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by Macout Mann


That night Maggie teased Dick a little bit. "Took you forever to cum," she said. "You must've really had a workout with Malcolm."

"Your mom told you what I did?" Dick was aghast.

"Sure," Maggie laughed, "You don't think you can hide that you go both ways, do you? The studio has over fifty employees, after all. I'm glad you passed the audition. But you've got to realize that sex isn't private anymore. I'll be watching you fuck other dudes on the big screen. Doesn't bother me any. Shouldn't bother you. Sex is sex.

"And by the way, don't accept the first thing they offer. Ask for twice as much."

Dick didn't get twice as much, but he wound up with a lot more than they first offered. He was to be a "contact player," which meant that he did pretty much anything they told him to do. He began work the following Monday.

Ms. Sessions turned him over to Malcolm for training "since he didn't have any experience doing gay stuff." Malcolm took him to the dressing room, which was just like a gym locker room, except that it was coed. They both stripped. Malcolm told him he had to get used to running around bareassed. Then they went to the sound stage, where they were shooting a hetero flick. They watched the shoot for a while, then without warning Malcolm got on his knees and started to blow Dick. Some of the crew watched for a minute or so, but mostly nobody paid any attention.

After Dick dropped his load, Malcolm stood and said "Now you do me."

Of course deep down Dick knew he was going to have to suck and fuck. He really hadn't thought about being fucked. But now the full realization of what he'd gotten himself into hit him. He hesitated a minute, then thought "What the hell," and sank to his knees.

Malcolm's was only about six inches. Dick didn't have a problem taking it all.

"Careful of your teeth," Malcolm cautioned. "Give me some tongue."

Sucking dick must be a natural trait. Dick had no problem getting into the rhythm.

"Yeah, that's it," Malcolm whispered. "Make me cum."

About that time Dick heard "Take five," called, and suddenly there was more interest in what he and Malcolm were doing. One of the crew even aimed a spot on them.

Malcolm shot his wad without warning. Dick tried to swallow it all, but some of the cream ran out of the corners of his mouth. He thought that it didn't taste as bad as he figured it would. In fact it wasn't bad at all.

"Folks," Malcom announced, "this is Richard Harder, our new contract player. He's learning how to do gay shit, so help him out whenever you can. And gals, he doesn't need any instruction on how to fuck bitches, but you might enjoy him."

There was laughter all around, and a number of people came up and introduced themselves. They seemed oblivious to the fact that Dick was naked and still had cum on his chin. The crew were all at least half dressed. Cutoffs and ratty jeans were popular. Most also had on some excuse for a shirt. Whatever might pass for being dressed on the streets of Central L.A.

Malcolm took Dick to wardrobe, where his every dimension was measured. It was expected that any costume that he would ever need could be altered or fashioned from the measurements. The studio didn't believe in wasting time on fittings. Costumes were never as important as skin anyway.

Pizza delivery provided lunch for the two of them. Then Malcolm led dick to an empty room with a big bed in it.

"This is used for intimate shots sometimes," Malcolm explained. "I thought you'd like to have some privacy, when we fuck for the first time."

"I don't guess it matters anymore," Dick grinned.

"You won't need any lube with me. We don't show lube in shots anyway. If it's needed, it's applied before the cameras roll."

"Lube?" Dick asked.

"God, you are innocent, aintcha? If a fella's got a tight ass, he'll need some kind of grease in it and also on the fucker's dick to make it easier for him to get stuffed. Right now I'll just slobber on your pole before you fuck me, `cause no way is my ass tight anymore."

He sat on the edge of the bed and took Dick's tool into his mouth. When it was good and wet he slid back on the bed on his back and lifted his legs.

"We do most fuck scenes with the bottom on his back. We can see both guys' faces that way," he said. "Now climb up and get my legs on your shoulders.

"Well, I see you're getting with the program," he continued. "You're already rock hard. Won't have to get you up like yesterday. Now slip your shaft up against my rosebud."

Dick did as he was told, resting his palms on each side of Malcolm's bod.

"You got it in the right place. Ram me," Malcolm ordered.

Dick forced his prong past Malcolm's sphincter, and he felt for the first time the glorious difference between a dick in a female pussy and a dick in a male ass.

"Yes," he whimpered.

"Now, you ought to know what to do," Malcolm moaned.

"Fuck yes."

Dick lifted his schlong almost out of Malcolm's chute, then slipped it all the way back in, his pubes rubbing against Malcolm's well-trimmed bush. Again and again his dick plunged into Malcolm's well-used hole, feeling the contractions of Malcolm's ass muscle on each stroke. Faster and faster, harder and harder.

"Shit!" Malcolm cried. "You gotta've done this before. Oh yes. Fuck my ass!"

Both their facial expressions said what ecstasy each was feeling.

Dick got down to the short strokes, pounding away until his penile fountain poured all its fluid into Malcolm's gut.v

The lay side by side for maybe fifteen minutes. Then Malcolm reached under the mattress and retrieved a container of KY gel. "Now it's my turn," he said.

"No. I don't..."

"Oh yes you do. I'm goanna fuck your virgin ass, and you're goanna love it."

Malcolm was stronger than he looked. He held Dick down, while his lube-covered fingers invaded Dick's anal canal. Then he greased his rod and prepared to pop Dick's cherry.

"Try to relax. Act like you're taking a shit. It'll hurt at first, but I'll be gentle."

His knob barely penetrated Dick's ass. Dick cried out in pain.

"Just relax. It'll feel better soon."

He slowly gained full access to Dick's innards, and then waited.

"Let me know when you want me to go ahead,"

"O.K.," Dick finally whimpered.

Malcolm had just begun the fucking, when as planned the door opened and Maggie entered the room.

"What the fuck?!" Dick shouted.

"Oh don't mind me," Maggie purred. "I've seen two males fuck before."

She sat in the one chair in the room to watch. Malcolm continued to pound away.

Aside from the humiliation of having Maggie watch his deflowering, Dick wasn't having a problem with the exercise. The pain had vanished. And Malcolm's shaft was big enough to do what it needed to do to Dick's prostate. Dick wasn't thrilled, but as he had thought before, "What the hell?"

Malcolm made his deposit and pulled out of Dick's ass. Maggie quickly moved to the bed and orally cleaned Malcolm's sausage.

"Gross," cried Dick.

"Gotta get used to gross shit, lover boy," Maggie retorted. She then went down on his ass and sucked out as much of Malcom's jism as she could.

So what the hell?

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