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The Pizza Boy

Chapter TWO



While Darren dressed in the bathroom, I went into the study and wrote down

my name and phone number on a slip of paper for him. Then I carried the

studio flashes back to the study. Glancing out of the window I saw that

the storm had moved on.


Darren, now fully dressed, was waiting for me expectantly in the hallway.


"Sorry, but I really need to get home now ... I hate to ask this, but can

I get the money for the extra pictures that you took?"


"Of course," I reached for my wallet and gave Darren the additional agreed

amount. I could see by the look in his eyes that he didn't often get to

hold that much money in his hand.


"Darren, here's my phone number" I said handing him the slip of paper.

"Call me if you want to come by to see the photos I've taken of you today.

If you fancy taking posing for a second shoot just let me know and then we

can arrange another appointment. I would really like that."


"Could I come by tomorrow and look at the pictures? I'm really excited to

see what they look like," said Darren.


"Certainly, when would be best for you?"


"I have the early shift tomorrow, so I really need to get a move on so

that I can get a good night's sleep. I finish work tomorrow at 4pm. "


"Okay... You said you live close by ... How far away from here?"


"About 10 minutes on the bike."


"Okay, so what do you think would be best for you? About 6pm?"

I suggested.


"That would be great. So I'll see you at 6pm tomorrow then. Ciao!" He

shook my hand and then he was gone.


Normally, I would have got the pictures out and wanked off looking at them,

especially the last ones that I had taken of Darren, naked in front of my

camera! But since I had to get through tomorrow morning, first with my

boss going over the work I had completed at home tonight followed by an

important meeting at which I had to present my work, it was important to

ensure a good night's sleep. So I brushed my teeth, washed my face and

went to bed thinking of Darren.


The following morning was extremely successful. My boss was satisfied with

my work and I had to make only a few changes to my presentation. Then we

went into the meeting, and I presented my work, which was well received.

My boss was pleased with me and I used the fact that he was in a good mood

to ask him to let me take the rest of the day off as they owed a lot of

overtime anyway. He readily agreed.


For years, until a few months ago, I had to commute every day for 3 hours,

that is until I decided that I needed to live closer to my work and save

all of that time. Now the commute was only thirty minutes and that really

came in handy today.


I was able to quickly get home, get the computer up and running and look

over Darren's photos. As was my routine I scanned all of them to begin

with as this allowed me to decide quite quickly whether they were taken

well or needed to be deleted and not worth saving. This was as always a

first glance decision. A good photograph must always be "love at first

sight". If I don't immediately like a photo then in my judgment it's just



I copied all the photos I really like into a subdirectory. In a subsequent

analysis I reduced the number of photos still further. I needed to whittle

down this remaining batch to just three - the most outstanding. I knew

this was going to be very difficult.


The three photos that I chose I made the classical corrections with my

image editing program, an extensive retouching would take much more time.

I therefore limited the retouch to only the essential.


Two hours later, I sent an order for the production of large-format prints

via the Internet to a special company that usually worked only for

professional photographers, but made an exception for me.

The owner was also gay and he loved my pictures, more specifically he

liked the men I photographed.


When I arrived at the company the owner greeted me with a friendly hug and

wanted to know more about my latest model. I told him of the more unusual



While we were talking excitedly together one of his employees made two

large format posters of my three photos. The express service was not

cheap, but in this instance well worth it. When the posters were ready I

said goodbye warmly and made my way back home. As soon as I could I

replaced three of the framed pictures on the wall in my hallway with the

pictures of Darren. I was curious to see how fast Darren would notice

them, and how he would react.


Next, I set out on foot to the local supermarket to buy a couple of

interesting things for dinner. Back home again, I cleaned my apartment and

then prepared dinner. Unfortunately, I was not quite ready when the door

system rang. Was that Darren already? He was here earlier than I had



"Hello!" I said into the intercom.


"Hello Moritz, it`s Darren."


"Hi Darren, I'll open the door." I said and pushed the opener, whilst

thinking "Can't wait to see him again."


Normally I wait at the door for my guests to come up to the fourth floor,

but this time I left the door open and quickly went back to the kitchen to

continue preparing dinner.


A few minutes later Darren knocked on my apartment door open.


"Come in Darren, I'm in the kitchen." I called.


He was wearing exactly the same clothes as yesterday evening.


I went to meet him as I did not want to miss the moment that he recognized

himself in the photos in the hallway.


"Are you coming straight from work," I asked him when I gave him my hand

in greeting.


"Yes, my boss insisted that I had to work extra time, because of something

that had happened. You live midway between the pizza delivery service and

my apartment. So I came straight here rather than go home first, so that

we'd have more time to look at the photos."


"Good thinking! Are you hungry? I'm just preparing dinner. If you'd like

to share my meal, you are very welcome to do so".


The young man smiled at me and said, "Thanks for the offer, I'd love to

accept. I have to admit that I am dying to see the pictures. So can we see

them first? Well, as long as it's OK with you."


I smiled and looked at him as in all of the time he had been here he had

not seen any of the pictures in the hallway.


"No problem, but I suggest you look around and give your eyes time to



The young man looked at me a bit confused. "What do you mean?"


"Well, look around and tell me what you think," I said, grinning.


Only now did he begin to look around the hallway and immediately he saw

the three posters. He was speechless. With his mouth open, he looked from

one to the other, not saying anything.


I was now a bit anxious. I was unable to tell from his facial expressions

whether he liked the photos or not.


"Well Darren do you like the pictures?" I eventually asked.


"I simply can't believe that I am the guy in the pictures. This is madness!"


"There are no photo montages; I didn't have the time for that. If I had

been able to spend more time editing each photo - which is not uncommon

these days - the result would be even better."


Darren finally smiled. His great pleasure was now clearly shown on his



"These photos are fantastic," he said.


"That makes me happy. I think these three photos are some of the best

that we did yesterday evening. As a little surprise for you, I have had copies

made as a gift for you. "


I gave the young man a big cylindrical case containing the rolled up



"These are exactly the same as the posters on the wall?" asked Darren.




Darren grabbed my hand profusely with both hands and shook it excitedly.


"Thank you so very much!"


"I would suggest you study these photos further while I finish getting

dinner ready. Agreed? "


"Ok" Darren said without looking at me. His eyes wandered now alternating

from one photo to the other. It was nice to see how pleased he was. I went

back to the kitchen and finished the final touches. I then put everything

on a tray and left the kitchen, past by Darren over to the dining room and

set the table. When the food was ready, I went to Darren and stood next to



"See what I mean when I say that you see no difference between you and the

other good-looking men on the other photos? You look just as great as they



"These are the best pictures that anyone has ever taken of me." The young

man said, looking at me suddenly and unexpectedly deep into my eyes.


That hit me now so unexpectedly that I was a little embarrassed and said,

"Ummm . . . Let`s eat. Then we can go on the computer and look at the rest

of the images if you still want to."


"Thank you for everything."


"Oh, don't thank me too soon! Wait until after you've tasted my cooking!"

I joked, to relieve the tension building in me.


"If you are only half as good a cook as you are a photographer, then the

food can`t be bad," joked Darren.


I was surprised by his unexpected wit as it seemed Darren was freer and

less uptight today than he was last night.


While we were eating dinner together, Darren seemed to have a problem. He

kept on moving and seemed to be uncomfortable in his chair. Maybe it was

because he felt some urgency to look at the rest of the photos that we had

taken. Gosh he ate so quickly and we talked so little which made us both

eat quickly. I do not think that I have finished dinner so quickly before.

When he saw that my plate was empty as well he asked, "Can I help you

clear the table?" Obviously wanting to get to the real business in hand as

quickly as possible.


"Great, if you want," I said.


No sooner had I uttered the words, than Darren rose from the table and

helped me carry the dishes to the kitchen, then together we loaded the

dishwasher. We went into the study to look at the rest of the photos. Of

course I had already transferred all the really exciting explicit photos

that showed Darren's cock and balls into a separate subdirectory so he'd

not see them. Also, I had a few unsuccessful exposures, for example Darren

blinked on one and on others he had his eyes half closed. A photographer

must always expect that a few exposures will go wrong; such photos are of

course best deleted immediately.


Surprisingly, Darren would not sit while we looked at the photos on the

computer, but stood next to me and leaned down. I had no idea what was

going on and was worried, why did he not want to sit next to me?


It would have been so nice to feel his wonderful thigh pressing on mine

but I tried not to think about that. I wrote down the exposure numbers of

the photos Darren liked best and of which he wanted to have copies. When

we had seen all the pictures, I asked him,


"So Darren, what do we do now? Do we want to go into the living room and

listen to some music or watch a video? Or we could do more pictures?"


"Does the offer to pay me $100 if I pose in swimwear still stand?" he asked

guilelessly. I would like to earn $100," said Darren.


"We only have to turn the living room into a studio again and rebuild the

studio flashes as we will be ready." I said.


After we had prepared everything in the living room, Darren asked, "Should

I go into the bathroom and change, I brought my Speedos with me?"


"If it's OK with you, I'd like to start with a few shots fully clothed pictures

in what you're wearing now. You then simply strip off one item of

clothing at a time. If you're wearing only underwear, you can then move

to the bathroom to change."


"All right, if that is what you want."


"I love those photos where men undress slowly in front of the camera and

you can see the progression. I'll start with a few shots of your face, then

make three or four full-body shots and then at that point you start to

slowly remove one garment at a time. "


When Darren was once again shirtless in front of me, I was more excited

than I had expected. His pectorals and chest muscles were not as

pronounced as in a swimmer or an athlete, but were well defined and very

attractive. His strong upper arms had perfect proportion


"Darren, slowly open your jeans, then please look directly into the camera

and try to make different facial expressions for me. Imagine you are

trying to seduce someone."


Click, click, click ....


After Darren had taken off his shoes, socks and jeans, he was down to his

underwear. Oh dear! Unfortunately he was wearing loose boxer shorts,

not what an aspiring male model should wear in front of the camera.


"Darren ....... OK, time for the Speedos I think." I said hastily.


I was a little surprised and not a little disappointed when Darren

disappeared into the bathroom to change. After all I had already seen him

naked, albeit only from behind. He would have only needed to turn his to

face to the wall to maintain a degree of modesty. He was probably shyer

about exposing himself completely than I had thought.


When the athletic young man appeared again dressed only in his bathing

suit, I was again impressed by his fantastic body. I would have liked to

shot a video of him only in swimming trunks simply pacing up and down

capturing the tensing and relaxing of his muscles, especially his small

firm looking buttocks.


The Speedos emphasized his strong thighs, long legs and slender waist

beautifully. Yet again he pulled me so completely under his spell.


The bulge in his pants was mesmerising. His balls and cock were clearly

outlined under the fabric. I took loads of photos of him in various poses.

I photographed him from the front, from the side and from behind, in all

imaginable variations; hands on his hips, arms across his chest, hands at

the back of the head, etc. Darren's body was just fantastic.


I could not get enough of it. I also made close-ups of his chest with his

great hair on his chest, and his waist as well as his crotch. I did so

many shots that I had to take a break to change the memory card in the



I asked him to pull down the sides of his already brief Speedos, separately

and finally together so that the top of his bush was clearly in view and

once or twice the root of his penis, but he declined to either pull up the

legs or lower the back to show off his bum. "Pity!" I thought.


"Darren, I would like to take a few photos of you sitting on a stool now."


He looked a little hesitant, even afraid. Obviously he didn't like the

idea for some reason. I wasn't able to make any sense of it. Why on earth

wouldn't Darren want to sit on a chair to be photographed? Did he imagine

for some unfathomable reason that the photos might be improper?


"Come on Darren, just a few shots." I pleaded, trying hard not to sound



He gave in and let me take some shots while he stood by the chair with one

knee on the seat and the other stretched out to the side as he leaned

slightly over the chair. This pose highlighted his thighs and ass cheeks

perfectly. He seemed to have no problem posing like this even when I lay

on the floor under him and let his crotch became the focus of the camera's



"Darren, these photos are really good. You're doing really well. Could you

now please sit on the chair and spread your legs wide apart?"


A slight shadow passed over his face. He obviously did not like the idea

one little bit. After some hesitation, however, he did what I asked of

him, but his face reflected his discomfort at doing it for me.


Click, click, click ...


"Okay Darren, let's get rid of the chair and try something different."


Darren got up and quickly, relief showing on his face. I could still make

no sense of his behavior. He definitely was not like this yesterday.


"I would now like to have a few shots with both hands covering your cock

and balls, without your Speedos."


"So yet again we have shots that we've not arranged." He looked at me,

"We have not discussed this yet."


"I know. It's just a thought. You can accept or reject. Just tell me how

much extra you want to be paid for them."


Darren thought. "You want me to pose naked frontally ....... but I can

cover my private parts? Do you also want to take pictures from the side

and from behind?" he asked me.


"Sure, what's so wrong with it?"


Darren looked sheepishly at the floor and said, "Sorry, I can't do that.

Not today."


"Okay I can accept that, but is it just not today or no in general?"


"Sorry, just not today."


"Oh... is it because you have no time?"


"No. That's not the reason."


"Why not now if you're ready to do it some other time?"


"I don't want to talk about it." he whispered.


"Darren don`t you trust me? Do you need more time to feel ready for such

shots? "


"That's not it either."


"Okay, so basically you're ready to pose for such photos - but not today?





"I can't imagine why you won't do it today. Just explain it to me Darren,



Darren was silent. Then he quietly said, "Because my butt is red."


"Okay, now I understand." I thought for a moment. "Then that was the

reason why you did not want to be photographed sitting on the stool."




"Are you in pain when you sit?"


"Yes, a little."


"Okay, have you been to the doctor? If you have some sort of skin disease

it should be treated so it won't spread further. Yesterday I didn't notice

that anything was wrong. "


"It is not a skin disease." he assured me.


"Was it caused by an accident?"


"Something like that."


"OK, Darren, it's good that we've talked. One has friend not to reveal all

secrets, but to be able to talk about some of problems. Sometimes other

people can help. I have a very good ointment that you can apply; it cools

the skin and relieves the pain somewhat. I'll go get it for you."


When I returned to the living room with the ointment, I asked Darren if he

wanted to apply the ointment himself in the bathroom or should I do it for



"The important thing is that you apply the ointment over a large area.

Better to use too much than too little. If you need to, use the whole tube

and if we need more I can get some at the pharmacy down the road. They're

open until 11pm. Tomorrow, after showering, you should apply the ointment

again. You'll find that it relieves the pain very efficiently."


Darren was clearly embarrassed. He managed, however, to lift his eyes

from the floor and look into mine.


I continued, "I have no idea how it happened, but depending on how bad the

pain is and how extensive the redness, my advice is that you should see a

doctor, or at the very least let someone look at it."


Darren exhaled deeply and hard and then said, "Okay, would you look at it

please and apply the ointment for me."


Darren turned and pulled down his Speedos. His buttocks looked really sore

but I could see no abrasions. I began to gently apply the ointment to the

affected areas. His inflamed skin felt hot to the touch, but smooth and

silk like. When the cooling effect of the ointment began to relieve the

pain, I continued to massage the cream lightly into his skin.


"Darren, you're sure that it isn't a skin disease?"


"As I said, it is the result of some kind of accident."


As I continued put on ointment very thick on Darren's ass cheeks, I was

left with my questions and so persisted. "Was it an accident at work?"


"It happened to work." he agreed.


"Have you informed your boss?"


"He knows."


"He knows but hasn't sent you to see a doctor or at least allowed you to

go home so you can rest quietly?"




"Maybe I should talk to your boss. There are laws in this country. An

employer has a certain duty of care to his employees. If you have an

accident at work, then he must notify the appropriate authorities, or be

liable to prosecution. I know it's none of my business, but I'd like to

have a serious talk with your boss."


Darren looked a little alarmed. "It wasn't really an accident."


"What was it then?"


"I don't want to talk about it."


"Darren, as I said before, sometimes it helps to talk over things with a

friend. . Sometimes even a stranger can help. I would really like to help



Darren became silent again and I began very carefully to thickly apply the

ointment to both of Darren's round ass cheeks. I massaged the ointment

with my right hand and had my left hand on Darren's strong thighs. Under

normal circumstances this would have made me extremely excited. Now though

I was seriously worried about Darren. "What had happened to cause this?" I

asked myself?


Darren suddenly began to speak quietly and urgently, "My boss ........ hit



"He did this to you? How? Why in god's name? "


I was done with the treatment and stood up behind Darren. I placed a hand

on his shoulder trying to comfort and encourage him. He turned around to

face me. It was not lost on me that this gorgeous young man was completely

naked and just a few inches in front of me, looking me straight in the



"My boss approached me this morning wanting the money for the pizza I'd

delivered to you yesterday. He asked me if the delivery had gone well. I

told him that my bike had slipped on the road because of the mud on the

road had become slippery from the heavy rain. I told him that despite the

Pizza being crushed by my fall you still accepted it and paid for it.

Instead of being happy my boss was furious. He said that I was an idiot,

useless, a good for nothing. It was an insult to him to hand over a

damaged Pizza to a customer and then to make him pay for it. If word got

around he'd lose business and could be forced to close the shop.


Then he ordered me to follow him to his office. He locked the door and

turned on the radio turning the volume up high. Then he yelled at me again

as though I was at school. He said that I had to be punished, and punished

hard, so that I learned from my mistakes and tried harder in the future.


He said that school should have been much stricter and harder on me, and

if they had then I would have been learned to read and write like everyone



He ordered me to take off my clothes and stand against the wall; he was

screaming at me. I was scared of him ....... so I took off my clothes."


"What? You've taken your clothes off completely ... but why?"


"Because this is his way of punishing me."


"So this is not the first time then?"


"No. That was the second time. I undressed and stood in front of my boss,

he looked at my naked body closely at that time, as he had already done it

doing the health tests."


I couldn't understand this... Why did Darren's boss do an examination

which only a doctor should do, I asked myself. I said nothing to Darren

who was clearly agitated.


"My boss looked at me and said, `To say you have had a fall from your bike

there's not a mark on you. No matter you're staying now'. Then he went to

his desk, sat down and looked at me again. He didn't take his eyes off me

the whole time. After a while he took a tennis racket from his desk and

said, `I haven't got all day to occupy myself so come over here and get

off your punishment'. I went to him as he rolled his chair away from the

desk and said that I had to bend over the desk and support myself there

because he said that I didn't do it right the last time.


"He also said I had not learned from the last time and would get a few

more whacks on the butt this time. `Spread your legs!' he said rolling his

chair up behind me. He reached with his left hand through my legs and

grabbed my cock and balls firmly in his hand and pulled making me scream

with the pain. `This is just so you do not pull away' he grinned, `if you

do it will hurt all the more'. Then he started viciously hitting me over

and over again with the racket on the butt so hard that all I could do was

scream in pain."



... to be continued




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