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From: Moritz <>

Subject: The Triathlete And His Photographer - Chapter THREE


Hey guys,


This is chapter three of my sixth story. I hope you enjoy reading this chapter.

I should also like to thank Charles (USA) for all his help in the preparation of

this manuscript. In particular, for his additions.


I would love to hear what you think about it! Please send me an e-mail at and let me know what you think.

I am a German from Hamburg.


I need help improving some new prose. I have translated my work into English

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I would appreciate your advice.


Hope you enjoy!





The Triathlete And His Photographer

Chapter THREE



Miguel smiled at me. That smile differed somewhat from his previous smile.

His face reflected a mixture of curiosity and skepticism. He seemed now

quite the professional businessman. But maybe that was only my fantasy.


Could I ask Miguel for sex in exchange for my work? Would he accept?

Would this even be appropriate? It could be that what I was about to ask

could put an end to our friendly cooperation, even before it began.


"I . . . I want to photograph you in the nude," I said.


"Oh, that. Frankly, for a minute there, I thought you were going to ask

me for sex in return," Miguel laughed. He seemed relieved. "Personally,

I have no problem with nudity and naked pictures," said Miguel.

"The problem is our hypocritical society. Almost everyone searches the

internet for web sites with nude photos, and almost everyone is secretly

pleased to see them--the sexier, the better; but then they turn around

and shake their fingers at the models. `For shame,' they say in public.


"To make a long story short, I'm not interested in ruining my career and

My reputation over a couple of nude photos. So if you want to take

pictures of my dick, then I'm afraid I'll have to disappoint you. But if by

"photograph me in the nude," you mean to take the kind of art photos

you have hanging here on the wall, then I agree. However, you must

promise me that you will neither post the pictures on the Internet,

nor permit them to circulate in any other way.


I'll either keep my crotch covered with my hands or whatever else is

handy, or stand sideways to the camera so my penis doesn't show.

I also want to see every shot you take. If you can live with these

conditions, then we have a deal."


I must admit I was somewhat disappointed. Yes, I had hoped to be able

to photograph Miguel, full frontal nude. On the other hand, 2 hours ago

I would never have dreamed that such an attractive young athlete would

even consider modeling for me in just his underwear.


"Miguel, I understand your objections--and share them, for the most part.

True, I could have done a great many male nudes with genitals exposed

and on full alert, but I would never hang photos like that here, because I

know exactly what negative consequences this would have for the models.

Nor would I ever post nude photos on my web site. I agree with your proposal."


Miguel smiled, "Okay, then we're good to go. Here: my hand to yours.

So do you want to take the photos right now or later on?"


"If you still have time, let's take the pictures now," I said.


"About how long do you think it'll take?"


"Oh ... a good hour."


"Cool, I just have to call a friend and move my next appointment. OK?"


I nodded. Miguel quickly called his friend. I turned away from him and took

a couple deep breaths, preparing myself to see Miguel in his birthday suit.

It's every photographer's dream to get such a model nude in front of the


But I was allowing myself to get too excited: I had to calm down a bit.


"Well, where are my manners, Miguel, would you like something to drink?"


"A glass of water would be good."


"Mineral water or tap water?"


"Just tap water, please. Don't go to any trouble on my account."


I disappeared into the kitchen and took a few seconds to think. I let the

tap run a little while before I filled two glasses with water. I put the glasses

on a tray with a bowl of apples and bananas.


When I re-entered the living room, I almost dropped the tray. Miguel had

Already taken off his shoes, his socks, and his jeans and was standing at the

window, wearing just a bikini brief. What an Adonis! The strong, long legs

and round ass were everything an artist could ever want in a male model.


Setting the tray on the table, I let Miguel choose his own glass, so he wouldn't

think I had put anything other than water in his water. When he had chosen

his glass, I took the other one and immediately began to drink.


"If you'd like some fruit, please help yourself," I said, looking at the

considerable heft in Miguel's briefs.


When Miguel had drunk half the glass, he took a banana. "So ... you take

pictures of naked young men often?"


I laughed. "Not often enough. No, not very often. These pictures you see here

in the house were taken over the course of the past 10 years. Although I've

photographed many young male athletes, some almost as handsome and fit

as you, very few of them would have been suitable as nudes.

The men I photograph nude have to have both the right mindset and an

erotic aura. You are one of the rare ones, combining looks, fitness, mindset,

and aura."


After Miguel had eaten his banana, he said, "C'mon, it's just me, you'll make

me blush. Well, when do we start? You're the boss--or should I say the director."


"Actually, you can see from the pictures hanging here in the living room and

the hallway that the poses almost all photographers use are basically the same

-- as are many other things in life. Once, a photographer thought of something

truly new: he put his nude model in an empty, soon-to-be-demolished factory

and smeared him with a little dirt. This was unusual and fresh. But this idea has

now been copied thousands of times by countless photographers who want

their photos to look `arty.' These days, it's old hat.


"All right, then, here we go. Stand back a little from the window with your legs

just slightly apart, hands on hips."


Miguel quickly complied with my stage directions and soon we had run through

a series of standard poses, front, side, and rear.


"Slide your briefs down in the front with your thumbs far enough for me to see

the top of your pubic hair. I hope you do have pubic hair: shaved crotches seem,

unfortunately, to be common among young men these days."


Miguel laughed, "I can assure you, Moritz, my groin fur is exactly as Nature



To me, pubic hair is always a kind of prelude, a preview of coming attractions

as a model slowly drops his pants. I can't understand why young men today

don't seem to like having hair on their bodies. I believe that body and pubic hair

are uniquely masculine features.


Miguel made a real show of gradually teasing his briefs down. On his face

played a fireworks of emotion. He looked alternately absolutely innocent,

then aggressive, seductive, etc. He could easily have been a world-class actor.


"Somehow I get the impression that this isn't your first time at bat," I

laughed. "Now slip them down from the sides with your thumbs the same way."


"These photos will go on my Web site--if any of them turn out--only when my

viewership and revenues threaten to go completely into the basement," Miguel

quipped. He pulled his briefs down as far as he possibly could, revealing

just slightly the base of his penis. Very sexy.


"OK, please take a book off the shelf and lie down on the sofa, as if you

were reading." We took a number of shots of his fantastic legs in various

positions. Above all I wanted to emphasize his runner's thighs.


"All right, now go sit on the chair, your legs bent forward slightly and

your elbow supported on your thighs."


Click, click, click . . .


This position naturally emphasized his muscular upper arms and chest.


"Now lean back and spread your legs as far apart as you can."


"Wow, that's a pretty suggestive pose," joked Miguel. "My poor old grandma

would be shocked." He seemed completely at ease now, relaxed and having fun

in front of the camera.


"Well, let's really open the old girl's eyes, then. Take your underwear off."



... To be continued ...