the young man. He looked

down to the floor a little embarrassed and said, "but I can`t take off my

clothes here."


"Ah, I see. You can undress in the bathroom, the washing machine and

dryer are in there. I'll give you a robe to change into."


The young man was visibly uncomfortable with the situation. He seemed

to have difficulty deciding what he should do.


"Look you'll catch your death; you just shouldn't keep wet clothes on

your body you'll catch cold. You can catch a cold very quickly; at worst

your kidneys may be affected." I said. He kept quiet.


I went into the kitchen and divided the pizza between two plates. Okay,

I admit, the portion on my plate was bigger, but I now had a huge appetite.

The young man lingered in the hallway looking at the mildly erotic

photographs that hung there.


"I am an amateur photographer" I explained "The pictures were taken by

me. Do you like them?"


"YOU took the photos? They are great! These are beautiful! Uh, I, I um...

I mean, they look very professional. Are they all professional models in

the photos?"


"No, not all of them. Some of the young men are musical students. I have

paid them fees to model for me. However, most are men who asked me

to take pictures of them, you know just for fun. "


"You paid the men to let you photograph them this way?" He asked,

surprised again. "They should have paid you! Normally one has to pay

the photographer for such professional work."


"Well, there are men who look so beautiful that I want to have photos of

them and so I am happy to pay them. I can then enjoy their beauty every

day. Look I could talk about this for ages. We may want to talk further

about this in the dining room whilst we eat the pizza - before it gets cold.

But first we should try to do something with your clothes. Don't you



The weather had not improved.


"Thanks. I think I'll take you up on your offer." He said softly.


"Great, I will get a robe from the bedroom. You can already take off your

shoes in the bathroom. "


I had to take care that the young man didn't notice my excitement, though

he seemed very excited himself, but for a different reason.


The bathroom was right next to my bedroom. I turned on the light in the

bathroom and opened the door for the cute, insecure boy before I went

into the bedroom.


I had two very different robes; a long one and a very short one. I chose

the short robe. As the young man was bigger than me, I would get to see

so much more of his fantastic legs and maybe even something else. I still

could not believe my luck!


When I entered the bathroom, the young man had taken off his shoes, socks,

and his jacket. He had just begun to take off his jeans, but they seemed

to stick to his thighs. I could see his underpants and the upper part of

his thigh. What a sight! The underpants were totally wet and clung to his

body. His penis, and his scrotum enclosing two large testicles, stood out

very clearly.


"Problems with the jeans?" I asked.


"Yes, they are really stuck to my legs."


"How about if you just sit down and I pull the pants off?" I asked with a

slight tremor in my voice.


"Yes, that may work and would be faster." He said and sat down on the

bathroom chair.


Who says that a willingness to help doesn't pay off?


The pizza boy lifted his legs and held up his feet in front of me.

I pulled at both trouser leg ends and the trousers were released bit by

bit from his beautiful legs. At the same time I allowed myself glimpses

of his crotch. Mmmm ... not bad!


When we had removed his jeans, I allowed myself a closer look at his

great legs. They were slightly tanned a little hairy and beautifully



"Before you put your jacket and your jeans into the washing machine,

you'd better empty the pockets. Use one of these towels to dry yourself."


I put a little detergent in the washing machine and chose the short eco



"All you have to do is close the machine when everything is in it and

then press start. I'll wait in the dining room for you" I said, as I left

the bathroom.


Before I shut the door behind me I took another quick look at the young

man; he had turned around and was about to take off his underpants

showing his now exposed narrow hips and his small round firm ass cheeks.

My god! He was gorgeous.


"Just be patient. You have to tread very carefully", I said to myself.


I reheated the pizza in the microwave for a short while, because it was

now only lukewarm now. I had just finished covering the table, when the

young man entered the room wearing the bathrobe. He held one hand over

his groin, because the robe, being very short, opened up at the end a

little when he moved. The robe was really very short and only came down

to the top of his thighs.


Each step he took, of course, the robe opened a little and had he not

covered himself with one hand, I would have seen his genitals, at least a

part of them. I had to be patient, hoping that eventually his concen-

tration would slip and he would forget to cover himself. I had experience

from countless photo shoots; in the beginning, all the young men tried

to cover their genitalia but at some point they lost concentration or

stopped bothering. Until then, I could continue to admire his

extraordinarily well-built legs.


He sat down beside me at the dinner table.


"My choice of drinks is unfortunately somewhat limited. I have only non

-alcoholic beer, mineral water or fruit juice. Which would you prefer?"


"What is the alcohol-free beer like?"


"I found one that actually tastes like beer, but the taste is it exactly

in the middle. Not too bitter nor too lenient. Just have one. If it's not

to your taste, then you can just try something else."


"You are being very kind. Why are you doing all this for me? You don't

know me."


"I do not want to bore you with religion, but there are people who believe

that if they do something good for another person, then something

good will happen to them in return. You've probably heard of the term

"Karma". Well, at first glance, a noble act can actually be very selfish,

because you expect to gain something from it in the long term."


"Ah," replied the young man that seemed not necessarily to be one of his

usual topics of conversation. We both began to eat. After a few minutes of

snacking on pizza the young man asked, "How much do you pay the students

for being your models?"


"It varies. There are no set prices for such services. It depends firstly on

the amount of time and the type of photos they model for."


"Some men in the photos have no clothes on. They are completely naked."


"Well, I like to take pictures of faces, but taking pictures of nude men

is always something special. For posing nude I pay the highest fees,

especially for frontal nude pictures."


"There are no photos like that in the hallway."


"No, I keep those pictures really private. I don't see any need to

display them."


"What were the lowest and the highest fees they've been paid?"


"The lowest was $20 and the highest $500. For 20 dollars, I did a head

and shoulders portrait which took only 30 minutes. I paid the 500 dollars

for a photo shoot that lasted nearly 8 hours - in the last half hour the

model posed nude, full frontal with his penis hard. "


"Eight hours is a damn long time", he exclaimed.


"Well, we took a lot of breaks. In between drinking coffee, we listened

to music and talked a lot about many things. "


"The pizza delivery service does not pay me very much. For $ 20 I would

have to work much longer than 30 minutes. If a guy were to allow you to

take pictures of him wearing only Speedos, for example, how much would

you pay him? "


"Before we continue this conversation, perhaps we should introduce

ourselves. My name is Moritz."


I offered him my hand across the table.


"I'm Darren."


"Pleased to meet you, Darren."


Damn! His handshake was so exciting. I wanted to hold his hand for ever.

He had a gentle handshake which I thought might reflect his insecurity

and shyness.


"Well, if a young man with your looks and a gorgeous body like yours,

lets me take pictures of him in Speedos, then I would pay him $100.

The photo shoot would take about an hour."


"That's a lot of money, at least for me it is. What do you mean, a man

who looks like me? I don`t look as handsome as the guys in your photos."


"You're wrong, you look just as good as them. I would be very happy if

you let me photograph you. We could start with face shots and then if

you're happy we could move on to some shirtless poses. After that ...

well, ... that would be up to you.


"Is this offer for real?" he asked.


"Sure, why not. Don't worry. Not everyone starts with a nude photo shoot.

First, we must learn to trust one another."


"If I let you take pictures of my face for 20 bucks now, would I still

get $100 for photos in my Speedos at a second photo shoot?"




Darren was already negotiating a fee. That was a good sign. Young men

today are almost always short of money and it amazes me what they are

prepared to do for easily earned dollars, cash in hand.


"Look, if you're interested I'd like to start by just photographing your

face and for that I'll pay $20.00 cash in hand. I bet you need time to

think about it though so in the meantime I'll take your clothes from the

washer and put them in the dryer as they should be done by now."


Since we had both finished our supper I took the dirty dishes into the

kitchen and went to the bathroom.


When I got back to the dining room the young man was still sitting at

the table.


"So Darren, have you made your decision? Are you going to go for it?

Do you want your photos taken?"


"I could really do with the $20.00 quite urgently as a matter of fact.

Just face pictures you say? Ok let's do it, we will take those pictures

now. Only I still do not understand why you pay me money and not the

other way around."


"Everyone has a hobby. Some people collect stamps, others like football.

There's no real reason why one hobby excites rather than another. It's

just the way it is! I love to take photographs, most of all I like to

photograph beautiful men. And I am more than happy to pay for the

privilege. There is no simple explanation for some things."


"I hate to ask this, but do I get the money as soon as the photos are taken?"


"Yes, of course. If you prefer I can give you the money beforehand."


"Oh, that would be really great."


"With pleasure. No problem. I suggest we take the pictures in the living

room next door. I have to get the studio flashes from the study."


I picked up the studio light with the softbox, then the strobe with the

reflector screen and the simple studio flash. Then I took out my wallet

and gave Darren his $20.


I looked around once everything was set up.


"I want to take your picture in front of the white wall. I'll put just a

bar stool for you to sit on. I`ll get one."


I had bought the bar stool especially for photo shoots. When Darren was

seated on the stool during the photo shoot I'd be able to take some full

body shots without him noticing. Hopefully I'd get some of his beautiful

long legs and maybe if his robe opened I'd be able to get a couple of

nice photos of his dick and balls.


When Darren sat on the stool the robe opened and for the first time I got

a clear view of his genitals. Although I could only see part of his dick

and his ballsac, the view was encouraging. Darren seemed to be well

equipped. He had not shaved his crotch either. I really love pubic hair!


When the young man realised that he had accidently exposed himself he

hastily closed the robe. As a precaution, he held both hands in his lap.

To relieve the situation I went and got the camera from the study, then

we'd be ready to start the session.


I used the first photos to optimize the lighting and the arrangement of

studio flashes. Since I used a camera with a zoom lens it was possible

for me, without changing my position, to take face shots and full body

photos at the same time.


While I took pictures, alternately of Darren's face and body, I tried to

get him to relax by asking innocent questions and making little jokes.

Darren followed my instructions willingly. He looked alternately to one

side and then straight into the camera and then past the camera. He was a

natural. When I'd managed to capture a particularly good photo I showed

it to Darren on the display screen at the back of the camera. He loved it

and was thrilled with what he saw.


"I think that's the most beautiful picture I've ever seen of myself. Can

I have a print of it? "


"Of course, I am pleased if you like the photos and will happily print

them for you."


Darren was as happy as a child who has just received the birthday gift he

had badly wanted.


I continued taking photos of Darren who was now totally at ease. As he

sat on the bar stool he stood on one foot and the other one was bent

resting on the footrest of the stool. This really brought Darren's legs

to their best advantage.


I changed my position several times to photograph Darren's long legs and

beautiful face from different angles.


I asked him to run a hand through his hair. To do so he was forced to

raise his arm, and the robe was pulled up uncovering his crotch. In the

viewfinder I could now clearly see Darren's penis and testicles.

Naturally I took several very nice photographs, which I most surely would

NOT be showing to him. Only when I had managed to take a beautiful face

photo did I show him my further work.


"I'd like to take some shots of your upper body nude", I told him.


Darren looked at me, a little unsure. Then he said, "I thought for $20 we

would only do face shots and not anything else."


"Yes that's right. I'll pay you another $20. "


"If I get another $20, that's okay. I'll need to take off this robe.

Should we wait until my clothes have dried and then put on my underpants

and jeans?"


"I think the dryer will need at least another 10 minutes. How about if

you go into the bathroom and get one of the big bath towels to wrap

around your waist? Then I could photograph you like that. We will also

finish the photo shoot faster."


"Yes, you're right. It's late and I should have been home a long time

ago", Darren agreed.


Then he went into the bathroom to discard the bathrobe in favour of a

large bath towel.


When Darren reappeared in the living room, I was staggered by the beauty

of his naked upper body. I was speechless and unable to take my eyes off

him. Unlike the professional models, this young man hadn't shaved his

chest. The sparse hair around his nipples spread inwards to the centre of

his chest and from there formed a narrow line down to his belly button

and then on down until it tantalizingly disappeared into the loose folds

of the towel hanging from his waist; just the right amount of hair for my

taste, so natural, so sexy looking. Darren hadn't over-developed his

upper body muscles working out at the gym, and yet the proportions were

perfect. It seemed that his daily physical work had pretty well sculpted

his upper body to a gentle perfection. In his semi-nakedness the young

man seemed shy, unable to look me in the eye.


"Wow, Darren" I exclaimed. "You look ..... fantastic. The photos

will be just great, you'll be so proud of your body. I think and I hope,

you'll be over the moon with the results "


Now Darren looked me straight in the eye, and smiled shyly.


When he looked at me in that vulnerable way I just wanted to take him in

my arms and never let him go.


"I promise you that the photos will be of the same quality as those

published in quality magazines."


At that Darren beamed even more and, if that were possible, charmed me

still further with his smile.


I had put away the bar stool, now un-needed, for the next shot.


"Please stand with your back against the wall while I rearrange the



I took a lot of trouble with the first several images because I felt that

the photos were also important to Darren. His self confidence needed

boosting, and for some reason I felt it was down to me to give him

something he could be proud of.


After I had taken several shots in different positions of this

attractive, desirable young man, I tried the next step.


"Darren, would you please stand facing the wall and open the towel? Now

hold the towel out at both sides please."


"Why is that?" Darren wanted to know.


"You've probably already seen some photos where the models seem to be

nude, but are holding something that covers their pubic area. You can't

really see any more than if they were wearing a very brief swimsuit. But

the viewer's imagination is stimulated into seeing more than is actually

exposed. For example, if you were to loosen the towel but remain modestly

covered, the camera would see only a handsome half naked young man; but

the impact on the viewer might be multiplied tenfold so that he could

easily imagine that you have dropped the towel to the floor for him to

see every part of your undoubted beauty."


"But I will not drop the towel," said Darren forcefully.


"No", I agreed "but in the imagination of the viewer, you will."


"Do you mean that I stay facing the wall and you photograph me only from

the back?"


"Yes, exactly."


"Okay I'll do it but then I really have to go. It's getting very late."


Darren opened his towel very gently. He was probably afraid he might

accidentally drop it and be naked in front of me.


We took some pictures and I gave the young man detailed posing directions

as to how he should position his shoulders and arms.


"Would you now lower the towel a little, please?"


Darren responded without objection.


"Great. That shows off your slim hips much better now. "


I took a few more pictures.


"Could you bring the ends of the towel together in the front but let it

drop a bit further at the back? And turn your face to the side so that I

can capture it in profile? "


Click, click, click ...


"Okay, now let the towel drop a little deeper still ..."


Again, Darren obediently moved the towel a few inches lower. I could now

see the top curvature of his two round butt cheeks and the start of the

deep cleavage between them.


Click, click, click ...


"Darren, I would very much like to photograph your naked bum. Would that

be okay with you?"


He looked at me quizzically. I gave him time to come to a decision and

eventually he said softly, "Okay! But I want more money - and we must

finish soon, really. It's late."


"Hmm ... then I will make a long story short. What I want to do is to

photograph your body completely uncovered, from the rear. I think you'll

be amazed at the resulting images. Your strong shoulders emphasize the

V-shape of your back and make your waist look so narrow. Your slim hips

and your powerful thighs are in perfect proportion. You have a body of

which you can be truly proud. I haven't photographed many young men with

such a perfect body. Later we can compare the pictures of you with those

of some of the others you've seen out there in the hallway. Often I've

had to use little tricks to hide imperfections in their bodies. Photos of

your beautiful body won't need any corrections, it's perfect just as it



Darren became very serious and thoughtful again.


"You want me to be completely naked?" he asked.


"Yes, but only from behind. If you want to you can keep your genitals

covered all the time with your hands or with the towel."


"We haven't discussed posing nude."


"I know Darren. If you say no now, then that's okay. We won't take the

photos. But then you'd not see what a fantastic body you have. You can`t

figure this out in front of a mirror."


"But ... but ... that would be nude photos," he exclaimed nervously. And then

added quickly, "Anyway I have to go home now. "


"We only need five more minutes and for those five minutes I will add

fifty dollars."


"$50 for nude photos ... I don't think it's enough," Darren said quietly,

"For $80 we can take the pictures."


"Okay, settled $80 when you drop the towel."


"Promise me that I can get dressed in 5 minutes and can go home."


"I promise."


"Well, then I agree" said Darren, and let the towel fall, after he had

turned to the wall.


This very attractive young man was standing just three metres away from

me, completely naked. His body was just as beautiful as I had imagined;

a body that many other young men would envy. His strong thighs and little

rounded ass cheeks in conjunction with his V-shaped back was a real

eye-catcher. Again, I gave instructions for the typical classical poses.

Finally I asked him if he'd place his legs further apart.


What I didn't tell him was that I was able to see his ball sack and tip

of his cock between his legs.


Click! Click! Click! Click!


I would not be showing these photos to Darren.


My pulse was now racing and my pants started to feel tight on my groin.


"Okay, Darren, we're done."


Darren turned his upper body to face me and saw that I had put the camera

aside, yet modestly he still held both hands over his groin before

turning to face me.


"I'll go and get dressed now," he said, and went on his way to the



Wow, look at that... A totally naked athletic young man in motion is always

exciting. For this exquisite sight I'd pay another $ 20. Both of his ass cheeks

moved up and down and the play of the muscles was breathtaking. I had to

control myself not to follow him.



... to be continued


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