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by Macout Mann


While The Hitcher was being edited, Dick didn't really have anything to do. So naturally he had sex. With just about everybody. Even with one of the gal stars, who told him she'd heard he went both ways. So what the hell?

Jerry Hinds was destined to appear in almost all of Dick's movies. Fans loved to see them together. That was probably because of the way Jerry felt about Dick. There was lots of electricity. Jerry was totally gay. He could act the part of a fairy faggot, but in reality he was like your All American Boy. Brought up in a lower class neighborhood in Seattle, he'd always wanted to be in movies. Came to Southern California to be discovered. Instead, he found work in gay porn. Right down his alley. He was dark complected with brown eyes and hair, about five feet ten. He was very versatile.

As soon as The Hitcher wrapped he went to Dick and said, "Man, I just love your dick. I hope you'll let me continue to use it sometime."

"It likes to be used. So why not now?" Dick grinned.

They walked to the room that Malcolm had used when he first showed Dick how to fuck guys. And with Jerry Dick reached a landmark. He had never experienced male on male foreplay. But now, Jerry blew in his ear, then tongued it. Nibbled his pecs. Kissed his abs. Then finally tasted his dick which was now dripping with precum. Dick was enthralled. He responded in kind. The two of them became regular fuck buddies.

When the fully edited version of The Hitcher was screened at the studio, everyone was thrilled. Even the most hardened viewer found himself playing with his snake as he watched its most exciting moments. It would become Bareknob's highest grossing release up to that time. Dick had a magnetic screen presence. Every pour of his body reeked of sex. His every look signaled to the viewer that he didn't give a fuck. About anything. He was in it to get his jollies. Nothing else mattered. Jason Golden was convinced that if things had been different, he could have become a major studio matinee idol.

After the film was released, Dick enjoyed going to screenings just to see how the audience reacted to him. At one, he had another new experience.

He was seated at about the middle of the theatre, wearing a nondescript t shirt and jeans. A thirty-something man, dressed casually but fairly expensively, was in the aisle seat. As the film rolled on, the guy slid down closer and closer. He finally wound up sitting next to Dick.

As the end titles came up, he said, "I noticed you look a lot like that Dick Harder. I was wondering...maybe you'd like to come home with me. We could have some in the movie." He allowed his hand to rest on Dick's thigh.

Dick started to say, "I am Dick Harder, motherfucker. Go fuck yourself." But he thought about some of the pornos he'd watched the past few weeks that featured hustlers. So instead he said, "Some fun? It'll cost ya."

"What about fifty?"

"Yeah, I'll fuck ya for fifty bucks."

So Dick had embarked on another profession. As the fame of Dick Harder grew, the price went up dramatically. But he always enjoyed the thrill of anonymous sex for money, even when he didn't need the cash.

Over the next two years, five more Dick Harder films were released. Three also featured Jerry Hinds. They did much better at the box office than the other two. So in future releases the two were most often paired.

After starring in six features, Dick was fairly wealthy, not mainstream movie star wealthy but comfortable enough. He had bought a small house in the Hollywood Hills. His neighbors had no idea what he did for a living. Although he entertained a lot, he stayed pretty much to himself. To play he often went to Vegas. He hadn't seen his mother since she moved to Houston. He decided to visit her and her hubby.

Dick didn't really know why. He and his mother had contacted each other very seldom since her marriage. He had never really liked Carol, her husband. He guessed he just wanted to show them that he wasn't on skid row.

He told them he would be there Tuesday. He said he wasn't sure when he would be getting there, leaving them to assume that he would be driving from L.A. to Houston. He packed light. A suit, although he didn't expect he'd need one. A grungy pair of jeans in case he wanted to hit the streets. For the flight he chose a Ralph Lauren polo with five-pocket gabardine trousers. He didn't bother to shave. At Hertz he reserved a full-sized sedan.

"Could you be Dick Harder, sir?"

He was surprised that he had been recognized by the flight attendant. During the flight, he gave the lad something he could boast to his fellows about.

The visit did not go as well as the flight had. There were awkward silences and banter that was ill-advised.

"You have a very nice new car," his mother said.

"Oh it's a rental," Dick replied. "I flew in on American."

"Well we could have met you at the airport."

"Uh...I wasn't sure which flight I would be able to take."

"You must have a very good job," his mother later surmised.

"I do alright. I was lucky. I know this girl that had an in with this movie studio, Bareknob Pictures. I was able to get on with them. I do o.k. They make porn flicks."

"Well you've got on some good looking threads," Carol interjected. "You must be a star or something."

"Yeah. I do some acting."

"You mean you have sex in front of the camera?" his mother cried. "I can't believe such a thing!"

"It's no big thing, Mom," Dick grinned. "You knew what used to go on in my room back home. That didn't bother you. And I sure as hell knew when you were getting fucked."

"But doing it in public is different," she rejoined.

Dick offered to take them to dinner at one of Houston's finer restaurants.

"That's much too fancy for people who don't parade around naked in pictures," his mother huffed. "I can make something here."

Dick had planned to stay until Friday, but after dinner he told his mother that he had to return to L.A. the next day. As he was leaving, Carol got him aside and said, "I really envy you, getting to fuck all those hot chicks."

"Oh, I don't fuck chicks," Dick gave them the ultimate affront. "I fuck guys. Pays better."

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