The Rogue and the Runaway

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Chapter Nine

"The Reunion"


"A kind heart is a fountain of gladness, making everything in its vicinity to freshen into smiles." – (Washington Irving)


The light brown African-American woman standing by Carl's wife, mouth agape, surprised someone would call her by a name previously reserved for use by me or a member of our immediate household looked around, looked at me; looked again and opened her arms wide, her face decorated with a smile brighter than the morning sun and as warm as a fire on the hearth in the cold of a winter's night, and shouted her happiness, "Oh, my sweet baby boy; Davie Honey Chil' come to me!"

And I did, just as fast as my legs could move!

I raced down the few intervening steps, tears of joys streaking my face, sobs of longing escaping my choked throat, and rocketed my small body into her arms, burying my face on her breasts, and wrapping my arms tight about her, and cried my release even more so!

Cook cradled me in her arms as we stood on the sidewalk in front of the courthouse, rocking me back and forth, and murmuring soft, comforting reassurances to me that all would be well since she was here; loved me and missed me, as I did her. Seth, Carl, and Debbie stood to the side, quietly observing the scene unfolding before them.

"Did you know about this?" Seth asked Carl.

"Not a clue; how about you, Honey?" addressing Debbie.

"Me neither," she responded, perplexed and just as curious as the others.

"I think we'll know more when they both settle down," advised Carl patiently.

"Damn good police work, Deputy," smirked Seth, "arriving at such a sagacious conclusion."

Carl gave him a gentle, playful nudge with his shoulder in retaliation.

I stopped sobbing long enough to finally gasp, "How and why?" I couldn't really say much more; I was just that excited and happy to see her and have her near I was almost speechless.

Cook released me, but kept an arm around my shoulder, freeing me enough to blow my nose and wipe some of the tears from my face.

"Well, Sweet Boy, I come north to live with my daughter and her man to help take care of that household full of boys they have! After your momma and daddy allowed they didn't need me anymore, I called Deborah, explained the situation to her, and got here about a month ago."

Seth walked up at that moment, slipped an arm around me also; putting me snuggled up between the two people I loved most in this world!

"And who might this handsome young man be, Honey Chil'," Cook asked softly with a smile.

I hiccoughed back a sob before answering; "This is my spouse, my husband, Seth Burridge. We just got married!"

"My, my, you do pick the good lookin' ones," she chided, letting go as she reached out her hand to Seth. "Florence Long," she said introducing herself and showering him with that wonderful smile of hers.

"Seth Burridge," he answered, "spouse and soul mate of Davie."

As he spoke, I looked up at him and saw the same happiness in his face I felt. I'd never known Cook's real name and now I did!

"Momma," Debbie interrupted, "we have to get in the courthouse to get you a photo ID since you never drove before. If you want to vote, it's pretty important to have; okay?"

Reluctantly, Cook let me go, but admonished, "Don't you go wanderin' off on me again, Sweet Boy; we gots lots to talk about," as she followed Debbie and Carl into the courthouse.

"Sweet Boy?" Seth teased and grinned. "I know at least one part of you, just below your belt in the front that tastes pretty sweet. I'll bet if I try real hard, I can find some more places that are just as sweet and delectable."

Embarrassed, but pleased, I rose up on my toes, threw my arms around my new husband and kissed him deeply. He returned my offering just as passionately, bringing my cock to an instant hardness!

We walked back into the courthouse, found a place to sit in the lobby to wait for Cook, Debbie, and Carl to return. While we waited, Seth explained Carl was one of several minority deputies working for the county and had met Debbie one evening when she was working in the emergency room at the hospital after he'd brought in an injured burglary suspect for treatment. Although I was listening to what Seth was saying, I was still giddy with excitement; not only had I married the man I loved this day, but Cook was back and living where, I knew not, but she was near that that was all I needed! She was my family, the only person in my life other than Seth, who loved me for what I was and saw my worth as a person! God, she was just wonderful!

My legs jiggled and wiggled up and down in nervous anticipation as we waited. Seth would just look at me and grin and I'd tear up again. Not tears of sadness or loss, but those wonderful, cleansing droplets of joy cascading down my cheeks, relieving me of those stresses and fears I'd harbored ever since running away from the terror of my parents' house. Someday, I'll have to figure out how a person can cry and be happy, but it happens and I am no exception.

Within a half hour or so, they reappeared. By then, Seth and I'd decided to invite them to lunch and also to the reception Seth's parents were having for us on Sunday. Although intended for immediate family, I felt his folks wouldn't be offended if Cook and her family were invited as well. After all, she was my family and I wanted to share the occasion with her! She was smiling just as broadly now, walking toward me, as when she first recognized me a short time before. Of course, she just had to hug me again!

Our luncheon invitation was accepted, with the proviso by Debbie they had to be home by bus time, so we couldn't gab too long. All eight of their sons rode the school bus home and she and Carl believed someone should be there to greet them, yet she did admit the older ones were perfectly capable of watching out for the younger ones. The oldest boy was sixteen, next oldest fifteen, and from there it was thirteen, eleven, ten, nine, and seven.

"Hold it," I exclaimed, "I've been counting and that's only seven kids"

"The eleven year olds are identical twins," Carl replied.

Carl and Debbie lived on an acreage north of Princeton, not far from us, in fact. It was the perfect place to raise a large family according to them. The forty acres had room for a very large garden, which they all worked; a chicken yard and coop for fresh eggs and chicken to eat; a hog pen where they raised a couple of pigs each year, and a small pasture where, usually, at least one beef cow was fed up to butchering weight.

I was curious, so ventured the question, "How long have you owned the place?"

"We don't; Momma Flo does," responded Debbie. "She inherited it from an Aunt and Uncle after they both passed away. They'd purchased it ages ago and had no children but wanted her to have it."

"Debbie and I rented a small place in Davenport at the time. It was close to work, but as the babies came along it was just too small," offered Carl.

"Momma offered us the place, if we'd pay the taxes and keep it up. We agreed and moved there maybe, ten years ago, Carl?"

He nodded, "When she called saying she'd lost her job, I told her to come on up and move in. We had the room and it was a god-send for us since she agreed to help out with the kids. It would also put her close to her two sons, Debbie's brothers. One lives in Rock Island with his family and the other in Bettendorf. They never objected when we moved on to the acreage so we figured they'd be happy to have her near. We were right about that, so it all worked out!"

That was fine with me as well; Cook was close and I was as happy as a full tick on a hound dog's back! As much as I enjoyed hearing of her family, I was just dying to know how she lost her job and how intensive the search was for me. When I posed the question to her, she raised her eyebrows and glanced in the direction of her son-in-law dressed in his deputies' uniform with that gold, shining badge adorning it. Her silent question and indication concerning the wisdom of my question in front of him clearly made her uncomfortable, realizing I could be considered a "missing person" or a "fugitive from justice."

Carl quickly caught her hesitation and fears, advising us both he was unaware of any missing person's bulletins or warrants for my arrest.

With a deep breath, Cook began, "Well, Honey Chil', when you vamoosed you really raised a stink and ruckus. Why, I don't know since your momma and daddy barely noticed you around the house anyway. Your momma came by several times while I was working in the kitchen and questioned me about where you was. She claimed if'n anyone would know of your whereabouts, it'd be me. That girl not satisfied with my answers and tol' me so. A few days later on some of those suits who work for your daddy come by and they axed me all sorts of different questions; like, you ever say anything `bout where you'd go or did you take anything with you. Land O' Goshen, Chil', I was just as surprised as everyone else and tol' `em so!"

I was so happy I'd never mentioned a thing to Cook or anyone else of my plans. The search for me grew more intense and Daddy's administrative assistant became more and more insistent Cook knew more than she was saying. When her story stayed the same, he eased up, but evidently Momma still thought Cook knew and seen too much, so under the pretext of wanting a "change in the cuisine," dismissed Cook and hired a different person for the kitchen.

"Probably the best thing that happened to me," Cook sighed, "since you left." Looking intently and quite seriously, cautioned, "You best be careful, Davie Honey, them boys in suits jest might figure I'd lead them to you; keep your eyes open."

I nodded slowly, understanding what she said, but now fearful our accidental reunion would, indeed, lead the creeps to me. Before I could comment, Seth said in a determined voice, "Not to worry; he's with me and with me he'll stay. They'll have to do through me first!"

Our conversation and lunch over, before departing, I gave Cook a big hug and murmured, "I really don't want to leave you again, Cook!" She knew she was part of my family and I was part of hers' and that's just the way it was going to be, regardless of who might want to change it. Promising to bring the whole family to our reception, Carl, Debbie, and Cook left for home and so did Seth and I.

On our ride home, I chattered incessantly; the excitement of my reunion with Cook and having her so near just about overwhelmed me! I found the entire experience almost unbelievable, having decided never again would I see her or any member of my family again once I left home! Now, however, my past was returning, not only to pleasure me, but perhaps to haunt me as well. The last thing I desired was for those I loved to be harmed because of me.

Once home, Seth called his Mom to alert her to plan for more guests on Sunday. She was pleased to hear of my reunion with Cook and welcomed her, Carl, Debbie, and their family to the reception. Momma Burridge always seemed to be able to "go with the flow;" adapting to any situation with the same calmness and ease as Seth did. We sat on the porch, enjoying the late afternoon sun while he talked to his Mom and when he finished, I fixed us our cocktails. It really wasn't much different from the other afternoons or evenings when he came home we spent together, but it was- you know- different! I was now David Andrew Fleming-Burridge and oh so happy!

We grilled steaks for dinner and enjoyed our first (actually, second since we had lunch in town) together as a married couple. As the evening darkened with the setting of the sun and the frogs in the slough began their chorus of croaking, peeping night sounds, intermingled with the occasional squawk of bird finding a roost, I settled myself between his legs, my back resting against his chest, pulled his arms around me, and luxuriated in his presence.

Feeling safe in his arms, I still had a feeling of disquietude, an uneasiness, and an inner turmoil, reflecting on the "what if's" and the "maybe's" that could result from Cook living so near. Sensing my tenseness, Seth gently turned my head so I faced him.

"What's the problem, my love?" he asked softly, in an attempt to sooth my fears. "I know something is bothering you just the way you're acting."

I nodded, confessing, "What happens if they follow Cook here while trying to find me? I don't want anything to happen to her or you because of me!"

Seth smiled, gave me a little peck on my lips, and responded confidently, "I've thought about it also, but I wouldn't worry about Cook, Carl will take care of her and as far as you're concerned, I can take care of both of us. I must admit, however, I do have some concerns when I'm gone. Maybe, we'll just have to have some lessons on self-protection; do you think?"

"I suppose, but you have to understand," I explained, "I've never handled a gun before and I don't know if I really want to, although I must admit, living where we do, it'd be nice to know how." I paused, thinking before continuing, "if anything, teach me how to shoot a shotgun; might come in handy if I encounter a rattlesnake, either crawling on the ground or walking upright!"

Seth's reassurance and declaration of protection made me feel more comfortable, but in the back of my mind, I decided to take Cook's advice as well and keep my eyes and ears open. Never know when someone will jump out behind a tree and shout "surprise!"

We didn't stay up very late. Crawling into bed, I stretched my naked body over his equally naked, but svelte deliciousness. Twisting my hips a little so my hard cock would engage his, excited sensations rocketed to my brain and back down to my balls. Sliding further up his body, my lips engages his while his stiff staff poked up between my legs and under my balls, resting not far from where I wanted it to lodge. Kissing his lips, then brushing mine across and down his neck, before nibbling lightly on each of his ear lobes, I couldn't help but murmur softly and erotically how much I loved him and how happy I was to be his.

Scooting around some more, trying to maneuver my little butt cheeks and cleavage for him to split, he stopped me; grasping those same warm orbs, he pulled me forward until my rigid penis brushed his lips, my balls resting on his chin. Flicking out his tongue, he swiped around the head of my turgid tusk, lapped up the drippings from its slit, engulfed me, and began nursing it to a ball-raising, sphincter tightening, cum-spitting orgasm! With each burst, I cried out in ecstasy and my stomach sucked in with pleasure.

My cock released from his warmth, I slithered back down and lay chest to chest with my lover. His pride and joy had not diminished in size or length and his ardor was just as virulent as before. Carefully, but oh so nicely, he poked the large head of his dick in my sphincter, gently eased me down his body until he was buried balls deep, and began a most satisfying fuck, raising his hips and buttocks up and down, gripping me tightly, until I felt the head of his cock begin to swell inside me, and finally burst forth the copious amounts of semen I'd grown used to and to love. I fell asleep, resting comfortably on his body, his length still buried inside me.

It's difficult to describe the comfort, the warmth, and security I feel, wrapped in his arms, our softness in close contact, whether stretched out on top of him or on my side, my little butt resting in his crotch. His soft breath wafting over my shoulder, bathing my ear or face as we lay together, reassured me of his protection and love. Can anything be so wonderful as falling asleep or waking in the arms of your lover? Every day and night I'm with him strengthens my love, my bond, and my intimacy with Seth. How can I be so lucky?

The next morning Seth was up early as usual to head out fishing. He was going to begin pulling everything and bringing it home for repair and storage for the winter. Harvest season for soybeans and corn would begin soon and, although the late fall could produce some fine catches, he'd be needed on the farm to help his brothers and brother-in-law with the harvest. The only other fishing he'd do in the winter would be several seine hauls through the ice in partnership with some of the other commercial fishermen in the area.

I was just as excited as well in anticipation of the harvest season since I'd never been around a farm during the "bringing in the sheaves." Seth did remind me however, he'd need my help cleaning and repairing his fish nets, box traps, and trot lines, readying them for next spring when his fishing season would begin again in earnest. Fall was a difficult time of the year for him since he loved working the river, enjoying the freedom, the fresh air, and being his own boss, but he also realized his family needed his help too and farming helped pay the bills; more now since he had another mouth to feed.

To be continued:


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"A kind heart is a fountain of gladness, making everything in its vicinity to freshen into smiles." – (Washington Irving)


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