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Subject: The Triathlete And His Photographer - Chapter TWO - Gay - Beginnings


Hey guys,


This is chapter two of my sixt story. I hope you enjoy reading this chapter.

I should also like to thank Charles (USA) for all his help in the preparation

of this manuscript. In particular, for his additions.


I would love to hear what you think about it! Please send me an e-mail at and let me know what you think.

I am a German from Hamburg.


I need help improving some new prose. I have translated my work into

English but some of the prose needs a finishing touch. So, if you can

spare a few minutes, I would appreciate your advice.


Hope you enjoy!





The Triathlete And His Photographer

Chapter TWO

Editor Charles (USA)



To begin, I got the light brightener from my study room.

As I returned to the living room, Miguel asked, "Oh, what's that?"


"This is a light brightener (or reflector shield). It takes a

little of the daylight coming through the windows and reflects

it back onto you to help light your shadowed side."


"Oh. I wondered what you could possibly be doing with a

silvercoated screen. Shows how much I know about photography.

So what do you want me to do now?"


"First, I would ask you to stand near the window; that way,

I can take advantage of the position of the reflector. I prefer

to take pictures without a flash."


Miguel moved tentatively to the window. "How about here?

Is this OK?"


"No, I need you to take one step back. I think a little more

distance from the window will be just right," I said.


After I had positioned Miguel just where I wanted him,

I quickly picked up the camera.


"Let's start with a few face shots. The important thing is

that your face express some emotion; otherwise, you'll wind

up looking like a deer in the headlights. So either you smile

friendly, look skeptical, or flirt with the camera. You can

also look very cool or thoughtful. But how about a simple

smile, for starters? That shouldn't be too hard."


Miguel had a real killer smile that somehow went straight to

the heart: natural, open, and honest.


I squeezed the trigger several times and had quickly made a few

really good portraits, if I do say so myself.


"Great, we have photographed your "nice" page. Now show me

another side of you, maybe your energetic or masculine side.


Facial expression and body language have to harmonize with

each other. It's best to cross your arms over your chest

and adopt an aggressive or arrogant expression."


"So you want me to become - - what, an actor?" joked Miguel.


"Yes, being a photographer's model has a great deal in common

with acting. Through these photos, you and I are telling a story

- - one that the viewer will imagine."


"What do you do if you ever want to shoot a man who can't act?

Use Scotch tape to hold his face the way you want it, or something?"


"To be honest, I mostly take pictures of amateurs, which is one

of my main problems. But usually, with a little coaching and some

imagination, I can get the subject to produce a nice smile for the

camera or a telling glance. All I have to do is find the key word or

phrase, and most subjects will respond almost automatically."


"Okay, Moritz, here's my most evil leer. See if you can guess

what I'm thinking about." Miguel did several poses and facial

expressions in quick succession before the camera. I was thrilled.


"Hey, Miguel, you really kick ass. These photos are going to be



We then took another couple of photos of Miguel in profile.


"Why don't you take off your shirt now," I said. My voice cracked

a little, just from the idea that I would see Miguel bare-chested.

Without hesitation, Miguel pulled off his T-shirt.


The sight was breathtaking. The first thing I got to see was his

flat belly and slender waist.


After he took off his T-shirt, Miguel did the first thing many

men do: he showed off his muscles. A little male display.


"And do you find these arms satisfactory?" he joked.

"You like what you see?"


"A-a-aah, I seen bigger guns on a tugboat!" I teased back.

In fact, his "guns" (his biceps and triceps) would do any

battleship proud. What a physique!


"Oh, you spend a lotta time on tugboats, do ya! Wiseguy.

You're probably used to shooting bodybuilder types with

mighty, manly mountains of muscle," Miguel laughed.


"No, not really, but Heaven forbid you should get a swelled


Nothing is sexier than a man who has no idea how sexy he is.

(And nothing is less sexy than a man who thinks he's hotter

than French toast.)


Miguel's muscular torso would make many professional photo

Models spit with envy. We took several shots--front, side, and back.

Miguel stood there with his V-shaped back to the camera, his head

turned to one side so I could capture his face in profile.

After I had photographed his back, narrow waist, and round butt

covered by his jeans), I asked him to turn from the hips more and

more toward the camera. His arms hung loosely from his shoulders.


"May I see a few shots?" he asked.


It is always somewhat problematic to show a model all the photos

I have taken of him. Any photographic session always produces a

lot of terrible shots, which the photographer would prefer not to

show the models, lest they get the wrong impression.

Many times the shutter snaps accidentally while a model's eyes

are partly closed, making him look drunk or confused. So it's

always better to show the models only the most flattering shots.


But Miguel was more than a little eager, so I could only make the

best of things. I went up and stood close to him. Then I put the

camera in view mode.


"Here, use the dial on the camera to scroll to the next image."


While Miguel was preoccupied with the results of the photo shoot

on the small screen, I looked at Miguel's robust upper arms and

strong chest muscles. Above all, his nipples fascinated me.


"I am really surprised how little effort you needed to create such

a great pictures," said Miguel. "You used only the camera and the

reflector, and nothing else."


"Well, now: I'll tell you something that a photographer will

usually never admit. How good or how bad a picture is, depends

60% on the subject, and only 40% on the photographer.

The SLR cameras on today's market from 500 Euro up, relieve the

photographer from almost all the hard work. The camera takes

care of the exposure and the focus accurately and automatically.

All the photographer has to do is come up with an interesting angle

And choose the right moment to snap the shutter. The camera does

the rest."


"I think now you're belittling your talent," said Miguel.

"Friends of mine have such automatic cameras, and their pictures

aren't half as good as yours."


"So I take it you like the pictures we've taken so far?"


"Sure, they're amazing. I'd like to add these to the ones already

on the USB stick, if that's OK. Oh, one thing I wanted to ask you,

by the way: what, if anything, I am allowed to do with them?"

asked Miguel.


The question made me a little suspicious, because I had assumed

Miguel wanted to use my photos only for private purposes.


"Well, since you ask, no, I can't let you use my photos for just

anything you want. You may not sell the photos, for example, nor

use them commercially. Under German law, the photographer always

retains copyright of his photos, unless he makes other legal

arrangements. I am happy to give you the photos free of charge,

but only for your private use. If you want to use the photos

commercially in any way, you will have to coordinate in advance

with me. Then we would have to negotiate a fee," I told him.


"All right, that's only fair, I suppose," said Miguel.

"What I'd like to do is publish a number of these photos on my

web site. I also have a few advertisements on the site, to make

a little money on the side. So I don't know if you'd feel my

publishing the photos was commercial exploitation. What kind

of fee would you need me to pay?"


He looked at me, a little insecure.


"That's really a difficult question. I take the pictures just

for my personal pleasure and cannot and will not take money for

my work. On the other hand, I'd be foolish if I were to allow

anyone -- anyone to whom I've freely given my photos, that is -- to

profit from them without participating in some way myself.

Now, if you plan to publish just a few photos at your site,

that's OK with me. You just need to include a copyright credit

with my name and a link to my own home page. That would be a bit

of advertising for me and an acknowledgment of my work. It really

hacks me off when I find my pictures anywhere on the Internet

without any indication whatsoever that I'm the photographer.

This unfortunately happens very often."


"Well, with the copyright notice and a link to your web site,

I would have no problems," said Miguel. "But I'd want to show

more than just a few photos. I need to earn money and I know your

photos would serve to increase my viewership. If you want, why

don't we take a quick look at my site. Can you access the internet

on your computer?"


"Of course I can. Let's have a look."


I went to the computer and Miguel followed me with the camera

in hand. Miguel began calling up his web site as I sat right next

to him in front of the computer. This time I couldn't do much

else but admire his bare chest. His pectorals were almost perfect.

He opened Internet Explorer and entered his web address. The home

page of his web site surprised me. It was designed professionally.


It seemed Miguel's intention with this site was to make some

serious money. Basically, it was a kind of athlete's diary.

It gave the visitor tips and tricks for training and also related

incidents and impressions from his own training and competitions.

I was surprised that his web site was cluttered with advertising.

Miguel had already loaded a lot of photos on his site. They were,

however, consistently amateurish. He had taken most of them

himself, using a timer.


"Okay, I see what you're aiming for," I said. "These pictures you

took have a certain unmistakable charm (you), but every now and

then you need a more professional-looking image. Do you earn

much money with this site now?"


I was well and truly intrigued.


"Well, not much so far, but I have made a small amount and there

could even be more over time," grinned Miguel, slyly keeping his

trade secrets under wraps. "If I could enhance the site with some

interesting photos of my training and my competitions, that would

be help a lot. I also want to publish a few short videos on the web

site and also on YouTube. I know some athletes who now make

good money on their videos at YouTube. Every time before their

videos play, a short commercial runs. The advertising revenue these

commercials generate can be enormous, and the athlete gets a

small cut of that revenue for allowing them to run on his site."


"I had no idea people could actually earn money that way."


"All that's missing is someone who can take professional quality

photos and videos at a reasonable price," Miguel said, grinning at me.


"Well, with my SLR I can also record videos, of course. However,

as I already said I cannot and will not accept any monetary payment

for my services: I am strictly an amateur. Besides, if I did take

payment, I'd also have to register it with the Government."


"Yeah, I already got the part about how you won't take money for

your photos. But perhaps we can find some other quid pro quo."


I was suddenly very hot--and my penis, which had been asleep for

quite some time in my pants, grew wide awake with anticipation.

What consideration should I ask Miguel? What was he willing to do?

Just how far was he willing to go?



... To be continued ...


copyright Moritz  Hamburg  Germany








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