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by Macout Mann


Working at the Nob Hill Theater, Dick and Jerry weren't rolling in dough, but they were becoming comfortable enough. There were tips like Carl Newman had said there would be. And almost every night both of them were able to hustle for a few bucks after work. For Dick, or Peter as he was now known, the tricks didn't bring the cash they once did, but the guys were far from starving.

Dick still thought of himself as bisexual, but since moving to San Francisco he hadn't fucked a single woman. Hadn't even thought about it. But no matter how often the he and Jerry screwed around with patrons of the Nob Hill, Dick still continued to enjoy Jerry's bod almost every day.

One night after the seven o'clock show Newman cornered Dick. "You need to call Randal Crocker," he said. "He's a wealthy guy that lives up on Telegraph Hill. Comes to our shows sometimes. Wants to talk to you about a party for his boyfriend."

Dick was given Crocker's number and he wasted no time before giving him a call.

"Thanks for calling, Mr. Goode." Crocker was very formal. Old San Francisco money. "My friend Benjie is having a birthday soon. I want to have a party for him here at my house, and I am hoping that you and your friend, Jerry Hinds, can provide the entertainment for us. I'm sure we can arrange for the party to be on your night off at the Nob Hill."

"What sort of entertainment did you have in mind, Mr. Crocker?"

"The sort of performance you give for the late shows at the theater, except that we would want you to go ahead and really have sex with each other...and also be available to play around with my guests afterward. Could be an all-night affair."

"And how many guests did you have in mind?" Dick wanted to know.

"Oh it would be a small party. No more than eight, maybe ten men, including Benjie and me."

"I think that can be arranged for the right price."

After quite a negotiation the figure agreed on was $2,000. Dick argued that that was only a hundred dollars per guest for two of them. Each often got that much for just an all-nighter, and basically Crocker would then be getting the show for free. Crocker argued that that was much more than they would make at the Nob Hill and they'd still be getting full pay from Newman, since the party would be on their night off; but Dick countered that sex at the theater was only simulated.

When Jerry found out he was thrilled. "Let's give `em a real show," he said. "They'll all be right there in front of us, just a yard or so away. We can really turn them on."

Crocker's party started with a seated dinner for the ten guys in attendance. Then they were ushered into his den, where chairs had been set up and a performance area had been cleared. A tape-recorded music track accompanied the show.

Dick was dressed as a pirate, Jerry as a cowboy. When they appeared one would stand back while the other danced suggestively along the row of onlookers. After several minutes each in turn removed his hat, threw it to the back of the room, and danced some more. Next each tossed away his shirt. As Dick danced, he grabbed the birthday boy's hand and pressed it against his bare chest. That encouraged the others to try to grope him. His response was to chant "naughty, naughty."

Jerry had to remove his chaps, one more item of clothing than Dick had. He made much of the bulge in his ripped jeans. It was now much more prominent than it had been. Dick's loose-fitting pirate pantaloons revealed nothing underneath, until he stripped them off. Then his audience got a sense of the size of the equipment his briefs were covering. The guests were further entranced by his vigorous bumps and grinds.

When Jerry also was down to his briefs, the two began to dance together, rubbing each other's bodies lewdly, as those watching became more and more excited. Simultaneously, they broke away their briefs. Their junk now was encased only in jock straps. They moved along the line of guests, making fucking movements so close to their faces that they could almost lick the dancers' flimsy garments. They could certainly feel whatever they wished to touch.

The jocks were held on only by snaps. Dick and Jerry bared their bodies at the same time. They faced each other and pulled each other into a tight embrace as their audience burst into wild applause. But the two were not done.

On the floor was an elegantly thick and luxuriously soft rug. They sank down on it and began to demonstrate all the ways that two men could engage in foreplay. Not a single guest could resist the urge to pull out his wiener and play with it. Dick and Jerry each finished by taking his partner's dick in his mouth and sucking wildly. In true porno fashion, they pulled off just in time for the audience to watch cum splatter across their faces.

They retired to rejuvenate while the guests enjoyed after-dinner drinks.

When they returned, they pulled Benjie, the birthday boy, onto the rug and asked what he wanted them to do.

"Spit roast my ass," he answered.

"Which one of us do you want up your bunghole?" Dick asked.

"You, you motherfucker," Benjie crowed. "That thing's as big as the Coit Tower." (The 200-plus foot Coit Tower is a memorial landmark on Telegraph Hill.)

So began an orgiastic night during which everyone sucked and fucked everyone else and got sucked and fucked by everyone else. By five in the morning, only Randal Crocker, Dick, and Jerry were left. All three were sore and exhausted. But all three were happy. Crocker added an additional thousand to the boys' check, saying he couldn't have dreamed how great their show was going to be. And he gave both their dicks an extra tug when they were leaving.

They stopped at Coit Tower to watch the sun rise over the bay. Then they went home and slept until time for them to go the theater.

During the next few weeks, every guest at the party showed up at least once at the Nob Hill Theater. And every one took either Dick or Jerry or both to his home or (if he was married) to a nearby hotel for a night of fun. It was a very profitable period for the boys.

Both of them but Dick especially was growing tired of the routine, however. The crowd at the Nob Hill was pretty gross. Peter Goode didn't get the same kind of adulation that Dick Harder, the pornstar, had gotten. And at the late show, which was wilder than the two earlier shows, Dick had to work with up to six other guys, some of which he described as "crude, dirty, motherfuckers, who probably had the clap or worse."

Actually, if the truth was known, he was also becoming more and more fond of Jerry. He knew that Jerry had always worshiped him. But was he now beginning to adore his friend in return?

Given his and Jerry's popularity, he could well understand the reason for Newman's decision. Still he was really pissed when they were given different nights off.

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