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by Macout Mann


Dick decided not to change his flight. He might as well stay in Houston until Friday as planned. He drove around aimlessly for a while, then finally checked in to a Holiday Inn.

While driving around he had passed a movie house that was showing one of his films. After eating lunch at a Mickey D, he decided to pay the theater a visit. The ticket taker about flipped when Dick walked up.

"The manager around?" Dick asked.

"Yessir, you'll find him right upstairs," the star-struck kid replied.

Dick knocked on the office door.


Dick opened the door.

"Can I help you?"

The manager was in in thirties, a little overweight, dressed in a Houston Astros t shirt and camo pants.

"Hi," Dick said. "I'm Dick Harder. Was in the area and decided to drop by."

"Hello. Bob Warner. Pleased to meet you. Sorry I didn't recognize you. Don't pay a lot of attention to the movies we show. Most of our employees are gay, but I'm straight. Happily married with three kids."

"No problem," Dick laughed. "I'm straight too...or at least I was until I got into the porn business. Now I'm not sure."

That broke the ice and the two men got to know each other.

"I'm in Houston for a few days, and I was just wondering how the show was doing," Dick said.

"Your films always do better than average," Warner responded. "They seem to have broad appeal."

They continued to chat. Warner delighted in telling Dick about his clientele, which included socially prominent and politically connected Houstonians. "One of our ticket takers was at the university, working for us to make a little extra cash. He lived down the block from this important banker. When the banker showed up, he started to run away when he saw Johnathan. `Don't worry, mister, I won't say I saw you, if you won't say you saw me."

Later Warner said, "I just had a thought. You ever do personal appearances? I couldn't pay you a lot, maybe a hundred bucks; but it would sure help the reputation of the theater if you would."

"I'd never thought about it. It might be interesting," Dick answered. "I'd like to try it, and I won't charge you anything. If it works, we might try it back in L.A."

"We can't advertise it, of course. We can put out a sign. And we can alert some of our regulars. They'll help get the word out."

It was decided that Dick would appear after the seven o'clock feature that night and after two features on Thursday night.

Before he left, Dick asked where he might find some of his fans.

"A cruising spot?" Warner responded. "Best place is Memorial Park, but be careful. The cops patrol down there pretty often, I hear."

"I'm not looking for a trick," Dick laughed. "I just want to see if I get recognized."

"If you're looking for a bar, the guys here talk about going to the Montrose Mining Company and the Ripcord."

Armed with directions to the park, Dick gave it a shot. He could see plenty evidence of guys messing around, but nobody gave him a tumble. He had a solitary dinner, went back to the motel and put on his suit. When he arrived back at the theater, there was a sign saying "Tonight. In Person. Dick Harder!"

The end titles rolled and the houselights came up. The auditorium was only about a quarter filled. Mostly older guys.

"I'll bet we'll have a full house tomorrow night," Warner whispered. Then he walked out in front of the screen. "Gentlemen and ladies, if there are any, we are proud to have with us tonight the star of the movie you've just seen. Please welcome Dick Harder."

There was applause, and Dick invited the audience to all move down front, which they mostly did. Then he said he was glad to be in Houston and was happy to give them the opportunity for them to see that he was as beautiful in person as on the screen. There was laughter, for which he was grateful. He had never done anything like this before. He asked if anyone had questions.

The questions were pretty predictable. How did he get into the business? What was it like having sex in front of a film crew? How big was the crew? How long did it take to make a feature? Were there a lot of takes, like there were supposed to be in regular movies? Then somebody asked when he first realized he was gay.

"I'm sure you won't believe this," Dick began, "but I'd never even thought of having sex with another guy, until I got on with Bareknob Pictures. I thought I'd be doing straight porn. In fact, I'd been screwing the gal that arranged my first interview with the studio. They thought I'd do better doing gay stuff and said I could make more money in gay movies. I needed money bad and found out that messing around with guys was fun too. So here I am."

"So show us your dick!" someone yelled.

"You don't want to get the theater shut down and me arrested do you?" Dick teased.

And that was the end of his "personal appearance." Both Dick and Warner thought it was a great success.

Dick returned to the motel. He was hyped by his personal appearance. He decided to go back out. He put on the jeans he'd brought and headed to one of the clubs Bob Warner had told him about. It was not quite ten-thirty, when he sat down at the bar.

"Mr. Harder?" It was the ticket taker Dick had encountered when he first arrived at the theater.

"Oh, I didn't recognize you without your uniform," Dick apologized. "Have a seat."

"Thank you, sir," the young man seemed overwhelmed.

Dick grinned. "Are you old enough to be here?" he asked.

"No, sir. But they know who I am. And if you're a regular, they don't bother with I.D."

"Then let me buy you a drink."

The kid explained that he loved Dick's movies. Said that at the first showing each afternoon, when there were few people in the audience, he would watch the hot scenes from the door to the auditorium, where he could also keep an eye on the lobby. "I even jack off sometimes."

As they drank and talked, he became more comfortable in Dick's presence. Finally he got up the courage to give his idol a feel. It felt as big as it looked on screen.

"You like that, do you?"

"Oh yes."

"You want to come back to my motel? You can play with it for real."

When they reached Dick's room, the first thing his guest did was to strip off his shirt. Dick followed suit. Then he said, "Well, if you want to play with it, you know what you've got to do."

The kid didn't hesitate. He got on his knees, unbuckled Dick's belt, unzipped his fly, and pulled his tight jeans down to his ankles. He fondled Dick's balls and ran his palm the length of the huge prong.

"My god, what a dick!"

"Taste it," Dick ordered.

He savored the feel of nineteen-year-old lips caressing his pride and joy. But before he reached the point of no return, he pulled back and said the bed was where they should be. He stepped out of his crumpled jeans and slowly stripped his companion. "Nice bod," he said.

"Not ripped like yours," his companion responded.

"I like 'em tender," Dick said.

Dick led the boy into a sexual romp that lasted past two in the morning. They were both sated.

Come morning the kid said he'd never slept with anyone before. It would be an experience he'd never forget.

"Before you go, I've got to have that ass one more time," Dick said.

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