The Rogue and the Runaway

Copyright© 2014 – Nicholas Hall


Bubbling, seeping, springing from the earth in ages long ago in what is now known as Mower County, Minnesota, the spring became a brook babbling into a creek. This small, shallow creek cascaded into a larger stream until it too wedded itself into river, fed by other smaller streams and creeks; all one body of water on a downward journey toward the sea. Lessor Rivers of varying widths, depths, and clarity, each distinguished from the other by names chosen by man, conjoined with this one increasing its volume and watershed, draining a larger and larger portion of the land. The river's name, Wapsipinicon, was derived, as legends would say, from the unrequited love of a young Indian maid and stalwart warrior, who in death joined their names, giving birth to the river.

It is along this river, formed by nature, named by legend, and flowing through the heartland of the Midwest that Seth Burridge and David Andrew Fleming, not a young Indian maid or stalwart warrior, but two young men in search of happiness and love, come together, more as an accidental encounter or fate, and share a life of love, adventure, and self-realization as they face everyday life, injury, and threats to their very being.

Will their love survive or will it be tossed asunder by outside forces determined to bring an end to David's "perversions" and "cure" him? Can Seth's strength and love help him conquer those forces intent on doing him grievous harm?

Spend some time in the world of "The Rogue and the Runaway" and follow their joyous and sometimes treacherous life together along the Wapsipinicon.

Nick Hall