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by Macout Mann


The next two days Dick got used to "anything can happen." It continually did. He even got seduced by a grip.

Getting with guys didn't really bother him. He had always looked at sex just as a way to have fun and to get relief when you were horny. He decided that fucking dudes was just another way to get off. No sweat. It was different getting fucked, but hell, that was just another part of the job. And kind of fun. It wasn't like he was gay.

Thursday morning he was sent to makeup. He was finally going to be in a scene. He was trimmed and shaved in the appropriate places. Fans liked smooth chests and well-groomed pubes. His many days at the beach and pool had given him a well bronzed bod, but between his tan lines the color needed to be matched with greasepaint. His nipples needed to be accented. His toenails trimmed. Any slight imperfections in his handsome face covered over.

Jason Golden, the director, explained the setup to him.

"Our boy has lost a big bet, so he's got to suck off a dozen guys. You are one of them. So you are standing here, looking out this window. He comes in. You turn around. He goes down on you. You don't have any lines, but if you feel like saying something, go ahead. We'll have the dolly on the establishing shot and anything else Carlos can get. There'll be two hand-held cameras, one concentrating on your face, so we want to see lots of reaction to what's happening to your dick. The other one will concentrate on what's going on down there. And it'll also get the cum shot."

"Cum shot?" asked Dick.

"Oh yes. I forgot you wouldn't know. Fans want to know we're not faking, so just before you cum, you'll pull out and shoot onto Max's face, the more the better. That's why you were told not to cum for at least twelve hours before the shoot.

"One more thing. We'll need to add the sound effect of a door opening and closing. So after you hear `action,' wait for at least a ten count before you turn around. And we'll want you already hard when we first see your tool. So if you can't get yourself up, ask Max or somebody to help you."

Time came to shoot. Jason gave one last piece of advice to Dick. "Try to relax, Dick, but if you fuck up we can always do another take." Then, "Roll em."

Dick was able to get a hard-on by quickly jacking his wiener. All three cameras focused on the clapboard, which was required for sound synchronization.

"Take one...Action."

Dick counted to ten by thousands, then turned as Max walked past the dolly into the shot. "Mario sent me," Max said.

Jason had said that Dick could talk, if he wanted to, and he had decided that it would be more realistic if he responded. So he answered, "Glad you finally got here. I need to get off bad." He emphasized what he said by grabbing his hard dick.

"Damn, that's good," Jason thought.

Max wasted no time in getting down on Dick's monster. "Fuck yeah," Dick said. One of the hand-held cameras focused on his smile, while the other one recorded how expertly Max slid up and down Dick's tool. "You're a good cocksucker," Dick whimpered.

They did it in one take. Dick moaned "I'm goanna cum. Take my cream, bitch!" He pulled out and shot five ample squirts of cum, aiming them so that a couple went into Max mouth, the others coated his cheeks. "Yeass...," he cried, as his face lit up for the camera."

Jason told everyone that it had gone well, but he saved his real enthusiasm until he had seen the rushes.

"God, you won't believe what you've got!" he told Ms. Sessions. "He's rugged. Naturally, like a construction worker or something. He's got that crooked smile, like he don't give a shit. And the camera just loves him. I've got to feature him in a short."

So they set about giving him a screen name. They liked names with sexual overtones. Dick said he didn't care if he used his real name. He'd could be Dick Harder.

The short film would be about a boy being trained how to suck and fuck, just like Dick had been but in reverse. Dick would be the trainer.

They shot it in four days. Gave it limited release in Southern California. The feedback was amazing. Exhibitors said people were coming to see the short rather than the feature. It went into national release.

Dick renegotiated his contract. From now on he'd be getting a percentage of the gross. His dick was to soon become the hottest property in gay porn.

His first feature film, The Hitcher, costarred the studio's most popular bear, Graham Bosworth (his real name), as a semi driver.

The action started on location. Dick is wandering along a desert highway. He is wearing a faded blue chambray shirt with the sleeves ripped out and short cutoffs with holes showing he's going commando. The eighteen wheeler stops to give him a ride. The driver asks how he wound up out in the middle of the desert. Dick says he had a ride, but got put out because he used language that the guy that had picked him up didn't approve of.

"Like what?" Graham asks.

"I think I said it was too fucking hot to breathe," Dick answers.

"That's the reason I'm shirtless. Fucking air isn't working right. Take off yours if you'll be more comfortable."

Dick does, and the driver comments on how neat his bod is. As Dick scoots back in the seat, his dickhead pops out of his cutoffs. The driver cups his groin with his huge hand.

"That's something else that's neat. You like to have guys play with it?"

"I don't mind," Dick replies, giving his trademark crooked grin.

The truck pulls over. The two of them climb into the sleeper. What happens in the sleeper will be filmed on the soundstage.

The crew filmed a couple of tail-away shots of the semi for insurance.

The last location shot was outside a mobile home.

The semi pulls up and Dick and the driver get out. The driver's boyfriend, played by Jerry Hinds, a dude about Dick's age, comes to the door dressed only in Haynes briefs. (Bareknob had a deal with Haynes).

"Found a new dick on the road, did ya?" Jerry says.

"Just wait 'til you see what he's got," the driver retorts.

They go into the mobile home. That is the end of location shooting. The interior will be shot on the soundstage.

Back at the studio the mobile home interior scenes were the first to be shot.

Jerry grabs Dick's crotch. "Yeah, that's something all right," he says.

With these scenes they've had to be very careful. The Scorpio Rising case had been decided just two years earlier. Most exhibitors had "arrangements" with the police, but the cops could still make obscenity arrests at the drop of a hat. Explicit hardcore three-ways were still years in the future.

Still the studio, having decided that they had in Dick a special property, wanted to make The Hitcher a special event. The climax would be a three-way, but...

So the crotch grab was shot from over Dick's shoulder. Viewers would know what was happening, but what was happening could be denied, if the issue was ever raised in court. As the scenes progressed, it was obvious that all three men were in the room, even inches apart. But only Dick and one of the others were in a shot at any given time.

So after the boy says, "Yeah, that's something all right," the driver says that it's his. He drags Dick over to the bed and gives him head. Later he leaves the shot and the boyfriend comes back to examine Dick's jewels. He gets fucked. And so it goes.

The scenes in the sleeper of the truck cab were much more straightforward. Sex was portrayed on three separate occasions. The first two times Dick gets sucked and then fucks the driver. The third time he also sucks and gets fucked.

Jason Golden is confident he's got a real hit on his hands.

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