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Chapter 2

Another Day


Father Luis and I were sitting on the parish veranda having morning tea when we saw Ian with his wife approaching.   Father Luis leaned close to my ear whispering, "This could be interesting."  His comment caught me a bit off guard as I gave him a quizzical look before turning to greet the couple.

Gwen took my hand as she said, "I hope our Father Luis hasn't been questioning you relentlessly about his beloved England that he misses so much."

"Not at all, Father Luis has been great company which I very much appreciate."  I noticed Ian's cheeks were a bit rosier than usual as his blue eyes seemed to dance with mischief. 

The questions I had looking at the two of them were; is this marriage a sham or is Ian bisexual, and if he is bisexual why was he about to take his own life on the ship when he may have been enjoying the best of both worlds.  If he isn't bisexual and prefers men, which is what I now believe, why is he married to Gwen unless this is the cover Ian's Aunt Mildred arranged? 

I wondered if Gwen was oblivious to everything going on around her or am I the one that is oblivious with everyone else ten steps ahead of me?  What an intriguing family I've managed to entangle myself with.

I must have been lost in thought longer then I imagined when I suddenly realized everyone was staring at me. 

Ian gave me a concerned look and asked if I was okay.  I said yes and apologized for drifting off into my own thoughts.  "I'm afraid I do that occasionally, Gwen's question about Father Luis asking me about England reminded me of my mentor, Father Raphael back in England."

Gwen asked if Father Raphael and I were close.  I said, "No not at all, in fact I hadn't realized until you asked about Father Luis questioning me that Father Raphael rarely asked me any questions at all."  My response wasn't exactly a lie, nor was it completely truthful.

I smiled and asked where they were off to so early in the morning?  Ian answered saying Gwen hadn't see me in several days and was concerned auntie may have offended you when you had dinner with us the other evening so they decided to come over and check on me.

"That's kind of you, but Father Luis and I are fine and no your auntie had not offended me, in fact she was quite pleasant and entertaining as we chatted after dinner."

Gwen laughed, "It's you who is being kind; trust me we all know auntie could set the Pope off if she had a mind to."

Ian and I both laughed at his wife's comment considering our whimsical discussion of yesterday.  Of course the reason we laughed was missed by both Father Luis and Gwen, but they laughed anyway which made it funnier that it should have been.

Father Luis asked if they would like some tea, they declined explaining that breakfast would be served shortly so they needed to get back to the house.  We thanked them for checking on us and waved goodbye as they turned and started on their walk back.  Ian did a quick backward glance with that mischievous look on his face.

Father Luis said, almost to himself, "That boy needs to be taken to the woodshed and taught a lesson." 

Well isn't that interesting, Ian's priest thinks he should be taken to a woodshed and taught a lesson.  I thought, I could do that, but I'm sure that isn't the lesson that Father Luis had in mind.  Perhaps I could get the good Father to enlighten me as to why he has such a strong negative feeling towards Ian.

Later than evening when Father Luis and I were once again seated on the veranda enjoying a drink before bedtime, I inquired as to the meaning of his statement concerning Ian when he and his wife visited that morning.

Father Luis said, "I shouldn't have said that, it was not my place to do so."

I told Father Luis that I understood and would respect his privacy knowing full well that he would cough up the information I wanted to hear after a few more shots of whiskey.

It only took two more before he said, "Father Michael I must warn you that you need to be careful around Ian Thompson."

I acted with surprise and said, "I don't understand your concern; Ian seems like an extremely nice young man.  Why should I be warned?"

"Father Michael, you are a very handsome man but I also believe you are very inexperienced in the ways of the world.  You have a clean mind and would not have noticed the way Ian looks at you with unnatural interest."

"What do you mean unnatural interest?"

Father Luis appeared to lose patience with my naivety, "Good grief Father Michael, the man finds you attractive sexually do I have to spell it out for you?"

"I believe you just did, but I don't believe you, what reason would you have to even think such a thing?"  I tried to appear a bit indignant at even the suggestion of something so preposterous.

The priest continued, "I have reliable information that Ian and one of the Thompson's stable boys were having a love affair which his Aunt Mildred got wind of and put a stop to.  Ian's aunt soon arranged for him to marry this young women Gwen from another suitable aristocratic family. That type of scandal would make the Thompsons outcasts with the rest of the aristocracy.   

"Father Luis I find it impossible to believe Ian's aunt would share that kind of scandalous information with you or anyone else for that matter."

"Actually she didn't, the young man involved came to confession and spilled the beans before he left the area."

"I see, I wonder how she got him to leave if he and Ian were in love; and Father I apologize for doubting your accusations."

"You need not apologize it's a situation that is by most people's standards hard to believe.  According to the stable boys confession Mildred Thompson paid dearly for his silence, apparently the young man was given money enough to start his own ranch on the other side of the country."

My thought was, and there goes the sanctity of the confessional right out the window Father Luis.  But I was now aware of why Ian attempted to end his life, he must have been broken hearted, not only by his aunt's actions but by the knowledge his lover accepted her bribe and left. 

I chuckled to myself thinking, earlier today I lied and now Father Luis has broken his sacred oath concerning the privacy of confession, we make a good pair.

I felt a deep respect for Ian; he has been through an intensive hurt in his young life.  I knew I wanted to replace the love Ian lost but it would take time.

The old priest looked me in the eye and said, "Father Michael, if Ian tries anything with you, promise me you'll give him a good tongue lashing."

I looked Father Luis straight on and said, "I promise you Father if Ian tries anything with me I will give him a good tongue lashing, and that's a promise I intend to keep."

"Good man Father Michael, good man, let him know you mean to give him all you got."

Smiling to myself, I said, "Oh I will Father Luis, and I have quite a lot to give him."  I was thinking if only Ian gives me the opportunity to give it to him.  I had to turn and walk away from Father Luis to hide my erection as well as the wet spot that had formed on my pants.  Love was in my heart, excitement was in my loins. 

I also knew I had to let Ian make all the moves if he chose to make them at all.  He may appear to be happy and emotionally stable, but I didn't think it would take much to upset that stability and I would have no part in upsetting him.

I also had to keep in mind Ian is married and I would do nothing to come between them.  If Ian decided he wanted to be with me or another man, or remain with his wife for that matter it had to be his decision.  I would support him either way.

That night I wondered if I should be ashamed, not for my love, but for the lust I felt for Ian, although I admit I didn't feel shame but relief as I emptied my seed into a clean white handkerchief before falling into a peaceful sleep.

Morning came with a clear blue sky and the twittering of doves as they rustled in the trees.  After hearing Father Luis snoring I didn't bother getting properly dressed; I walked with bare feet and chest out onto the veranda with a cup of breakfast tea.

Thoughts of last night's revelations were bouncing around in my mind.  Where and how do I proceed from here?  That question was answered as quickly as the thought had come to mind.  There was Ian leading another horse beside him saddled and ready to go.  He and his sister think alike.  

Here I stood nearly naked wearing only my thin cotton pajama bottoms that didn't leave much to the imagination.  Seeing the smile on Ian's face as he looked me up and down, I think his imagination was already in motion.

"Good morning Michael."

"And to you Ian, I apologize for my lack of attire I wasn't expecting any visitors so early this morning."

"Michael, you're a fine looking specimen of manhood, no need to apologize for that.  I thought perhaps we could take a ride while the morning was still cool and fresh.  There's a lake hidden in the hills to the east of here that is remarkable in its natural beauty, I was hoping you might enjoy seeing it."

"Ian, it sounds wonderful give me a few minutes to dress properly and I'll be with you, would you like a cup of tea while I'm getting ready?" 

"Yes, thank you."

I quickly dressed hoping to leave before Father Luis woke up I also needed to cover my bulging libido before Ian noticed it if he hadn't already.  I believe we made our getaway without waking the priest he was still snoring softly as we left. 

We weren't more than fifteen minutes into our ride when Ian shed his shirt suggesting I do the same.  I did, we had already seen each other shirtless so it wasn't anything new, but it was definitely sexually stimulating as we bounced along in our warm saddles.  I'm sure Ian knew exactly the effect it was having as he gave me a wink along with that sexy smile of his.

And I admit it was having the effect he hoped for, but it was Ian who would have to make the first move if there was going to be any sexual play between us.  It took another hour before we reached the lake, and Ian wasn't kidding when he spoke of its beauty.

We tied the horses where they could drink and graze beneath the shade of the trees.  After getting off my horse I was feeling a bit saddle sore since I wasn't used to riding.  I walked to the water's edge and splashed the cool water on my face and chest; it felt refreshing after our long ride.

There was a sudden swoosh as Ian ran by naked as the day he was born diving headlong into the chilly water.  He came up laughing as he said, "The only way to get used to the chill is to dive right in." 

I looked to see where Ian had left his clothes and stripped down dropping my clothes next to his before letting out a war hoop and diving in.  Ian was right the chill quickly changed to simply feeling refreshing as you came to the surface.  The water was crystal clear so there was no use of either of us trying to hide our erections.  We swam for quite a distance before turning back.  There was a sense of joy as we swam side by side; it seemed such a natural thing for us to be doing.

As we neared the shore Ian swam ahead before turning to face me, he pulled me close kissing me passionately, open mouths, tongues dueling, as he reached down and run his hand along the full length of my erection.  Ian broke the kiss looking at me for a reaction; he had made the first move so I felt free to continue our sex play.  I pulled him back for another kiss as I reached between his legs letting his erection rub along my arm as I ran my finger over his anus; he pushed against my finger letting me know what he wanted, what we both wanted.

On shore we lay on the grass in the shade of one of the trees next to our clothes, I was on top of Ian kissing his forehead, nose, checks and those wonderful lips before running my tongue over one nipple and then the other, Ian moaned with pleasure.

I ran my tongue through his silky chest hair and down into his navel, he was ticklish and squirmed as I went lower, his ample manhood rubbed my face as I licked his testicles, sucking first one in then both.  Ian ran his hands through my hair; I lifted my head allowing his erection to reach my lips before sucking him deep into my throat.  He gasped as he arched his back forcing himself in deeper.  

When I came up for air Ian flipped us over so I was on the bottom.  He straddled me as he reached into his pants pocket for a small tin of lubricant which he used to lubricate his anus before coating my erection.  He then held my manhood as he slowly lowered himself until he was completely impaled.

The sensation was almost too much for me, as my eyes rolled back I let out a satisfied groan.  Ian leaned down and kissed me, again our tongues tangled, sucked and tasted each other as he slowly moved up and down on my erection, it only took a few more thrusts before I unloaded what must have been a huge load of sperm into Ian's beautiful body, I reached down and barely touched his penis before he coated my chest and face with his seed leaving us both exhausted, satisfied, and happy.

After resting we swam a little more to wash off the scent of sex before heading back to the parish.  Ian was unusually quiet on the ride back.  I asked him if something was bothering him.

"Michael, may I be frank with what I say?"

We had stopped riding as I looked at Ian and said, "Yes of course, I would expect nothing less."

He looked quite sad as he said, "Michael I'm falling in love with you, and I'm not sure if that's a good thing.  When you leave and go back to England it will be almost more than I can take, you see there's a reason I was about to take my own life that night on the ship.

Not wishing him to explain further I said, "Ian, may I say something before you continue with your story?"

"What is it Michael?"

"First, you need to know I'm also falling in love with you, or to be more precise, I've already fallen in love with you.  Secondly, I don't have to return to England, but I do have a reason to stay in Australia, you must know you are that reason."

Ian turned quickly away; I got off my horse and walked around so I was facing him.  Ian's face was wet with tears   "Ian, I'm sorry if I upset you, I had no intention of hurting you, Ian, you're breaking my heart please don't cry.   I'll go away if that's what you want."

Ian slipped off his horse and grabbed me by my ears; he literally grabbed me by my ears.  Startled I said, "I've ruined everything haven't I?"

Ian finally spoke, "Michael, will you please stop talking for five seconds so I can get a word in?  He leaned in and kissed me gently on the lips. 

That actually shut me up.

"You haven't ruined anything, what you have done is fix a part of me that was broken."  I love you so very much.  Still holding onto my ears he said, "I'm never letting go of you, at least not until you tell me to."

"Well I wouldn't mind if you let go of my ears I'm afraid to move fearing you'll rip them off."

He did and we both burst into laughter before resuming our ride back to the parish.

 Ian said he wasn't sure just where we'd go from here but it didn't matter as long as we were together.

"Ian, we'll take it one step at a time trying our best not to hurt others as we work this out.  It may not always be easy, but I believe there is more than enough love between us to work our way through whatever the future throws our way."

Ian left me at the parish as he continued on to his home. 

Father Luis was waiting on the veranda and couldn't wait to find out if anything shameful took place between Ian and me.  Before he could get a word out I asked if he had an extra cushion I could put in the chair before sitting down.

"Have you been injured Michael?"

I replied, "Let's just say those Thompson kids need to remember that all of us visitors aren't used to long horseback rides.  I think I passed being saddle sore into a state of serious pain about an hour ago." 

This was true, although I hadn't mentioned it to Ian not wanting to spoil the happiness of his mood.

Father Luis laughed so hard he could hardly catch his breath.  I gave him a look of disdain as I eased my way onto the cushion he so kindly put in the chair for me. 

"I'm sorry Michael, but watching how you were walking that way was comical to say the least.  May I inquire as to where you and Ian went that was so far away?"

"Yes of course, Ian wanted to show me a lake back in the hills that he thought was exceptionally beautiful, and it was I don't recall ever having seen anything more lovely."

Father Luis seemed surprised saying, "Yes that is a long ride to that lake and the only way to get there is by horse or mule.  I've been there several times myself riding a mule part of the way and walking the rest.  It really is a beautiful scene to behold.  Getting to his point of interest he said, "I'm assuming Ian made no unwanted advances toward you."

Father, "You can rest assured; Ian did not make any unwanted advances toward me."

The good Father then asked if I'd care for a bit of whiskey saying it might ease my pain.  I told him I would very much like a shot of whiskey adding I doubted it would help my pain unless he rubbed it directly on my bare behind.  Father Luis looked shocked momentarily before he cracked up with laughter.

He said, "Father Michael you are a bit of a character you know."

I said, "So I've been told."

Chapter 3 to follow: