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Chapter 7

Peter, Eve



Eve was excited to be home with family and friends, there was so much she wanted to tell everyone about her visit to Dove Lake, and meeting Queen Elizabeth.

Peter was back at his ranch and couldn't believe how well everything looked. His friend Quinn had talked him into letting his nineteen year old son Martin takeover while he was gone. Martin had stayed in Peter's cottage during his trip, a necessity considering the expanse of the Australian sheep ranches. Everything was in perfect condition, mail and paperwork was placed in order of importance on Peter's desk.

Walking back outside Peter took a deep breath as he looked around. As far as he could see sheep were grazing peacefully, I guess Eve and I could have stayed in England longer. He hadn't see Martin yet but a few minutes later a rider on horseback rode up dismounted and removed the saddle and harness letting the horse roam free.

Peter hardly recognized Martin, it had been close to two years since Quinn and Martin had stopped by and Peter hadn't seen him before leaving for England. In those two years Martin morphed from a lanky seventeen year old to a broad shouldered, masculine , and very handsome man of nineteen. A transformation that Peter couldn't help but take notice of.

Martin was bare chested, he was wearing jeans that were covered by protective leather chaps; he was also wearing heavy gloves which meant he must have been out in the bush checking to see if any sheep had gotten stuck in the brambles. Peter couldn't help but noticed Martin's striking blue eyes as well as that beautiful smile,

Martin walked over and said, "Sir Peter, it's good to see you; I hope you'll find everything here satisfactory."

Peter replied, "Good to see you too Martin, and it's just Peter, I'm the same guy I've always been. And I would say from what I have seen so far that you have done a better job of keeping the ranch running than I have."

Martin's smile grew even bigger at hearing Peter's complement.

Peter also noticed the large bulge in Martins jeans which was accentuated by the leather chaps he was wearing. He was also aware that Martin had checked him out from top to bottom and he wasn't being discrete about it. Peter felt movement in his groin, the beginning of arousal. He thought, what's wrong with me I've never been sexually attracted to other men. I appreciate handsome men when I see them, but it's never been a sexual kind of thing.

Peter said, "Come in Martin, I haven't even unpacked my things yet and I need to settle up your account for running the ranch." Looking back over his shoulder Peter said, "You have no idea how much I appreciate what you've done for me Martin." He was thinking good grief if Martin's bulge gets any bigger it'll rip a hole in his jeans, and why am I so turned on by it? I need to think of something else before the bulge in my pants matches his.

Martin said, "Take your time Peter, I'm in no hurry, I'll brush down the horse I was riding and make sure the rest are fed."

Peter turned and said," Good idea Martin, that'll give me time to unpack and get settled in." Seeing Martin's tight jeans hugging his cute butt caused Peter's manhood to turn into a solid erection as it pushed against the front of his pants. Martin glanced back just in time to notice it, and Peter didn't miss Martin's wink as he walked out the door. Peter was thinking, that gorgeous young man is a flirt but why am I responding to him ...and did I just think to myself, "Cute butt and gorgeous," Peter, don't you think, well built and handsome would have better descriptors for a man to use. Oh good, now I'm talking to myself, what next.

Peter unpacked his clothes making a pile that needed to be cleaned and putting items that hadn't been used back in drawers. Stepping into the shower he felt his muscles relax from the long journey, freshened up he dried himself than wrapped the towel around his waist and walked out and sat at his desk glancing through some of the mail Martin had put there.

A few minutes later Martin walked back in, he had obviously cleaned up in the shower out by the barn. He looked sexier than ever with his damp hair combed back and clean jeans hanging low on his hips, he was still bare chested and still showing that bulge that I swear seemed to be looking back at me.

Martin smiling broadly said, "Well boss you look a lot more relaxed now that you've settled in and showered. Do you mind if I fix us some tea before I leave?"

"Martin, that sounds good, yes I would appreciate that, Then quickly added, tea is kind of an English preference, Australians seem to prefer a shot of whisky or beer to relax, have you and Quinn adopted the tea habit?"

Martin said, "No, we usually have a beer on the porch after putting in a long day and just sit and watch the sunset."

Peter suggested he gab a couple beers instead, it's a bit warm for tea and I actually prefer beer myself. Martin did as he was told, and handed Peter a beer and sat on the corner of the desk so he was facing Peter and close enough so he leg was slightly brushing against Peters which was bare where the towel had loosened.

Peter didn't offer to pull his leg away from Martin's but took a long drink before he leaned back in his chair exclaiming, "Now that hits the spot. There's nothing like a good Australian beer to satisfy a man's thirst," he peeked at the growing bulge in Martin's tight jeans.

Martin replied, "You can say that again Peter," he peeked at the lump forming in Peter's towel.

Martin pressed harder against Peter's leg causing the towel to slip open more as it dropped to Peter's side. Peter didn't bother to adjust the towel. Martin's hand moved over onto Peter's bare leg, Peter didn't push it away. Both men were fully erect now; Martin slid his hand up under the towel and wrapped his fingers around Peter's pulsating erection.

Peter closed his eyes and moaned as he also slid his hand up Martin's leg and squeezed the bulge in his jeans. Martin loosened his belt and shoved his pants low so Peter could have access to his erection and testicles. Peter wasted no time as he fondled Martin before pulling on his erection and rubbing his thumb over the slit which was wet and slippery.

With eyes still closed Peter could feel Martin's breath on his face before their lips met, the kiss was gentle and sweet. Martin took the lead and slid his tongue between Peter's lips; Peter never hesitated as he sucked on Martin's tongue, loving his taste. Martin opened Peter's towel completely letting it fall to the side, he kissed Peter's chest and licked across his nipples as he kissed his way down to what he really wanted. Martin licked and sucked on Peter's testicles before running his tongue up the hard shaft which was wet with Peter's juices, he took Peter into his mouth swirling his tongue around his gland before sucking his manhood deep into his throat.

Peter could hardly believe the feelings that were racing through his mind and body, the pure joy of what was happening to him, he wanted more of Martin, he wanted all of Martin. He pulled Martin up so they could kiss again, he could taste himself on Martin's lips as they kissed. That taste inflamed his passion to a place he had not realized existed.

Martin let his pants drop to the floor, he was totally naked as he climbed onto Peter lap; he wanted Peter inside of him. Peter made him wait until he had licked the tip of Martin's erection before letting it slip into his mouth. The texture, taste, and the pleasure of Martin's manhood sliding deeper into his mouth was more amazing than anything sexual he could imagine ever happening between men. He couldn't stop now if he wanted to, his passion had been ignited.

Martin spit on his hand and wet Peter's erection before allowing it to slip deep into his body, he knew this was where he wanted to be as he and Peter became one. This was the ultimate ecstasy of body meeting mind, the one place he felt he never wanted to leave.

Martin slid effortless up and down Peter's sex pole, it felt more erotic than he had imagined. Only a few more moves and Peter climaxed so hard he nearly passed out as his seed emptied into Martin. Almost simultaneous Martin exploded spraying his sperm over Peter's chest, face, and lips. Peter licked Martin's sperm from his lips, savored the taste and swallowed. Having sex with Martin was like getting hit by a lightning bolt, he doubted having sex with a woman could come close to this mind bending experience.

Martin lay against Peter's chest with his head resting on his shoulder as he whispered, "Peter I've dreamed of this for the last two years."

Peter thought, I have never dreamed of this, but I know that I will now dream of this remarkable experience many times. Peter smiled to himself thinking I wonder if Eve will let me keep him.

Once they both had recovered enough to stand Peter said, "Let's hit the shower and wash off the scent of sex." That done they dressed and Peter finished writing a check to cover payment plus a tip for a job well done and handed it to Martin.

Peter leaned back in his chair, hands behind his head as he said, "Martin I have never done anything like that before, it had to be the most exciting sexual experience I have ever enjoyed and I doubt it'll ever be equaled, I want you to know when I climaxed it was so powerful and exciting that I thought I had been hit by lightning. I nearly blacked out; I wonder if that happens often with men having sex together?"

Martin smiled that incredible smile of his saying he had no idea since this also was his first experience with another man.

Peter sat up straight, "Are kidding me that was your first time?"

Laughing at Peter's surprise he said, "Yes Peter, I have dreamed about it from the time I first met you, but this is my first actual sexual experience with another man. It's the first sexual experience I've had with anyone."

"But why did you wait so long, you must have known you were sexually attracted to men by the time you reached puberty or not long after."

"Peter, I only knew I was sexually attracted to you, no other man or woman ever entered my thoughts in that way. There was something special about you that I didn't understand and couldn't explain, but I knew that it was you I wanted to be with."

Peter thought for several minutes before speaking. "I wonder why that is, why me, and why you."

Martin appeared taken back by what Peter said. Peter realized it immediately and continued. "Martin, what I'm trying to say is that I have never in my twenty four years given even a passing thought to having sex with another man, and yet I was immediately attracted to you, I was sexually aroused from the minute you rode up to the house and got off the horse."

"When I said, why you and why me, I meant what is there about's hard for me to explain, but there was something almost magical that happened. That's a clumsy explanation, but Martin, I knew instantly that I wanted you, and I wanted you sexually, I wanted to touch you, to kiss you, to make love to you. Do you understand what I'm saying?"

Martin laughed again before he said, "Peter, I've felt that way about you for years without understanding it, I think I know exactly what you're saying? I feel a deep love in my soul, my very inner being and that love is only for you."

"Martin I believe that there's something between the two of us that is important in a way we don't comprehend, and I believe we shouldn't let it go." Peter leaned over and kissed Martin as he said, "I also I feel that deep love that seems to defy description. I think we need to explore this further so we can hopefully understand what this exceptional connection we have is. This is going to sound really strange, but I feel like we in some way belong to each other. There's mutual physical attraction of course, but it goes much deeper even than that, it's what is causing this mutual attraction that is so intriguing."

Martin smiled broadly as he agreed saying, "I do understand Peter and I also understand that this is something that is just between the two of us. As I have said before, I've never been attracted to anyone, man or woman, other than you. I know I'm drawn to you for a reason and you're right, it's like we're supposed to be together, and we both want to know the reason why. But right now it's starting to get dark and it's a long ways home."

I'll drive you Martin, one of these days we need to get phone lines out here so we have a way to communicate with our neighbors, it's a long ways between ranches. If there were phones I'd call Quinn and tell him you were staying overnight, but that's out of the question now."

Martin gathered a few things and he and Peter started off for Quinn's ranch. Nightfall came before they pulled in next to the ranch house. The place was dark, Martin was worried, "And dad would have lights on especially since he was expecting me home today."

Martin rushed in stumbling over his father's legs before Peter hit the light switch.

"Dad! Oh my God Peter, something has happened to my dad."

Peter knelt and felt for Quinn's pulse. "He's alive, Martin let's see if we can get him back in his chair." The guys managed to get Quinn seated again. Peter patted Quinn's face and he started to come around. He blinked his eyes several time and he seemed to focus on Martin. Martin knelt down and took his father's hands, "Dad, can you hear me?"

"Yes, I can hear you Martin, what's wrong?"

"What's wrong? What's wrong is Peter and I came in and found you lying on the floor in what appeared to be an unconscious state.

Peter asked, "Quinn, what is the last thing you remember before seeing Martin and me just now?"

Quinn thought for a couple of minutes before he said, "I believe I was sitting on the porch watching the sunset, the next thing I remember is you and Martin being here looking at me with worried expressions."

Martin asked, "Dad, how are you feeling now?"

"Martin I feel quite well actually, I can't imagine what happened, I'm sorry to have caused you worry." Quinn smiled and ruffled his son's hair as father's often do in their attempt to relieve their child's fears."

"I said, "It looks like you're doing okay now, so perhaps I should start back. Martin, is there anything you want me to do before I leave?"

Martin looked up at me those crystal clear blue eyes filled with such fear that it nearly broke my heart. I knelt down next to him and wrapped him in my arms, "It's going to be okay Martin, if you need anything, put your father in the truck and head immediately for my place, you two can stay there until we can get Doc Haslet out to check Quinn over."

That seems to relieve enough of Martin's fear that he was able to offer up a weak smile. I turned to Quinn and asked if he had a problem with my suggestion. Quinn looked at me with teary eyes and said, "It sounds like a plan and thank you Peter, you're the best friend Martin and I could have."

Sleep did not come as I tossed and turned most of the night. I finally decided to get up shower and dress; there was nothing I could do from home. When dawn breaks I'll head for Quinn's ranch. I wanted to be there with Martin, I felt I was supposed to be there with Martin, something was gnawing at my gut but I couldn't put my finger on it, why were my feelings for Martin so strong?

The sun was coming up, thank God; I jumped in my pickup and headed for Quinn's ranch. As I pull in I could see Quinn and Martin both sitting on the porch with coffee cups in hand. They waved and Martin walked to the truck, when he reached me we put our arms around each other's waists as we walked to the porch as he explained that Quinn was feeling back to his old self and it didn't appear that there were any lingering side effects from last night's incident. Martin went inside to get me a cup of coffee.

I shook Quinn's hand and said, "It's good to see you looking so chipper again, you scared the dickens out of us last night."

Quinn held my hand as he looked me in the eye. He said, "You're in love." I was surprised at the Quinn's statement but replied, "Yes, Eve and I are planning a June wedding."

Quinn said, "You love Eve, but you're in love with Martin." I felt the blood drain from my face.

"Quinn, don't you think I'd know if I was in love with Martin?"

"Apparently not Peter, you've never really been in love before and the fact that you've fallen in love with another man has short circuited the emotional connections that have guided you until now. Peter I know what real love is and it doesn't come along but once in a man's life if ever. I'm not talking about attraction or infatuation; I'm speaking of true love, love for which there is no word to describe it. It's a love that makes two people become one, every cell feels love, you can't describe it, and you can't understand it. Very few people ever know that depth of love, and you and Martin are blessed to have found such love, or perhaps I should say it has found you."

I was speechless; my thoughts were tumbling about totally out of control. All I could think of to say was, "Have you discussed this with Martin?"

"No I haven't, Martin hasn't come to terms with it himself yet, but I believe deep inside he already knows, he struggling to understand what happening to him just as you are Peter. This isn't any easier for him than it is for you. If you are willing and strong enough to accept what you and Martin have, you have my blessing and encouragement to live a life more complete than you will ever know with anyone else."

"Quinn, this doesn't sound like you when did you come to this knowledge or conclusion, or whatever you call it?"

"This understanding or knowledge or whatever it is came to me between the time I was sitting on the porch enjoying the sunset and the time you and Martin found me on the floor."

So that was what brought tears to Quinn's eyes last night.

"Peter, I have never experienced anything like this, but I know what I'm saying to you was passed on to me for a reason, someone somewhere in the cosmos knew you and Martin was struggling with this special love that you have. I knew you and I had to have this conversation. And trust me this wasn't easy for me."

Martin came out and walked over to me with my coffee; I looked into his clear blue eyes and felt like I could see into his soul. I knew then that I really was in love and I never wanted it to end. The same understanding must have hit Martin, because he dropped the coffee cup he was holding. He looked at me and all he said was, "I know." We embraced each other realizing at that moment we would never let go.

Quinn stood and put his arms around both of us, "I guess that mystery has been solved for all of us."

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