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by Macout Mann


Calvin Pomeroy's piece on Dick was published in the spring of 1972 and then reprinted in underground mags all over the country. Dick Harder became the most famous pornstar in the country, even better known than Harry Reems, who played opposite Linda Lovelace in Deep Throat.

Deep Throat was on track to earn over twenty-four times its production cost. The folks at Bareknob knew a gay flick couldn't do that well, but they figured that a bigger budget film starring Dick might do much better than usual, given Dick's new celebrity. The success of the personal appearance tours suggested that an Eighth Avenue World Premiere at the Adonis might be staged. Jason Golden envisioned "a gay blockbuster with a cast of tens."

Bareknob was very thinly capitalized, however. To produce a movie with a cast numbering even in the teens would require outside financing. And although $50,000 was chump change for Gianini's Bank of America, would it make a loan to produce a gay film? That required some kind of salesmanship.

The bank finally agreed on condition that the stated purpose of the loan was "corporate expansion."

Search for Satisfaction was built around a relationship between a stud, Dick, and a twink, Jerry. Jerry is having trouble achieving the kind of satisfaction he expects in his sexual encounters with Dick, so Dick proposes that they each have sex with a series of different guys, like a construction worker, a truck driver, a woodsman, a parolee, fifteen in all. Each encounter will be different. Then Dick and Jerry compare their experiences and at the end decide that they still have the most satisfaction fucking with each other.

Casting was a problem. Finding fifteen gay porn actors was itself a problem. Jason was hoping to find actors with experience in the occupations they were portraying. Construction workers were not a problem. Neither were guys who'd been to prison. A lot of the others had to be given detailed instruction.

Suitable locations were also a problem. It was pretty easy to get permission to film on a weekend at an unfinished building site or in a secluded forest. The scene with the trucker was to be filmed at a rest area. Jason had to stage the exterior shots while tourists and other truckers were wandering around. Then he got the manager of a truck stop to close the men's room during the wee hours so it could serve as the interior of the rest stop. While the shooting was going on, the public were allowed to use the facilities in the truckers' shower area.

As usual Jason abandoned the script for the actual sex scenes. What the participants actually said were usually raunchier and more realistic than anything that could have been written. For example, the scene with the parolee was shot on a warehouse loading dock with a nearby storage area. Dick and Jerry enter and encounter the recently released convict, who has gotten a job loading trucks.

From the script Dick says, "So how long you been outta stir?"

"What d'ya mean?"

"You know what I mean. I can see that teardrop tat by your eye."

"Well, about six months. Got another six probation."

"You must be pretty horny then. How'd you like to fuck my little brother here? He needs a hard dick. And I need to get off too."

The conversation continues until they move off the dock to the more private area. The parolee strips Jerry and pulls down his jeans to expose his own hard tool.

"Yeah. Put it to him," Dick says.

From there the dialog becomes extemporaneous.

"Nice ass," the parolee says.

"And he loves to have it stuffed by a big, thick sausage," Dick responds.

"Like this mother?"

"Yeah," Dick says.

"Let me get it nice and wet for ya," Jerry says, as he falls to his knees and begins to suck.

"He really knows how to give head. You teach him?" the parolee asks Dick.

"I guess I was his first," Dick answers.

Jerry pulls off and leans over some boxes. "Fuck me," he cries.

He's impaled by the parolee, who immediately cries, "Fuck yes. It's been too long. Oh yes."

Then a couple of minutes later he adds, "Your ass reminds me of this fish I used to fuck back in the joint."

The scene continues until the parolee has pulled out and deposited cum all over the Jerry's cheeks.

Then stripping open his fly and returning to the script Dick says, "Now it's my turn. You want me up your ass or down your throat?"

"I wanna taste that fucker." (One term that actors were not allowed to use was "motherfucker").

Now Dick adlibs his reactions to the blow job that the parolee expertly gives.

"Yeah, eat that fucker."

"Yeah, you like how it tastes don't cha?"

"Come on, make me!"

This scene, like the previous screwing of Jerry, was shot with three cameras to get closeups and cutaways all in one take. Jason always made great use of tight shots of spit-covered dicks plunging in and out between dudes' hot lips, and facial closeups showing the ecstatic reflex of a guy who's in the process of cumming.

If a segment worked really well--the parolee scene was one--Jason added footage where Jerry would also have his way with the other actor. Additional action to add variety to the final cut. That meant additional dialogue would have to be written on the spot.

Dick had a ball. He never wanted for sex, but now he had almost more than he could handle. Jerry was always available, and not only was there a new actor to "rehearse" and then play scenes with every day, but horny guys all over the place. On location he woke up every morning with a sore dick and sometimes with a couple of guys lying in the sack with him. Who could ask for more?

Needless to say Search for Satisfaction went way over budget. Additional financing had to be found from a less savory source than Bank of America and at a much higher interest rate. Cost overruns resulted mainly from problems finding useable locations. And fuck shots might run for ten or so minutes. Jason liked to record everything from penetration to orgasm. So while the finished film was scheduled to last only eighty minutes, the editor had four times that much footage to work with. For a major studio release that ratio would be considered paltry. For porn, it was an unheard of waste. Before editing was complete the number of episodes had to be cut from fifteen to ten to allow adequate time for the sex footage. (Jason figured they could reshoot the sections before and after the sex and still use the deleted incidents in a new film). The completed movie still came in at ninety-eight minutes.

Once the final cut was in the can, however, everyone thought they had a masterpiece.

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