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by Macout Mann


The Surfer Boys was very well received by the opening night audience, and at the after-party for underwriters and the cast and crew Dick's performance was highly praised. In fact Carlos Garcia, the playwright, told him he couldn't imagine the character of Biff being better portrayed.

The Examiner review was glowing:

"Last night the Magic Theatre staged the world premiere of Carlos Garcia's play, The Surfer Boys," it began. "The play, which beautifully combines tragic elements with an ennobling message, deals with a former surfer, played by newcomer Barry Swift, who mentors two young men in trouble with the law.

"Brilliantly directed by Tony Award winner, Junius Brock, with set and lighting design by the Magic Theatre's own Trevor Cummings, the production evokes locales as varied as a courtroom and a beachfront complete with waves for riding."

Further down in the review was this paragraph:

"The highlight of the entire production, however, was the performance of Barry Swift. He was Biff, the boys' mentor. Through his portrayal we came to realize what their problems and aspirations really were. His feelings for each of them were communicated so clearly that the audience wept for him and the boys. This critic is sure that he is destined for a great career in the theatre."

Reading the review Saturday morning, Jerry teased, "Shit! Now I'm goanna get fucked by a real celebrity."

"Well I've got you a ticket for Monday night. You can see how piss-poor I really am," Dick responded.

"Let me see how hard your dick is right now," Jerry replied.

Later at the theater Junius told Dick, "Well, my work is finished here. I'll be heading back east Tuesday morning. Maybe we can get together after the show Monday night. How much do you charge anyway?"

"More than you can afford," Dick teased. "But my boyfriend is coming to the play Monday. If you're up for a three-way, maybe we can give you a free thrill."

"Haven't done that in ages," Junius said. "After the show at my place?"

Before curtain time Monday the show had been sold out for the entire run. Donald Simpson was being besieged to schedule a second round of performances. But because the Magic employed a repertory format, it would be several months before there could be a second run. But hearing that that was a possibility made both Dick and Junius very excited. Junius was also excited by sexy Jerry. Jerry could be very raunchy, and Junius loved that.

Dick let Jerry have at the director first. And Jerry began by straddling the older man and dragging his tool from Junius' chest down to his navel, leaving a trail of precum on his already sweaty body. "Man, I'm really horny," Jerry boasted, "and I ain't never fucked a hot-shot award winner before."

Minutes later when Jerry had entered Junius' overly hyped asshole, Dick joined in by going down on his leaking prong. Junius almost passed out from the double stimulation.

Three hours later, when the boys finally took their leave, all three of them had enjoyed about every possible sexual delight.

Carlos Garcia had a very aggressive literary agent. She managed to get a mention of the success of The Surfer Boys into the next edition of Newsweek. This was one of the factors which led to Minneapolis' famed Guthrie Theatre's announcing that it would produce the play. That decision led to a number of other regional theaters following suit, including Chicago's Goodman, Washington's Arena Stage, and Atlanta's Academy.

When the show closed, Dick returned to Twin Peaks and he and Jerry fell into their normal routine, although Dick now performed as Barry Swift.

The Magic Theatre announced that the play opening their new season for a six week run would be The Surfer Boys, and Dick was once again to play the part of Biff. Two members of the original cast were unavailable so Junius Brock returned for a week of rehearsals to work with their replacements. Carlos Garcia arrived to announce that he had not found any of the other actors' characterizations of Biff up to Barry's. "They should have all used you," he said.

The opening again was highly successful, and before Junius returned to New York he, Dick, and Jerry once again spent a satisfying night together.

During the third week of the run Dick received a note from Steve Freedman, who represented Columbia Pictures, asking that he come to see him at his suite at the St. Francis Hotel.

"Thank you for coming, Mr. Swift," Freedman welcomed Dick. That was the most civil thing said during the interview. The rest was strictly business.

"Columbia has been very interested in acquiring rights to The Surfer Boys and having Carlos Garcia do the screenplay," Freeman began. "We wanted it as a vehicle for Jeff Bridges. Carlos, however, made it quite clear that he wouldn't sell the movie rights unless you were chosen to play Biff. So we were about to abandon the project, until we saw a draft of his screenplay. He had opened up the play perfectly, made it a real cinematic vehicle.

"So to make a long story short, I came up here yesterday. Donald Simpson gave me a house ticket to the show. I watched your performance, and now I can see what Carlos is so impressed by. I'd like to know if you would be interested in playing Biff on the screen, and if so, if you would come down and do a screen test for us."

Dick chuckled to himself. Here was one of the companies that hadn't been interested in even talking to a porno actor, when Bareknob was in trouble and Dick was trying to find another job.

"I have a commitment as soon as the show closes," he said, "but I can fly down to L.A. the Sunday after we close and do a test Monday morning, if I can be back by six that evening. Would that be satisfactory?"

"I'll send you the plane tickets. We'll put you up at the Beverly Hills Hotel. The studio will send a car for you at eight Monday morning."

Dick immediately called the same agent that he had retained years earlier. Identified himself only as Barry Swift and explained the arrangement he had made with Columbia. The agent couldn't wait to sign on.

Dick couldn't wait to tell Jerry what was going on. Jerry couldn't wait to celebrate Dick's good fortune by opening his ass to his friend.

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