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by Macout Mann


Manhattan, 1972, after "the Great White Way" had lost its luster and before the Disneyfication of Times Square. Forty Second Street west of Broadway was a row of Adult Bookstores. Eighth Avenue north of Forty Second featured once-grand movie palaces now showing your choice of straight or gay porn around the clock seven days a week.

The marquee of more than one of the gay theatres advertised movies starring Dick Harder. At the Adonis, it was Country Club Lifeguard. Five bucks would get you in to watch Harder service or be serviced by a succession of hot swimmers as well as some older golfers in the club's locker room. Two theaters to the north in Flight Attendants' Hobby he was playing around in cockpits, restrooms, and motel rooms during stopovers. In both theaters members of the audience might also cavort live.

Dick Harder was the "actor's" real name. At 27 years old he was the best known player in gay porn. This is the story of how he became a pornstar.


Richard Harder was brought up in a lower middle class neighborhood in North Hollywood, California. It was only a few miles from the movie capital but still like a continent away.

His father had been a sailor on the USS Indianapolis during World War II. Dick had been conceived during his dad's last shore leave. Then the Indianapolis had sailed to the Western Pacific to deliver the first atomic bomb to Tinian. Then four days later it was sunk by a Japanese submarine. There were few survivors. Gunners Mate Harder was not one of them.

Dick's mother made ends meet by working first as a waitress and ultimately as a hostess at one of the fancier Hollywood restaurants. That meant that Dick often had to fend for himself growing up, giving him a strong, independent personality with a bit of a wild side.

He was a born athlete, excelling on the monkey bars at an early age, and later becoming an excellent swimmer. As a teenager he developed a body any guy but a dedicated body builder would be proud of. He was not quite six feet tall, sandy haired with blue eyes, a winning smile, and regular features.

It never occurred to Dick to explore sex with another guy. He had lost his cherry when he was twelve to a high-school-aged baby sitter. It's uncertain who seduced who. Dick had recently discovered that he could cream. He had been jacking off in the bathroom for many minutes, hoping that she would come to check on him. She did, and one thing led to another. Even then he had larger than normal equipment.

When he was thirteen, his mom decided that he was old enough to stay home alone. He tried not to be alone most of the time. He was able to entice a succession of girls, some as young as ten, into his bed. He taught them a lot, and he learned a lot in turn, especially how much he loved to put his dick in a girl's pussy.

After graduation from high school he worked at a variety of menial jobs, Mickey D counterman, gas station attendant, maintenance man. Still lived at home. Managed to save a little money. Then his mom announced that she and the dude she'd been sleeping with were going to get married and move to Houston. Chuck announced that it was time for him to split.

He found a cheap two room apartment in the Pico-Union section of Central L.A. It was an area where a lot of younger folks lived. He continued to find work here and there, but longed for something more permanent that paid better.

He didn't long for female companionship. The girls loved his hard body and devil-may-care attitude. More often than not he spent the night in nicer digs than his own apartment.

There was one gal named Maggie Sessions that really turned him on. She was even wilder than he was. Gave great head. There wasn't anything she wouldn't do. Even talked him into fucking her rear end.

One night they were lying together, and he mentioned that he was running low on cash and needed to find work, or else he might have to move to Texas or someplace.

"You need to go see my mom," Maggie responded. "She works for Bareknob Pictures. They make porno flicks. I think they'd be interested in you."

Well, that did explain why Maggie was so unrestrained. And while fucking for money was not something that Dick had ever thought about, the prospect was enticing. So he headed over to East Hollywood to see Maggie's mother.

Bareknob Pictures was in a nondescript building off of Vermont Avenue. From the size of her office Dick deduced that she was one of the higher ups at the studio. She greeted him cordially.

"I like your looks," she said. "Maggie tells me you're a damned good fuck. Want to strip for me?"

"Why not?" Dick thought. "If I'm going to fuck some gal in front of a film crew, getting naked in front of somebody's mom is no big thing."

He stripped down like he did it every day. There wasn't much to take off, just a t shirt and jeans. He didn't have much of a wardrobe.

"Nice," she said. "Maggie said you had a big one. "With a dong like that, you ought to consider gay porn. It pays a lot better.

"You ever do guys?"

"Never!" Dick answered.

"Nothing to be ashamed of," she continued. "Try it. You might like it."

She picked up her phone, pressed a button, and said, "Send Malcolm up here."

Then addressing the still naked Dick once again, she said, "If it disgusts you too much, you don't ever have to do it again."

A knock on the door and a kid about Dick's age came in. He was dressed in a tank top and cutoffs.

"Malcolm, this is Richard Harder. He's never been with another guy, but I think we'd like to use him in some gay scenes. Show him what it's like to get blowed by another boy."

Without a word Malcolm was on his knees. He cupped Dick's balls in his right hand and reached for his dick with his left. Dick's tool responded by immediately becoming half-hard.

"Obviously you're not totally against the idea," Ms. Sessions noted.

In a few seconds Malcolm stroked Dick's prong to its full length and girth.

"Damn, would you look at the size of that fucker," Ms. Sessions marveled.

First Malcolm tongued Dick's knob, moistening it on all sides. Then he closed his lips around it. Finally he gradually slid his mouth down the full length of the shaft, while still working his tongue up and down and all around. The sensation was different from anything Dick had felt when he was blown by a gal. Then back and forth Malcolm sucked. Dick was mesmerized.

Malcolm obviously was a pro. He edged Dick for ten or fifteen minutes, until Dick finally grabbed his head and fucked his face passionately until he spilled the biggest dose of cum he had ever unleashed down Malcolm's willing throat.

"Sorry," Dick panted.

"You aint never ate cum?" Malcolm moaned. "You don't know what you've been missing."

"Well, you seemed to have survived that," Ms. Sessions said. "I think you'll be able to get through the other stuff without a problem. Shall I have a contract drawn up?"

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