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by Macout Mann


Search for Satisfaction premiered at the Adonis Theater in Manhattan Thanksgiving week of 1972. It was a unique event. The curtain of the aging movie palace would be used for the first time in almost three decades. Follow spots were brought in to bathe the actors in brilliant arc light, as they took their bows. Dick and Jerry both wore tuxes, as did Director Golden. The supporting cast showed up in the costumes they wore in the film.

In the audience was Curtis Pomeroy. He wouldn't write a review of course, but he was anxious to see Dick's big bone again even if he couldn't taste it. Although the night was cold and rainy, the theater was packed. The box office reported that more patrons were turned away than were admitted. It seemed that Bareknob's future was secure.

The film was screened and after the curtain came down, each of the cast members took a solo bow, ending with Jerry, then Dick, and finally Jason. Dick made a speech and introduced Jason, who urged everyone to tell their friends to come to see the picture. Round-the-clock screenings would commence at three-thirty tomorrow.

The audience had paid $15.00, three times the normal admission price, to see the premiere. During the first week (or until the audience size fell to the point that it was no longer profitable) the cast would continue to appear after the three-thirty, eight o'clock, and ten o'clock showings. These screenings would cost twice the regular rate.

After the premiere, everyone was jubilant. There were stragglers from the audience who hung around mostly in hopes of seeing Dick up close as he left the theater. Two or three of the cast members took advantage of the opportunity to entice one of them back to the Statler Hilton for fun and games. Everyone was so excited that sleep was out of the question. That meant sex with anyone and everyone until the wee hours. Fortunately the cast all had adjoining rooms.

The next afternoon the theater was not quite full as the second screening of Search for Satisfaction began. A happily satiated cast was on hand to take their bows at the end of the film. But then a legion of police cruisers pulled up in front of the Adonis. Members of the vice squad confiscated the film print, arrested the projectionist, the theater manager, and the cast, expelled the audience, and locked the theater.

All those detained were taken to the Midtown North Precinct. Fortunately Ms. Sessions, who was in town to represent studio management, had not yet left for the airport, so Dick was able to reach her, when the cops allowed him a call. She put in a call to the West Coast, and shortly a Manhattan attorney was on the scene to represent Bareknob. The theater manager also got in touch with the Adonis's lawyer.

"This could be great," Jason said to Ms. Sessions. "People all over the country will want to see what was so hot, it caused the show to be closed in New York."

"Yes, and we can have one hellova time getting bookings, because exhibitors don't want their local cops closing them down," she replied.

In due time everybody made bail but were ordered to remain in New York until a hearing. Both the studio and the theater couldn't understand, however, why the raid had taken place. The city and porn purveyors had made their peace long ago. But the lawyers discovered that the powers that be had wanted to keep the porn industry in the shadows. First there had been all the publicity over Deep Throat, and now there was a major-motion-picture-type-premiere for not only a porno flick but a gay porno flick. That couldn't be tolerated.

Once the real problem had been revealed, the lawyers were able to negotiate a deal. A pro-forma hearing determined that Search for Satisfaction did have "redeeming social value" after all. The engagement at the Adonis would be allowed to continue, but without the attendant fanfare. And the cast was allowed to return to L.A.

Bareknob's problems were far from over, however. The New York run drew meager audiences. The film closed after just a few weeks. Everyone remembered that even the interrupted second screening had not drawn a full house. Surveys showed that audiences found the movie dull.

Deep Throat had a plot hook. Linda's clit was in her throat. It had humor. "Do you mind if I smoke while you eat [my pussy]?" Satisfaction had neither. While Dick's personality and mannerisms had made him a star, this movie only offered the same tried and true things, over ten times. For a film to have the appeal that Bareknob hoped Satisfaction would have, there had to be more to it than sucking and fucking.

In national release the movie did no better. Oh it did as well as other recent Dick Harder vehicles, but even so some patrons found it too long. Bareknob began to have cash flow problems. The only "new" project in the works was Jason's attempt to rework the segments of Satisfaction that were omitted from the final cut into a series of shorts featuring either Dick or Jerry. New setups had to be devised. Creative editing had to be done to hide the fact that these were really outtakes.

Bank of America was willing to renew the studio's note when it came due. The second lender was not so understanding. It demanded payment in full within thirty days. To do that the company had to drastically reduce payroll. Jerry was one of the many who was let go.

"I guess I'll have to head back to Seattle," Jerry told Dick.

"Don't do that," Dick responded. "Things are bound to get better. You can move in with me." Clawing his crotch, he added, "We can work something out to take care of room and board."

Things didn't get better. Without new production Dick's percentages of the gross dropped to almost nothing. Jason Golden departed for greener pastures, making the prospect of new production slim and of profitable new production even slimmer.

Dick had been told many times that he was talented enough to make it in "real" movies. So he got himself an agent and tried to get a contract with an independent or even a major studio. He got a lot of interest until his background in porn was discovered. Then nobody wanted to take a chance. He tried other porn producers. No luck there either. He hadn't taken account that Bareknob wouldn't agree to release him from his contract in order to go work for a competitor.

Living under the same roof, the relationship between Dick and Jerry matured. Jerry had had a "thing" for Dick since he first laid eyes on him. Now Dick began to appreciate more than Jerry's mouth and ass. Not that both didn't get used daily.

There was no reason for Dick to go in to the studio all that often. So the two of them spent many days lounging around the house naked. There were multiple opportunities to feel each other up, and often these little fondles led to more intimate encounters. Jerry would begin by reaching between Dick's legs and stroking his ass crack. Dick would respond by pulling Jerry close and tweaking his roommate's nipples. Jerry would then squat and insert his tongue into Dick's deep navel. From there their makeout session would evolve into an unpredictable multitude of erotic acts, involving every inch of their bodies. When their passions became uncontrollable, one or the other would go down on his partner. Some days they would lose track of how many times they had cum.

It was easy for them to forget the troubles that lay on the horizon.

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