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Subject: The Triathlete And His Photographer - Chapter ONE - Gay - Beginnings


Hey everyone,


This is my sixth story. I hope you enjoy reading this new story. I should

also like to thank Charles (USA) for all his help in the preparation of

this manuscript.


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I am a German from Hamburg.


I need help improving some new prose. I have translated my work into

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a few minutes, I would appreciate your advice.


Usual disclaimers apply on this story - All characters are fictional and

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The Triathlete And His Photographer

Chapter ONE

Editor: Charles (USA)



My cell phone rang. I glanced at the screen, but the number was not

familiar to me.


"Hi, this is Moritz Janson."


"Hello, this is Miguel Pittmann. I'm calling because I saw you last

Sunday during the triathlon competition. You took a lot of pictures

there of the contestants. You were wearing a T-shirt that had your

web site on it and said that you take photos for free. I have looked

at your web site and find your photos very nice. I wanted to ask

if you might have taken a photo of me during the competition, and

if maybe I could get a few copies. I'd love to have some nice photos

of me at this event."


I told him, "I'll have to see whether I took any pictures of you during

the competition. Could you please give me the starting number

from your shirt? That way, I can check the photos for your number,

and see if I've got a picture of you. I would then call you back to let

you know. Your phone number is on my caller ID. May I call you

back at this number?"


"Sure you can. It'd be great if you could find photos of me. I could

even pay you for your time and trouble, a little."


"Please, no payment required, you don't have to give me anything.

I am strictly an amateur photographer. And as you've already seen

on my web site, I'm all about free photos. Like I said, if I find any

with you in them, I'll get back to you."


"Okay, I hope to hear from you."


The call was over. The caller's voice sounded really sexy, but you

can easily be fooled by the voice. Far too often, I had met people

in person who on the phone had had very pleasant voices: their

outer layer was far less appealing. Once burned, as the saying goes.


Anyway, I had Miguel's starting number in hand and sat myself down

at the computer to scan through the photos from last Sunday for

his number. I was astonished. I didn't need long to find photos with

Miguel's number, because on that Sunday I had focused my camera

on only two participants: just two young male triathletes who had

me really interested. And Miguel, number 5964, was one of the two!

I was very excited.


What a coincidence that one of the two young men who were

particularly attractive had now contacted me and wanted to have

copies of the pictures I'd taken of him that Sunday.


This meant that I would now get to briefly speak with him and

maybe even get to know him personally. I looked again at the

pictures of Miguel much more critically to make sure there weren't

any I had better not show to him. Some shots were very good and

relatively neutral (i.e., not too sexy). These photos I would be able

to show Miguel without problems. So I pulled up Miguel's cell phone

number and dialed it. Soon enough, I heard his voice.


"Hello, this is Miguel."


"Hi, Miguel. Moritz here again. I've looked at the pictures from last

Sunday and there are some really nice pictures of you here.

If you want, you're welcome to come by and look at them here.

If you can bring a USB stick, I can then save the pictures to it for you."


"That's great. I have a lot of free time. When would it suit you, then?


"It would be good for me if you could maybe come in an hour, so

I have time to prepare the pictures a little bit and optimize."


"That works. I'll be there in an hour. Where do you live?"


I gave Miguel my address and sat down immediately to the computer

with three of the most accomplished photos I had taken, to quickly

follow up with Photoshop. As always, when I'm optimizing

photographs, the time flies by. Suddenly my doorbell rang. In just

a few seconds, I would be standing face to face with Miguel.


Opening the door, I encountered a strikingly handsome young man.

Miguel was about 6'1" and had dark brown medium-length hair.

His skin was tanned and beautiful. I'd say he was the Mediterranean type.


Miguel was about 23 or 24. During the competition he was drenched

in sweat, his hair plastered to his skin. His face was often somewhat

distorted due to his herculean efforts. But now he stood with his

hair styled and totally relaxed in front of me.


Incidentally, I myself am 32 years old. I'm openly gay, although

sometimes that causes problems for me - especially if I want to

photograph young men. They automatically assume I'd also want sex

from them. But the fact is that very few of the men I've photographed

in recent years, have I subsequently had sex with. More important

than sex to me is actually a building a friendship with them.

I think there's nothing more interesting than documenting photo-

graphically how a young man grows and changes over the course of

many years.


Not until it was much too late did I remember that I should've taken

down the pictures hanging on all the walls in my hallway and in my

living room. Seeing them, Miguel would figure out I'm gay, and that

would probably spook him. But there was nothing to do now except

open the door and let the chips fall where they may.


"Please come in," I said.


Miguel walked into the hallway and looked first at the large-format

photographs that I had taken and had hung in the hallway. The photos

- only of young men - were pretty erotic, I had to admit.

Some I had taken during sporting events; others, in my makeshift studio.


"Hmm, professional photos!" Miguel said, without going into details.


"Thanks, I do try," I replied. "Why don't we go through to the living

room, where my computer is with the photos."


As Miguel went ahead, I admired his round ass and his muscular thighs.

(Hey, I may be a perfect gentleman, but I'm not crazy.) His form-fitting

jeans framed his butt and his legs to perfection. His jeans weren't

skin tight, but damn close. His T-shirt was pretty snug, too. I had to smile.

The nice thing about athletes is that they are proud of their bodies and

love to show them off to other people. Regardless of whether they

were gay or straight, many didn't mind all that much if you happened

to see them in flagrante delicto, so to speak.


"Do you take photos at these events often?" he asked.


"Yes, whenever I have time."


"And do you work only here in Hamburg or also in the surrounding area?"


"Unfortunately, I can only take photos in Hamburg, because I haven't

had a car for 2 years."


"Really? How come?"


"Well, several reasons. For one, some time ago I was in a bad car

accident, so the prospect of driving a car is no longer pleasant for me.

Besides, photography is one of the more expensive hobbies, and by

not having a car these days, I can spend more of my money on

photo equipment and other technical toys."


"Me, I'd be totally up shit creek (oops, sorry) without my car; I need

it to get to various competitions throughout Northern Germany."


"Makes sense. By the way, Miguel, just out of curiosity, how is

it that you have a Spanish first name and a German last name?"


"Oh, that's easy, my mother is Spanish and my father is German."


"Ah, I see. Well, I've got some nice photos of you, I hope you

like them," I said, getting down to the business at hand. I had

noticed that all during our talk, Miguel had been looking at the

pictures on the wall. I was afraid that the erotic nature of the

photographs I had taken of these young men, might make him



I had already pulled up a second chair next to my desktop computer.

I sat down in front of the PC and Miguel took the seat next to me.

It was quite a struggle for me not to gape at the phenomenal body

of the young athlete so conspicuously beside me. So when I did

look, I tried at least to be subtle. Now that he had sat down,

the fabric of his jeans stretched around his thighs and afforded

me a luscious glimpse of his powerful thighs.


But gathering my wits, I disabled the screen saver and the first

photo of Miguel appeared, one of those I had already cropped

and optimized.


"Wow, that photo is fantastic! You call yourself an amateur

photographer, but I can't imagine a professional could have done

any better. If you have two or three more shots of me at this

quality, I'll be in hog heaven. And my visit here will have been

more than worth it."


Miguel's face beamed as he studied the photo on the screen (while

I studied Miguel). In order to see the photo on the screen at the

best possible angle, Miguel had to sit right next to me and put

his left arm around my chair. His body gave off a light fragrance.

I couldn't tell whether it was his cologne or merely his deodorant,

but whatever it was, it was dizzying.


I clicked to the next image.


"Day-amn, this next photo is really about the limit," Miguel said.

"I think I'd like to have that one blown up and made into a poster.

A picture like that of me during a race is exactly what I've been

looking for."


Again, while Miguel stared critically at his picture on the monitor,

I used the time to give him the once-over from top to bottom.

His strong upper arms and chest muscles were world-class eye candy.

But whenever Miguel pointed out on the screen which details he

particularly liked in a photo, I would avert my gaze from him to look

at the computer.


"How did you manage to get everything in focus so well?" he asked.


"Well, first, I've been taking photos now for many years; and second,

I have accumulated some professional equipment over the years,

like a couple of ultra-fast lenses and an external flash unit.

Together, they minimize the exposure time and virtually freeze an

athlete's movements. One of those lenses alone costs more than

2,000 Euros (almost $2,700)."


Next photo.


"I like this one, too," he said. Again he pointed out what he thought

I had succeeded in capturing the best, but he also showed me a thing

or two that he didn't like. Here, his form was not perfect. There,

a shadow was not particularly flattering. All the while, as he stared

intently at the monitor, I used the time to study Miguel up close and

enjoy his physical proximity.


We looked at a few other photos that Miguel also liked quite well.


"So, did you bring a USB flash drive as we discussed over the phone?"

I asked.


Miguel started to pull the USB stick from his pants pocket. But

Because his pants were so tight, this was something of a challenge.

As he valiantly struggled to extricate the USB stick from its sturdy

denim constraints, I couldn't help noticing that the bulge in his crotch

was nothing short of heroic.


I connected Miguel's USB stick to my computer and it copied the

images to his flash drive. Miguel was almost beside himself.


"You've really made so many terrific photos of me and loaded them

onto my flash drive so I can make some really nice prints of myself.

I can make even make two amazing posters - and all this without any

payback. Isn't there some way I can repay you for these photos? It

just doesn't seem right to me that you should give me something so

great, while I give you zip in return."


"Well, I do know one way you could return the favor, if you really

want. But if you don't like my proposal, you can just say no and I'll

understand," I replied.


"Tell me what I can do for you, and I'll do it," Miguel said without



"It's pretty simple," I said. "Taking pictures is my joy in life. If you

still have a little time, I'd like to take a few more pictures of you

right here and now."


"Of course, no problem," Miguel said. "That much, I owe you."


Then he looked at a few of the posters I had hanging on the wall in

the living room, and he suddenly grinned. "But I hope," he said,

"you don't expect to photograph me with not much on but my

after-shave, like some of these other guys on the wall here."


Most of the young men were clad only in their underwear. Some

Of them were naked, although you couldn't see their genitalia in

any of the photos. Either their crotches were turned away from the

camera or the athletes had kept them covered with their hands.


"No, no, you misunderstand," I said. "All I want to do is take some

pictures of you with your shirt off."


"Okay, I have no problems with that, as long as you don't ask me to

take off everything. I'd be happy to pose for you, and maybe if

a few of the photos turn out okay, you could save those for me on

my flash drive, as well."


"But before we start, I gotta ask, Moritz: are you gay?"


Damn, was all lost? How should I answer him? What did he want

to hear? I thought for a moment and then replied, "Yes, I am."


"Okay, I figured as much. If you had lied about it just now, I

would have taken my USB stick and gone home. Frankly, I don't

care whether you're gay, bi, or straight. I just want people

to be up front about it. So let's take the pictures. I'll do my best."


"Fine, I'll get my camera right away."


"You'll have to tell me exactly what to do," said Miguel.


Bless thee, Heavenly Father, for what I am about to receive.


..... to be continued ....  
copyright Moritz  Hamburg  Germany








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