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by Macout Mann


The Magic Theatre had been started fairly recently but in a very few seasons had achieved unusual prominence throughout the industry. It's commitment to staging new works and plays by unknown authors had led luminaries like Junius Brock to lend their talents. Brock had just won a Tony for best direction of a play on Broadway, and here he was to direct the world premiere of The Surfer Boys. And with a leading man who had never before appeared on the stage.

One of the reasons that casting the role of Biff had been so difficult was that, although the text never explicitly indicated it, it easily could be inferred that Biff was having a homosexual relationship with one of the boys he was mentoring. In the 1970s well-known actors were wary of playing roles that involved gay liaisons, especially gay liaisons with minors.

For Dick, however, playing Biff was almost type-casting. And Brock couldn't have been happier. He was sure he could mold Dick, or Barry Swift as he would now be known, into the perfect Biff. And he was equally pleased with the caliber of play that he was to direct. It was almost Tennessee Williams-ish.

At forty-four Brock was a wunderkind of the American Theater. He retained the good looks of his youth, had a charming personality, and an amazing ability to work with actors. He was also, like many men in theater as well as movies, totally gay. He had had a thing for Dick since the first moment of his audition.

Rehearsals began a week after Dick was cast. He was the only one of the seven actors not a member of Equity, but he immediately put down his hundred bucks to begin the process of becoming a member. Like when he joined Bareknob, he was a quick study. Brock would make suggestions and Dick would immediately grasp how they would apply to all aspects of his character. As rehearsals progressed he quickly also assimilated blocking and the other technical aspects of apearing on the legitimate stage.

Nonetheless, on the next Monday, which Brock knew was Dick's day off, Brock asked him to remain after rehearsal for some private coaching.

"We can go up to my apartment," Brock said.

Like many regional theaters Magic maintained apartments nearby that visiting actors, directors, and other out-of-town staff could use during their stay. When Dick and Brock arrived there, the director suggested they first have a drink and a bite to eat before getting down to work.

After two cocktails and a meal of lox and cream cheese on bagels, they got down to some serious work. Dick got into character by removing his shirt.

The scene Brock wanted to work on was one in which one of the teens was complaining that Biff was playing favorites. As Dick went over his lines, Brock read the parts of the two boys. Brock wanted Biff's tone of voice and actions to make his sexual infatuation with the one teen apparent, although the words spoken had no sexual connotation. They worked for almost an hour before the director was satisfied. Dick's torso was covered in sweat by the time they finished.

"I wish you could sweat like that when the play opens," Brock said.

"You never can tell," Dick replied.

Brock ran his finger over Dick's chest and tasted the salty wetness. "God, you are sexy!" he whispered.

"I could tell you've been hot for my body," Dick leered.

Brock's hand found its way to Dick's crotch. "I've been hoping you wouldn't reject me."

"I like sex as much as the next guy. Don't much matter if it's with a gal or another dude. Sex is sex."

Dick wasn't wearing a belt. Brock quickly unbuttoned his leading man's 501s, baring his ample package in all its glory. "What a dick!" he exclaimed.

"The better to satisfy you with," Dick responded.

Brock took it in hand and used it to lead Dick into his bedroom. There he finished undressing the object of his desire, and Dick in turn slowly removed all the clothing that covered his director's body.

Both men stretched out on the bed, and Brock worshiped Dick's hard frame by kissing or licking every spot that might produce an erogenous reaction...from his toe to his ear. Dick just relaxed and let the good feelings overwhelm him.

"Yes," Dick moaned. "So good."

"Such a hard body," murmured Brock. "Such a big hard on."

"Taste me," commanded Dick.

"Suck that motherfucker......Eat my dick."

Brock's lips methodically slid up and down Dick's rod. He slowly savored its shape. He thought it was magnificent.

Dick had long ago mastered the technique of holding back his cum until he was ready to shoot. And he wanted Brock to keep sucking until he couldn't stand it, if he didn't taste Dick's cum. Dick continued to urge his partner on with obscene commands. Finally, as Brock moaned loudly on each stroke, Dick released his pent up cream.

"Yes. Drink my cum. All of it," he cried.

"So good," Brock whimpered, as he pulled off of Dick's still hard rod.

Although Brock had secretly hoped that the coaching session with his leading man would end in sex, he immediately felt remorse once it had happened. "I shouldn't have done that," he said. "I have a rule about hooking up with guys involved in a production. It always causes trouble."

"Don't worry about it," Dick replied. "I don't have such a rule, but I usually charge for what I just did. So we can both say we just slipped up."

As opening night got closer, Donald Simpson set up a number of events to publicize the play. Dick was interviewed at Twin Peaks by the Examiner. It being San Francisco, the paper thought it was great that he was discovered emceeing at a gay nightclub. He and Brock were also interviewed on KQED, the public television station. The playwright had objected to Dick's moustache. Said Biff wouldn't have had one. So it had been shaved off. That meant that Dick was worried about being recognized as Dick Harder, but even after the tv interview the only occasional feedback that was received was that he did look like the onetime pornstar.

The KQED appearance was an extended interview, and Dick was concerned that he could be tripped up and reveal more about his past that he would have liked, or worse get caught in inconsistencies. But the interviewer was more interested in his early life, growing up in L.A., and in Brock's celebrity in New York.

There were a couple of preview performances before audiences who had made contributions to sponsoring charities.

Actually, Dick's KQED appearance sparked a big uptick in business at Twin Peaks. The Thursday before the opening of The Surfer Boys there was a big sendoff for Barry Swift.

Then came the Friday premiere.

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