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Subject: The Triathlete And His Photographer - Chapter FOUR - Gay - Beginnings


Hey guys,


This is chapter four of my sixth story. I hope you enjoy reading

this chapter.

I should also like to thank Charles (USA) for all his help in the

preparation of this manuscript. In particular, for his additions.


I would love to hear what you think about it! Please send me an

e-mail at and let me know what you think.

I am a German from Hamburg.


I have translated my work into English but some of the prose

needs a finishing touch. So, if you can spare a few minutes,

I would appreciate your advice.


Hope you enjoy!





The Triathlete and his Photographer

Chapter FOUR



"It's obvious that you are a born photographer. So why not do that for

a living? Why wouldn't you want to make money with it?"


"Oh, that's simple. If I took photos for a living, then it wouldn't be fun

anymore: it would be a job. I'd also have to shoot people whom I

don't find interesting from an artistic standpoint. If photography were

my livelihood, then I'd be obligated to take pictures of anyone willing

to pay for my services. And then there are the people who complain

about everything, who want the camera to make them look younger

or thinner when they are older and fatter. As an amateur, a hobbyist,

I'm not beholden to my photographic subjects: I'm free to photograph

whatever and whoever interests me. And to pack up and move on

when I feel like it. For example, women have often asked me to

photograph them. I've always said no. The female form just doesn't

interest me."


"So all the photos you have hanging here on the walls are of guys you

found interesting and inspired you artistically?"


"Exactly. I have to have a connection with the people I photograph,

and they have to like being photographed, too. I remember once I had

begun photographing a really good-looking young man, only to discover

that he was arrogant and autocratic. His inner ugliness overshadowed

his outer appearance: it came straight through the camera. After half

an hour, I made the first excuse I could think of and sent him on his way.


"But does my work ethic really interest you, or is this merely a delaying

tactic? Have you changed your mind about our arrangement?" I joked.


Miguel smiled at me. "Well, I have to admit, the situation is unusual and

strange. After a race or a workout, it's one thing to peel off my gear and

hop into the open showers bare assed with a bunch of other naked guys;

but to strip down stark naked in front of another guy while he takes

pictures is another thing entirely. But no, I'm not getting cold feet.

A deal's a deal."


With that, he stood up, turned his back to me, pulled off his briefs, and

casually tossed them onto the pile. As he did, I admired his perfect round

butt cheeks. Now naked, he held both hands over his crotch. Then he

turned to me, grinning and a little embarrassed.


"OK, boss: now what?"


"Up on the wall are all the classic and popular body poses, each of which

I'll be asking you to assume. Basically, all you have to do is copy the

poses you see on the wall. I suggest we start with the simple pose on the

extreme left of the wall and work our way from left to right."


Miguel said, "Ah, now I see what the artwork is for. Pretty clever of you

to hang such a practical manual right on the wall. I gotta tell ya, it's not

so easy to follow directions when you're naked and have to hide your

private parts."


This time I had to grin. "You don`t have to cover your crotch. For me it

would be ok."


"Yeah, really funny."


Miguel looked thoroughly at the first picture, "Well, where should I

stand? Window again?"


"No, this time we use this wall over there as background."


Miguel and I played with different poses; at first his primary concern

was to make sure his crotch was covered, either with one or both hands

or by strategically lifting one leg or the other. His skittishness lasted

a little while, but once he realized that lightning was not about to

strike him dead, he found his confidence again completely. Soon we had

gone through all the various poses I wanted to capture, and the photo

shoot was drawing to a close.


"I'm starting to feel like I've been naked since last Tuesday. You got

any other nude shots you want to take, or are you satisfied at last?"

Miguel said, half joking and half serious. I noticed, he now wanted to

come to an end.


I could have continued for hours taking pictures of this beautiful young

athlete; but Miguel was clearly growing tired and uncomfortable, and

I didn't want to antagonize him.


"I think I've done enough pictures for today."


"Thanks," he said, stretching. "Man, I thought triathlons were a bitch!

OK, I'd like to see all the photos, as we agreed. Could I have the camera?"


I gave him my camera, which due to the large, light-sensitive lens, was

a little difficult to hold and operate with just his right hand. But his

normal inhibitions had returned once the shoot was over, and his

left hand was once again officially in charge of covering his crotch.


Or so I thought. But then he did something I'd never have expected.

With his left hand, he casually stroked his penis until it began to

grow in length and girth.


Preoccupied with the camera, Miguel now afforded me a clear view of

his genitals. His already impressive dick continued to grow. Unlike

many other men, Miguel did not have a large, low-hanging scrotum. He

was instead compact: his testicles fell just slightly below his penis.


Both as an art photographer and as a gay man, I have seen many penises

in my day; but somehow each one was unique. The variations seemed

infinite. Miguel's penis was long and slender, with a flared glans.

His penis mirrored his slim, athletic proportions.


Suddenly, I realized Miguel was grinning at me.


"You're really fascinated with my dick, aren't you? You can't take

your eyes off it, I can tell!" he laughed. "It's all right, look as much as

you want. I don't mind displaying the family jewels, as long as it's

`eyes only.' Go ahead, sit in the chair and I'll stand a little closer.

As a photographer, you're always looking for the best angle,

aren't you?" he joked.


Miguel's directness made me blush like a schoolgirl caught hiding

in the boys' locker room. Miguel had to laugh again.


"Moritz, don't be embarrassed. This is part of our agreement, one

I hope will benefit us both for a good, long time. Since you won't

take money and since I don't have any to give you, boldly taking you

where no man has gone before will have to be payment in kind. At

least until my Web site goes viral and I make my first couple of



"Look, do you really think I didn't notice that each time we sat in

front of the computer, you took the opportunity to check me out from

top to bottom? I have no problem with it. It's a price I'm more than

willing to pay, and you're worth it. And besides, somehow I have to

keep you well entertained, and the visitors to my Web site (and I

hope also soon to YouTube) coming back for more. So have a seat:

show's about to begin."


I sat there, Miguel in front of me. Again he laughed, "Moritz, I'd

never have guessed that you were such a shy guy. C'mon, why don't you

spread your legs a little farther apart, and I'll move in even closer."


So I did, and Miguel moved up until he was about 6" from my face.


"Oh, just one thing," said Miguel seriously. "Look, but don't touch."

I nodded. Then he began poring over the photo display while I stared

at his genitals. At this distance I could even smell the subtle fragrance

of his natural musk.


As are many German males, Miguel had been circumcised in such a way

that his foreskin barely covered the glans.


After some 5 minutes I asked Miguel, "Maybe you could even pull your

foreskin all the way back so I can see the glans?"


"Hey, now you'll really outrageous!" he said sharply, startling me.

Then he smiled again and said, "Relax, I'm just kidding. I think I can

do that."


With his left hand he pushed back his foreskin. "Just for you, Moritz."

This young man really had energy and strength. He knew exactly what

he wanted and how far he would go to get it. He was joking and

teasing with me now, but beneath the surface he remained a

strong-willed young man.


After I had ogled Miguel 7" flaccid penis for about 5 minutes up

close and personal, he shook his hips so his penis would swing

tantalizingly back and forth. Then he turned to the side so I could

look at his amazing ass cheeks, his penis, and his testicles in

profile. Shortly thereafter Miguel had finished going through the

shots. Apparently having no complaints, he resolutely handed me the

camera and stepped back.


"Moritz, congratulations: you pass! I stood here more than 10 minutes

bare-assed with my matching three-piece set inches from your face

and you still followed the hands-off rule. I bet most other gay guys

wouldn't have that much integrity and self-control—no way.

They had just grabbed what they desire. I know now that I can really

trust you. You're a man of your word. We're gonna make a hell of a

team, Moritz!


"For my Web site, the nudes are of course a non-starter, but I

still want to have copies of them. Never know when they might

come in handy as calling cards," he joked. "Seriously, I'm really

happy with your work, how the nude shots turned out. In none of

them can anyone see my junk, just as you promised. Well, a little

pubic hair shows here and there, but no big deal. And I think

you've made me look pretty good butt-naked, even if my grandma

might not approve. If we can stick to our agreement, we've got

a win-win situation here. You'll get full credit for your amazing

finesse with a camera, and the popularity of my Web site will

grow and grow. All I have to do is keep my visitors satisfied

with new and interesting shots and angles.


Then he casually nudged my calf with his bare foot and said,

"Course, to get those, I guess I'll also have to think about how

to come up with new and interesting ways to keep my photographer,

and new business partner in a good mood.


"But now I really must hurry, otherwise I'll be late. How about

you copy the photos for me while I put my clothes back on? That

would be nice."


As I quickly copied the photos for Miguel, running through my

head over and over was what he had just said: That he would

always be trying to think of new ways to keep me happy. Did he

realize what he was saying?



..... to be continued ....  
copyright Moritz – Hamburg – Germany








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