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by Macout Mann


Promptly at 8 AM the phone rang in Dick's room at the Beverly Hills Hotel.

"This is the concierge, Mr. Swift. Your limousine has arrived."

"Thank you. And I won't be needing the room anymore. Would you see that I'm checked out, please?

"Certainly, sir."

The limo carried Dick to the Warner Bros. lot. After Columbia's financial crisis it and Warner had entered a joint operating agreement. They would both use the Warner soundstages for filming.

He was escorted to wardrobe, where he was told that his jeans size had been obtained from the Magic Theatre. They apologized that there would not be time to tailor them. In anticipation of the play's run Chuck had been careful to keep his body nicely bronzed during the summer, but in makeup he was still thoroughly coated with tan greasepaint before being taken to the soundstage.

The young director was very solicitous, as he explained what was going to be done. "We have chosen a scene with one of the teens, which is exactly the same as one in the play, so you don't have to worry about lines," he said. "I'm sure I don't have to tell you, but of course you won't need to project like you do on the stage."

"Oh, yes," Dick laughingly replied. "Thanks for reminding me."

"We'll do at least three takes," the director continued. "We want to see how the camera likes you from different angles. We'll do a full shot, that is with both of you in the picture, then a closeup of you, and finally a reverse shot with you in the foreground looking toward Jim."

Dick was careful not to let on that he had any idea that he knew what the guy was talking about. Yet as the test progressed the crew was amazed how quickly "Barry" assimilated what he was told. When they were ready for his closeup, he asked the cameraman how "tight" the shot would be.

"We'll see from your chest up," the cameraman replied.

"Then if I gesture, I won't have to worry about screwing up the shot, will I?" Dick said.

After the test had been shot, Dick was invited to have lunch with Steve Freeman back at Columbia. Freeman told him that the initial reaction to the test by those present was very positive. That the crew was especially impressed that Dick as a novice had worked so easily with them.

"We'll be back in touch as soon as we can," Freeman finished.

"Let's save ourselves some time," Dick countered. He told Freeman that they could get with his agent, if there was a deal to be worked out.

Dick had wanted to get back to Sanfran by six so he could spend a whole evening with Jerry. It was their day off after all. Jerry met him at the airport and was anxious to hear how the test went.

"I think o.k.," Dick said. "Depends on how bad they want to do the movie, I guess."

"Well I guess I better start looking for a new roommate."

"Not on your fucking life," Dick responded. "We came from L.A. together. We can sure as shit go back together. Maybe there'll be a part in the pic for you. It'll have a bigger cast than the play.

"Anyway, `I've grown accustomed to your dick...and your ass,'" he sang, appropriating the tune from My Fair Lady.

They had a celebratory dinner at one of the famous places on Fisherman's Warf, then stopped at a couple of gay clubs before going home to enjoy what they'd grown so accustomed to.

"I love your dick," Jerry whispered, "and I love you."

"Makes two of us," Dick replied.

The next night Dick returned to Twin Peaks. Things were "normal" for the next two weeks. Then Dick got a call from his agent. Columbia had begun negotiations for him to star in The Surfer Boys.

To Dick it seemed like months. Actually is was about two weeks before his agent presented him with an unbelievable contract ready to sign. The agent was well known for negotiating for new talent. Dick hadn't known that earlier. Also the agent knew that without Barry Swift there would be no deal, so he was able to be a tougher negotiator than usual.

Dick and Jerry began the process of moving back to L.A.

Meanwhile, the Columbia Publicity Department had researched everything that could be found out about Barry Swift, including his previous identities. Obviously, a new biography had to be fabricated. Barry was to be born and grow up in Hollywood. That part was o.k. But then he was to br the only child of a loving couple. Columbia turned Jerry into a devoted cousin and childhood friend. Their relationship continued into adulthood and both had worked as sales reps, until Barry was "discovered" by Donald Simpson and cast in the original stage production of The Surfer Boys.

The Columbia brass were more than pissed to find that Barry had been a pornstar. They considered invoking the "morals clause" in his contract to terminate the whole arrangement. The attorney who had worked on the contract for his agent pointed out, however, that the clause applied only to events that occurred during the term of the contract. So it was agreed that Dick would legally change his name to Barry Swift, and that everyone would forget that Dick Harder ever existed.

So a press release announced that a brilliant new actor, Barry Swift, would star in The Surfer Boys. The Publicity Department arranged for interviews with the trade press and anyone out there who would talk with him. From entertainment editors of major papers to talk show hosts at the smallest radio stations. Publicity also arranged for a photo spread of Barry at the beach, and he had a couple of dates with starlets that were covered by fan magazines. On those dates, after the cameramen had left, he found he could still get it up for a gal.

It would be late March before shooting could begin. And Barry was able to get Jerry an uncredited part as one of the boys on the beach. The interior scenes were shot first. Location shooting would be at a private, deserted beach miles up the coast. For that better to have the summer sun.

Alan Baxter was eighteen but looked fourteen. He had been a beautiful baby, and his mom, a product of Hollywood herself, had gotten him into modeling as an infant. He had continued to model, mainly gracing children's clothing catalogs, but had also become a child extra in all sorts of movies. Even had gotten one-liners in a couple. He was to play an uncredited teenaged surfer in The Surfer Boys.

Alan had also realized that he was gay at a very young age; and being the beautiful boy that he was, he found himself "taken advantage of" more than once while modeling. He soon found that he could turn tricks into additional income and was always on the alert for an actor, fashion designer or whomever that might be interested in his bod. Thus it was that on the first day of location shooting, he noticed Jerry emerge from Barry Swift's trailer.

"You Mr. Swift's boyfriend?" Alan boldly asked.

"Just his cousin and longtime roommate," Jerry answered.

"You two don't play around?" Alan continued.

"If we did, it wouldn't be with kids," Jerry snarled.

"Oh I'm legal," Alan responded, "and I do like to make a little extra cash on the side."

Jerry laughed out loud. "Look, kid," he said, "don't try to hustle a hustler. You couldn't begin to afford Barry or me."

Later, during a break Alan sought out Jerry again. "Mr. Swift is so sexy," he said. "I'll forget about the money if you guys will."

"No casting without a dick test," Jerry grinned. "Come over to the trailer."

Barry was relaxing when Jerry and Alan arrived. "Sorry to bother you," Jerry said, "but this boy has to get a dick test. Wants a part in Spit Roasted starring Barry and Jerry."

He pushed down his speedos and commanded, " Get on your knees and suck this fucker, boy!"

Alan feel to his knees and immediately demonstrated that he was no novice.

"Aint he a little young for the part?" Barry asked, getting with the program.

"Says he's legal," Jerry answered. "He's sure as shit qualified. You want him to suck on you?"

"Why not? I haven't cum all day."

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