The Rogue and the Runaway

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Chapter Six


"The Most Precious Gifts"


"All night have the roses heard

The flute, violin, bassoon;

All night has the casement jessamine stirr'd

To the dancers dancing in tune;

Till a silence fell with the waking bird,

And a hush with the setting moon."

(Alfred, Lord Tennyson)


Never have lips been so sweet, eyes so aglow in anticipation, heart so enchanted, and desire of such magnitude as Seth brought his lips to mine, gently, almost delicately, as if plucking a flower from an early blossoming rose. Carefully parting my lips with his nectarous oral instrument of delectation, tasting me, savoring, enjoying his exploration, allowing me to do the same to him, my Love! All I'd dreamed, all I'd desired, were met, while all my fears fell away to oblivion or were dissipated into the night as he kissed me!

Standing near his bed, holding each other, our lips engaged, he glided his hands up the back of my shirt, running them sensuously, lightly up and down my center, causing me to quiver with excitement and bringing my own sex to surge up even harder, confined in my briefs, trying to emerge from the confinement. Pressed against me, I could feel the considerable length of his stiffness against my lower abdomen as it throbbed in every attempt to escape his shorts. Oh such a wonder, it must be!

Wanting so much to seek my lover's instrument of pleasure, to hold it, see it, and taste its goodness, I moved my hands to his front and touched his zippered enclosure.

"Not yet!" he pleaded carefully moving my hands from their target, "Let me undress you so my eyes may feast on your beauty, my hands caress your softness, and my lips suckle your goodness."

Willingly dropping my arms to accede to his plea and raising my arms so he could lift my shirt up and off of my slender, small frame. A slow, deliberate but arousing passage of his hands to my front, as his warm lips and the tip of his nose began a tactile journey to my neck, bringing a gasp from me and a tipping of my head to expose my neck in a submissive manner, for I intended and wanted to submit to the pleasures he was giving me now and would before our life together would end!

Fingers probed the fly and belt of my own britches, unloosing those restraints which, under ordinary times, would secure my attire to my waist; these, however, were not ordinary times! My pants fell to the floor, hindered from further journey only by my socks and shoes, leaving me with only a scant pair of blue bikini briefs covering that which strained and leaked against them. Seth began tonguing and kissing his way south, indulging his hunger for me first in and around that area under my arms, which I knew not until now was such an erogenous area, as his fingers tickled, glazed over, and stimulated my nipples, bringing them to a small peak, begging for further ministrations. Recognizing it, he lowered his face and his lips and tongue began an almost carnal exploration of those peaked nubs.

I didn't know what all he was going to do, but I did know this wasn't going to be a quick fuck behind the shed with the gardener's grandson trying to get his nut! No, Seth was slowly, lasciviously making love to me as only one man can do to another he desperately and deeply loves. Those erogenous zones located on my body were treated to his carnal ministrations, bringing me pleasures I'd never known before in my life.

Departing from those delicately sensitive objects, he continued his journey south toward my equator and South Pole. Kneeling, looking up at me, seeking my permission, measuring my desire for him to proceed, he smiled as it was granted with a slight nod of my head. Sucking my stomach in when he blew his warm breath from his voluptuous mouth , refreshing as a summer breeze, across and in my navel, seemed to still the air; he leaned back, surveyed the hilled landscape in front of him, brought his face to my briefs, and began sucking and licking my stiff, bikini covered penis!

"Oh my God, Seth," I moaned, "I'm going to cum if you keep that up!"

"Not yet, my Love," he advised, removing his mouth and, using his hands, lowered my briefs to join my pants and shoes curdled about my ankles. Set free from its enclosure, my cock sprung free, standing straight up, twitching with my desire for release, and available for his eyes to behold and worship.

"Nice," he murmured, "and large," as first his eyes swept my turgidity followed by a gentle encircling of my stiffness with his strong hands, sliding up and down my circumcised length.

"Not really," I replied, "it only looks that way since I'm so small."

"None the less," he sighed affectionately, "it's impressive and you, you're so beautiful, Davie," and with a swipe of his tongue, plucked the drops of pre-cum accumulating on the tip of my staff and lapped them into his oral cavity causing me to shiver with delight!

Seth swept his nose and tongue down one side of my cock, tasted me through the sparse, dark bush at its base, ran his moist taster under the shaft and up to the head, before beginning his moist kissing slowly to the base once more. Cupping my baby-makers in his hands, fondling them carefully as one would handle the most delicate of eggs, he lowered his head and slowly sucked one, then the other into his mouth, rolling each one around separately, as if encouraging them to increase their production. Letting each pop from his mouth, he moved to the tip of my cock and slowly engulfed just the head with his lips, giving his tongue access to probe and taste my widening penile orifice. Lapping his tongue around several times as he kept my swelling cockhead enclosed with his lips, he slowly began bobbing up and down until he had my entire length in his mouth. I began rising up on my toes in anticipation of a welcome climax!

"Not yet, my Love!" he again advised, after pulling away. He raised his right hand to my mouth, encouraged me to open, inserted his middle finger and encouraged me lubricate it copiously. The wet finger was moved from my mouth to between my legs as his mouth re-engaged my dripping rod. The moisture laden digit found my most sensitive anal ring, circled it, and flicked seductively at the puckered opening as his mouth began bobbing up and down my shaft in a most satisfying oral masturbation. I again began rising up on my toes as I felt that familiar pleasure beginning to overcome me.

"Now!" he said quickly, shoved his finger to the last knuckle in my rear portal, flicked that small spot one can massage through the anus, and engaged his mouth in a more active bobbing up and down!

Three, four, and then five strong ejaculations of my thick, creamy essence traveled up my cock, left my body, and was savored and swallowed by him. Finger still in place, mouth still encasing my now very sensitive penis, he continued to flick his finger inside me and suckle the offerings until, for the moment, I had no more to give!

The sexual release, the quivering, shaking, euphoria of my orgasm was of such intensity my legs weakened, my head tipped back and my eyes rolled as I gasped for air. Placing my hands on his solid, steady shoulders, seeking his strength and love to keep from collapsing completely until, shivering and wobbling just a little more, I reached calm enough state to lean over, lay my head on his, and with my still unsteady hands, stroked his hair, and murmured, "I love you so!"

Seth's lips left my still unmalleable spur, his hands secured my face , and his lips locked on mine as he shared the remnants of my gift to him, mixing my taste with his, bringing a throb once more to my man-head.

Pausing in our kiss, I begged of him; "Let me do you now, please?"

"Not yet, my love," he replied coyly, "be patient. We have a long time to pleasure each other."

That very well may be, but it certainly was not the here and now and I wanted him, in every way possible! Seth stood, surveyed my naked body, grinned with satisfaction at what he saw, and with two swift moves, peeled off his tee shirt and dropped his board shorts, revealing to me the naked supremacy of a well-developed, nicely proportioned man, standing proudly and ready before me! Before I could reach out and touch his beautiful, warm and large stiffness now pointing up majestically north toward his stomach, he picked me up, cradled me in his arms, and placed me on the bed, leaving my stomach and my heather regions front and center and totally exposed for his desires.

From where I lay and from what I could see twitching up and down extending from his body, the first impressions of his cock I had when viewed as it peeked out from under his board shorts, was but a minimal perception of the actual proportions. His foreskin was now fully retracted, revealing a plum-shaped head of larger than average proportion, positioned at the end of smooth, thick, stiff, fully-engorged, and fairly long shaft and below that magnificence, a pair of egg sized gonads hanging pendulously in a fleshy sack, lightly decorated with hair. I continued my survey of his body, noticing, other than a nice healthy bush at the base of his cock and a light dusting of hair under his arms and a few on his legs, his body was relatively hairless, not unlike mine.

The inspection tour was pleasantly interrupted when Seth lowered himself to the bed, pulled me into his arms, hugging me, rolled me over on top of him, and then slowly, sensually, with hands of talented magic, began caressing my back, my head, and slipped to my small butt cheeks where he fondled and massaged them, while his rampant cock danced with mine. The differences in our heights allowed my balls to find rest on the lower part of his shaft while my cock tip engaged his in a slippery, drooling pre-cum bath.

He felt so warm; his body so inviting, comfortable and a natural place for me to be, secure and loved, stretched out, my head resting beneath his chin. I scooted forward, until his cock poked up between my thighs and with one hand, reached back to steer his massive organ toward the spot I wanted it to be.

"Not yet!" he admonished me again and slowly rolled off and over on my stomach.

Gently placing a pillow under my midsection and crotch, he raised my buttocks, and assumed a position between my legs, behind and over me. Spreading my small, soft mounds as carefully as if he were opening a delicate pastry, he lowered his head, inserted his face into that innocent crevasse until his tongue found that heretofore unopened treasure, and began the most delightful and erotically stimulating mini-bath I'd ever experienced! Around, in, and out his probing proboscis roamed until I was squealing with delight and begging with desire!

Stopping, raising me higher until I was perched on my knees and head resting on my arms, leaving my butt pointed up, open and vulnerable, Seth asked tenderly, "Ever done this before?"

"When I was eight," I confessed, "with the gardener's grandson."

"That doesn't count," he mused in reply.

Looking over my shoulder as he maneuvered behind me, I watched carefully and with just a little trepidation as he applied a liberal dollop of lube to his penis and another to my anus, using a couple of fingers to really work some more inside my puckered portal.

"Think it will fit?" I wondered aloud. I really had my doubts, considering its size and where it was supposed to go. "I'm not a very big guy and that looks prodigious to me from here!"

"I think so," Seth replied cautiously, "if we take it slow and easy. I want you to stop me if it hurts or you want me to quit. We really don't have to do this, you know."

Hell, want to do it? Does pig shit stink; do dogs roll in rotten stuff? You damned bettcha I wanted to do it; I wanted it all inside me; no two ways about it! If we had to work at it all night, that lovely penis was going inside my lower bowels (and maybe upper by the looks of it). Although, as much as I wanted to give him my ultimate gift, I really wasn't certain there was enough wrapping paper to hold it!

He scooted forward, leaned carefully and easily across my back, his head resting alongside mine, looped one arm around my middle, hand reaching down and softly tugging on my hard cock, and with the other free hand, positioned his slippery dick at my rear entrance and pushed forward, just a little, until he made contact! Seth kept settling down, pushing his torso forward with a slow, careful motion to insure his entry wouldn't cause me too much stress and pain. I felt the bulbous, leaking head of his penis penetrate me and pop inside. I waited (and so did he) for the pain that I'd read occurs with anal intercourse, but all I felt was some discomfort and "full!" We both were certain, from what we'd read, there must be some pain because there was something going in where things usually came out.

When he felt me shrug and give him the high sign to continue the other arm came around me, not so much as to grip, but to hold me in an embrace of love. As he continued to push forward, I could feel his penis moving inside me as it continued the journey, stretching, maneuvering, tickling my prostate as his cock wormed its way in deeper. Finally, Seth lay fully on my back, relaxed, yet tense with anticipation, his public bush tickling my ass cheeks and his balls dangling between my legs, juggling warmly up against mine.

"God," he moaned, "this feels so great, Davie!"

I couldn't disagree with that statement and pushed back to well and truly seat him! Seth began a gentle and recognizable forward and back motion as he began making love to me in "the Biblical sense," holding on to me, murmuring softly in my ear how much he loved me. Picking up speed, his sexual energy and desires increasing, his need for satisfaction nearing the ultimate peak, and bringing him and me ever closer to a mind-blowing orgasm! Each time his swelling cock-head passed my love-button, it sent a jolt from it to my cock!

"I'm so close, Davie!" he panted.

"Me too!" I squealed in anticipation.

I felt his penis swell as he pushed forward hard, engaging my ass cheeks as tight to his crotch as possible, squeezed me tightly, his stomach anchored to my back, and moaned, "Davie, I'm cumming and cumming hard," and began pulsing his seed into me. I fired at the same time, my ass clenching tight with each volley, milking his cock for all he had to offer. With each clench and pulse, he'd thrust forward as if trying to insert his copious deluge of seed as deep into me as humanly possible, given the size of his equipment.

I don't know how much he came, but it felt like gallons. I could feel it oozing slowly from my butthole, dripping down over my balls and his, before hitting the sheet beneath us.

"I'm a heavy cummer," he said apologetically.

"Could've fooled me!" I answered with great satisfaction.

Seth maneuvered me, lowering us to our sides, pulled in close, with my buttocks resting comfortably against his crotch, keeping his stiff penis still embedded in me, slowly spewing vestiges of his ejaculate in the warmth of my tunnel. Resting his head on my shoulder, sighing deeply, I felt him relax and doze off. For my part, I just pushed back, allowing my body to meld with his, happy and quite satisfied, thank you very much!

He snoozed about fifteen minutes or so and, when waking, tested the strength of his maypole with a couple of thrusts. Satisfied it was still in good shape and ready to invade the kingdom again, he kissed me, and began a slow repeat of our previous activity.

Feeling it ripple my inner space, pushing up against my front with each thrust, I just had to ask. "How big is it, really?

"A little above average," he replied grunting a bit as he did.


"Maybe around seven or eight inches or so."

"At least," I giggled as he increased his speed.

Seth must have covered us sometime during the night. I noticed it, when, in the half-light of the predawn the next morning, feeling him still inside me, he commenced that familiar dance of love, finishing again with an ample deposit of semen in my rectum. His ardor and mine sated for the time being, he rose, kissed me and said, "As much as I'd like to do this all day, I have some lines to put out today," and went to the bathroom to shower.

While he did, I went to the kitchen, made our coffee and packed him a lunch. I could shower after he left and would wait his return at the end of the day.

To be continued:


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"All night have the roses heard

The flute, violin, bassoon;..."

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