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Chapter 5


Shortly following Mildred's attempt at eliminating Michael, her attitude changed drastically. Of course this had everything do to with knowing who Michael really is, plus the fact that he is the Queen Mother's Godson. She hadn't realized kissing up wasn't going to earn her any points with Michael, although he would treat her kindly as long as she didn't cause any problems with what he now considered his family.

Michael knew Mildred's change in attitude didn't mean a change of heart, although her conniving schemes would now be more likely focused on worming her way closer to the royal family. There was fat chance of that happening; the English royal families have had nearly a thousand years of experience in dealing with social climbers.

Ian's father has accepted his son's relationship with Michael and had become more involved with both Eve and Ian. Michael was wondering when Eve would make a decision on her relationship with Peter. He hoped it would be sooner than later since stringing Peter along wasn't fair to him.

Michael was also hoping to fly back to England at some point soon so Ian could meet his parents. He especially wanted Ian to meet his mother, Mary Elizabeth, who is better known by those outside of the immediate family as Lady Elizabeth Helmsley. Michael's mother was not the typical stay at home silent type. Lady Elisabeth had her hand in everything taking place in London. Women's rights and politics were at the top of her agenda along with ending the criminal punishment against homosexuals. It was beyond her how people could be punished for simply being who they are.

Michael was planning their trip for the end of January not wanting Ian to miss the holidays with his family. As it turned out Eve decided to bring Peter to the family's annual Christmas party and introduce him to family and friends, including their plans to marry in the spring. That announcement ought to light her Aunt Mildred's hair on fire. Nothing like having your nephew become a life mate with another man, and now the prospect of having your niece marry beneath the family's social standing. And both happening within a few months of each other, I'm sure Mildred will be thrilled.

Friday, December 19th 1953, the Thompson's annual Christmas party is in full swing, the tree was lighted, the fireplace was ablaze, the rum was flowing and the guests were dancing to a Christmas waltz. Peter and Eve were the stars of the evening as they danced gracefully looking very much in love.

When the waltz ended Peter and Eve walked over in front of the musicians and said they had an announcement to make. Eve's aunt started for the couple as her brother took hold of her arm and stopped her in her tracks. Michael and Ian joined the happy couple waiting for them to speak. Eve turned to Peter and kissed him sweetly before putting her arm through his and announcing their engagement and planned June wedding.

There was a toast given by Ian and loud applause from the guests. Peter was beaming with love and pride for Eve knowing this was a bold choice for her to make. Michael was slipping into the background not wanting to infringe on Peter and Eve's special moment.

Someone said, "And where do you think you're going? " Turning Michael realized it was Peter. Smiling, Peter took Michael's hand and pulled him back onto the dance floor. "My future wife wants to have this dance with you Lord Helmsley, and I've been looking for an opportunity to express my gratitude to y..." Michael interrupted, "Peter, to you and Eve I'm Michael, so please drop the lordship talk."

Peter responded, "Okay, but you are a great deal more to me Michael, I know for a fact that none of this would have taken place without your conversations with Eve. Peter proceeded to kiss Michael on the cheek before putting Michael's hand in Eve's as she whisked him onto the dance floor.

Ian came over and put his arm around Peter's shoulder as he said, "Peter, please take good care of her I love Eve more than life itself."

"I promise Ian, you'll never have to worry about Eve having all the love and happiness I can give. To me, my marriage to Eve is a dream coming true, it's more than any man could hope for."

The happy occasion ended perfectly, as the guests filed out wishing Peter and Eve a lifetime of happiness. Standing next to Peter and Eve, Ian and Michael acted as a buffer zone between their father and his sister, although their father seemed to have his sister well in hand. And I do mean in hand, I don't think Mildred's brother let go of her the entire evening.

Waking up the following morning Ian said, "Well you sexy hunk of man what's on the agenda for the day?"

I had privately been wrestling with the idea of how to get Peter and Eve to fly to England with Ian and me. If my plan for having Peter Knighted by Queen Elizabeth was to succeed he and Eve obviously had to be in England with us.

Michael said, "Ian, I believed in order for Peter and Eve to have a blissful marriage its necessary to move Peter up a few notches on the social ladder. And this has nothing to do with your aunt, but everything to do with Peter and Eve's enduring happiness. Having Peter Holbrook become `Sir Peter Holbrook' should do the trick, and it can be easily arranged."

Ian asked, "Do you think Peter will go for this type of thing, he appears to be proud of the man he is."

"Ian, I don't know if he will or not, that's why we need to discuss it with Peter first. Peter told me he thought it was a bold move by Eve to marry him, maybe it's time for Peter to make a bold move for Eve."

"Michael, do you think it's all that important to Eve?"

"Let me put it to you this way Ian, how would feel if you were either Peter or Eve being introduced at a social function and heard this ..."Announcing the arrival of `Lady Eve Holbrook and Peter the sheep herder."

Ian chuckled before saying, "Yes that does ring a bit of a sour note. And I can see some snobbish butler doing just that."

"Now try this on for size, "Announcing the arrival of `Sir Peter Holbrook and Lady Eve Holbrook."

"Okay, you've made your point Michael, now can you make all this happen even if Peter and Eve do agree?"

Michael kissed Ian before running his tongue across Ian's nipples and down his chest before nibbling his ticklish sides; Ian's dick was instantly as hard as steel. Michael licked over his balls and up the length of his beautiful erection running his tongue over Ian's cock slit tasting his juices. Michael looked up at Ian with lust in his eyes as he wrapped his hand around Ian's erection and said, "As easy as this," he then swallowed Ian's dick down to his balls.

Ian grabbed Michael's hair as he tried to adjust to the overwhelming sexual stimulation brought on by Michael's rapid and passionate sex play, and of course loving every minute of it. Michael's throat muscles worked Ian's dick to a point of no return as he ran his finger into Ian's rosebud knuckle deep. Ian exploded flooding Michael's throat with his seed.

Michael let Ian's softening dick slip from his mouth as he moved up over his handsome lover kissing him lightly as he whispered, "Ian, I love you more than you can imagine."

Ian held Michael tightly not wanting to let him go, "Michael, that love is returned to you straight from my heart, and you're right it's hard to imagine being this much in love."

Father Luis was bumbling around in the kitchen making noise so the guys would be aware that he was up. After talking with Cardinal Whittinger the priest appeared to have had a paradigm shift in his thinking about love, how it occurs and to whom it happens. Father Luis thought to himself, I guess there is no accounting for love; you fall in love with whomever you fall in love with, something that society can't dictate nor should it try.

Father Luis fixed tea and biscuits for the three of them as they enjoyed a relaxing morning on the veranda. After cleaning up Michael and Ian drove out to Peter's cottage finding Peter already busy packing newly sheared wool into large bags for shipping to mills In London and Scotland.

Peter stood and waved as they pulled in, after handshakes and greetings Ian and Michael asked Peter if he had time to hear a proposition they had for him. He said he could use a break so they sat on the porch enjoying a glass of cool water as Michael did his best to explain his plan, hoping that Peter would understand the need for meeting Eve halfway between his and Eve's social status.

Peter was silent for a couple of minutes before asking if Eve was aware of their plan. Ian explained that she was not and they would not mention it to her without Peter's consent.

"So the decision is completely mine?"

Michael answered, "Yes Peter, nothing happens without your consent."

Peter started laughing, causing some confusion in Ian and Michael's minds. Peter slapped his knee and said, "I guess I can manage to be addressed as `Sir Peter Holbrook' if you think it'll make life more pleasant for Eve."

Ian said, "That we do Peter, and it's very considerate of you to do this for Eve."

Peter then asked, "Do you think Eve will go for it?"

Michael replied, "Probably not." This caused the three of them to laugh.

After giving the situation more thought they decided it might actually work out better if Peter and Eve's reason for coming to London was to meet Michael's family. There would be a preplanned invitation to have dinner with the queen at Buckingham Palace. The Queen would have already been made aware of and agreed to Michael's plan of course.

During dinner Michael would guide the conversation in a direction that could lead the queen to make her decision to knight Peter; the reason for that momentous decision was still in the, I don't have a clue planning stages.

Michael realized he was asking a lot but the queen mother has been close friends with Lord and Lady Helmsley since before either Elizabeth or Michael were born, plus the queen mother is known for being a good sport and a bit of a character in her own right. Michael also considered the fact that he and Elizabeth grew up together having been close friends from childhood, this should come off smoothly.

Eve was thrilled when she heard she and Peter were invited to travel to London and meet Michael's family. They were as excited as Ian was at having the opportunity to fly from Sydney to London, a new experience for all of them.

Michael lay in bed the evening before their departure thinking of the first time he saw Ian that evening on the ship. He wondered if he could have fallen in love when he first caught a glimpse of Ian as he stepped from the ships dining room that fateful night. A tear slid down Michael's cheek as he turned and looked into the face of this beautiful man he loved so deeply sleeping peacefully beside him.