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by Macout Mann


Money problems for Dick became so acute that he had to sell his house in the Hollywood Hills. He made a good profit. Yet even after moving Jerry and him into a cheap apartment, he could see that he would soon be broke, if Bareknob couldn't get back on its feet.

Jerry said that they could go back to Seattle. Dick reminded him that Seattle had become even more expensive than L.A. They decided to try their luck in San Francisco, a decision which from a financial point of view made no sense at all.

Reluctantly the studio released Dick from his contract on condition that he not appear in porno films for two years. Since Jason had left the studio, Bareknob feared that he and Dick might be able to set up a new studio.

The pair packed their clothes and whatever else they felt they would need into Dick's car and headed north. Dick had already sold what furniture, cookware, and household accessories he still owned. After an uneventful trip they arrived in Sanfran and rented a small furnished apartment in the Tenderloin.

The perpetually horny Jerry soon found an equally horny kid on the street and brought him back to the apartment. The kid was nineteen or twenty, about five ten, probably half-Hispanic, wiry and hung. When they arrived, Dick, bareassed as the day he was born, was lying in bed, studying want ads, looking for someplace to apply for a job.

"This is my roommate," Jerry said to their visitor. Names were hardly necessary under these circumstances.

"You look just like Dick Harder, the pornstar," the kid said.

"Yeah. A lot of folks think so," Dick replied. He realized for the first time that that could be a problem.

Jerry wasted no time before stripping. When the kid didn't immediately follow his lead, Jerry urged him on by unbuckling the lad's belt and unbuttoning his jeans.

"Is he going to get involved too?" the kid asked Jerry.

"Probably," Jerry answered. "We like three-ways. Don't you?"

"Aint never got into one."

"I'll just watch, then," Dick said. "I like to watch almost as much as I like to be watched."

"Nah," the kid responded. "I'm game. Always gotta be a first time for everything."

Jerry pulled the kid's t shirt over his head and pushed his jeans down. "You got a nice pecker," Jerry said.

"Nothing like his," the kid said, pointing to Dick.

"Like they say," Dick rejoined, "it's not the size, it's the stroke and the squirt that counts."

Jerry didn't wait. He fell to his knees, took the kid's prong into his mouth, and grabbed his cheeks.

"Sure enough," the kid panted. It was like he'd never had head before.

Dick put aside his newspaper and came up behind the kid. His dick brushed the small of the kid's back. He reached around to the kid's chest and began to tweak both his nipples.

"You like that?" Dick whispered.

"Fuck yes," the kid moaned.

"That's just the beginning," Dick grinned. "You're not goanna believe how great you'll be feeling before we're through."

Dick's hands slipped down to wipe his gut and play with his navel. At the same time Dick's tongue entered his ear. And in rhythm with Jerry's sucking Dick began to rub his dick across the kid's backside.

"You ready to feel my dick up your ass?" Dick whispered.

"Fuck yes."

Dick sank to his knees and began to rim the kid, while continuing to massage his torso.

"Oh god," the kid cried.

Jerry brought the kid to the edge, then made him relax. He didn't want the boy to cum before Dick's rod was up his ass and ready to drop his load as well.

Dick reached over and grabbed the KY from the nightstand. He coated a finger and inserted it where his tongue had been. He slapped more on his dick and stood behind the kid. Jerry sensed that the time had come. He grabbed the kid's hips to steady him, as Dick slipped his big prong up the kid's bunghole. The kid had never been "Lucky Pierre" before. Neither had he ever been fucked standing up. It was a glorious new experience.

When Dick was ready to shoot his wad, he signaled Jerry. "I'm goanna cum." That's when Jerry finally let the kid drop his load. It filled Jerry's throat at the same time that Dick filled the kid's ass with his cream. No need for cum shots any more.

They kept the kid occupied for another two hours. Letting the kid suck as he'd been sucked and fuck as he'd been fucked. Jerry got "sloppy seconds." Dick's cream provided enough lube for Jerry's pole to easily penetrate the sated boy.

After the kid had left, Jerry said, "Shit. That was fun."

"Yeah," Dick replied, "but it don't do anything toward putting food on the table."

Dick had thought he and Jerry might find satisfactory work outside the sex trade. More like he'd dreamed. All they could get was minimum wage shit. Bus boy. Gas station attendant. Warehouseman. Nothing that would do more than just make ends meet. Also, someone else had recognized Dick. He began to grow a moustache to reduce that likelihood.

Walking down Bush Street, Dick had passed the Nob Hill Theater several times. It showed porno films, sometimes his, mostly after midnight. The rest of the time live male dancers and strippers filled the bill. "What the hell?" Dick figured.

Jerry had always appeared on screen under an assumed name. Dick now realized why that was a good idea. Now he would have to adopt an alias. He entered the theater and introduced himself as Peter Goode. Said he thought he had a nice bod and was up for anything. Carl Newman, the manager of the Nob Hill said he'd give him a chance, because he looked sort of like that pornstar, Dick Harder. He didn't recognize Dick, due to his new moustache.

The money wasn't what Dick would have liked, but Newman assured him there would be tips and "other ways to pick up extra cash." Dick also got Newman to agree to give Jerry a chance.

Both were equipped with a breakaway wardrobe that was rigged so they could get out of pants and even briefs without having to pull them down and step out of them. They were given a shot at the seven o'clock show the following Tuesday.

Even with a small crowd in the house, Carl Newman could see that he had two winners on his hands. Dick especially had everybody in the audience beating off while watching his sexy shenanigans.

After the show Dick was hanging around the lobby. He was approached by a middle aged man who had to be from out of town.

"Enjoyed your act," the man said.

"Thanks," Dick answered.

"You through for the night?"

"For tonight, yeah."

"Maybe you'd like to come over to my hotel with me. The Olympic. It's not very far."

"Maybe you'd like my little brother to come too. He's also in the show."

"I think I could handle only one of you."

"What did you have in mind?"

"Just messing around."

"Cost ya a C note."

The man was genuinely shocked. "Goddam. You think you're a fucking pornstar or something?" he asked.

"In bed I'm as good as any pornstar you'll ever meet. For all night I usually charge more than twice that."

"Will ya let me just blow ya for a twenty?"

"Best offer I've had tonight. But then this is our first night working the Nob Hill."

The dude sealed the deal by giving Dick a feel. "Damn that's some cock," he exclaimed.

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