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by Macout Mann


Over the past two years two new clubs had opened in the Castro neighborhood which now featured strip shows. Midnight Sun and Twin Peaks Tavern.

One Friday on Dick's night off he decided that he'd check out Twin Peaks after Jerry left for the theater. He arrived before dinner time. The day shift stripper was still performing. He was three or four years younger than Dick, a handsome, auburn-haired Southerner not quite six feet tall. From his build Dick guessed he'd probably been a farm boy. Sexy as hell though.

He performed on a platform in the center of the club with small tables ranged all around. The bar ran the length of the room on one side. On the other side was the bandstand with booths at each side. A combo provided music at night. Canned music accompanied the daytime stripper.

Dick offered to buy the guy a drink after he'd finished his routine. As soon as he'd dressed he joined Dick at his table. He wore an open chambray shirt and black jeans. Dick identified himself as Peter Goode. Told him he was a stripper at the Nob Hill. "Jim Harris," his companion answered.

They chatted over their drinks. Dick found out that the club was short-handed at the moment. As for Jim, he was going to night school, which is why he was working days. He said that he enjoyed the work. The setting was intimate. The clientele was pretty good quality. Lots of regulars, some tourists, occasional couples. Working nights was better, but you did what you needed to do. He had one more number, then he'd be off. No classes on Friday nights.

Dick explained that he and his roomie had different nights off and invited Jim to come back to his place for another drink and some supper. Jim gladly accepted.

As usual, Dick removed his shirt as soon as they arrived and Jim immediately followed suit. They had been drinking bourbon at the club and Dick poured them another round. Jim described his life on a Mississippi farm near Tupelo, Elvis' birthplace. Like many another boy he had been discovered in a gay relationship and was summarily banished. He had heard that San Francisco had a lot of gays and figured that's where he ought to go. He hitched west. Now he was struggling to get a degree and was doing whatever was necessary to keep his head above water. Dick told Jim about growing up poor in L.A. He also mentioned that he had been in some porno movies, but didn't elaborate about his stardom.

"Damn," Jim said. "What's being in a fuck film like?" He wanted all the details.

Dick told him that when you got used to it, it wasn't much different from stripping, except you were actually having sex. "It's pretty boring really."

His descriptions of the ins and outs of the porn business got both of them pretty horny. It wasn't much later that they were in Dick and Jerry's bed. They were still there when Jerry got home a little after two.

Jerry stripped down, climbed into the double bed, and spooned the naked stranger lying next to Dick. It was a tight squeeze. In two minutes he was also dead to the world.

When Jerry woke up, his dick was still planted next to the ass crack of the stranger and his arms were sprawled across the dude's chest. Dick was already up fixing breakfast. He noticed that Jerry was awake.

"Morning Jerry," Dick said. "That's Jim Harris. He strips at Twin Peaks. You can get acquainted with him while I finish breakfast."

Jerry began to get acquainted by reaching down and massaging Jim's prong. He woke up as soon as he began to harden.

"Hello," Jerry mumbled. "I'm Jerry. You want a blow job?"

"Might as well," the bleary-eyed sleepy-head said. He reached over and felt Jerry's already hard tool. "You seem like you need one too," he added.

"That's what you're supposed to do in the morning, aint it?" Jerry responded.

Dick cooked up bacon and scrambled eggs as the other two guys sixty-nined. "You guys better go ahead and get off, or you'll miss breakfast," he teased.

Jim had to go back to the Twin Peaks at noon. Jerry promised that on his next day off he'd come to see him perform.

After Jim had left, Dick discussed with Jerry the possibility of their leaving the Knob Hill for Twin Peaks. The smaller, more convivial space appealed to him. And most of their regular tricks already had their phone numbers. They probably wouldn't have to lose a lot of hustling business. They decided to talk further after Jerry had had an opportunity to check the place out.

The following Tuesday Jerry arrived at Twin Peaks a little after four. Jim was on break, so they had time to talk. Jerry explained that he was the only daytime stripper. He did a session and then took a twenty minute break. At night the strippers also took breaks but there were usually four, sometimes six performers. And later in the evening they often performed in pairs. Right now, however, the club was short of talent. There were only two strippers doing the whole show at night.

Jerry confided to Jim that he and Dick were considering applying for the open positions.

"Great!" Jim almost shouted. "Let me go get Mr. Carson. You need to talk to him."

So a very reluctant Jerry was soon face to face with the manager of Twin Peaks.

"You want to apply to be a stripper?" Carson asked.

"Well," Jerry sort of stammered, "me and my roommate are working over at the Knob Hill Theater...and...well, we've been thinking maybe we'd rather be working over here. It's closer to where we live for one thing."

Carson wanted to know how much they were making at Knob Hill, what their hours were, that sort of thing. Finally he said, "I could pay you what you're getting over there. And some of our customers do tip, but we don't encourage our strippers to hustle the customers. We've got a fairly high class clientele.

"You want to do an audition right now?"

"I could, but Peter's a whole lot better than me."

"Well, you'll still have to be good enough to pass the audition. Take him back and get him into a costume, Jim."

The club was beginning to fill with cocktail hour trade when Jerry made his first appearance. His act was very well received. He didn't get as raw as he would have at a Nob Hill late night show, but he was plenty sexy.

"If you guys want the jobs, send your buddy over to see me tomorrow afternoon," Carson told him.

Dick did show up.

His audition was so impressive that he was able to negotiate a little better deal for the two of them. They gave their two weeks' notice that night and began to let their regulars know they'd still be available for after hours fun. And that's how the team of Peter Goode and Jerry Hinds came to headline at Twin Peaks.

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