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"The Rainbow's Treasure"
Ty Thomas was on the very edge of being totally frustrated. In this down economy and rapidly descending recession, finding a job was near impossible. He had just turned 22 and was still having to live with his parents. That only added to his frustrations, because he so desired to have a place of his own. Living with his parents required he still must follow their household strict rules. To further fuel his own personal aggravation was his mixed origin. You see, his father is Caucasian and his mother is 100% Filipino. Thanks to his bloodline, Ty, though be it he was now 22 years of age, actually looked more like he was closer to 14. To go along with his younger appearance was his overall body's appearance.
Straining to gain a fraction of an inch, Ty stood a mere 5'5" and barely topped the scale at 115 pounds. His jet black wavy hair flowed passionately just below his shoulder area, trimmed just above his small ears, and the top was tapered off to give it a "spiked" kind of look. His eyebrows were just as black, and was more of a medium thickness. Ty got his piercing emerald green eyes from his father, and his mother provided him with long jet black upturned eye lashes. He got his little upturned button nose from his mom, and though they were hard to see, the base of the bridge of his nose contained just a couple of tiny freckles.
Ty got those cherry colored, awesomely kissable, puffy lips from his mom, and his slender face was obtained on his father's bloodline. Creasing both slender cheeks were twin appealing dimples that pierced his cheeks regardless if he smiled or not. Another trait he got from his mom was his permanent tan. His flesh was a light bronzed tan year round, and it graced his body from the top of his head all the way down to his little curling toes. Be it from his mom, or his dad, or a mixture of both, but the other thing that Ty hated about himself was his body hair, or lack of for that matter. His arms and legs offered no signs whatsoever of any hair life, including peach fuzz. In fact, under his arms, inside his armpits, Ty could barely see a small patch of scrawny black hairs.
Even as he stared at his own pubic area, that too provided him with more disgust. The small patch of black curls formed a semi circle at the base of his tan circumcised cock. Many, many times, Ty inspected his tanned sac for hair life, but even his sac was hairless. To Ty, he felt his body was a total mess, not to mention, his life in general.
What Ty couldn't see was what people saw when they saw him. And in all gut wrenching honesty, Ty was nothing short of being a breath taking Adonis. His face was flawless, and if you stared too long, you would find your heart literally trying to beat out of your chest. The young man's beauty was simply speaking, stunningly devastating, to say the least! However, Ty simply couldn't see his fortunes, just the misfortunes his own mind had created.
Ty was not a virgin, though his sexual encounters were far and few in between. In all of his 22 young years, Ty considered himself to be 100% heterosexual, never once contemplating widening his sexual horizons to include those of the same sex. Sure, he had had a few offers throughout his life's span, but never partook in such a homosexual experience. In fact, the mere thought of having sex with another guy was definitely out of the question. So, like most young men, Ty reluctantly relinquished himself into a daily ritual of self satisfaction, often times, doing so 3 or 4 times per day.
With all that being said, Ty spent every single day applying from one job to another, hoping beyond all hopes of finding something, anything. He saw an ad on craigslist advertising for outside sales within a recession proof glass industry. Ty called the number and spoke with the General Manager who set him up with an interview that very same day. Ty had never sold anything in his life, and though this may not be the "job" he had hoped to find, it certainly was better than nothing.
After the interview, Ty was more than elated when the GM offered him the job, and to report back first thing in the morning. The first three days was spent in training, and as he and his trainer went from one customer to the next, Ty began feeling more and more at ease with his new job. After one week of training, Ty was now allowed to work on his own. Sure, it was a bit frightening, but Ty was bound and determined to be successful, not to mention, money motivated, and goal driven.
It was summer, and it was hotter than hell, and Ty was wearing his company t-shirt, khaki shorts, and sneakers. He was going door to door inside a very large subdivision, and by early evening, Ty had sold a very impressive 6 jobs. Getting paid $60.00 per job, Ty did the math in his head and calculated he had made $360.00 so far, all in one single day. After his very first week, Ty had sold 23 jobs, earning himself $1,380.00 before taxes, plus he had one a series of bonuses, totaling $500.00. To say the least, Ty was smiling from ear to ear. Even his parents, who both did their best to persuade him not to take the job because of having to go door to door, was just as excited as Ty was.
In the middle of his second week, Ty kind of hit a sales persons worst nightmare, the ever formidable invisible wall. By late evening, Ty had only sold 2 jobs, and now he was beginning to question his own ability to sell. Still, he knocked on one door right after another, trudging right along, hoping that things would change for the better. Having no luck, the last house was down a dirt road. Ty could see the house from the main road, so knowing that this was the last house, and it was getting kind of dark, Ty shrugged his shoulders and proceeded to walk up the dirt road towards the house.
Stepping up onto the front porch, Ty rang the doorbell and waited. Within a few seconds, a heavyset man in his 50's opened the front door. Ty introduced himself and the man stepped onto the porch as the two shook hands. After Ty provided the man with his opening sales pitch, the man had Ty follow him into his enormous back yard where there must have been over 50 company vehicles parked.
The man, whose name is Allen, walked the line of parked vehicles as he pointed out each vehicle that had glass damage. To Ty, he thought he struck gold because once they completed their inspection, there was a total of 38 vehicles that required glass, and some of them, more than just the windshield, and since he got paid per glass, Ty knew he was sitting on about 50 deals.
Standing close to the rear entrance of Allen's large home, Allen turned to face a smiling Ty, then dropped the bomb, "Well Ty, you can write them all up on one condition."
Ty, being ever so polite, stated, "Yes sir, just name it sir."
Allen cleared his throat, stepped closer to Ty, then said, "You can have em all if you let me suck your dick!"
Ty could feel the blood depart from his body rather quickly, in total disbelief at what he had just heard. Almost out of pure instinct, Ty questioned, "Uh, what's that sir?"
Allen, peering into the younger man's emerald green eyes smiled as he reiterated his last statement and adding more words to his ulterior motive, "You heard me. You can write every single one of them up just as long as you let me suck that dick of yours, and oh yeah, you got to be naked too. Damn, you are the prettiest thing I've ever laid eyes on and I just can't help myself from wanting to taste you. So, what'll it be?
Ty calculated the money he would make if he wrote 50 deals, and mentally seeing $3,000.00, his mouth opened and the words flew out while his mind was preoccupied with the money, "Yeah, uh, okay I guess!"
Allen, being true to his word, gave Ty his insurance card while Ty was busy writing down the necessary information off of each vehicle that was damaged. As they walked from one vehicle to another, Allen eyed Ty as if he were the main course at a 5 Star restaurant. Each time Ty stretched to read the vin number off of a vehicle, Allen wanted to slam his meaty face into the younger man's ass and breathe in what would have to be one hell of a sweeter than sweet aroma.
When the last vehicle was done, the realization of what Ty had to do was settling in, and doing so rather hard. He had to let this man suck his dick, and he had to be naked while he did it. The next thing you know, both Allen and Ty were facing one another inside Allen's large home. It was at that very moment that a nervous fear struck Ty. He had been walking all day in the scorching heat and knew he had to at least take a shower to wash off the stench and sweat. He wasn't all that crazy about the idea of letting some man suck his dick, but since Allen was true to his word, Ty knew he had to be just as true.
Ty nervously asked if he could take a shower, and Allen led him into his master bathroom, then lowered the toilet seat and sat down. Now, Ty not only was going to have to get naked in front of him, but it was obvious that Allen was going to watch him take a shower too. It didn't take long to get out of his clothes, and now being naked as the day he was born, Ty looked at Allen who was now eyeing his naked body in all of his full natural glory.
Allen was leaning forwards a bit, and Ty knew he would have to angle his body so that he could slide through the opening separating from the wall to Allen. Just as he was about to take a step, Allen reached down with his right hand and retrieved Ty's dirty boxer briefs. Ty was completely dumbfounded when he watched Allen turn his underwear inside out, and began sniffing the area that had covered his pecker, balls, and butt all day.
When Allen began moaning loudly while he continued smelling Ty's sweat soaked underwear, Ty caught himself making a disgusting face. He simply couldn't imagine anyone finding smelling his sweaty underwear erotic, much less, smell good enough to moan. Coming back to his senses, Ty slipped passed Allen and had just placed his right leg into the shower when Allen's husky voice sounded, "Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm, you sure do smell mighty good, and I can hardly wait to drink down your sweet cum."
After hearing that, Ty quickly stepped inside the shower, pulling the clear plastic curtain closed, then activated the water. While he lathered himself up, Ty couldn't help not to notice that Allen was watching him the entire time. When he was finished, and as he slid the plastic curtain open, Allen was now standing and presented him with a large towel.
Allen stood just a few feet from where Ty was toweling himself off, peering energetically as to the dynamic beauty this young lad possessed. When Ty used the towel to hoist his tanned hairless balls up, forcing his flaccid cock upwards too, Allen let out a loud bear like groan, then blurted, "Damn, fuck me for all I'm worth! Whoa, you are absolutely fucking gorgeous!"
Ty, being ever so respectful, issued his soft thanks to each of Allen's compliments. As the seconds ticked by, Ty was becoming more and more nervous, even to the point questioning if all those deals was actually worth it. When he used the towel to dry his butt's crack, Allen spurted, "That sure is one lucky towel!"
After having prolonged the inevitable for as long as he possibly could, Ty handed Allen the towel, then in a soft whispering voice whispered, "Sir, I'm not gay."
Allen growled a gut wrenching chuckle, then fired back, "Me neither! I just like sucking a dick every now and again. It's not my fault you are so damned pretty, now is it? Besides, when my mouth gets on that dick of yours, I'll guarantee you that you wont give a shit that it's a guy's mouth, and not some girls. Now, how about you turn around so I can get a good look at that plump little ass of yours, and this time, without anything blocking my view."
Ty swallowed hard, although his mouth felt dryer than ever. He turned around so that the overweight man could stare at his butt. Then, Allen's voice piped in, "Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh myyyyyyyyyyyyyyy gaaaaawwwwwddd! Holy shit, you, you, you got an ass to die for! That pretty little thing was meant to be eaten!"
Without being told to do so, Ty turned back around to face Allen. Allen spoke once more, "Young man, with your looks and your body, you could go places, plenty of places I'm telling you. Damn, you are definitely the most gorgeous young man I have ever laid eyes on. How old are you?"
Ty told him his age and Allen was flabbergasted because Ty burned an everlasting impression inside his mind that he was more like 14 years old. Allen had Ty get on his bed, flat on his back, and legs spread widely. While Allen low crawled in between Ty's trembling legs, his eyes glared deeply into Ty's twitching eyes. The young man's dick was flaccid, and laying peacefully to the right side. Those tender small hairless nuggets trapped in a tanned sac of glowing satin made Allen's mouth water to no end.
Then, a surging rage of electrical currents shot through his body as Ty felt the man's thick tongue swab the underside of his balls. Instinctively, Ty's legs spread wider than ever as he closed his eyes while biting his lower lip. The beefy tongue swarmed all over his tiny balls, swirling and slithering all around each delicate nugget. When Allen's tongue struck the area from his balls leading to his asshole, Ty couldn't stop the sounds purring from his panting mouth. And, in no time, Ty's cock was brickyard hard.
While he savored the sensations and tastiness of Ty's younger balls, Allen eyed the spectacle of Ty's tanned erection. 5 glorious slender inches of rock hard treasure presented itself to Allen's venturing eyes. It offered the appearance of a small upturned banana and the cock head itself was enough to make anyone drop to their knees and start sucking. It was about the same girth as the shaft itself, but it bore a brilliant pinkish color to it, and flared itself gracefully as if in the heavenly form of a mushroom. Even those tiny twin piss lips looked ever so kissable. Allen also noted that whoever the surgeon was who performed the circumcision should be given an award based upon sheer brilliance. If there was a scar, Allen sure couldn't see one from his angle.
After ensuring himself to have completely dined on each delicious nugget, Allen's tongue slowly licked upwards, slithering to and fro all over the base of Ty's throbbing erection. Even the soft pubic hairs tasted and smelled wonderful. Allen’s thick tongue traveled upwards, forcing Ty's cock to uncontrollably twitch and jerk at a rapid pace. By now, Ty's soft purrs began growing louder and louder as the endless thrills and sensations exploded through every part of his bucking body.
Ty was no virgin when it came to being on the receiving end of a blow-job, but the magic being performed on him now was by far different than anything he had ever experienced before. When the man's tongue traced the under side of his cock head, Ty's purrs turned more into roars. Not knowing what to do with his hands, Ty slung them outwards while his fingers drew up the bed linen while making two closed fists. He could feel his ass jutting upwards, but no matter how hard he tried, Ty couldn't control it.
Then, Ty's angelic voice shot through the air, "Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh fuck, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh shit, yes, yes, yesssssssssssssss!"
Allen had eagerly sank his hot mouth onto Ty's twitching cock, sliding his flesh sealing lips all the way down to the base. The magnitude of his explosive emotions sent Ty's body into a bucking rage, using his cock to pound the man's mouth with overheated excitement. Allen slid his right hand under Ty's bouncing jewels, locking his fingers together, and began caressing them while tugging gently down on them. This action only enraged Ty's uncontrollable emotions, sending his boyish soft voice slicing through the air.
In less than a minute, Ty cried out, "I'm, I'm, ohhhhhhhhhhhh God, I'm cloooooooooooooosssssssssssssseeeeeee!"
Allen slurped his mouth upwards and off Ty's throbbing cock, prolonging the younger man's orgasm. While Ty was trying to figure out why Allen had stopped sucking his cock, the next thing he knew was that his legs were being shoved way over his head and the man's thick face was glaring sharply into his upwards turned, and widely spread, butt crack.
The view presenting itself to Allen's eyes was a view that could never carry a price tag. He was now staring directly onto Ty's virgin butt hole, and by any and all sense of the word, this was clearly not a hole, but more of a miniature looking crease. Even inside the younger man's crack, the entire area was just as tanned as the rest of his magnificent body. The scrawny little speck was damn near invisible, but having been in this very same position many times before, Allen knew it was Ty's asshole, although it certainly didn't look like any asshole he'd ever seen before.
Allen stuffed his noise directly onto the tanned tiny speck and began breathing in deeply. Ty was besides himself knowing all too well that the older man must be pleasuring himself by smelling his butt hole. Just thinking about smelling a butt hole was a major turn off to Ty, and he couldn't figure out why anyone would ever want to do something so naturally disgusting, but, here he was, ass up and the man was smelling his butt.
While still sniffing heavily, Allen's husky voice shot through Ty's ears, "Fuck, fuck meeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Your ass smells sooooooooooooo gooooooodddd!"
Although this was a bit embarrassing for Ty, knowing his butt hole was being smelled in the manner in which Allen was now doing, but then, in the blink of an eye, Ty cried out as soon as he felt the man's tongue strike his unsuspecting asshole. It felt like his thick tongue flattened itself out and was lapping at his hole like a thirsty dog drinking from a fresh bowl of water. At first, Ty's only thought was that this had to be the ultimate in disgusting. After all, this is where he shits from and now a man was using his tongue to lick it. However, within less than 20 seconds, those thoughts completely evaporated from his mindset. Now, Ty was panting, moaning, grunting, and purring as to his never before eaten asshole being eaten.
While Allen dined on the younger man's delicious butt hole, Allen began using his left hand to slowly manipulate Ty's erect cock. Adding more sexual fuel to the fire, so to speak, Allen reached upwards and began rotating from one tiny pink erect nipple to the other, gently tugging and tweaking each one. Several times, Ty came close to his orgasm, but Allen never let Ty blow his load, stopping just in time before it could happen.
Though he tried desperately, all Allen could manage was to slip the very tip of his thick tongue into Ty's super tight asshole. Feeling just the very tip of his tongue dip into the boy's fiery hot anal bliss, Allen also was greeted with Ty's powerful and overly protective anal muscles. Every time he tried to shove more of his tongue into the tasty chamber, Ty's anal muscles immediately retaliated with brute force.
By now, an hour and a half had slipped by, and Ty was literally begging to blow his load. His balls felt like they were going to pop out of the sac at any moment now, and Ty's only thought in life was to release his overly pressurized built up load. Allen was finally on the same page with Ty and he had worked himself into such a frenzy that he just had to taste the boy's love juice.
Now, Ty's cock was back inside Allen's mouth and while Allen sucked feverishly, Ty was bucking his lower body off the bed, fucking the man's mouth in the process. Allen placed his right middle finger directly onto Ty's saliva coated butt hole while using his right thumb to caress Ty's hairless jewels. For Ty, that was the final straw as he slung his hips upwards while screaming at the top of his lungs. It felt like his cum was starting from his curling toes, working itself upwards, building pressure somewhere inside his shaft, and awaiting the precise moment to rocket from his cock.
Then, Allen felt the first hot cum ball smack heavily onto the roof of his mouth, followed with a rapid succession of long strands of precious gooey nectar. By no means was Allen a stranger to swallowing cum, but he was a bit shocked at the power behind Ty's orgasm. The cum strands fired into his mouth, and with each blast, Allen could feel his lips slide upwards onto the boy's exploding cock. To match the awesome power of the cum wads was the equally impressive amount. Though be it Allen was not one to complain, nor was he complaining now, but he never knew anyone who could produce so much cum as in the way Ty was now providing him with.
As for Ty, he already knew he had never experienced such a fierce and intense orgasm as the one he was now still involved in. Just when he thought things were about to settle down, his body convulsed and more cum shot out of his cock, one cum strand followed by another. Just when Allen realized he would have no choice but to start swallowing, Ty's cock started to slow down and was now steadily pumping out oozes of cum balls. Allen held his position until Ty's once steel like hard cock was nothing more than a soft noodle. Keeping Ty's flaccid cock inside his mouth, Allen now fed his desires by slowly tasting the gorgeous younger man's cum offering.
Allen gulped once, then twice, then tasted a third helping. Each time he swallowed, he desperately searched for a distinctive taste, but having sampled a fourth and fifth helping, Allen realized that Ty's cum simply didn't have any taste whatsoever. Allen managed to slowly dine on Ty's cum until the last tasteless morsel was now sliding down his throat. It wasn't until he was personally satisfied when Allen decided to allow the boy's lifeless cock to dispense from his vacuuming mouth.
Wiping some sweat from his forehead with his right hand, Allen's hoarse voice roared, "Damn, you taste just as sweet as you look. Mmmmmmmmm, I could spend a lifetime just looking at you, not to mention, sucking the pure sweetness from that perfect cock of yours, and, eating that hot delicious ass too!"
Ty wanted to give the older man his thanks, but his body was still mildly convulsing and his mind was still spinning wildly from the most intense orgasm he had ever had the privilege of enduring. While Ty panted and moaned, Allen lay in between Ty's legs glaring at Ty's flaccid cock and breath taking over all natural mind altering beauty.
Within a few heart thumping seconds, Ty returned back into a moral normal state of being. It was then that Allen scooted his body off of the bed, in turn, allowing Ty to ease himself out of bed, and as Ty got dressed, Allen sat on the edge of the bed eyeing Ty as he fought to get his clothes back on. Allen interjected, "You know, if you were willing to do a bit more, I know a guy who just happens to own the state's largest electrical company. I know you said you wasn't gay, but this guy would want to do a bit more than just suck that pretty cock of yours, that is, if you were interested."
Ty peered over at the older man, being somewhat inquisitive, asked, "Like what sir?"
Allen bellowed out a forced chuckle, then fired back, "Well, he'd want to do a lot more to your ass than just eat it, that's for sure! Hell, knowing him as well as I do, I'd bet he'd give you his company's business if you let him fuck you. Heck, I know a few folks that would give you a butt load of business if you were willing to trade that hot little body of yours."
The thought of something, more like a man's cock, going inside his ass not only was somewhat unthinkable, but it also sounded a bit painful too. While his mind raced with various thoughts, including dollar signs, Allen piped in, "Just give it a thought, and if that is something you just might consider, well uh, you know where I live and you got my number. Besides, you are now my official glass guy, and I can only hope you will let me suck you dry from time to time."
Ty was fully dressed by now, and in response, he softly stated, "I'll give it some thought sir, and I'll be checking in on you from time to time, and that's a promise sir."
Allen walked Ty out of the front door and watched the young man walk down his road until he was no longer in sight. Even walking was somewhat difficult, thanks in all to his rubbery legs. As his heavy feet carried him forwards, Ty's mind replayed the events that had just taken place. Now, he questioned himself if he was gay or bisexual. He had just let a stranger, a grown man, suck his cock. Even thinking of that, Ty admitted to himself that Allen had sucked his cock like no female ever had before. And, he had felt something he had never felt before, and that was having his butt eaten out. Yeah, it still sounded a bit disgusting, but again admitting to himself, it sure as hell felt like something he had never felt before, something wonderful!
When Ty finally made his way back to his vehicle, he sat down and called all the deals in. The secretary wasn't all that happy with all the late deals, but the GM sure was tickled shitless. After calling his deals in, Ty went on home, and immediately took a shower. Laying in his bed naked, Ty once again replayed his encounter with Allen. It wasn't so much the idea of letting a man suck his cock bothering him so much, but it was all that Allen had said afterwards that was bugging laying heavily on his spinning young mind.
Unable to rest, Ty got out of bed and sat down at his computer. For the first time in his life, Ty went straight to some gay porn sites. Scene after scene unfolded where he witnessed various guys being fucked, and some were being fucked by guys with enormous cocks, and they all seemed to be loving it. Not only was watching men being fucked something strange, but Ty's 5 inches of tanned meat was now throbbing in on the action as well.
For nearly two hours, Ty watched various gay videos of man on man sex. With the sound set on low, Ty strained his ears to capture the mens moans and grunts as cock after cock invaded assholes. When he finally clicked on one video that entitled "Old Versus Young" Ty soon found himself stroking his cock as a bald headed older man was entwined in the arms of a very young guy. As the video progressed, Ty watched as the older man hungrily dined on the younger man's butt hole. Ty could hear both men moan in ecstasy throughout the video. When the older man, who just so happened to be the proud owner of one very large cock, shoved his butt packer straight up the younger man's ass, that's when Ty had jerked himself into a cum shooting frenzy.
His cum splattered against his chest, with one huge cum strand glued to the cleft of his chin. Watching the man's huge cock pound the younger man senseless, Ty jerked his cock as it spat out glob after glob of pure white cream. When Ty was finally spent, he did what he himself considered to be unthinkable. He scooped up the cum glob that was now stringing itself from his chin with his right index finger, then gave it a brief inspection, and stuck his cum coated finger into his mouth. He did make a mild disgusting facial expression as he gagged on his own cum, but that was more out of knowing what he was doing, and not from the actual taste.
Realizing his cum really didn't taste like much, Ty scooped up a bit more and milked it down his throat. Before he knew it, Ty had managed to clean himself up by lapping down his own cum. It was then that he crawled back into his bed, and while his mind went from one gay scene to the next, his body relaxed to the point that somewhere in time, Ty finally drifted off into a deep, deep sleep.
For the next couple of days, Ty did fairly good in sales, but as soon as he got home, he went straight to his computer and began roaming through various gay sites. The one thing that he was a bit curious about was he couldn't help not to notice how the men who was doing the fucking never pulled out "dirty" cocks. After all, their cocks were up another man's ass, and Ty knew all about what that area produced. So, with that being said, Ty began doing his own research on anal sex. It was while he was researching the topic was when he discovered the area involving self enemas.
As the week progressed, Ty began experimenting with various enemas he had read about. Although he wasn't all that crazy about the actual enema itself, he did however enjoy the refreshing feeling of being exceptionally clean. One day while out working, Ty stopped in at one of the local CVS Pharmacies. He actually was there to buy some Fleet Enemas, and as he grabbed the container, he noticed another form of anal cleansing. It was a hot water enema bag that looked a lot more sturdier, and reusable. Pulling out his "notes" Ty also picked up a large bottle of minty fresh mouth wash, non foaming coconut bath oil, and few other miscellaneous items.
As soon as Ty got home, he could hardly wait to experiment using his new hot water enema bag. The nozzle entering his butt was a good 8 inches long, and though it took some time and considerable effort, when it was all said and done, Ty could feel that his bowels had been completely cleaned out. Nearly two weeks after his sexual encounter with Allen, Ty finally mustered up enough courage to go back to the man's house and speak with him about some "extra" business. His sales were not as good as he had been hoping for, and since he was money motivated, Ty figured it couldn't hurt to talk with Allen a bit further. He already knew that once he got to Allen's house, the man more than likely would want to suck him off again, so this time, he made sure he was super clean, both inside and out, and that Allen was his first stop.
When Ty arrived at Allen's home, he saw Allen in the backyard delivering orders to numerous employees. As Ty made his approach, he saw numerous male employees follow his footsteps with their eyes. One by one, the trucks began to exit the yard and head out wherever they were assigned to go. Finally, after 20 long minutes of standing there feeling as though he was some kind of eye candy, the last employee drove off.
Knowing that it was just the two of them, Allen walked up to Ty, then teasingly said, "I got three more trucks with broken windshields and I'll gladly trade them for a shot at tasting that pretty perfect pecker of yours."
Ty smiled that glowing smile of his, sending Allen into more of an over heated sexual state, then softly replied, "Sounds like an okay trade to me!"
When the two walked inside Allen's home, Ty had already began getting undressed. His cock was already throbbing, and although Allen wasn't much to look at, the man sure knew how to suck a cock, and it had been two long days since Ty last drained his aching balls.
They were in the kitchen area and Ty thought that they were going to be going back into Allen's bedroom, but when Allen saw Ty naked, he simply couldn't wait the few short seconds so he literally hoisted Ty up onto the counter and immediately began sucking Ty's cock while folding Ty's hairless balls.
While Allen sucked up and down on Ty's throbbing boner, his nostrils breathed in the most intoxicating aroma he had ever smelled. It was mild, yet ever so powerful. Knowing that it was Ty's cock, and adding in the mind boggling aroma, Allen could hear himself grunt and growl like a fired up bear in search of some freshly made honey.
In less than two minutes, Ty warned Allen he was getting close. Allen scooted Ty forwards a bit, then shoved Ty's legs into the air, then thrust his butt loving tongue directly onto Ty's scrawny little butt hole. While his ass eating tongue savagely dined on Ty's asshole, again Allen breathed in a strange new breath stealing scent. The fragrance bloating his lungs was that of soap, a fresh minty aroma, and highlighted with a touch of sweet smelling coconuts.
Allen spent about five minutes dining on Ty's ass, and still, no matter how hard he tried, he was only able to get the very tip of his tongue into Ty's anal chamber. Growing thirstier and thirstier by the second, Allen stopped lapping at Ty's delicious asshole and resumed sucking on Ty's cock. While his lips worked feverishly on Ty's perfect cock, Allen used his left hand to gently caress Ty's balls while his right middle finger fought brilliantly to gain entrance into Ty's virgin asshole.
Ty bit his lower lip while crying out as his torpedoing cum exploded volcanically into Allen's more than ready mouth. Shot after thick ropey shot of sweet man seed fired repeatedly into Allen's mouth. Just like the last time, Allen was surprised, but thankful, as to the power and quantity being force fed into his cum addicted mouth.
Just like the first time, Allen swallowed and swallowed, still unable to derive any taste whatsoever. When Allen had finished swallowing all of Ty's cum, he released Ty's softening cock. Ty scooted off of the counter, got dressed, while Allen watched his every move. Allen smacked his lips, then gruffly stated, "Hot damn all mighty, you got the best tasting cum I've ever tasted, and that ass of yours, fuck me, that ass was meant to be eaten, and eaten properly I tell you. Ty, don't take this the wrong way, but you sure are the prettiest fucking boy I've ever laid eyes on."
Ty gave his respectful thanks, then hesitantly asked, "The first time we met, and afterwards, you said you knew a guy who owned the state's largest electrical company. You said I might be able to get his account if I uh, I uh, let him fuck me. Do you think he might be interested?"
Allen looked a bit more serious now as he replied, "Yeah, I said that, but Ty, Gene aint accustomed in dealing with no virgin. He's a good guy, but I've seen the damage he could do with that big fucking horse cock of his. Hell, I've tried to get my tongue up that tight ass of yours and could only get the very tip in. Come to think of it, I couldn't even get my fat fucking finger up there either. Gene aint the kind of guy you want to have that ass of yours violated for the first time, no sir, oh hell no. I've personally seen that man's cock, and to be downright honest, the mother fucker scares the shit out of me. Uh huh, no man alive is supposed to have a cock the size of his."
Ty heard every word, and was now feeling discouraged to the whole idea of enduring a cock up his ass just to land a company account. Just out of curiosity, Ty asked, "So, how big is it sir?"
Allen slapped his meaty right thigh with his big right paw forcing out a chuckle, then said, "That son-of-a-bitch must be well over 10 inches long and thicker than my fucking (balling up his right hand into a fist) fist. Imagine me trying to shove my fist up your ass, and that's pretty much what you'll be getting fucking around with old Gene. I'm telling you Ty, Gene aint the kind of guy you want to have popping your cherry. Hell, the few times I've seen it, both guys who love being fucked mind you, screamed at the top of their lungs for him to pull it out, but that fucker shoved that big ass log up their butts anyways."
Now, the whole thing sounded more like a nightmare than anything else, and just as Ty was getting ready to ask for the information on the three trucks, Allen spoke once more, "You know, I aint one to go around and fuck men, no sir, not me. I just love to suck and swallow cum, but I do have another close friend who you just might be interested in, that is, if you're interested."
Ty shrugged his shoulders while he whispered, "I might be! It all depends on what I have to do."
Allen got up and went to a drawer to retrieve his black book filled with contact numbers. Ty stood patiently while Allen flipped through the pages. While Allen was looking for the information, he began talking, "Ty, this guy has a thing for younger men, just as long as they are of legal age. He's not the owner of the company, but he is in charge of all of their vehicles. I do know that much for sure. I aint never seen him naked, so I don't know what he's packing in the meat department, but I do know he's a very nice fellow. He aint like Gene at all. He'll be gentle and take things slow knowing your sweet ass is virgin."
There was a brief moment with no words being exchanged when Allen finally spoke, "I tell you what. I'll find his number, talk it over with him, then I'll give you a call. Sounds okay to you?"
Ty agreed, then proceeded to get the information for the three vehicles, then left. While he drove, his mind kept on taking him back to all of the gay videos he had been watching for the past couple of weeks. Having just drained his balls, his cock responded to his wicked thoughts and began throbbing like crazy. Though he didn't want to own up to it, but somewhere deep within his sex crazed mind, Ty was unconsciously begging to have his anal cherry popped. Was he turning gay? Did he no longer want to be with a girl? Was he craving a cock and not some dripping wet pussy? He tried to envision himself having sex with a girl as he drove, but within a flash of a few seconds, the girl was replaced with a man, and not just a man close to his own age, but an older man. It was now he who was on his back while the older man fucked his ass straight to hell. All Ty could ask himself was what the fuck?
The rest of the day proceeded as normal with Ty obtaining a total of 9 deals for the day. It was late in the afternoon, and he was heading home when he decided to stop by and check out a flower shop that he knew had several fleet vehicles. Upon entering, Ty walked up to the counter and asked to speak to either the manager, or the owner. The lady at the counter walked towards the back, out of Ty's view, and a few seconds later a man who looked to be in his late 50's walked up.
The man politely asked, "How can I help you young man?"
Ty introduced himself and as the two shook hands, Ty discovered the man's name is Walter, and we was the owner. Ty told him all about the glass shop he worked for, and how they could provide assistance to his flower shop. Walter listened to every word Ty said, and the more he stared and listened, the harder his cock began to throb. Walter had never seen such eloquent beauty such as the beauty his eyes were now feasting upon. It was while Ty was explaining about the glass shop he worked for and how they could assist Walter and his flower shop, Walter began creating a perverted and devious plan to seduce the young beauty.
Walter led Ty through the flower shop and into the gated back yard. It was then that Walter stopped, faced Ty, then stated, "This could be your lucky day. I just happen to own 15 flower shops throughout the state, and if your company can service each location, then you and I can make some sort of deal. But (in a teasing manner of speech), I must warn you young man, I like making deals."
Hearing that he could land such a large commercial account, Ty's excitement glowed from his smiling face. With just as much excitement in his voice, Ty fired back, "No problem sir! Just name your deal and I'll make it happen sir!"
Walter was already thinking that this young beauty was making his deal proposal a bit too easy, so tossing caution into the wind, Walter placed his right hand on Ty's left shoulder, smiled, then said, "Okay, you sound eager enough, but we'll see just how eager you are once you hear my proposal. Here's the deal! I am sure you can already tell I am gay, just by the way I talk, so, if you want all my business, then you and I must spend some quality alone time together."
Ty gulped as he asked, "Uh, what sort of quality alone time are we talking about sir?"
Walter cleared his throat, and still smiling, simply stated, "I want to have sex with you! I want to make love to you over and over again until neither one of us has enough energy to move. In other words, I want that tight little butt of yours. So, that's my proposal, and it's up to you to make your own decision!"
It was then that reality sort of set in, and Ty began measuring Walter up and down. To Ty's best estimate, he figured Walter stood close to 5'8" and weighed a fairly slender 140 pounds. He had a clean shaven slender face and his eyes were crystal blue. However, while he judged Walter, his mind took him back to various gay sex scenes he had watched, and while his mind raced with all sorts of thoughts, something strange overwhelmed him.
Ty smiled as he spoke, "Well sir, I've never really done anything like that, but I guess if you'll take it kind of slow, I'll give it a try."
Walter's heart thumped knowing that he was facing a pride and true virgin. If his cock wasn't hard before, it sure as hell was now. Walter brushed the left side of Ty's face as he replied, "My God, you are sooooooooooooo beautiful! It's almost too hard to believe nobody has ever taken that perfect butt of yours, but I promise you, I'll take it easy cause I would never want to do anything that would hurt you."
After their conversation, Walter gave Ty his address and Ty agreed to come to his home in two hours. This way, it would give both a chance to freshen up a bit. The short drive to his home was one filled with excitement, yet nervousness. Ty knew that he was going to have his ass cherry popped, and all he could think about was just how much pain would he have to endure to land this huge commercial account.
Ty walked into his home and headed straight for his bathroom. After undressing, Ty retrieved his enema bag, and kit, from its secret hiding spot in his bedroom, then went back into the bathroom. The concoction he used to apply the enema to himself was: warm water, non bubbling coconut bath oil, mint flavored mouth wash, and topping it off with a small helping of wine. Upon doing his research, Ty read an article that if a person applies a small amount of wine, then it would ease the pain of the initial entry. The article also cautioned the readers to not use much of the wine cause it could easily make a person too intoxicated. The wine, if used properly, would help control, and numb, a persons anal muscles, allowing for a less painful introduction to anal sex.
It took only a couple of tries before the fluid expelling from his butt was clear. Feeling exceptionally clean in regards to his bowels, Ty stepped into the shower with his 5 inches of tanned pride and glory leading the way. Ty made sure that every square inch of his gorgeous little body was heavily lathered with his coconut scented soap prior to rinsing off. He didn't just want his butt to smell good, he wanted his entire body to smell refreshing. When he was done drying off, Ty brushed his teeth and tongue for an extra long time, then gargled four or five times with the minty flavored mouth wash.
Knowing that he was getting closer and closer to engaging in man to man sex, Ty slipped on a white pull over tank top and white tight fitting short shorts. Instead of wearing his sneakers, Ty just put on his flip flops, then eagerly, and nervously, got into his car and headed towards Walter's home. His cock was throbbing the entire 8 minute drive to Walter's. When he parked his car, Ty's heart jumped in on the action and began pounding like crazy. With each step he took leading up to the front door, Ty began feeling more and more light headed.
His right hand trembled uncontrollably as his index finger depressed the doorbell. Standing outside, Ty heard the doorbell sound, and now it was only a matter of time, realizing at that very moment he had crossed the threshold of no return. The door swung partially open and Walter was standing behind the door with his body bladed out of Ty's view. Initially, Ty figured Walter was naked, but as he stepped inside, it was then that Ty saw Walter wearing a red colored shiny robe.
The house lights were off, but candles lit the way as they walked into the living room. Walter pointed for Ty to take a seat on the sofa, and once Ty sat down, Walter sat a cushion's length away from him, placing his right bended knee on top of the cushion. Ty slightly repositioned himself so that his body was more angled to look at Walter, and in doing so, his eyes caught the vague image of Walter's barely visible balls and moderately hairy sac.
Ty could feel his body shake and his heart was pounding harder and heavier than ever before. Walter broke the erie silence, "I have to admit that I was a bit curious if you would even show up. Ty, pardon me for being so bold, but you are utterly the most breath taking vision of heavenly perfection that I have ever seen. My God, have you any idea just how gorgeous you truly are? You must, and only in a dream could I be the mirror that beholds such heavenly beauty such as the beauty you see when you look into a mirror."
When Ty issued his thanks, Walter realized just how truly nervous the gorgeous young virgin must be just by the sound of Ty's soft angelic voice. Walter added, "Ty, I know this is something you are not accustomed in doing, and words simply cannot express my most sincerest gratitude. By you even showing up, you earned my company's business, so being completely honest, nothing has to happen between you and I."
Though he was nervous and his body shook violently, Ty looked at Walter, then with his soft voice whispered, "Uh, no sir! A deal is a deal, and I am ready, or I think I am, for whatever happens here tonight sir."
Walter smiled, took in a deep breath, then with the most proper inquisitive question, politely asked, "Okay, and if you don't find this to be too objectionable, but would you please remove your shirt? If you feel that this is too soon, or you don't feel comfortable, please ignore my request."
Ty shrugged his shoulders, then peeled his shirt over his head, and placed his shirt on top of the coffee table in front of him. Walter eyed Ty's naked upper body like an eagle in search of fresh prey. His slithering tongue snaked out and began swiping both lips as he ogled over the younger man's tiny pink, and already erect, nipples. It didn't take Walter long to realize that young Ty was almost completely void of any body hair. He did see the tiny tuft of black hairs inside both armpits, but other than that, Walter couldn't even find a trace of peach fuzz anywhere else.
Walter eyed Ty's mid section, making mental notes of the rippling stomach muscles and that incredibly tiny belly button that seemingly was beckoning for him to come closer and taste it. He had already inspected Ty's legs, from his thighs all the way down to those sweet little toes, and ascertained that the boy was totally smooth. Even his little feet made Walter's mouth water with sheer gut wrenching envy.
Walter, clearing his throat once more, softly whispered, "So Ty, I know this is your first time being with a man, but what exactly have you been wanting to do?"
Ty, now feeling a thick lump in his throat, managed to squeak, "Well I uh, I've actually let a man suck me before, well uh, twice actually to be honest. I guess I've been thinking of uh, um, having a um, um, you know uh, um, um...up my butt!"
Walter smiled while he replied, "So I see! That sure must be one lucky fellow to have been able to suck you twice. I don't have to ask it, but I am quite positive he was more than thankful to have been pleasured by swallowing your offering of life. (Seeing the puzzled look on Ty's face) I mean, he swallowed your cum! So, you've been thinking about having a cock up that hot little butt of yours huh? Well Ty, with you being a virgin and all, let me explain a few things to you. First of all, that certainly isn't something that can be rushed. It can be excruciatingly painful if the person doing the fucking doesn't show patience. That virgin hole has to be properly prepped first, just so it can get accustomed to the idea that something is entering it, and not simply just existing. I am positive you've already heard about the prostate. Stimulating a man's prostate is a wonderful experience! With a lot of patience, and a whole lot of care, your first time can be one of the most exhilarating events that will ever happen to you. And that my young friend is precisely what I hope to do for you! As you will eventually see, I am by far a porn star, and by that I mean, I am not hung like a horse. In fact, I guess I'm about average in size, and thickness, with six inches to offer."
While Ty was letting everything absorb into his brain, Walter continued, "I still recall my first time being with a man. It was awful and downright brutal! The guy had about 9 thick inches and he just slammed the whole thing up my virgin ass without a care or concern in the world. After that night, thanks to him, it took me almost 2 years before I ever contemplated having sex with another man, although I had already known I was gay long before that. And that my gorgeous young angel, is not what I want you to feel."
Being ever so the polite one, Ty gave his thanks, but no matter how hard he tried, he could not escape the overwhelming nervous emotions scouring throughout his entire trembling body. Walter, wanting to see more of the gorgeous young man, calmly began speaking once again, "Being nervous is natural, so don't be too overly concerned with that. I completely understand. Ty, you have nothing to fear with me. If at anytime you feel uncomfortable, simply say "stop," and all will cease at that very moment. Sitting here admiring your beauty has got to be the hardest thing I've ever done. I know I've already said it before, but Ty, you are the most stunningly gorgeous young man I have ever been honored with seeing. May I ask you to stand and remove those shorts please? God, I can hardly wait to see your naked beauty in all of its splendid glory. Please, stand in front of me and allow my eyes to feast on your heavenly nudity."
Ty did appreciate the politeness and mannerism that Walter was providing him with. The tone of the man's soft voice was kind of helping him to settle down just a bit. Giving Walter's request a few short seconds to sink in, Ty figured he may as well get whatever tonight's events rolling. Now, he was standing about 4 feet directly in front of Walter as he slipped his shorts down his slender legs, then stepped out of them. Walter's scratchy voice bellowed, "Ohhhhhhhhhhhh myyyyyyyyyyyyy gaaaaaaaawwwwwdddd! You, you, you are utterly flawless!"
Before Walter's eyes stood a completely naked Ty with his 5 inches of upturned, tanned, cut, slender perfection, of prized deliciousness. Walter studied Ty's hairless tan sac as it tightly stretched around both small nuggets offering the impression that is was perfectly rounded and about the size of a ping pong ball. Though initially Ty's balls looked as though he only had one, but after a more careful inspection, Walter detected twin pearls.
Feeling a bit more bolder, Ty spun around to give Walter's eyes a viewing of his entire backside. Again, Walter's voice sounded, "Perfect, splendidly perfect! Pardon me for sounding so perverse, but Ty, you truly do have the most incredible body known to mankind. Your butt looks so muscular, yet so innocent. Whew, that certainly is one heck of a butt you got there. With your looks, your body, and that mouth watering butt, you can pretty much have anything you want. Heck, and I'll even go a bit further by adding in that I bet many people look at you and lay odds that you don't even have a bowel movement. If you do, there's no way it could possibly smell like poop. No sir, I'd stake my life on it! Damn, that's the prettiest butt I have ever seen!"
Going further, Ty quickly leaned over and grabbed both of his ankles with each of his hands, providing Walter a direct shot at his spread crack and asshole. Walter instinctively repositioned his body so that he was now seated at the very edge of the sofa, leaning forwards so he could get a better shot at the miracle of a lifetime now presenting itself to him.
Walter mumbled, "You got to be kidding me! I know what I am seeing, but it don't look like any I have ever seen before. Holy mother of sweet pearls, please tell me that's your butt hole I'm staring at? This is just unbelievable! That's, that's just a tiny wee little speck!"
Ty stood up and returned to his seat on the sofa. Looking over at Walter, who still had his mouth wide open, Ty teasingly asked, "Well, what do you think sir?"
Walter was almost speechless as he fought within himself to speak. Looking into Ty's entrancing eyes, Walter whispered, "Not even in a dream could anyone concoct such flawless beauty! My God, you are an endless array of heavenly beauty that was the pure creation from the heavens above, and once they achieved perfection, they will never be able to duplicate it ever again! Mere words could not describe your total beauty and give you the justice you so truly deserve."
They sat in their perspective seats for a few heart pounding seconds, and it was Walter who spoke first, "Ty, has those luscious kissable lips ever graced another man's lips before?"
Ty quickly responded, "Uh, no sir!"
Walter was fidgeting in his seat, pondering his next question when his mouth opened and the words sprung forth, "May I uh, may I kiss you?"
Before Ty could even think about it, his head was already bobbing up and down. Walter slid closer to Ty as he placed his right hand on the back of Ty's head, moaning lightly as to the silky texture of Ty's hair. The next thing Ty knew was that Walter's lips sank over his and he felt the man's tongue dart inside his mouth. Ty has kissed like this a few times, but only with girls, so he knew how to return the favor. However, once he slid his tongue into Walter's moist hot mouth, something strange and wonderful surged through his body. This kiss was unlike the few others he had done before. This was passionate!
While their tongues roamed the interior of the others mouth, Walter's left hand caressed Ty's naked thighs. Ty's right hand slid inside Walter's robe and he found himself caressing Walter's back area. When the man's hand latched onto his throbbing missile, Ty's moans shot down Walter's throat. Even the man's touch was doing something extra to him. The hand on his cock felt soft as the fingers slowly explored all five inches, making sure not a fraction of an inch was left untouched.
Their long deep passionate kiss lasted for over 15 minutes before their lips unsealed themselves from one another. Walter whispered, "You taste so sweet, and I am quite positive the rest of you will taste just as sweet!"
With no further words being exchanged, Walter stood up, held out his left hand and once Ty placed his right hand inside Walter's hand, Walter led them down the hall and into his bedroom. Walter positioned Ty flat on his back, almost directly in the center of the large king sized bed. The candles flickering in the room was the only light, and even those were having quite an effect on young Ty.
Walter stood on his knees before Ty, then removed his robe. Ty studied the erect slab of man meat now jutting itself directly at him. It was just like Walter had mentioned. His cock was a good 6 inches long, cut, and just a little thicker than his own slender slab of throbbing pre-cum oozing tanned meat. Once again, their lips met and their eager tongues began searching the interior realm of the others hot moist mouth. Walter was on top and he began gyrating his hips so that both of their cocks were now caressing one another. Ty's hands slid along Walter's back, relishing in the softness of the man's flesh. For Ty, this was definitely the most intense, the most passionate, kiss he had ever had the privilege in taking part of.
A good while later, and with their lips unlocking their seal, Walter began lavishing Ty's gorgeous face, ears, and neck area with long loving licks, soft nibbles, tender kisses, and a whole lot of sucking on his flesh. Walter simply couldn't get enough of the younger man's overall sweetness. The more he tasted, the more he craved!
Ty's breathing was extremely erratic. Never had he felt anything like what he was now feeling. It was now when he realized the major difference in fucking and making love. Now, he was more than a willing participant in love making. Eventually, Walter's roaming mouth found Ty's perky pink nipples, and he began taking turns sucking, licking, and gently biting each one. Ty's emotions exploded with never before felt luxuries of gut tightening pleasures. What the older man was doing to his nipples was driving him insane with body twisting motions.
In time, Walter worked his mouth from Ty's nipples, to his heaving chest, rippling stomach area, and was now basking in between Ty's spread legs, lavishly licking the crevice of the younger man's crotch area. Ty instinctively felt his legs spread wider to allow the older man more room to operate. Ty's angelic purrs ignited Walter's inner animalistic instincts, and being unable to control himself any longer, Walter opened his mouth and sucked in both of Ty's hairless jewels in one quick move.
Ty shot his knees higher into the air, locking both of his hands upon each kneecap. It felt like his balls were trapped inside a preheated oven, however the tongue lapping around and over each on of them was having a confusing mind spinning affect. Ty's ears could hear his own grunts and rampaging moans mixed with Walter's slurping noises as he gnawed hungrily on his balls.
The overbearing sweet aroma, and the satiny smooth feeling of Ty's hairless sac and small balls, was now consuming Walter's every thought. His eyes could see Ty's 5 glorious slender inches throbbing with his every heartbeat. To Walter, it had to have been the most prettiest sight known to mankind. It was almost as if Ty's boner was beckoning for him to come protect it from the cold. With that being said, Walter released Ty's nuggets and wasted no time at all in sinking his mouth all the way down on Ty's cock.
While Ty was softly moaning and grunting, Walter was lost in his own world feeling the most perfect cock to have ever been created grace his lips and mouth. Walter began using his right thumb to caress Ty's tightening balls while his fingers of his left hand began tweaking each of Ty's tiny erect nipples. As if on auto pilot, Ty began thrusting his butt off of the bed, driving his cock in and out of the older man's mouth repeatedly. In less than two minutes, Ty could feel his cum building that familiar explosive pressure. Walter, being an old pro at sucking cock, realized this too, so he slid his mouth off of Ty's cock, looked into Ty's watery eyes, then whispered, "Would you like to try and suck my cock?"
With his mind spinning at an almost out of control rage, Ty's voice fired back, "Yeah, yes, yessssssssssss siiiiiiiiirrrrrrrrrrrr!"
Walter made mention of a 69 position, and now it was Walter who was laying on his back and Ty was in the process of laying on top of Walter. All Walter could see was Ty's mystifying speck of a butt hole reveal itself before him. Ty came face to cock for the very first time in his life. He could see the huge ball of pre-cum oozing out of the flared mushroom shaped head. It was then that Ty discovered that Walter's cock head was a little thicker than the veiny rock hard shaft. The man's balls looked like they were the size of a medium sized chicken egg, both contained gracefully in a lightly gray haired covered sac.
Ty felt Walter's mouth return back to his cock, but this time, both of Walter's hand were now in the process of exploring his spread butt. Ty lashed his tongue out to taste Walter's pre-cum. It was kind of salty, but not all that bad. Opening his mouth, Ty eased his mouth over Walter's cock, doing his best to pay careful attention to not using his teeth at all. After about 4 inches, Ty began gagging, so he started mimicking Walter's oral movements and began sliding his mouth up and down while allowing his tongue to swirl around the cock head and shaft.
Walter was doing quite a bit of moaning and grunting while Ty was purring like a kitten being loved on. A few seconds of sucking on his first cock, Ty was starting to get the hang of it and realized that there really wasn't much to it at all. In fact, he was actually starting to enjoy himself having his mouth filled with man meat. Using trial and error, Ty managed to lower his lips all the way down into Walter's bushy grayish pubic hair, taking in all 6 hard inches.
It wasn't long before Ty was getting close, and again, being the pro he was, Walter knew it as well. With his mouth full of man meat, Ty's bellowing grunts sliced through the air as Walter's tongue slammed itself onto the tiny speck of a butt hole. While his tongue probed and slithered on Ty's asshole, Walter was breathing in the most gracious of scents his nostrils had ever breathed.
Ty used his mouth to slide up and down on Walter's cock while his fingers probed and caressed the older man's hairy balls. In no time, Walter began arching his butt upwards, now fucking the gorgeous younger man's mouth with wild and reckless abandonment. Ty held his mouth steady while the cock raced in and out of his mouth, periodically using his tongue to lash out at the thrusting cock head.
Walter tried to stuff his tongue up Ty's tight anal entrance, but the resistance was just too over powering. Not known for one to give up so easily, Walter slithered his tongue directly onto Ty's tiny asshole while his fingers dipped inside Ty's butt crack, and spread those delicious tanned cheeks further outwards. Over and over again, Walter used his tongue as a drill, slamming sharply onto the aromatic anal love button, doing all he could to gain entry.
Be it the fact that he was eating the most delicious asshole he had ever dined on, or simply being with the most incredibly gorgeous guy he had ever saw, either way, Walter's orgasm ripped though his body like a tsunami tidal wave. Walter didn't even have time to give the virgin younger man any warning whatsoever as his cock erupted violently, firing repeated rounds of cum strands deep into Ty's inexperienced young mouth. Ty felt the huge glob of man juice explode onto the roof of his mouth, followed with a series of rapid jets. He knew what it was, but he didn't know if he was ready to taste another man's cum just yet.
While Walter's cock was busy erupting the most intense orgasm Walter had ever endured up do date, his ass drilling tongue shot through the tiny orifice and was now basking in the interior anal glow of Ty's fiery hot butt. Ty felt it too, but the hands spreading his butt cheeks held him place as a dull fiery hot pain shot through every pore in his body.
Not only was Ty feeling Walter's probing tongue inside his anal canal, but the cock in his mouth was now spitting out globs upon thick gooey globs of man cream, and he could feel the copious supply of man juice swimming all around inside his mouth. When Walter shoved his tongue to its deepest depth, Ty grunted from the dull burning pain, but when he did, a large portion of Walter's gooey cum slid down his throat. Ty's initial reaction was to gag as to the mild salty flavor of the thick cream trickling down his gulping throat, but after holding himself steady for a few short seconds, he decided that it really didn't taste all that bad. Knowing that fact, Ty sampled more of Walter's healthy offering until the only thing left inside his mouth was the older man's semi hard cock.
A very short time later, Walter had to stop Ty from sucking on his super sensitive cock, but he never skipped a beat using his tongue to lap at the boy's anal interior. This was a position in which Walter was all too familiar with, but, dining on a butt so utterly delicious and sweet smelling, not to mention so damn tight, was something new for even Walter. With each inward probe of his tongue, Walter could feel Ty's anal muscles regroup and attack with defiant vengeance. The heat was more like the blue flame coming from a welder's torch in preparation to burn through solid metal.
Ty could feel his hard cock throb with each and every thrusting motion of Walter's tongue. He arched his body upwards using the palms of his hands as they clutched onto Walter's hairy thighs. His once soft purrs sounded more like a lions roar as all kinds of mind boggling pleasures exploded throughout his entire body. The dull pain was no longer an issue because now all Ty could feel was something so wonderful that no words could even begin to describe it.
Walter gravitated his body out from underneath Ty, and in doing so, flipped Ty onto his back, pushing his legs high up over his head so that he now was tongue fucking Ty's asshole like tomorrow would never come. In time, needing to give his ass eating tongue a brief rest, Walter began rotating from eating Ty's ass to sucking his pre-cum spitting cock. Several times Ty came close to blowing his pent up load, but being the cock sucking pro he was, Walter stopped just short.
After about an hour of taking turns sucking Ty's cock and eating his asshole, Walter had worked himself up into such a thirst and it was now he knew just what he wanted to drink, and that was Ty's cum. Walter knew timing was everything as his mouth greedily sucked on Ty's slender cock while his right thumb drew miniature circles directly on Ty's saliva soaked tasty butt hole.
Walter knew precisely what his next move would be, but he knew he had to implement due caution. His mouth raced up and down on Ty's silky smooth rock hard cock while his thumb increased its circular motion. Ty was being driven insane with explosive pleasures as he hoisted his butt up off of the bed and just as he felt the power of his cock head explode its richness, Walter jammed his right thumb all the way up Ty's anal canal.
Ty screamed at the sudden intrusion, but it was far too late for his cock began pumping out streams of jetting creamy honey into Walter's awaiting mouth. Walter quickly found Ty's prostate and he began caressing while applying a bit of pressure. Though Walter knew what he was doing, Ty had no clue what was happening. Yes, he knew he was busting a nut, but whatever was going on inside his ass was by far much different than anything he had ever encountered before. It was a bit painful, but whatever Walter was doing, he most certainly was doing it correctly.
Walter silently counted 9 long cum blasts before Ty's cock drifted into a slower, yet steady, oozing of cum pellets. With his lips sealing the very flesh of Ty's cum oozing cock, Walter took it upon himself to capture the taste that he already convinced himself would be the most sweetest he would have ever tasted. One small sampling led into several more, and the more he tasted, the more Walter realized that there wasn't any taste at all. Before he knew it, he had devoured all of Ty's cum, and so wished he could get another helping.
Eventually, Walter had to force his mouth off of Ty's now flaccid noodle. Easing himself up off of the bed, Walter retrieved a bottle of lube and a towel, then slid back up onto the bed. Ty was almost lifeless as Walter physically positioned Ty the way he wanted him to be in. Ty was now laying on his left side in more of a modified fetal position.
Walter smeared some of the slippery lubricant all over his right fingers then gently pushed his right index finger into Ty's tiny anal orifice. Ty grunted and rocked his butt back and forth, not realizing it was he was actually fucking his ass onto Walter's finger. Trying to be as gentle as humanly possible, Walter allowed Ty to rock his butt back and forth at his own pace. When he felt his finger move in and out a lot more easier, Walter shoved his right middle finger inside Ty's butt just as Ty was thrusting his butt backwards. With the addition of the second digit, Ty came to life as he began whimpering and grunting from the burning sensation.
With two fingers now gracing the interior of the hottest, and tightest, ass on the planet, even Walter questioned whether or not there would be enough room to accommodate three. Taking his time, and a good 20 minutes later, Walter forced a third finger up Ty's ass. Ty winced and cried out, "Ow, ow, ow, owwwwwwwwwwwww, owwwwwwwwwwwww!"
Walter held his position steady, and so did Ty. His body seemed locked into the modified fetal position, doing all he could to will the fiery gut twisting pain from his body. Ty was wincing and hissing, and blowing out with each exhale of rapid breath. Ty even clutched his flaccid cock as the urge to piss suddenly overwhelmed him.
What felt like hours, but in reality was just about a couple of minutes, the pain in Ty's ass began subsiding. Walter took this as a signal to proceed, so he started slowly fucking Ty's ass with three extended fingers. Ty was still hissing constantly, and Walter could really feel the power of Ty's pissed off anal muscles as they clamped down on his fingers, placing them in some kind of vice like crushing anaconda choke hold.
Never had Walter felt so much power before, and the pressure being applied to his fingers was now being magnified to an even higher level. Now, Walter had to use some manly strength to thrust his fingers in and out of Ty's bone crushing asshole. While his fingers felt the raw power and crushing pressure, Walter's cock had a mind of its own, now growing back into its hardest erect state.
While Walter finger fucked Ty's ass with the fingers of his right hand, his left hand was busy applying the lubricant all over his harder than steel boner. Though Ty still didn't sound as though he was really getting into having his butt finger fucked, Walter simply couldn't resist the lingering temptation of replacing his fingers with his manhood. With that being said, he pulled his fingers out and wiped off the excess lubricant, then lay on his left side directly in behind Ty. Knowing that the boy's asshole would probably seal itself shut rather quickly, Walter quickly aligned his cock head directly onto Ty's asshole, then bucked his hips forwards.
Ty screamed, "Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh, owwwwwwwwwwwww, owwwwwwwwwwwww, fuuuuuuuccccccckkkkkkkkkk, fuuuuccccckkkkkkkkk, owwwwwwwwwwwww shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiittttttttt!"
Walter not only was able to get the head of his cock inside Ty's butt, but he managed to accidentally force a good 3 inches of shaft up the boy's virgin ass as well. Walter knew he had hurt him and was now profusely apologizing while making sure he didn't move a single muscle. Ty heard the apologies, but he was too busy trying to figure out if a telephone pole had just entered his ass, and, and it was on fire too. Never, not ever had he felt such gut wrenching fiery pain before. It felt like his asshole had been split in half and his guts would fall out of his body any second now.
While Walter lay still, making sure his throbbing cock didn't proceed deeper into Ty's rectum, Ty was still reeling from the awesome gut wrenching pain. He was hissing with every exhale of breath, and when he inhaled, Walter could hear the wind being vacuumed inside Ty's mouth. Ty's entire body shook violently, but in a matter of a few heart pounding, pain riddled seconds, something inside his butt snapped, forcing Ty to shove his cock filled ass backwards, impaling himself onto the remainder of Walter's cock.
Ty gasped as the remaining beef sank all the way up his butt, but now he no longer had any control of his own body. Without even realizing what he was doing, Ty began bucking his hips forwards and backwards, using his butt to fuck the older man's cock with his anus and restricting anal muscles. Walter picked up on this as well, so he began timing Ty's motions as he flung his cock in and out of the most incredible ass his cock had ever been honored in being in.
In time, and keeping his cock deeply implanted inside Ty's butt, Walter managed to reposition them both, and was now basking in the pleasures as he hammered his cock in and out of Ty's ass while now being in a doggy style position. Walter's hands clung onto Ty's hips, slinging Ty backwards as he thrust his cock forwards.
Ty screamed, "Yessssssssssssss, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh gaaaaaaaaawwwwddd yesssssssssssssssss, fuck me, fuck me, fuuuuuuuuccccccckkkkkkkk meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!"
Even Ty himself was surprised at hearing his own words fly from his panting mouth. No longer did he feel any pain, in fact, at this very moment in time, all Ty could think about was the overwhelming pleasures running their course throughout every square inch of his bucking body. Walter was also fading into a world known only to him as he inwardly cried as to the scorching heat and those miraculous vacuuming, bone crushing, anal muscles that are now savagely manipulating his thrusting cock.
Later, and once again while keeping his hard tool deeply implanted inside Ty's anal oven, Walter repositioned them, and now had Ty flat on his back with both ankles being safely tucked away behind Ty's head. Walter was more than a bit thankful to see that Ty was so flexible and limber. Now, Walter was delivering some deliberate well placed powerful thrusts while watching the most precious facial expressions dash across Ty's utterly gorgeous face.
It was probably a good 10 minutes later, and with no hands touching Ty's gorgeous cock, Walter could only watch as jets of creamy white cum shot out of Ty's cock, showering Ty's chest and stomach area with its creamy richness. With Ty now screaming from his own orgasm, his anal muscles revolted and began convulsing wilder than ever before, forcing Walter's own orgasm to crash through his body like a ton of bricks.
As Walter fucked the cum from his shooting cock in and out of Ty's mystifying hot ass, Ty was still screaming as he was completely delirious from his own highly intense orgasm. After a short well needed break, the two spent the entire night having sex. By morning time, Walter had fucked Ty's ass 6 more times. Ty did take a shower, but he found it almost impossible to stand on his own two wobbly feet. By the time he left, he had secured all of Walter's company vehicles, and Walter's personal vehicles as well.
The next two weeks, Ty went around to his commercial accounts. Thanks to Walter, Ty picked up 8 more commercial accounts. Those 8 new accounts were easy because all he had to do was let the business owners suck him off. Within those two weeks, Ty did return back to Walter's so that Walter could fuck him a few more times. By now, Ty began to grow hungrier and hungrier to feel more man cocks ravish his butt. So far, only Walter had fucked him, but Ty knew he wanted more, a lot more mind you!
By the middle of the third week, Walter called Ty regarding a potential new client who just happened to have a humongous fleet of vehicles. Ty jotted the man's name, phone number, and address down, and once his conversation with Walter had been completed, Ty called the man, known only to him as Mr. Jenkins. Not to sound racial, but just by their telephone conversation, Ty figured that Mr. Jenkins was black. He did obtain an appointment to speak with Mr. Jenkins at his office in two hours.
Ty entered Mr. Jenkins address into his GPS, and started driving the 25 miles. Ty knew he was thoroughly clean, both inside and out, and while he drove, his cock began twitching and his puckering little asshole felt like it was actually starving to be fed with a man's cock.
When Ty arrived at his destination, he was more than surprised to see that Mr. Jenkins owned one of the largest trucking companies in the state. Just by looking at the name on some of the parked trucks, Ty already felt like he had struck it rich. His cock still throbbed, but his eyes saw dollar signs as he drove up to the parking area and parked.
Ty entered the building and approached the receptionist informing her of his appointment with Mr. Jenkins. Per the receptionist, Ty sat in a chair in the lobby, heart racing like never before, and his cock and asshole both throbbed in anticipation. Up to now, he had never been with a black man before, but knowing all about the company he was now trying to secure, Ty had already told himself that whatever Mr. Jenkins wanted from him, he would do in a heartbeat. If he could land this account, this would be his largest ever, and that's what Ty was planning on doing, whatever it took!
10 minutes of anxious waiting passed when a young lady approached Ty, then proceeded to guide him towards Mr. Jenkins office. When she informed Ty that he could go on in and to take a seat and that Mr. Jenkins would be with him shortly, Ty opened the door and was shocked at how large and how beautiful Mr. Jenkins office was. Ty sat in the huge leather chair while his eyes gravitated from one item to the next, breathing in all the beauty that this office presents.
A minute or so later, the side door opened and in walked in one hell of a large black man. At first guess, Ty gathered it was Mr. Jenkins who had to stand somewhere close to 6'5" and weighed what looked like a solid 265 pounds. The man looked like more of a professional football player than anything else, but Ty also judged Mr. Jenkins to be close to his mid 50's, though he looked much younger.
The two shook hands and Ty couldn't help not to notice how Mr. Jenkins huge paw completely devoured his small hand. Once they sat down, Ty began by explaining to Mr. Jenkins all about the glass shop he worked for, making sure not to leave out even the smallest of intricate details. When Ty was finished speaking, Mr. Jenkins didn't say a single word, but just stared at him as if he was a slab of freshly cut steak.
Clearing his throat, then leaning forwards, Mr. Jenkins deep husky voice bellowed into Ty's listening ears, "Sounds good to me young man, but more importantly, I want to find out a bit more about you. Walter did inform me of a few things, but I want to hear them from your own mouth."
After a brief question and answer period, more in the lines of Ty's age, where he lives, how long as he been working for the glass shop, and so forth, but then Mr. Jenkins provided a more detailed question when he asked, "So tell me, has anyone other than Walter fucked you?"
Ty was forthright and honest by replying, "No sir! Just Walter sir!"
Mr. Jenkins leaned forwards some more, then point blank asked, "Do you enjoy it?"
Ty shot back, "Yes sir!"
Again, being very direct, Mr. Jenkins asked, "Have you ever done anything with a black man before?"
Ty fired back, "Uh, no sir, not yet sir!"
Though he couldn't really see, Ty thought that Mr. Jenkins must be groping his cock under the desk just by the way his left arm was motioning. His heart was beating hard as to the unknown, and just by their conversation, Ty understood that Mr. Jenkins didn't take no shit from anybody. There was a long 30 or seconds of sheer silence before Mr. Jenkins voice crashed through the air, "Just so I understand completely, you want my business account. Well, let me ask you this young man, what do I get in return?"
Ty swallowed, then replied with his softest and sexiest voice, "Anything you want sir, anything at all!"
Mr. Jenkins smiled for the first time, revealing his perfect white teeth, then blurted, "You should be very careful how you use the term anything, cause I might want something you are not ready just yet to provide. So, I'll ask you one more time. What will I get in return for handing you my business account?"
Ty smiled, then softly stated, "Anything sir, just name it, and if I can personally do anything for you, then consider it done sir!"
There was a brief pause, allowing Ty more time to study the man's appearance. Mr. Jenkins wasn't just black, no sir, he was jet black with a thick, but neatly trimmed, mustache. His lips were pink and very thickly puffy. All in all, no matter how hard Ty tried, he couldn't find anything remotely close to Mr. Jenkins being sexy. It wasn't his skin color, but more so, the man's rough overall always angry looking face. The other thing Ty noticed was that the man's hands were humongous. Even his fingers were super long and very thick. It was then that Ty questioned whether or not Mr. Jenkins wanted to fuck him. Now, Ty thought only about the size of the man's dick and wondered if he would even be able to take what would have to be something so monstrous up his butt.
About that time, Mr. Jenkins slid his chair back and stood. Ty's eyes immediately zeroed in on one of the biggest bulges his eyes had ever seen. The right side of the man's pant leg was tented, and from the looks of things, it was only a few short inches from touching the man's own kneecap. If only in his spinning mind, but Ty thought he saw the huge pole twitch just as Mr. Jenkins told him to follow him.
In an almost like zombie like state, Ty followed Mr. Jenkins out of the office and into a long and winding hallway. From behind, Ty realized that the man was enormous in stature and towered over him like an elephant being sized up in comparison to a miniature pony. They walked out of the rear of the building, through the rear parking area, and eventually approached some kind of office trailer. Mr. Jenkins unlocked the door and stepped in with Ty close in behind.
Once inside, the office trailer did have a desk and a couple of large leather chairs, following Mr. Jenkins, the two walked down the small hallway and straight into another office area that was no office. It was a bedroom with a full sized bed in the center with two small night-stands on either side. Ty's heart really began thumping cause he knew now what he probably would have to do in order to land the largest account of his life.
Mr. Jenkins stood in the corner and spun around to glare into Ty's eyes, then hoarsely whispered, "I've heard so much about you, and everything said was to my liking. Just so we are both on the same page, what goes on in here must never be spoken about to anyone. I am married with four children and shit would hit the fan if my wife was to ever find out. So, keep that pretty little mouth of yours closed! Now, I've heard about it, so now I just got to see for myself. Go ahead and get out of those clothes so I can see for myself what all the fuss is about."
Ty kicked out of his shoes and he could feel his body shaking uncontrollably. One article of clothing at a time, and eventually, he stood before the huge black man stark naked. He was so petrified that his cock was completely lifeless and limp. Mr. Jenkins however was drinking in the most gorgeous sight his venturing eyes had ever strayed upon. His tongue swiped his lips, then his husky growling voice barked, "Fuck me! Damn boy, you sure as shit got it going on, and in all the right mother fucking places too! Mother fuck me! Whew, you are fucking perfect! Go ahead and turn around so I can check out that hot little ass I've heard so much about."
Ty obeyed and now had his back facing Mr. Jenkins. Again, the man's voice barreled out, "Son-of-a-mother fucking-bitch, now that's what I call a perfect hot little ass! Uh um, oh yeah, that's right, yeah, fucking yeah! Hot damn you got a shapely ass on you boy! It's a crying fucking shame something so damn pretty can actually take a shit. Hell no, there's no fucking way that sweet plump ass there can do such a thing. Boy, you done got me all hot and bothered, and once I get me some of that sweet ass, you can have all my mother fucking vehicles."
Ty knew that whatever meat Mr. Jenkins was packing, would soon be balls deep inside his ass. His trembling legs began matching the vast shaking of his body as he stood there not knowing the unknown. Mr. Jenkins barked, "C'mon boy, bend over and spread those sweet cheeks so I can get a good look at that little treasure I've been told so much about."
Ty complied and bent over, grasping his butt cheeks with both hands as he bent over, spreading them wide so that the big black man could stare straight at his butt hole. Mr. Jenkins growled, "Lord have mercy, help me sweet Jesus, help me! Holy crap, that sure as shit don't look like no butt hole I've ever seen before. Oh hell fucking no, no sir, that sweet little dot sure does look all mighty tasty, and you can bet your britches, I'm definitely gonna eat that little mother fucker properly! Fuck, boy that sure as hell is one tiny asshole you've got there. Hell, I don't know if my dick is even gonna fit, but I sure as shit am gonna give it one hell of a mother fucking try, yes sir, I sure as fuck am!"
Ty was still bent over when he heard Mr. Jenkins voice once again, "Oh hell, I got to give that pretty little thing a sniff or two. It'll be a fucking crime if that sweet looking thing smells like shit, but I'm gonna sniff it so I can know for sure!"
With the last word flying out of his mouth, the next thing Ty knew, more so, felt was Mr. Jenkins kneeling behind him with his thick chubby nose pressing directly on his exposed asshole. The man's large paws enveloped his hips and was digging into his flesh. Over and over again, Ty felt the man's hot breath strike his spread crack as he breathed in the aroma expelling itself from his super clean butt hole.
Without any warning whatsoever, Ty moaned loudly as he felt Mr. Jenkins thick tongue strike his asshole, flattening itself out as it licked upwards, then down, making sure to roll all over his asshole. Ty was mixing in some grunts along with his moaning purrs as the meaty tongue completely devoured his butt crack and fired away at his sensitive puckering bung hole. For over 45 long ass eating minutes, Mr. Jenkins hungrily dined on Ty's butt hole, managing to get just some of his thick tongue to sneak into the boy's delicious hot butt.
When Mr. Jenkins stood back up, Ty used the near wall to help himself stand on his own feet. Just as Ty turned to face Mr. Jenkins, Mr. Jenkins howled, "Boy, that ass of yours is fucking delicious! You just stand right there and let me get out of these clothes so we can get this party started. I aint got all fucking day, but I sure as hell will make time for something as drop dead pretty as you."
Ty stood perfectly still with his erection pointing straight ahead as he watched Mr. Jenkins rip out of his suit. When the man's thick barreled chest came into view, Ty saw the full mass of tiny black curls litter his chest and stomach area, flowing just as thickly into the man's pants. All there was left was the man's white boxer briefs and Ty's eyes got wider as he began seeing the overly thick black tube reveal itself as the boxer's slid down his hulking body. Inch by massively thick inch, the man's jet black shaft presented itself and when the boxer's finally slid all the way down, Ty now came face to face with a huge one eyed blacker than black monster.
The one eyed beast lashed forwards, slightly dangling downwards due to its massive thickness. The head alone looked like a black plumb, and shiny from all the oozing pre-cum steadily oozing out. Ty gulped as he judged the massive beast to be somewhere close to the 9 inch mark, and thicker than both of his own little fists put together. Even the man's black hairy balls swung down a good 6 inches and were utterly equally oversized. Mr. Jenkins grabbed his cock with his right hand, placing it close to the base, and still a solid 5 or so nightmarishly thick inches was visible.
Then, the man barked, "Boy, I find it hard to believe, but if you do take a shit, old Pedro here will fucking find it! Come on over here so I can properly introduce you to Pedro. Yeah pretty boy, by the time this day is over, you wont be wanting no cock near that sweet little ass of yours, that's for sure!"
Ty walked the short distance to Mr. Jenkins and his right hand automatically reached out and latched onto the enormously thick black pole. It was throbbingly rock hard, yet so soothingly soft. Without having much of a thought process whatsoever, the next thing Ty knew was that he was licking all over the black plumb shaped head, lapping up the slightly salty oozing pre-cum like a cheetah lapping up some water.
Stretching his mouth as wide as he could possibly get it, all Ty could do was get about a quarter of an inch of the massive cock head into his mouth. While he fought with trying to suck the man's monstrous cock, Ty's hands cupped the large hairy balls and began caressing them as best he could using just his fingers. Mr. Jenkins growled his moans, then blatantly blurted, "Yeah baby boy, suck that big black cock! Nothing prettier than a little white boy sucking a black man's cock! Yeah boy, that's it, work that big black mother fucker! Suck it boy, yeah, suck that black cock good you little fucking white bitch, suck it good white boy!"
In some odd and unfamiliar way, Ty actually liked the way Mr. Jenkins was talking to him. This was his first black man's cock, not to mention, the biggest and definitely the thickest he had yet to tackle. Even through all of this, Ty kept on thinking about the money he would make securing Mr. Jenkins business account. That fact alone pushed him to pleasure the man any way the man wanted.
Ty began licking up and down the huge thick shaft, periodically sinking his mouth over the enormous bulbous cock head, or at least, the portion he was able to get into his mouth. 10 long jaw aching minutes later, Ty's mouth was over a portion of the man's cock head when Mr. Jenkins locked his huge hands behind Ty's head as he cried out, "Oh yeah white boy, yeah bitch, ah fuck, fuck, yeah boy, here, oh shit, here it, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh fuuuuuuuuuuuccccccckkkkkkkkkkkkk!"
The power of the first cum jet struck the back of Ty's throat so hard that it literally forced his entire head backwards. If it wasn't for those huge paws holding the back of his head, Ty's mouth would have completely been slung off of the now cum exploding cock. One long powerful strand of thick cum hammered his mouth, one right after the other. There was so much thick man cream exploding into his mouth that Ty gagged more than a couple of times, and still, the man's cock kept on blowing one load right after the other.
Trying to capture a fresh breath out of the corner of his widely stretched mouth, some of the man's thick cream oozed into his throat, seemingly blocking his wind pipe making breathing near impossible. The thick goo was salty and was somewhere close to being on the mild bitter side, but as he gulped to breathe, more and more thick cum slid down his gulping throat. Never had Ty swallowed such a load before, and there was plenty more to be swallowed, and the man's cock continued pumping out globs upon thick globs of man seed into his already bloated mouth.
What felt like hours, Ty finally managed to force down the last thick cum ball before Mr. Jenkins pushed his mouth away from his now semi hard cock. Blowing out a breath, Mr. Jenkins howled, "Yeah baby boy, that's what the fuck I'm talking about. You just got fed by a black man, and now I'm gonna take care of you. Get that little ass onto the bed, on your back so I can suck that little white cock of yours. If your cum tastes anything like your ass, then I sure as fuck am in for a special treat!"
Ty plopped down on the bed and while he was getting on his back, Mr. Jenkins had already sank those huge puffy lips all the way down to the base of his cock, and was working his mouth up and down while aggressively clutching onto Ty's balls with his huge left hand. Ty's voice trickled through the small room, purring and moaning as Mr. Jenkins right hand reached upwards where his thick fingers found Ty's left nipple and began pinching down rather hard.
In less than a minute, Ty bucked his lower body upwards as his cum explosion began firing round after ropey round of young thick cream into Mr. Jenkins moaning mouth. With each violent spurt, Mr. Jenkins moans grew louder as he feasted on the gorgeous angel's appetizing delicious honey. Without taking the unnecessary time to count, Mr. Jenkins thought that Ty's cum shooting cock fired off a good 8 to 10 huge stringy jets before now subsiding into a slow, but constant, trickle of cum pellets.
Smacking his lips after swallowing the last delicious morsel, Mr. Jenkins stood up on his knees while steadily stroking his huge black one eyed monster. Looking deeply into Ty's eyes, Mr. Jenkins voice growled, "Fuck! Fuck, that's the best fucking cum I've ever tasted! Son-of-a-mother-fucking-bitch, there aint a fucking thing about you that aint mother fucking sweet! Damn! Boy, you just got yourself half my fleet of vehicles, and if that little speck of a sweet tasting asshole accepts my big black cock, then you'll have fucking earned the other half! You ready to be fucked boy? You ready to earn all of my vehicles white boy? Are you ready to be fucked by a black man bitch? Are you? Are you fucking ready for this big assed mother fucking black cock white boy?"
Nobody had to tell Ty that this was going to hurt, and hurt a hell of a lot. Just looking at the size of the man's cock was terrifying enough, but knowing it was going to pulverize his asshole was a nightmarish kind of terror that would only be befitting some kind of horror show. Knowing he had to respond with something, Ty gulped hard and his shaking voice chirped, "Yes sir, fuck me please sir! Give me that huge black cock sir!"
Mr. Jenkins used his brute strength to flip Ty onto his stomach, then position his ass so that it was jutting straight back into a perfectly aligned doggy style position. Ty heard a bottle quirt behind him, then the man's voice barked, "Yeah white boy, you are gonna know what it's like to be fucked by the time I get done fucking this sweet ass of yours. Yeah bitch, I'm gonna tear dat ass up something awful. Today, you are gonna be bred by a fucking black man!"
Ty felt the huge knob pressing against his asshole and the pressure was steadily building. Then, the man barked, "Don't you go yelling your pretty little mouth out now, cause I got workers all over this here fucking yard, so keep your screams to your fucking self."
"Take that black cock you fucking little white bitch!" Then, all reality set in as Ty felt the man's enormous cock plunge deep into his anal cavity. It felt as though his asshole had just been entered by a runaway locomotive. Ty's initial instinctive reaction was to lurch his body forwards, but thanks to the headboard, he had nowhere to go as the huge thick beast savagely dove deeper and deeper into his overly stuffed bowels.
Ty knew he was going to feel some pain in trying to take this man's huge cock, but never in a trillion years could he have ever imagined just how much pain as the pain he was now having to endure. He stuffed his face into the fluffy pillow and did his best to hold back from screaming as best he could. Death right now would be a welcoming thing, or at least, that's the way Ty was seeing things. With each of his rapid breaths, it felt like his butt would literally explode open. It wasn't just the fiery pain either that was killing Ty, it was the fact that his anal walls felt like they refused to stretch any wider to accommodate the man's enormously thick cock.
Mr. Jenkins howled, "Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh fuuuuuuucccccckkkkkkkk! This is one mother fucking tight ass here! Yeah, oh shit, oh fuck, fuck, ahhhhhhhhh fucking hell yes! Take that cock white boy! Take that big mother fucking black cock bitch!"
Almost in unison, Ty felt the man's huge hairy balls smack sharply just under his balls while it also felt like the huge one eyed beast was now invading his burning lungs. Without waiting, the man began plowing his mammoth cock in and out of Ty's ass while yanking Ty backwards onto the wildly thrusting anal pulverizing beast.
Between thrusts, Ty's ass cheeks got some attention too as Mr. Jenkins started laying in some heavy handed slaps while grunting, "Yeah white boy, take that fucking black cock! Yeah cracker, you my little white bitch now! Hot damn you got one might fine tight ass boy!"
The pillow where Ty had implanted his face was soaking wet from his own tears. This wasn't just pain, no sir, this was downright fucking torture. If things couldn't get any worse for Ty, Mr. Jenkins grabbed a handful of Ty's hair and yanked aggressively on it backwards, forcing Ty's face from up off the pillow. It was then that his teary eyes saw that just above the headboard was a full length mirror. He now could see the huge black man behind him as he pile drove his meaty cock in and out of Ty's pain riddled overly stuffed ass.
Mr. Jenkins voice howled, "Yeah boy, that's it, that's it white bitch! Oh fuck boy, fuck, I'm gonna fuck your ass up bitch!"
Ty even considered to use his anal muscles, but because there was so much beef stretching and filling his ass, he didn't even feel if he could get them to work at all, or at least, he couldn't feel them. The jack hammering of Mr. Jenkins gargantuan cock repeated itself over and over, and as time progressed, so did his explosive thrashing thrusts. The huge cock pounded his ass relentlessly, and those hard slapping swats on his butt cheeks only managed to aggravate the searing pain that much more.
Lost in time and willing this harsh painful fucking to be over, Ty tried in vain to stop crying, but even that failed miserably. Then, all of a sudden, something inside his body snapped, slinging all the pain from his body, and quickly replacing it with that familiar overwhelming pleasure. Now, feeling nothing but pure pleasure, Ty began slinging his butt backwards onto the wild thrusting black beast.
This action certainly didn't go unnoticed by Mr. Jenkins, but when he heard Ty yell, "Fuck meeeeeeeeeeeee, fuck myyyyyyyyy white ass siiiiiiiiiiiirrrrrrrrrrr! Yessssssssssss, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh gaaaaaawwwwwddddddd yessssssssssssss, fuck meeeeeeeeeeeee, fuck meeeeeeeeeeeee, hard siiiiiiiiirrrrrrrrrr, haaaaaaarrrrrrrrrdddddddddddeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrr!"
In response, Mr. Jenkins barked, "Yeah boy, yeah, tell me just how much you love this big mother fucking black cock whipping up on your little white ass!"
Ty pantingly cried out, "I love it sir! Yes, yessssssssssss, give it to meeeeeeeeeeeee siiiiiiiirrrrrrrrr, pound my white ass with your big black cock siiiiiiiiiiiirrrrrrrrrr, fuck meeeeeeeee, fuck meeeeeeeeeee, yessssssssss, take myyyyyyyyyyyyy asssssssssssssss siiiiiiiiirrrrrrrrrr!"
With each mighty thrust, Ty felt as though his bladder was being punctured, and with each withdrawal, it felt like his guts were being vacuumed from within his anal tunnel. However, there was a new never before experienced pleasure ravishing every square inch of his body. It almost felt like his cum was being blocked somewhere at the base of his cock, building up pressure with each heart pounding second.
In the flash of an eye, Ty found himself on his back and both knees were impaling the mattress on either side of his head. Mr. Jenkins glared into Ty's eyes, then hoarsely blurted, "Now baby boy, daddy's gonna fuck that white ass to hell and back!"
Ty felt the fast inwards plunge, literally expelling the remainder of oxygen he had within his lungs. Like a crazed maniacal bull, the man pounded his overly thick and super long cock in and out of Ty's ass with pure animalistic lust and greed. It was sometime during this fuck frenzy when Ty felt he now had full control over his anal muscles. Clamping down as hard as he could, Ty saw the utter look of shock and surprise swarm all over the big man's face. Not only did Ty know what effect his anal muscles were having on Mr. Jenkins, but they were sending explosive thrills throughout his own body too.
Mr. Jenkins slung his head backwards, sounding as though he was howling up to the ceiling while continuing his bone crushing thrusts. Due to the man's weight, Ty could do nothing but implement his anal muscles, but it was also just enough to send his cock into one hell of a volcanic cum exploding frenzy. With his orgasm ravishing his balled up body, Ty's shooting cum wedged itself in between Ty's body and Mr. Jenkins. Mr. Jenkins felt the young man's anal muscles tighten their already tight grip, and that too was just enough to send his huge black pole into a tidal wave cum shooting tsunami.
Now, Mr. Jenkins was almost whimpering as his jets of manly cream flew from his piss lips and propelled itself even deeper into Ty's anal heaven. Thrust after violent thrust, Mr. Jenkins slammed his cum shooting cock harder and harder into Ty's ass. Ty, though he was enduring a body shaking orgasmic thrill of his own, still felt the warm thick globs of man juice spray ever so deeply into his muscle churning bowels.
With one last might thrust, Mr. Jenkins pulled his now lifeless cock out of Ty's butt. Standing on his knees, breathing harshly, the man hoisted up his limp cock to offer a quick inspection. A few short seconds later, the man smiled, smacked his lips, then mumbled, "Damn, I was fucking right! No signs of shit on my dick anywhere. Fuck boy, that ass of yours ought to have a mother fucking patent on it! Hot damn, you sure as fuck is one pretty little white bitch. You make a mother fucker want to leave his wife! Fuuucccccckkkkkk!"
Ty was just coming down from his intense orgasm, and hearing all that the man had just said, simply replied, "Does this mean I get your account sir?"
Mr. Jenkins slid off the bed, but kept his eyes peeled on Ty and his breath taking nude body, then fired back, "Baby boy, you just earned yourself my entire fleet of vehicles, and I'm gonna make mother fucking sure you get my brother's company vehicles too."
While they were getting dressed Ty found out that Mr. Jenkins brother owned one of the state's largest plumbing companies. When the two walked outside, Mr. Jenkins called out to an employee who was told to accompany Ty to do a vehicle inspection and if any glass was needed, go ahead and get it taken care of.
Ty went from one vehicle to the next, and the hardest thing he was trying to do now was walk straight. After that fucking, his whole body was still shaking wildly, and it wasn't until his looking at the ninth vehicle when he felt Mr. Jenkins cum wanting to explode out of his well fucked asshole. Ty went and used the bathroom and by the time he was done with conducting the vehicle inspections, he had earned himself a total of 44 windshields.
By the end of that week, everyone in the glass shop, including the owner, all praised Ty for his outstanding effort. He had compiled a total of 182 total installs, earning himself a grand total of $10,920.00 for one week, and this didn't include all the bonus money he had won either. Though he was now making more money than he had ever made before, Ty decided to stay at home, save his money, and purchase a home.
Three weeks later, Ty had now compiled 38 commercial accounts. He revisited some of his old customers while making new ones. More times than not, it was all thanks to his ability to reveal his nude body and perform some kind of sex act in order to land the account, but at this point, Ty didn't care just as long as he got laid and landed more accounts. Visiting Mr. Jenkins was now a weekly ritual, and each time he let the big man fuck his ass with that huge black cock, Mr. Jenkins always made sure that Ty left with another new account.
There was still one account that Ty truly wanted, and it belonged to the one man he was cautioned to see. Gene, the owner of the state's largest electrical company. Ty had been warned that the man was packing some serious beef, and often times, could be downright brutal. However, Ty also knew that if he landed Gene's account, the trickle effect would inevitably take place. By landing that account, Ty knew that Gene's popularity, and voice, would definitely increase his overall commercial accounts 10 times over.
With that being said, Ty made the necessary arrangements with Allen to schedule an interview with Gene. Many times through their conversation, Allen did his best to sway Ty from meeting with Gene. Finally, Allen said, "Okay Ty, if you want to meet Gene, you will be doing so at your own risk. I've tried warning you that the man is more like a savage, and that cock of his is grossly enormous. He's not going to give a crap if you are in pain or not, in fact, knowing you are in pain is kind of a major turn-on for him. I'm warning you now that Gene is a sadistic son-of-a-ruthless-bitch!"
Ty didn't care because he had already convinced himself that he truly wanted to meet this guy and earn his business. The way Ty was thinking was that he was getting rather used to Mr. Jenkins huge black cock plowing his ass, so how much thicker and bigger can Gene's cock really be? With the meeting already arranged, now only time will be able to answer that!
Two days before their meeting, Ty was once again praised for his overall sales for that week. Thanks to all of his commercial accounts, Ty's installs for that week totaled 226, earning him a whopping paycheck before taxes of $13,560.00. Also, Ty was promoted to manager, and would now be able to build his own team, and earning himself $10.00 per every one of their deals on top of his own. Being promoted elevated his pay from $60.00 to $70.00 per install.
On the morning of his and Gene's meeting, Ty woke up early and made extra damn certain his bowels was thoroughly cleaned. Ty soaked his body in the tub, using soothing non sudsy coconut scented body oil. He wanted to make certain that everything about himself smelled extra good, and he had already convinced himself that no matter what Gene wanted, he was going to do without any hesitation. To Ty, landing Gene's account would certainly send his career straight to the moon, and today, he would be, or do, anything that the man wanted him to do, regardless of the personal cost.
As prearranged, Ty left his house heading to the city's marina to meet Gene. This was on a Sunday morning and Ty was finally going to meet Gene, and on Gene's terms. Their scheduled meeting time was 9 o'clock this morning, and the drive to the marina was a peaceful 20 minute drive. Upon getting dressed, and since this was supposed to be a boating/meeting venture, Ty carefully selected his attire. Ty eliminated the need for any underwear, so he rummaged through his dresser drawer and retrieved the skimpiest and whitest bicycle shorts he could find. Once slipping them on, more like squeezing into the elastic material, Ty looked at himself in the mirror. To Ty, they fit perfectly and left very little to the imagination. He then pulled on a bright white tank top, slipped on his flip-flops, and was headed to greet his destiny.
Ty didn't know Gene, nor had he knowingly ever met him before. All he knew was the time and place for him to be. Ty parked in the parking lot and proceeded to find boat slip #112. He walked around for a good 10 minutes before spotting the slip number. This wasn't a boat in the eyes of Ty, instead, it was more like a custom made yacht. The yacht literally dwarfed all the other boats that were parked all around it.
Stepping up and onto the boat, Ty was immediately greeted by a guy in a fancy white uniform, "Good morning sir. You must be Master Ty. My name is Walter Chambers, and I am the ship's captain. The Master is waiting for you in his master chamber's, and we are scheduled for departure in 10 minutes sir."
As Ty stepped down the small stairway, his feet felt like they were getting heavier and heavier, and his heart began thumping harder than ever before. Whatever today was going to bring, Ty knew he would soon find out, and more than likely, be on the receiving end of it as well. Stepping onto the bottom platform area, a husky voice bellowed, "In here!"
Ty stepped through the small doorway opening and entered a must luxurious bedroom setting his eyes had ever witnessed. Standing to the far left was a man wearing light blue, low hanging, swimming trunks. His back was facing Ty, and all Ty could see was the mass of black curls forming at the top of the man's neck area, and diving heavily under his swimming shorts. At first glance, Ty figured the man to stand somewhere close to 5'10" and weighed close to 200 pounds.
The man turned around and Ty saw the full black beard, beady brown eyes, and even more mass of black curls littering every square inch of the front portion of the man's body. In Ty's eyes, the man was a walking, talking, living, breathing, mass of thick hair to which turned him on to no end.
The man approached him, extending out his right hand, then with that raspy voice stated, "I'm Gene, and I'm glad you came."
When their hands released one another, Gene eyed Ty up and down ever so slowly, and somewhat kind of eerie. Letting out a breath of air, Gene's raspy voice bellowed, "Damn, Allen sure wasn't lying about you at all. Holy mother of pearls, you're even prettier than I imagined. Allen was correct when he told me that there was no way he could describe you and give you the justice you deserve. Man, you are one pretty little thing! So tell me, what is it exactly you want from me."
Ty began explaining about the glass shop he worked for and how they could service all of his fleet and personal vehicles. Gene sat at the foot of the bed, and although he was listening, he was paying more attention at the young man before him making his mouth drip with envy and his cock harden at such angelic beauty.
When Ty was finished with his well spoken sales pitch, Gene leaned back onto his elbows, then stated, "Damn, you're good, I'll give you that, but knowing a bit about yourself, I'd like to hear it from your own luscious little lips, so go on, please tell me all about yourself."
Ty began telling Gene everything about himself, and not omitting his sexual encounters either, but never divulged any names. While Ty was talking, his eyes were distracted as he watched Gene, a man who looked like he was in his upper 50's, stroking his cock along the right side of his inner thigh. When Ty was done, Gene smiled, then barked, "Interesting, but now tell me what you know about me, and don't feel like you have to leave anything out either."
Ty took in a deep breath, then softly began speaking, "Well sir, I know you own the largest electric company in the state. From what I was told, your a millionaire. And, uh, I was told you have one of the biggest cock's ever to be worn by any man, and uh, um, you can be sadistic at times. Uh, that's pretty much all I know sir."
Gene chuckled, then bellowed, "Yeah, I guess I've earned that reputation! Okay then, let's say we get this ball rolling and get you out of those clothes. Go on, show me that perfect body I've heard so much about."
Ty kicked off his flip flops, then peeled his tank top over his head, letting it fall to the right side of the bed. Hooking both thumbs into the hem of the stretchy shorts, Ty slowly peeled them from his body, then tossed them on top of his tank top. Standing before Gene now stood an object no earthly words could even begin to describe. Ty's 5 inches of mouth watering glorified tanned meat stood straight out, and it was all Gene could do to just sit there and stare at it.
Gene cleared his throat, then with that raspy voice spoke for anyone interested in hearing, "Glory be, you do have a perfect body, and that precious cock, well uh, it's perfect! Those little hairless balls look like they're ready to be eaten! Damn boy, you're everything perfection should be, and then a hell of a lot more. Damn! Goodness gracious, go on and turn around so I can see that butt of yours. Go on, turn around!"
Ty obliged with Gene's command, spinning himself completely around, feet slightly apart, and just stood there for a few long seconds before sliding his feet further outwards, then bent completely over, giving Gene a direct view of his widely spread butt crack and the little love making pearl better known as his asshole.
Gene's voice shot through the air, "Fuck me, fuck me to shreds! Sweet mother of Moses, that's the tiniest butt hole I've ever laid eyes on. Damn boy, do you actually take a shit out of that tiny little thing? If you do, your turds must come out like little fucking pellets. Mother fuck me, that thing don't look like a fucking finger would fit in it, much less a damned cock! But I'll give you this, you sure as hell got yourself one mighty fine tanned little ass on you. Hell, just looking at it makes me want to suck your guts right out of that unbelievably tiny little butt hole. Fuck yeah, I'd eat that ass like nobodies business!"
Gene did tell Ty that he no longer needed to wear any clothes on his boat, and it was decided by Gene to give Ty a tour. Ty did feel a bit awkward walking around the yacht bare ass naked, and even the ship's captain did a double take when Ty walked by. Their tour ended up on the top deck with both standing at the very front of the boat. The cool wind smashing against Ty's face and body felt uniquely wonderful, not to mention the beauty of the rippling waves as the yacht sliced through the magnificent blue water of the ocean.
While glaring out into the sea, Ty felt Gene's hairy right arm drape around his shoulders. For a man's whose reputation was to be so monstrous, Ty couldn't help note just how gentle the hairy arm felt against his bare flesh. Moments later, Ty felt the goose bumps pop up all over his body as he shivered with excitement feeling Gene's right hand slowly trickle down his back, eventually resting directly onto his bare butt cheeks. A couple of fingers danced mischievously just inside the very edge of his butt crack. No words were spoken, just the sound of the rippling waves and cool breeze.
With two fingers sneaking around inside his crack, Ty's feet instinctively spread outwards, allowing more room for Gene's fingers to roam a bit more freely. Ty leaned along the top railing, placing the mid portion of his chest along the cool circular rail. While Gene's fingers were busy darting up and down Ty's butt crack, Gene stepped in a bit closer where his left hand immediately latched onto Ty's 5 inches of erect manhood and began slowly, and ever so softly, stroking the hard muscle back and forth.
Ty's eyes closed from the sensations coursing throughout his entire shivering body as the two hands skillfully manipulated his body with loving gentleness. The next thing Ty felt was Gene's thick tongue enter his left ear and begin slithering around while probing inwards all at the same time. Then, Ty heard Gene's raspy whispering voice, "Don't cum baby! We have plenty of time, so don't cum just yet."
Arching himself upwards onto his toes Ty felt one of Gene's fingers lightly touch his asshole, sending even more pleasures racing throughout his entire shaking body. A tongue swarming inside his ear, a hand stroking his hard throbbing cock, and a finger pressing up against his asshole, all in all, the trio of activity was performing quite the magic trick on Ty's body.
Again, Gene's raspy whisper entered his left ear, "My God Ty, you are amazingly beautiful!"
Once Gene finished his last word, his tongue went back to work on Ty's left ear. This went on for a short time, but as soon as Ty felt like he was getting close, he did warn Gene, who in turn, immediately stopped stroking Ty's mouth watering man meat.
All Gene did was move to Ty's right side, and now his tongue was bathing Ty's right ear, his right hand was lightly stroking Ty's cock while his left hand's fingers reentered Ty's tight little butt crack, and resumed applying just a tad bit of pressure on Ty's asshole. After rotating from side to side 6 times, Gene had Ty grasp the cool railing with both hands while positioning Ty's lower body backwards so that Ty was now supporting his upper body with just his hands. Ty's legs were spread widely and Gene anxiously dropped to his knees, placing both palms on each of Ty's unblemished tanned tightly muscled butt cheeks.
The first thing Gene did was shove his nose directly against Ty's asshole and breathe in deeply. The aroma was simply divine and enchanting as it shot into his flaring nostrils, then entered his expanding lungs with a volcanic like explosion. The fragrance Gene was now greedily smelling was like nothing he had ever smelled before. It was sweet and bone chilling intoxicating.
Ty's voice roared into a loud long purr as soon as he felt Gene's thick tongue flatten itself onto his asshole, sending Ty's body to lurch upwards as he now held his body up on his toes while slinging his head from side to side. Ty felt fingers attach themselves onto his hairless balls, rolling each nugget ever so gently. Then, fingers grasped onto his cock, and again with the lightest of touches, began slowly stroking back and forth.
With the wind dancing into his face, a tongue rolling all over his asshole, fingers kneading his cum filled balls, and a hand stroking his cock, Ty was besides himself with overwhelming pleasures. No longer did he care if the ship's captain was watching the show, cause now, his mind swarmed with the luxurious pleasures Gene was now feeding him with.
As Ty was being pleasured, Gene was also being pleasured, because he was dining on the utmost sweetest smelling, and tasting, asshole he'd ever had the distinct honor of eating. The hard slender cock in his hand sent chills racing up and down Gene's hairy back, and those lovely small hairless balls maneuvered themselves ever so graciously within his fingers touch.
Like all good things, Ty cried out that he was getting close, and so Gene flung his hand from Ty's cock but continued his aggressive ass eating assault. A couple of minutes later, Gene's hand went back to work on Ty's pre-cum spitting cock. Over and over, this activity went on for a long, long time. Ty was no stranger to having his asshole dined on, but nobody had ever spent this much time licking at his hole before. For nearly two hours, Gene took his time dining on Ty's asshole. Though it took sometime, Gene did manage to push his entire meaty tongue up Ty's fiery hot anal oven.
Gene stood up and leaned against the railing on Ty's left side, eyes fixated on the younger man's perfect naked body. Ty was breathing hard and his balls felt like they were on the very edge of exploding. He so truly wanted to release his cream, but he knew he had to do whatever Gene wanted. It was then that Gene's raspy voice shot into his eardrum, "I could eat that ass of yours forever and a day!"
It was agreed upon that they would take a short break and drink some refreshments. They sat on a couple of large heavily padded chairs while sipping on some sweet tea. Sitting across from one another, Gene couldn't persuade his eyes to vacate the younger man's cock hardening body. He had been in the company of many of younger men before, but none who looked as young as Ty, and none who could come close to his overall breath taking beauty.
Though Ty's cock was as hard as nails, he felt rather special being able to sit on the top deck drinking his tea while naked as the day he was born. There was something about the way Gene looked that was a major turn-on for Ty. Not only was Gene extremely hairy, but he had a ruggedly handsome face that was causing Ty's cock to steadily twitch and throb.
Gene cleared his throat, then spoke as he smiled, "Ty, there's something I got to tell you so that you wont be caught off-guard. I enjoy sex, more so, love it, but I enjoy it better when there's some kinkiness tossed into the action. (Judging by the bewildered look on Ty's face, Gene further explained) You see Ty, I like to get into some bondage, and some mild pain. I've learned over the years that some guys get off in being restrained, and some like it when they experience mild pain too. When you add those two together, you've got yourself one hell of a wild ride. There's some things I'd love to do to you, but disregarding my reputation of being a monster, I certainly don't want to do anything that would hurt you. Yes or no, but would you be willing to try some things you've never tried before? Oh, before you answer, trust me, I wont hold it against you while considering your offer to handle my fleet of vehicles."
Ty thought about it for a few seconds, but there was just something about Gene that seemed to put his mind at ease, so smiling back, Ty softly replied, "That's fine with me sir. I'll try anything once, and if I like it, I'll do it again."
Gene reached into his left pocket while instructing Ty to stand and face him. Ty watched as Gene held up a leather looking device, then felt it as Gene placed it around the base of his cock, securing it with a metal snap. Then, using the same leathery device, Ty felt a tingling scour his body as Gene secured it around his balls, securing them rather tightly. So far, this thing felt sort of weird, but it also felt kind of good. And, then Ty arched himself up onto his toes as Gene secured the last leather strap, which was a bit wider than the ones around the base of his cock and balls, directly in the center of his nuggets, which in turn forced them to spread outwards.
Once placing the cock ring and ball spreader in position, Gene leaned back in the chair as he hoarsely said, "Damn boy, you are truly one-of-a-kind! Prettiest damn thing I've ever laid eyes on and that cock of yours, well uh, it's amazingly perfect!"
Ty gave his thanks and just as soon as he responded, Gene lurched forwards and devoured all 5 throbbing inches in one fast stealth swoop. While Gene rammed his mouth back and forth on Ty's cock, the fingers of his left hand began tugging and twisting Ty's separated balls while his right hand squeezed and groped Ty's butt.
The breeze, the rippling of the ocean's waves, and Ty's loud moans were the only sounds that could be heard, not to mention, the slurping noises coming from Gene. The cock gracing the interior of his mouth felt right at home. It wasn't too long, nor was it too thick, in plain English, Ty's cock was perfect for cock sucking. The satiny texture was also fueling Gene's cock sucking hunger, and after having tasted Ty's delicious ass, Gene could only imagine what the boy's cum would taste like.
Ty ran his fingers through Gene's hair while the man's head bobbed back and forth. The hand groping his ass began allowing their thick fingers to dive into his butt crack and gently swarm his puckering little butt hole. Ty felt like he wanted to cum, but he simply couldn't. Even his balls seemed to have swollen, and thanks to the leather straps, he was now starting to feel a mild discomfort.
10 rapid gut churning cock sucking minutes later, Gene forced his mouth off of Ty's cock. Looking up unto Ty's glassy eyes, Gene barked, "Your cock is fucking delicious!"
Ty's mind was spinning furiously and the next thing he knew was that he was following Gene down the stairs. Just before he got out of sight, Ty looked up as the Captain smiled at him, then gave Ty a quick hand salute. They wound up back inside the bedroom, and within a flash of a blink of an eye, Ty was tossed onto the bed, flat on his back, and Gene was in the process of securing his left wrist with some sort of padded cuff, and stretching his arm straight out, shoulder width apart, securing it to a point that was out of Ty's view. Then, Gene repeated that step with his left arm.
With Ty's arms now tightly secured, all Ty could do was watch as Gene placed a padded blindfold over Ty's curious eyes, allowing him to see nothing but total darkness. The only parts of his body that could move at this point was his fingers, head, legs, and toes, but that too would quickly change. Being as limber as Ty was, Gene had no problem securing Ty's ankles so that each one was now tucked behind Ty's head, and both safely secured, preventing any movement whatsoever.
Not only could he not see what was going to happen, or taking place for that matter, but now Ty was fully bound into one tight ball. Without having to see, Ty knew his ass was angling upwards, wide open and exposed for whatever Gene had in store. Now, he knew he was at the man's complete mercy. However, though this was something totally new and never before ventured, Ty did find being restrained a major thrill. His only curious thought was regarding the size of Gene's cock. So far, up to now, everything that was said about the man wasn't true, or at least, not to Ty anyways.
Ty felt a hand grab the sides of his jaws, then felt Gene's mouth envelope his as the meaty tongue immediately darted into his mouth and begin swarming all around. Ty pushed his tongue into Gene's mouth and while they were sucking each others tongues, Gene began lightly patting Ty's spread hairless balls. With each light swat, Ty grunted as to the dullish pain creeping throughout his entire now shaking body.
Speaking on behalf of Ty, this kiss was the kiss of all times. For well over 20 minutes, their tongues embarked on an entwining venture. It was Gene who slowly pulled his mouth from Ty's mouth. Sitting next to the restrained balled up beauty, Gene moaned as to the young man's vast beauty and sweetness of the boy's soothing saliva.
Ty was panting like crazy, and all he could do was patiently wait for whatever next was to happen. Fortunately, or unfortunately, Ty didn't have to wait too awfully long before he felt searing pain snatch a death hold onto his left nipple. Before he had a chance to get himself acclimated to the fiery pain assaulting his left nipple, Ty felt the same gut wrenching scorching pain attack his right nipple.
Gene carefully placed two metal nipple clamps on each of the boy's tiny erect nipples. As the teeth sank down on its intended victim, Gene breathed in as he watched the boy's facial expressions and listened to the hissing sounds spewing from between Ty's clenched teeth. Ty thought that whatever was clamping down on his nipples was trying to pop them as if they were some sort of pimple. Though his nipples burned like never before, in some strange and unexplainable way, Ty found this new sensation to be rather interesting. Within a few heart thumping seconds, the fiery burning pain settled into more of a dull ache mixed with some kind of pleasure feeding formula.
Ty could feel Gene's body movements on the bed, but thanks to the heavily padded blindfold, darkness was all he could see. Seconds later, Ty's grunts and long winded purrs flooded the room as soon as he felt Gene's thick tongue lock itself to his widely exposed asshole. Gene reached up with his right hand and began slowly jerking back and forth on Ty's cock while he centered his nose in between Ty's spread, hairless, sweet smelling, balls.
Being restrained the way he was, Ty could do nothing but feel his own body shake furiously and way beyond his control. The hot breath splashing upon his swollen nuggets sent chills racing throughout his entire quivering body. Thanks to the man's hand jerking on his cock, Ty could feel his cum building to an immense pressure like nothing he had ever experienced before. Something within his own body seemed to be blocking the highway his cum normally travels on, preventing the thick cream from expelling from his swollen and throbbing cock.
Gene's tongue prodded and probed until it slithered through the extremely tight anal opening, and was now lapping at the delightful anal walls, moaning loudly as to the way Ty's anal muscles greeted his swiping tongue. Between Ty's angelic chirps and passionate purrs, and Gene's powerful slurping noises, the sounds flooding the room vacated the door's passage and freed themselves into the gentle roaring wind above.
The Captain's ears had no choice not to hear the love making down below, and having been here many times prior, he knew precisely what was taking place. He himself wondered if the young boy knew what his boss was packing inside those shorts. More times than not, he had heard many a young man scream from delirious pain as his boss impaled them with his monstrous sized cock. On more than a few occasions, the Captain had personally witnessed his boss's cock in all of its hardened glory. Though he himself was not gay, nor bisexual, the Captain found that his eyes glared magnetically to his boss's unbelievably enormous manhood. Many times, while in this very same position standing at the wheel, he had heard many a young man scream at the top of their lungs when the giant beast tore into their butt chute, exploding their anal walls beyond their wildest beliefs. He too knew that it would only be a matter of time before he heard the little young beauty follow suit and scream as his asshole is filled with his boss's uniquely overdeveloped enormous cock.
By now, Gene had begun using his right thumb to join companionship with his tongue inside Ty's anal oven. His right hand increased its jerking pace on Ty's swollen hard cock and Ty was moaning wildly as to all the swarming pleasures exploding throughout every part of his balled up convulsing body. Ty was very accustomed to man on man sex, but this kind of sex was something far different. No matter how hard he tried, Ty couldn't control his body's movements, nor the sounds firing out of his mouth.
A good little while later, Gene backed off and sat on the edge of the bed, staring in awe at such overwhelming vast beauty. Ty was panting like crazy and purring like a 6 week old kitten. Gene stood up and removed his shorts. Now naked, Gene got back onto the bed, standing over the restrained beauty, positioned his body so that when he lowered himself, his hairy asshole would be in direct line with Ty's panting mouth.
Barking his order, Gene howled, "Eat my ass boy, and eat it good!"
Ty didn't have to see what was going on as his nostrils picked up on a faint pungent odor enhanced by a manly sweaty fragrance to know what was going on now. Sticking his tongue out, Ty came into immediate contact with Gene's thick butt hair and tangy/tart fur covered asshole. Gene moaned, then barked, "Put that tongue to use boy! Yeah, yessssssssss, eat my shit hole like you want it!"
While Ty busied himself with tonguing the man's hairy asshole, Gene began jerking on Ty's 5 inch member once more, but this time, with a much faster pace. Gene could feel Ty's cock throb endlessly so he started to lightly swat the boy's spread balls, making full sure that palm of his left hand completely swatted both nuggets simultaneously. Ty grunted loudly as he felt his swollen and tender balls being struck. Each time, a fuel of gut tightening pain seared through his body with lightning speed.
Gene intentionally ground his asshole all over the boy's precious face, making sure to drive his body downwards each time the boy's tongue darted onto his asshole. By now, whatever the aroma was that was filling his lungs had set Ty's inner rage on fire. He began wildly using his tongue to feast upon the man's hairy ass crack and asshole. Slinging his head all the way back, Gene cried out, "Yes boy, fucking yessssssssssss!"
At some point in time, Ty was stabbing his tongue in the air, but Gene had moved his ass far away from the boy's ass drilling tongue. Gene maneuvered his body so that he was now kneeling in between Ty's hiked up, spread legs, bearing both wondering eyes directly onto the young man's hair raising, spine tingling, utterly gorgeous face. Gene knew that if he busted a but, then he would be able to fuck Ty's mystifying ass for a rather long time. So, keeping that in mind, Gene began stroking his cock while groping his own hairy free swinging large balls.
Walking on his knees, Gene walked up to Ty's right side, leaned down and shoved his tongue deep into Ty's begging mouth. Gene was now stroking his cock with his left hand and his right hand busied itself stroking Ty's swollen member. Within a few short minutes, Gene had worked himself into a cum blasting frenzy. Yanking his mouth away from Ty's mouth, Gene aimed his soon to be erupting cock directly over Ty's wide open mouth. Gene pantingly stated, "Keep your mouth open boy cause I'm fixing to feed you, and don't you swallow until I tell you!"
Ty had just grunted his acknowledgement when a huge blast of thick manly goo came rocketing into his mouth, followed by a rapid series of ropey thick cream. One blast after another shot into his mouth and Ty could feel the sea of cum rising within the interior of his mouth. Keeping his mouth wide open, Ty felt the rubbery texture as it swiped against his lips, wiping the excess man juice off of what Ty gathered to be Gene's cock.
Gene released his semi hard cock, and glared into the boy's cum filled open mouth. Clearing his trembling hoarse voice, Gene howled, "Damn, that sure is a pretty sight seeing all my cum in such a pretty little mouth. Now, go ahead and taste me! Swallow my shit boy!"
Ty opened his throat and was a tad bit surprised when he discovered the taste. Gene's man cream wasn't as salty as Ty would have thought, nor was it even close to being bitter. In three good gulps, Ty cleared his mouth from all the man goo. Seeing the young man gulp down his cream only excited Gene that much more. Gene was smart enough to know that he needed a slight break in order to regain his stamina, and erection.
Flattening his body out alongside Ty's right side, Gene anxiously sank his mouth all the way down Ty's engorged cock, rocking his mouth back and forth. Making sure that he had his right index finger and right middle finger slick with his own saliva, Gene pressed them against Ty's tiny asshole and slowly worked both digits into the boy's anal canal.
Unable to move, Ty's long winded whimpering grunts told the story of just how much his asshole was thankful for the man's fingers. With two fingers sneaking in and out of Ty's tight asshole, Gene's right thumb softly caressed Ty's swollen and aching balls. With each passing second, Ty could feel his orgasm building with enough pressure to send a rocket to the moon. It was right there, right on the very edge, but no matter how hard Ty tried to will his cum to free itself, it simply wouldn't make an exit.
15 long cock sucking minutes later, Gene had removed his fingers from Ty's ass, but steadily manipulated Ty's balls. The pressure that had built from his cum buildup was making Ty literally cry from agonizing grief. He was so close, but yet not close enough to force out his creamy load. Then, something happened!
Gene knew exactly what he was doing, and desiring to taste the boy's cum, Gene quickly unsnapped the cock ring and ball separator, then just as quickly yanked off both nipple clamps. Immediate and immense pain shot through Ty's body just as his entire body began convulsing like never before. The blockade within his cock that had kept his cum at bay had bursted, and Ty could feel the building pressure intensify. Just as his cum was on the very edge of departing his piss lips, Ty cried out when he felt Gene slam three fingers straight up his ass, but now, now it was way too late.
Pain raced through Ty's body as his cum began violently exploding from his cock. In all of his prior orgasms, none could even come close to the one he was now undergoing. Blast after blast flew from his cock's lips and struck the interior of Gene's welcoming mouth with a hellish vengeance. By now, in Ty's spinning mind, life itself didn't even matter. All he knew was that his cum assault seemed to be endless. Never had he ever shot so much, and never for such a lengthy time. Every time Ty thought his orgasm was nearing its end, his body would violently shake, and then more cum rocketed out of his cock.
Gene was moaning and grunting as he dined on such splendid tasteless delicacy. Even he was a bit taken back as to Ty's virtually tasteless cum. If he honestly didn't know he was slurping down cum, Gene would have never guessed it. Gene had partook hundreds of times slurping down some young man's thick cream, but not one, not one single one of them could even come close as to Ty's overall tasteless deliciousness.
With just a couple of miniscule cum droplets remaining, Gene devotedly vacuumed the remnants free from Ty's totally deflated cock. Once satisfied that the boy could offer no more cum, Gene slid his lips off of Ty's flaccid chunk of pure perfection while easing his fingers from Ty's gripping tight ass at the same time.
Gene grabbed a bottle of water with a straw and placed the straw up to Ty's quivering ever so kissable lips. Ty felt the straw, and although his mind was far from his body, he instinctively began sucking in the water and gulping it down. Gene let Ty get his fill of the water before placing it on the nightstand to his right. Sitting on Ty's left side, on his knees, Gene hoarsely whispered, "My God Ty, everything about you is absolutely perfect. Your cum, your cum is sweeter than the sweetest of chocolates, and your beauty simply cannot be compared to anything imaginable. I could easily spend the rest of my life loving someone as special as you! You are truly one-of-a-kind!"
The voice ringing in his ears sounded like it was coming from miles away. Ty wanted to speak, but his voice simply wouldn't cooperate. Only a soft angelic chirp evaded his quivering lips. Gene placed the palm of his left hand on Ty's rippling stomach muscles and softly began caressing the silk like flesh up and down, making sure to softly grace Ty's heaving chest.
Feeling Ty's flesh while admiring his vast beauty caused Gene's cock to get back in on the action and swell to its hardest erect state. Gene's voice shot into Ty's ears, "Would you like to see the cock that will soon enter that sweeter than sweet little ass of yours?"
Ty heard the question, and the words flew out of his mouth long before his mind had time to put things together a bit more clearly, "Yes, ohhhhhhhhhh gaaaaawwwwwddd yes, please let me see your cock sir, please!"
Gene removed the blindfold and Ty began blinking his eyes to get acclimated to the room's light. At first, everything was a bit blurry, but as his eyes made their necessary adjustments, Ty gazed in sheer nightmarish awe at what his eyes were now glaring at. Then, his eyes were now capable of seeing everything clearly, and what he was now seeing was something he truly wished he wasn't seeing at all.
To his left, sat Gene, on his knees with his erect cock aiming itself directly at Ty. Using the term "cock" is unremarkably and understatement. Ty gazed in sheer horror at the beast that he had heard so much about. Up until now, all the rumors he had heard about Gene, in Ty's mind, was unfounded. However, the rumor about the size of the man's cock wasn't exactly as descriptive as they should have been either. In fact, the description told to him concerning Gene's cock was clearly way off regarding its size and unbelievable thickness.
Ty's mumbling voice broke the eerie silence of the room, "That's, that's, that's fucking huge! That will kill me! Holy shit, I uh, um, oh shit, uh, that thing wont fit in me!"
Gene hoisted the monster up with his right hand as he replied, "Oh yes it will, believe me. I've fucked many a ass with this baby, and you'll come to love it, every mother fucking inch of it!"
Nobody had to tell Ty that the beast sending shock-waves of horror throughout every trembling inch of his body was by far the longest and definitely the thickest he'd ever encountered. If Ty had to describe the beast his eyes were now locked on, it would go something like this. The monster had to be well over 10 inches long, and probably closer to the 11 inch mark and thicker than both of his fists put together. Trying to compare the thickness to something, Ty made it a cold hard fact that Gene's cock was way thicker than a 20 ounce soda can. The angry looking plumb shaped cock head was even thicker than the thicker than thick veiny shaft. Everything about what his eyes were now seeing scared the living shit out of Ty, and thinking of something so fucking enormous going up his ass scared him even more.
With a soft pleading voice, Ty cried, "Please sir, please, it wont fit sir! It's, it's way too big. I can't take it sir, I just can't!"
Ty watched as Gene opened the drawer of the nightstand and retrieve a large bottle marked "WET." Eyes wide in horror, Ty fought back the tears as he watched Gene pour the liquid on his enormous cock and smear the liquid all over. Ty's heart pounded heavier and heavier knowing that soon he would be on the receiving end of the beast's fury. It was then that Ty realized that he was way over his head. Never in a million years would he have ever thought that a man could wear such a monstrous sized cock. Not even in all the porn movies he had watched, Ty never saw anything come close as to the cock that Gene was born with.
***Just a little note. When Gene was around 7 years of age, his step father taught Gene how to stretch his cock. No, his step dad didn't molest him, but he did show Gene how to properly stretch his cock so that he would have a big cock when it stopped growing. Throughout his childhood years up to adulthood, Gene used a cock pump daily to stretch his cock and increase its overall thickness. Being gay back then was strictly taboo, much as it is today, but the three times Gene had hooked up with girls, none of them would allow Gene to fuck them. They were all afraid of his cock's size and thickness. By the time he was 16, Gene met an older man who simply loved Gene's massive cock plowing his ass. Since that time, Gene acknowledged the fact that he was gay, and now back to present day, has a fetish for young men, men like Ty.***
After making damn certain his cock was well greased up, Gene wiped the excess of as he walked on his knees in between Ty's hiked up restrained legs. Ty was already feeling the pain, long before Gene had ever touched his asshole with that huge fucking cock head of his. Ty's head flung from side to side, hissing through his teeth, willing his own life to be ended before feeling what he already knew would be the most intense pain of his young life.
Gene mashed the head of his cock up against Ty's asshole, holding his huge beast with his right hand and stretching the boy's butt cheeks with the fingers of his left hand. Stab after stab, the boy's anal fortress refused to allow Gene's humongous cock to gain access, but being ever so relentless, Gene was far from giving up. Each time a failure occurred, Gene became that much more determined to penetrate the boy's beloved little ass.
Ty felt every attempt Gene's cock made to enter his spread ass, and with each failed attempt, he could feel more and more increasing pressure. The pain had already fueled his shaking body, and he himself doubted very much that something so enormously thick would be able to enter his anal kingdom. Ty saw the look in Gene's lust-filled eyes, almost offering the impression that they were more animalistic looking than ever. Ty bit his lips as the constant stabbing of Gene's cock on his asshole became more and more a fiery burning sensation.
The Captain standing at the wheel heard the loud screeching scream slice through the wind, heavily landing within his own wind worn eardrums. Yes, he knew that the young man below was now feeling the wrath of his boss's super sized cock. With each rock of the waves, the young man's screams grew louder and louder.
Ty felt the huge plumb shaped knob pry his anal fortress open, then squeeze itself in a good couple of inches. The pain shooting through his body was like nothing he had ever encountered before. Every part of his body was on fire, especially his asshole. Even screaming did nothing to relieve any of the mind numbing pain as the monster invading his anal chute proceeded to dive even deeper.
Gene slung his head back as the scorching heat assaulted his cock. He shouted some mumbled words as his body shivered from pure excitement knowing he had finally entered the young man's anal retreat. The crushing power clamping down on his cock forced him to buck his hips, driving his massive cock into the super tight anal canal, expanding the walls like never before. Gene was no stranger in hearing some young man scream from having his ass stuffed with his cock, and this boy now was no exception to that rule whatsoever.
Out of pure agonizing pain or anger, Ty struggled furiously with his arms and legs to free themselves from the restraints, but those attempts were simply futile. He was bound too tight and the pain exploding inside his ass only seemed to magnify itself to an unexplainable intensity that superseded any nightmare he had ever had.
The sides of the soft pillow resting under Ty's head was completely soaked from his falling tears. No matter how much he begged, or how hard he cried, Ty's pleading words fell upon seemingly deaf ears. The more he cried, the deeper Gene's cock impaled his ass. Every fraction of an inch crawling inside him caused Ty to scream at the top of his lungs. The pain terrorizing his body was simply speaking, excruciating!
Gene's only thought was burying his big cock balls deep up the young gorgeous man's ass, then fucking him like no other man had ever done. With that being said, with just a couple of inches left before having his entire cock up Ty's pain riddled overly stuffed ass, Gene reared back and quickly sank the remainder of his beefy cock all the way home.
The object feeding him so much pain felt like it had shot through his anal canal, and was now poking at the lining within his stomach. With Ty's every breath, he could feel nothing but unexplainable pain. He heard Gene say something, but Ty only felt the pain as the man began withdrawing his anal terror, then cried out as the massive log slammed back into him.
With each and every withdrawal, it felt like Ty's inner parts were being forcibly vacuumed from his body, then painfully reinserted back into place once the mighty beast recklessly plunged to its deepest and most painful depth. Gene cursed loudly as he withdrew his cock all the way to the point he could see the pinkish head, then cried out as soon as he drove it all the way back in. His heavy hairy balls squashed Ty's balls with each downwards thrust.
Seeing the vast expressions on Ty's gorgeous face was a major turn-on for Gene. He knew the boy was feeling every square inch of his cock, and seeing him in pain only fueled his inner beast. In and out, in and out, Gene began increasing his ass packing pace with every hammering thrust until his cock became just a blur as it pounded Ty's ass like a runaway pile driver.
What felt like several long and pain riddled hours, something inside Ty snapped, giving way to the pain and immediately being replaced with some sort of unknown intense pleasure. Ty's balls began tingling like crazy as he fought against his own body to manipulate his anal muscles to get in on the action. Timing Gene's heavy landing thrusts, Ty started to squeeze his anal muscles the best he could. When he finally got the hang of it, now it was Ty's turn to watch the sorted expressions crossing Gene's bewildered face. Not only was his anal muscles performing a magic trick on Gene, and his massive cock, but Ty's anal muscles also provided him with pleasures never before felt.
Gene flung his head as soon as he felt Ty's anal muscles tighten their powerful grip on his thrusting manhood, crying out, "Ohhhhhhhhhhhh, what the fuck? Ohhhhhhhhhhhh shit! Ohhhhhhhhhhhh shit!"
The rest of his words were nothing more than garble as the sensations attacking his cock managed to intensify to another higher level. Never had Gene felt such a thing while fucking any ass before, so this was something completely new for him. Even the Captain heard his boss cry out and this too was something he was not accustomed to hearing. Yelling yes, but crying out, absolutely not!
Ty was so into having his ass pounded that he began yelling, "Fuck meeeeeeeeeee, fuck meeeeeeeeeee! Yes, ohhhhhhhhhhhh gaaaawwwwddd yessssssssssss, fuck me, fuck meeeeeeeeeeeee haaaaarrrrddddd!"
Gene did his best to fuck his cock faster and harder into Ty's mystifying ass like never before. The gut wrenching slapping sound of flesh crashing against flesh shot out of the room and evaporated somewhere within the ocean's winds. Over and over, time after time, Gene power slammed his meaty cock in and out of Ty's unbelievable cock milking ass harder and faster than he had ever fucked anyone before him.
Without any assistance from any hands whatsoever, Ty's cock erupted, firing long ropey strands of pure white cum. The first two cum strands shot out of his cock so hard that the cream itself fired directly over Ty's head. The next four cum strands landed directly into his wide open panting mouth, followed by a succession of cream landing on Ty's chin, throat, chest, and eventually dribbling onto his pubic area. While Ty was torn within the pleasures of his own mind boggling intense orgasm, Gene too felt the boy's pleasure as the anal muscles coiled themselves tighter than ever, grasping his pile driving cock with power he had never ever felt before.
Between seeing Ty's cum volcanically explode from his gorgeous cock, and feeling those magical anal muscles vacuum his meaty cock like no other, and tossing in the sheer fact of the boy's heart thumping beauty, Gene too began being tormented with his own cum firing orgasm. Gene screamed madly as the first wave of his cum assault departed his cock with a gut twisting vengeance. Gene hammered his cum shooting cock in and out of Ty's ass with a blind rage. Both men were screaming at the top of their lungs as to their mutual pleasures reeking all hell and havoc upon their bodies.
When Gene slammed the last cum morsel up Ty's ass, his flesh pounding thrusts died down to a periodic jolt of his hips. Still, Gene could feel Ty's anal muscles aggressively work overtime on his softening cock, gripping and groping, vacuuming the last of his seed deep into its mystifying tunnel of anal bliss.
Unable to take any more milking from Ty's unbelievable anal muscles, Gene had to literally pull himself backwards to free his limp love muscle from Ty's anal clutches. Using the strength he could muster, Gene removed the restraints from Ty's body. Now, Ty was sprawled out onto the bed, on his back, and it was then when Gene saw the creamy lines of mouth watering cum on Ty's body. Working from Ty's pubic region, Gene slurped up every ounce of cum from Ty's body while moaning from sheer joy as to the tasteless substance entering his mouth.
His tongue had just lapped up the cum strands from Ty's chin when Gene placed his mouth over Ty's and the two were now locked into one long tender tongue sucking kiss. When their passionate kiss was over, Gene suggested to Ty to take a shower. While Ty was showering, Gene went back up to the top deck where he met the boat's Captain.
The Captain looked at his boss, then smiled as he stated, "You sure did find yourself one pretty one there in the likes of that young fellow."
Gene smacked his lips, returned the smile, then replied, "You can say that again. Shit, that boy is the reason why so many people have dreams. Damn, not even in a dream could I create such devastating beauty. Nope, I couldn't even if I wanted to."
The Captain pushed the envelope by asking, "Well sir, how was he?"
Gene sat down in a chair to the Captain's left, looked up then said, "It was fucking unbelievable! I know you don't get into guys, but let me tell you this. That boy's asshole is so fucking tiny it looks like a tiny dot, and that's it! Hell, I didn't even think I would be able to fuck him, but then again, I'm not all that sure who was fucking who. I've fucked a lot of asses in my day, but until now, I've never had one fuck me back."
About that time Ty joined the two men naked as the day he was born. Even the boat's Captain, as straight of a heterosexual as he may be, took the time to ravish Ty's naked body with his eyes. Even now, while standing at the wheel, the Captain felt his own cock begin to swell just by looking at such astonishing beauty.
Gene stood up and politely excused himself so that he could go take a shower, leaving Ty and the Captain alone. Ty sat down in the same chair Gene had once occupied. The Captain found it extremely difficult not to steal glances at Ty's beautiful naked body. The more he saw, the harder his cock throbbed. He couldn't understand why he was so infatuated with Ty and his naked body cause he had been in this very same position hundreds of times and not once thought anything of it. But now, now his mind raced with thoughts he had never entertained before, all of which were homosexual thoughts.
While the Captain was thinking of sexual thoughts, his lips parted and he began stating what his mind was thinking, "The boss tells me that you got yourself one hell of a tiny butt hole. In fact, according to him, the tiniest he'd ever seen. After having had that big horse cock up your ass, I doubt if that's true anymore."
Taking that as a challenge, Ty hopped up, turned his back to the Captain, bent over while spreading his legs outwards, then used both hands to grip and spread his butt cheeks. The Captain released the boat's steering wheel and zeroed both eyes on the spectacle before him. He never knew his boss to tell a lie, and by no means had he lied about the young man's tiny butt hole. Squinting his eyes, the Captain leaned forward just a bit to get a closer look. Never in his lifetime did an asshole look so downright pretty. The Captain was not one to partake in any form of anal sex, and to be totally honest, he never thought of anyones asshole as being related to anything sexual, that is, until now.
Not only could he see the young man's hairless dot of a butt hole, but his eyes captured the tight hairless tanned sac of Ty's balls as well. Now, the Captain was kneeling on his left knee inching his nose closer and closer to Ty's inviting butt hole. Never in his lifetime had he entertained the thought of smelling a persons asshole, but for some odd and unexplainable reason, the Captain released his inhibitions and found himself taking in deep breaths, inhaling the sweetest of scents from the young man's exposed butt hole. Within seconds, and completely by sheer instinct, the Captain found himself stroking his hard throbbing cock through his pants while basking in the fragrance spewing from the gorgeous boy's asshole.
Having very little thought process remaining, the Captain felt his tongue strike Ty's asshole before he had a chance to control it. But, it was now a little too late, cause once he felt the soothing texture, his tongue went wild all over Ty's butt hole. This was his first taste of ass, and now the Captain was moaning loudly, completely unaware of his surroundings.
Next thing you know, Gene's husky sounding voice bellowed, "Damn Cappy (The Captain's nickname used by Gene), I thought you was straighter than a fucking arrow."
Having been startled, the Captain lurched into a standing position while feeling the life being rapidly drained from his body. Gene pointed at the Captain's crotch, then teasingly said, "Hell, it looks like Ty here has got you all worked up. Your pecker is doing its best to pop out of your pants! You must want you some of this boy here, is the right?"
Ty had already stood up as well and was rotating his eyes from one man to the other. Having just had his ass tongued, Ty was more than ready for some more action. Cappy was more embarrassed than anything else and he simply was too petrified to speak. Gene looked at Ty, bellowed out a growling laugh, then said, "Ty, see what you've gone and done. Cappy here was the straightest man I know and you done went and turned him. Why don't you show him how a real blow-job feels!"
Cappy stood frigid, still in fear as to having been caught doing the unthinkable, but the reality of the present moment settled in when he felt Ty's fingers lower his zipper and begin to peel down his pants and underwear. Before Cappy had time to take things in, his 7 1/2 inch uncut throbbing cock was throbbing against the ocean's gentle breeze, twitching crazily as to the soft gripping touch of Ty's fingers as they grasped onto his most prized possession.
Gene looked over to see Cappy's cock, then smilingly blurted, "Damn Cappy, you got you a nice one there."
Ty looked while arching his upper body upwards upon his knees, smiling joyously as he softly said, "He's right you know, and I bet it will taste even better too!"
Ty skinned back the foreskin and quickly stuffed the throbbing hooded beast into his mouth, wasting no time at all, Ty began skillfully performing oral magic on Cappy's cock while Gene sat down in the chair and peered on. Though Ty was unable to deep throat Cappy's cock, Cappy came to the realization that the mouth working furiously on his cock was providing him with the best blow-job he had ever received.
Cappy lurched upwards once he felt Ty's small hands cup his medium sized egg shaped hairy balls. The fingers caressing his balls set his inner soul on fire as the small fingers toyed with his nuggets like nobody's business. Ty's right hand was on Cappy's hairy balls while his left hand maneuvered itself behind the man and was now crawling into one heck of a hairy butt crack. Cappy let out a long winded howl as soon as he felt Ty's finger strike his asshole. For Cappy, this was the first time anyone had ever touched his asshole, and the feelings overwhelming his entire body was a feeling no words could ever possibly hope to explain.
With the finger dancing ever so happily on his asshole, and those skilled little fingers manipulating his balls, and that fiery hot mouth and slithering tongue performing magic on his cock, was all way too much for Cappy to handle and his body went rigid as his bolting hot cum came propelling from his cock, straight into the gorgeous boy's magical mouth.
Gene picked up on Cappy's cum assault, so he laughingly blurted, "Go on Cappy, give this boy some man cream. Shoot it all man, shoot all that shit into his mouth!"
Ty started swallowing the slightly salty kind of bitter man juice as fast as it splattered into his mouth. Gulp after gulp, Ty swallowed every last drop of Cappy's offering until there was no more departing the man's cock. Even after having just blown the largest load of his life, Cappy's uncut cock refused to go down, remaining rock solid hard. Cappy looked down and watched Ty's vibrant top lip glide along his shaft, back and forth, and over and over again.
It was Gene who spoke next, "Cappy, if it's okay with Ty, why don't you get you some of his ass. Believe me, you'll be hooked forever!"
Ty eased his mouth from Cappy's cock, looked up, then softly whispered, "Would you like to fuck me?"
By now, Cappy's mind was no longer working properly, so the words never parted his lips, but his evil grin mixed along with his head's motions let Ty know that the man was literally foaming at the mouth to bury his cock all the way up his already well fucked ass. Gene had been stroking that huge horse cock of his while watching Cappy get sucked off, so his mammoth cock was already throbbingly hard. Ty spun around, spread his legs, hiking his butt backwards as a polite invitation to Cappy to impale his ass with his hard uncut man meat.
In no time at all, Ty's mouth and tongue began working on Gene's cock while Cappy stepped forward, spitting a glob of saliva in the palm of his left hand, then smeared his spit all over his more than anxious chunk of man beef. Inching forward, Cappy crammed his cock head directly onto Ty's asshole, then shoved forwards, driving all 7 1/2 inches directly into Ty's anal oven.
Ty grunted profusely as to the quickness of the anal penetration, but he knew too well that the fiery pain was only temporary. Cappy on the other hand wasn't about to enjoy this very moment. With his cock buried balls deep up Ty's scorching hot ass, Cappy knew he had never had his cock in anything like what it was now presently in. It sure as hell felt a million times better than any pussy his cock had ever entered!
Cappy grabbed onto Ty's hips and began slinging Ty backwards as he jammed his cock into Ty's ass as hard, and as fast as he possibly could. Gene's voice bellowed forth, "That's it Cappy, use that cock of yours to fuck pleasure to both of you! Yeah man, pound that fucking cock home! I bet you aint never felt nothing like that before...I fucking guarantee you aint!"
Cappy was too busy to pay any attention to the words spewing from his boss's mouth. Seconds later, when Ty was getting into being fucked so savagely, he began using his anal muscles to enhance the feverish sensations. When Cappy felt the power behind Ty's anal muscles, his cracking voice sounded, "Ohhhhhhhhhhhh gaaaaaawwwwwddddddd, ohhhhhhhhhhhh gaaaaawwwwwwdddddddd, fuck, fuck, ohhhhhhhhhhhh shit! Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!"
Gene could hear the slashing sound of Cappy's balls as they sharply smacked up against Ty's balls with each and every violent thrust. 10 long ass pounding minutes later, Cappy's orgasm tore through his body like a hurricane. It felt like the first cum ball that departed his cock was the size of a bowling ball as it tore his piss lips wide open to allow more room for a steady cum spitting assault. The harder his cum exploded from his cock, the harder he tried to slam his meat inside Ty's hot little ass.
When it was all said and done, a few short moments later, Cappy's cock was completely deflated, yet still grinding away inside Ty's ass. Ty was almost breathless as he continued to clamp down with his anal muscles while his entire body shook with violent convulsions.
Cappy's flaccid cock slipped out of Ty's ass, and it was Gene who already knew what he himself wanted to do. Pushing Ty's mouth away from his mammoth cock, Gene hopped up and quickly stepped in behind Ty. Cappy stepped in front of Ty and literally fell into the chair. Gene had Ty place his left foot on top of the armrest of the chair, and no sooner had his foot touched the armrest, Gene shoved the gargantuan cock head up Ty's ass, forcing Ty to scream at the top of his lungs.
This time around, Gene slowly but surely, sank his oversized cock all the way up Ty's ass while Cappy looked on in awe. Cappy saw the torment on Ty's face as his boss's huge cock power plunged itself deep into the boy's bowels. Ty bit his lips, making hissing sounds, while steadily whimpering as the long thick beast began doing a royal number on his cum filled ass.
When Gene started slapping Ty's butt cheeks as he power slammed his beef in Ty's ass, Ty began making sounds mimicking howling noises. The burning sensation caused from the slaps on his butt cheeks seemed to magnify his already soaring emotions. The initial pain of having Gene's cock stuffed inside his ass slowly began to evaporate, and once it was fully gone, Ty started implementing his anal muscles once again. While all of this was going on, Cappy's eyes became glued to Ty's bouncing erection. The long strand of pre-cum flowing from the boy's piss lips, dribbling downwards to the floor seemed to somehow excite Cappy.
Five minutes into hearing, seeing the two fucking the way they were, Cappy became now totally engrossed at watching Ty's cock. His mouth began to flood with water, and he was now sitting there actually contemplating sucking the object that was now controlling his every thought. Sure, Cappy tried to convince himself that he wasn't gay, but then his mind reminded him that it was he who had willingly allowed another male to suck his cock, and not just suck it, but more like made oral love to it until his cum gates opened and he shot his entire load down the gorgeous boy's throat. Also, it was he who had just partaken in his first anal sex act, not only fucking his first asshole, but he had smelled it and tongued it, all of which belonged to a fellow male.
While his mind raced with sorted thoughts, Cappy's body dipped into autopilot. Before he knew what was taking place, he had already slid out of the chair and was now leaning forwards, on both knees, mouth already wide open, inching closer and closer to the boy's magnificent magnetic cock. The next thing Cappy knew was that his mouth was gliding along the shaft until his nose clung to Ty's skimpy pubic patch.
The taste swarming his taste buds was that of Ty's pre-cum. Cappy knew it was Ty's pre-cum, but no matter how hard he tried, he simply couldn't distinguish a taste. With his boss power slamming his meaty cock in and out of Ty's ass, the force alone caused Ty's cock to glide in and out of his mouth. The feeling of having a cock in his mouth was one thing, but knowing that the cock belonged to Ty made life itself seem so unimportant. To Cappy, feeling the hardness, yet the silky texture, only scrambled his mind's thoughts that much more.
Reaching up with his left hand, Cappy began groping another man's balls for the first time in his life, and those balls belonged to Ty. The smoothness of Ty's nuggets set his inner being on fire as his fingers gracefully caressed the hairless balls while his mouth savored the action of having Ty's cock fuck his mouth.
Cappy was so engrossed at sucking Ty's cock his ears never once registered the sounds taking place in front of his cock sucking mouth. He felt Ty's cock swell, then with a thunderous explosion, felt warm globs of cum splatter the roof of his mouth and tongue. The cum firing assault continued at a steady rapid pace, and due to his mind spinning wildly, Cappy didn't hesitate or think of what he was now in the process of doing. The first wave of warm gooey thick cream trickled down his throat, followed by a second, and third helping while more of Ty's cum shot sharply into his mouth.
Somewhere within his wildly spinning mind, and completely confused taste buds, but no matter how hard he tried, Cappy simply couldn't ascertain a taste whatsoever. For Cappy, today marked the day of many firsts, and swallowing Ty's cum was truly a first, however, the more he swallowed, the more addicted he seemingly became. Now, not only was he swallowing the gorgeous young man's voluptuous tasteless cum supply, but he could actually hear himself grunting and groaning in the process.
While Cappy was lost in his own world, Gene couldn't take any more of Ty's powerful and aggressive anal muscles, as his own manly seed began rocketing from his thrusting cock, bolting deeper and deeper up the boy's beloved anal realm. Gene jack hammered his cum firing cock in and out of Ty's ass with blinding speed and terrorizing force until he had no more cream to offer. He could feel his mammoth beast deflating, and doing so very rapidly. Ty was far away in his own little world as the cock inside his ass provided him with so much pleasure, and not to mention, the mouth still milking away at his semi flaccid chunk of meat.
By the end of the day, Ty served up his mouth and ass to both men several more times. When the boat finally docked, Ty had earned Gene's commercial account. Even the drive home seemed tricky because Ty's ass hurt like hell and his body still convulsed ever so violently. His legs were shaking so bad that he had a difficult time controlling the brake and gas pedal.
***Over the course of the next 6 months, Ty met up with Gene at least twice a week. Thanks to Gene, Ty managed to obtain 40 more commercial accounts. He had been saving up his money initially to get an apartment, but now Ty was averaging over 400 installs per week, earning himself enough money to purchase a home of his own. He was thinking about purchasing a new vehicle, but once again, thanks to Gene, Gene gave him a brand new anniversary addition corvette. The owner of the glass shop knew he had to do whatever it took to keep Ty happy, since Ty single handedly kept his company on an increasingly steady uprise, so he decided to increase Ty's pay to $100.00 per install.
Ty was now making more money than ever before, and though he had informed Gene he was going to purchase a home, Gene called him early on a Wednesday morning to meet up. Unlike all the other times, this meeting wasn't going to involve sex. When Ty pulled up to the large iron gate, he saw a large iron sign sprawled out over both sides of the gate, stating "The Rainbow's Treasure."
Low and behold Gene purchased the home for Ty, and this wasn't just a home, it was more like a mansion. After the tour, Gene hugged Ty then with his rugged voice, and as softly as his voice would allow, stated, "When I saw this home with the entrance tagged, "The Rainbow's Treasure," I thought of you, cause Ty, you have given me so much joy that you are truly the golden treasure at the end of one very magical rainbow. This home is yours to do with as you so please."
Since Ty didn't have to spend any money, he decided to pay off his parents home and surprised them with title and deed on their wedding anniversary. Presently, Ty still works for the glass shop and he has expanded his commercial accounts all over the state. Present day, as a manager, Ty now has 18 employees under him and he gets paid $30.00 for every job they do. His last paycheck, for just one week worth of work, and before taxes, Ty earned himself a whopping $57,789.63. The blessing to all of his commercial accounts is that 95% of them do the work for him so he doesn't even have to do anything except collect his paycheck.
Call him a slut, or a whore, or anything else that may fit, but Ty uses his gorgeous looks and super hot body to obtain more and more commercial accounts. No matter who he sucks off, or who fucks him, Ty always looks forwards to his visits with Gene. In fact, Ty and Gene are planning on taking a vacation together on his yacht, and yes, Cappy will be doing the driving!