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by Macout Mann


As Warner had predicted, there was a full house for both of Dick's appearances the following night. Word of mouth had done wonders.

After the second one, the theater manager thanked Dick warmly and offered to take him out for a drink. Dick declined, saying that he had an early plane to catch. But as he was leaving the lobby, he was approached by an older man, better dressed than most.

"I enjoyed seeing your presentation. I'd like to see more. Perhaps you'll join me at home for a nightcap or maybe even more."

Dick hesitated, then said, "It'll cost you."

"I expected it would. For all night would a Ben Franklin do?"

"I'd need two. Also, I'll need to be back at my motel by seven. I've got a plane to catch."

They shook on it. Dick's host introduced himself as "Reginald," and instructed Dick to follow his Jaguar.

Once at Reginald's home, Dick was offered a choice of Glenlivet on the rocks or Remy Martin VSOP Cognac. They had a leisurely drink then went upstairs, where Reginald provided a hanger for Dick's suit. He seemed surprised but pleased that even when wearing a suit Dick went commando. Reginald was just as fastidious in putting away his own clothes.

He worshiped Dick's body and did it expertly. Dick's elation was complete even before Reginald drank his first ejaculation of the night. Then, although the older man's well used ass was by no means tight, his adroit flexing of its muscles as Dick fucked him more than compensated. And the next morning, when Dick was handed the agreed upon bills, Reginald said that it was well worth the price.

Back at the studio Dick told Ms. Sessions about the personal appearances. He thought they might be tried in L.A. If they were successful, future appearances might provide revenue for both actors and the studio as well as good p.r. for the films. She first got feedback from the theater manager in Houston, and then agreed to an experiment with two of the larger Southern California houses. The studio would provide one-sheet posters for display at the theater for a week before the appearance. It would also make short trailers, one to be run like a screen-ad promoting the appearance, the other as an introduction when Dick came on. The theatre would also run tame ads in underground newspapers. The appearances would always be Wednesday and Thursday, the two days with the lowest gross at box offices.

The first go would be at the Garden Theater in Anaheim at about 8:30. The place was packed, and after the end titles rolled, the intro trailer came up, showing hot shots from each of Dick's pictures while the voice-over announced, "And now your theater is proud to present live and in person the star of the film you have just seen. Here he is: big...Dick...Harder." The name was pronounced with special emphasis, "Hard-er."

Dick's talk covered all the questions that had been raised when he met the public in Houston. So the question period was much shorter and less animated. He did scratch his balls a couple of times during the presentation. And afterward, when fans came to greet him, a few managed to cop a feel. He didn't discourage that.

Back at the studio they held a post mortem. Everyone thought the appearance was a triumph for Dick, for Bareknob Pictures, and for the exhibitor. The only derogatory comments from the audience was that they wanted to see some skin. Dick liked appearing in a suit. Made him feel more professional.

"Suppose we put him in the outfit he wore in Biker Stud," Ms. Sessions suggested. "You know, jeans with just a windbreaker. He could strip off the windbreaker about halfway through and show off that torso. If we can hint ahead of time he's going to do that, maybe they can charge extra for tickets the night of the appearances."

It was agreed that they'd try that on the next go-around.

There was some griping about the extra charge, so the Sunset Theatre had a few empty seats. The trailer was reedited so that the Biker Stud footage was at the end. Dick walked out dressed exactly like he had been in the film with the windbreaker's zipper pulled down below his navel. The crowd went wild. And when he tossed off the windbreaker, they went wild again. There were shouts of "Take it all off." And at the end of his second appearance, something new was added. He brought out Jerry Hinds for a bow, and the crowd went wild a third time.

Dick and Jerry left the theater together. "Come home with me," Dick said. "After all that pawing, I'm so fucking horny, I've got to have some company."

Dick still screwed around with gals but more and more he found himself preferring sex with guys. "Usually a whole lot easier," he kidded.

When they arrived at Dick's house, he was still in the Biker Stud costume; so it was quick work to get out of it, while Jerry shed what he had on. Since his first shoot with Dick, Jerry had toned up so that he was almost as toned as Dick was.

They wasted no time. Two dicks each filling a willing mouth. And then Dick impaled Jerry's waiting ass with his mighty sword. There is nothing either man had rather do. Well, isn't that true of all of us?

The success of the personal appearances in L.A. led to the decision to go to Chicago and New York. Dick wanted to feature Jerry also, but for financial reasons it was decided to leave him at home. The appearances would be at the Bijou in Chicago and at the Night Shift in New York. The Night Shift, like the Adonis, was on Eighth Avenue and it was the city's most notorious gay movie house.

Curtis Pomeroy was a staff writer at the New Yorker. He was certifiably gay or suspected gay, depending on the observers point of view, and he was anxious to write a piece on Dick Harder, whom he had often seen on screen. He couldn't hope to see it published in the nation's most sophisticated magazine, but using a pseudonym he could sell it to one of the gay mags in the area. He mainly just wanted to meet Dick.

The interview took place in Dick's room at the Statler Hilton. After establishing that Dick had never engaged in homosexual activity before getting into porn and learning the circumstances of his first gay encounters, Pomeroy began asking questions that no one had ever asked Dick before.

"So what did you think about, when you were being blown for the first time?"

"I dunno. I guess how much better it is to get sucked by a dude."

"Did you feel ashamed when you first fucked a guy?

"Nah. I wasn't happy about doing it. But I figured I had a choice. Fuck guys or get fired. I think I was mostly thinking about how different it was from screwing a gal, but on the other hand how it was the same in a way."

"I'm sure having sex in front of a group of people is second nature by now. But did you have a problem at first?"

"I'd been watched before. It was no big thing."

The interview lasted the better part of an hour. Then it was Dick's turn to ask a question. "I've told you all about my feelings. You want to see how it feels to get fucked by a pro?"

Pomeroy was only too happy to say, "Yes."

The owner of Atlanta's Plaza Theater also happened to be in New York when Dick was appearing. He immediately set in motion arrangements for a Southern Tour for the pornstar. He would go from Atlanta to the Famous Theater in Birmingham, the Midtown in Mobile, the Sand in Gulfport, MS, the Paris in New Orleans, and the Memphian in Memphis. This time there would be no skin, but the program would feature racy dialogue between Dick and Jerry. There would also be ample sucking and fucking before and after performances, sometimes involving locals. Jerry proved very adept at picking out audience members and enticing them to participate in three ways. On occasion the locals were also convinced to part with tidy sums of cash for the privilege.

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