By Mikkiwriter
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17 year Tom Bevan lives in a small village in middle England. He lives in a small 2 bedroom cottage with his elderly Nan. Tom's parents were killed in a car accident when he was 14 and he has lived with his Nan ever since.

Tom has worked hard at school but is no academic he struggled to get the grades he needed to get into the local college of further education. Tom finally gave up on that ambition and started to work at a local garage as a trainee mechanic.

Tom was a loner and didn't have many friends he has struggled to communicate with anybody since his parents died. Tom's Nan Judith is a member of the local women's institute and regular takes part in the local events making cakes and other stuff to sell on the stalls.

Tom had had a hard day at the garage and headed home to the cottage. He walked into the cottage to the smell of his nans home cooking.

"Tom is that you darling?" Judith called from the kitchen

"Yes Nan it's me I'm going to jump in the shower be down in a few minutes" Tom replied

Tom stripped off his greasy clothes and turned on the shower.

Tom soon felt the hot water running down his silky smooth body and his floppy blonde hair. Tom started to feel his 8 inch uncut cock start to grow. Tom started to slowly run his hand down his wet smooth body and started to wank his cock furiously. Tom was moaning as he imagines a hot sexy lad standing there. Tom gave out a moan as his cock exploded sending his hot sticky cum all over the shower cubicle.

Tom grabbed a towel and slowly dried himself and put a towel round his waist picked up his dirty clothes and put them into the laundry basket and headed to his small bedroom. Tom picked out a white t shirt and a pair of Levis that his Nan had bought him for Christmas and went downstairs.

Tom walked into the kitchen to see his Nan had a friend over.

"There you are" Judith said

"Yeah sorry I was dirty so needed a shower and clean clothes" Tom said

"well I have been busy all day cooking for the summer show tomorrow and Jean came over to help we just waiting her grandson now he is coming to pick her up" Judith said

"I would have given you a lift home" Tom said

"no that's ok he is on his way anyway he needs to get out of that house all he does is plays on his computer games all day since he lost his job" Jean replied

Yeah this ones the same if he is not in work he is on that damn computer" Judith replied

Jean laughed and said "that's youngsters today"

Judith handed Tom a plate of roast beef Yorkshire pudding and all the veg.

"Wow Nan you are a legend cooking all day and you still had time to cook me a meal" Tom said

"well the beef I cooked yesterday the Yorkshires are frozen and the veg don't take long and you need building up working hard at the damn garage" Judith replied

"Well thanks Nan" tom said and walked into the lounge and sat in front of the TV and ate his meal.

There was a knock at the door. Tom shouted "I'll get it" and walked to the door and opened it

Tom was taken aback at the sight in front of him. Standing there was a black haired hunk dressed in a white shirt and black trousers.


"Hi I'm Mark I have come to pick my gran up" Mark said

"Yeah come on in I'm Tom" Tom replied

Mark walked passed Tom and walked into the kitchen. Tom watched as Marks trousers hugged his tight arse

Tom went back to his food but couldn't get the sexy sight of Mark's arse out of his head.

Tom walked into the kitchen with his empty plate and smiled at Mark who was now sitting at the kitchen table eating one of his nans scones.

Tom said "you are honoured I'm not allowed to eat her cakes"

Mark laughed and said "yeah grans the same"

Judith and Jean both laughed and Jean said "we not ready yet why don't you two go and watch TV or something"

"Well i was going to surf the net for a bit but we could play a game on the Xbox if you like" Tom said

"That sounds good "Mark said

Tom and Mark headed upstairs to Toms room.

Mark followed Tom and admired Tom cute arse in his tight jeans.

Tom stood by the door and let Mark into his room. Mark grabbed Tom and pushed him against the wall and kissed him passionately. Tom was stunned as Mark said "god you are hot I have been hard since the minute I saw you on the door earlier"

Mark smiled and pulled Tom over to the bed and started to lift his t shirt over his head. Mark said "wow you are hot"

Mark soon went down and started to suck on Tom's now rock hard nipples. Tom was moaning as Mark sucked and licked his nipples. Mark slowly unzipped Tom's zip and slowly peeled Tom's jeans. Mark looked up at Tom and said "wow you are a big boy" and then slowly started to run his tongue up and down Tom's now rock hard uncut cock. Tom was moaning as Mark expertly sucked his cock faster and faster. Tom grabbed a remote and switched on some music to stop his Nan hearing his moans. Mark laughed and sucked Tom's cock faster and faster as Tom moaned louder and louder. Tom soon groaned "oh fuck" as his cock exploded filling Mark's mouth with load after load of his hot sticky cum. Mark smiled and said "god you are a sexy fucker" Tom laughed and then went down and kissed Mark. Tom then pulled Marks trousers down and started to suck on Mark's uncut 7 inch cock. Mark was groaning as the hot blonde lad sucked his cock faster and faster. Mark groaned and moaned louder and louder and then shouted "oh fuck yeah" as his cock exploded sending his hot sticky cum all over Tom face and hair.

Tom laughed and said "fuck that was hot" and went down and kissed Mark. The lads laughed and Mark said "wow I am glad I met you I feel like I have met my soul mate"

Tom smiled and said "yeah i feel like that to the minute I met you I fell in love"

Tom grabbed a towel and cleans himself up and put his clothes back on and he and Mark started to play on the Xbox. Soon the lads were laughing and joking as they played on the game. Mark put his arm round Tom as they played and whispered in his ear "I want to fuck you"

Tom laughed and said "well not now but maybe tomorrow when nans at the summer show"

"That's a date then sexy" Mark said

Tom laughed and stood up and dropped his jeans and pants and showed his arse

Mark wolf whistled and said "wow I want it now"

Tom laughed and pulled his trousers up

"Damn you are a tease" Mark said laughing

Mark left a little while later and Tom went downstairs with a smile on his face. Judith smiled and said "you look happy"

"Well it's the weekend no work till Monday" Tom replied

"So what you got planned for tomorrow when I am at the show?" Judith asked

"Well Mark and I are going to play a game on the Xbox I got to beat him" Tom said

"That will be nice for you to have someone to keep you company" Judith replied

The next morning

Judith had Tom up early helping her to take the huge amount of cakes she had made to the local village hall. Finally at 10 all the cakes and Judith was in the village hall getting ready for the opening.

Tom parked his car in the drive and went into the cottage.

It was about an hour later when Mark arrived dressed in a tight blue t shirt and tight pair of jeans. Tom answered the door and said "hey sexy I thought you wasn't coming"

"Sorry babe's grans had me running her here there and everywhere this morning" Mark replied

Mark then kissed Tom and led him upstairs

Mark kissed Tom passionately and slowly pulled all his clothes off as Tom moaned loudly. Mark smiled and smiled as Tom's uncut 8 inch cock came into view. Tom started to strip Mark and smiled as Mark's slightly hairy chest came into view and started to lick and suck on Mark's nipples. Mark's cock started to grow harder and harder and was dripping precum as Tom started to slowly run his hot tongue up and down his cock. Tom looked up at Mark and smiled and moved and slowly started to lower himself down onto Mark's cock. Tom groaned as he felt Mark's cock slowly pushing his tight arse apart.

Tom moaned and groaned as he slowly rode up and down mark's cock. Tom's own cock was dripping precum as Mark's cock went in and out of his tight arse faster and faster. Mark smiled and pulled Tom up and put his legs on his shoulders and started to push his cock in and out faster and faster as Tom moaned louder and louder. Tom's cock was throbbing as Mark pushed his cock faster and faster in and out of his tight arse. Tom's cock started to throb harder and harder as Mark fucked his arse faster and faster Mark was moaning and groaning louder and louder. Tom screamed "oh fuck "as his cock throbbed and sent load after load of his hot sticky cum flying covering his hot sweaty smooth chest. Mark carried on pushing his cock in and out faster and faster until he groaned "oh fuck" as his cock exploded sending load after load of his hot sticky cum into Tom's well fucked tight arse.

Tom grabbed hold of Mark and kissed him. Mark laid down next to Tom and said "wow you are one hpt bottom boy"

Tom laughed and said "actually I am usually a top that was only the second time I have ever been fucked"

Mark smiled and said "really wow well in that case i am honoured you let me fuck you"

Tom laughed and said "maybe I will fuck you next"

Mark laughed and said "wow that sounds fucking hot i would love this up my virgin arse"

Tom looked at Mark and said "what?"

"yeah i always been a top and I have never had a cock up my arse" Mark replied

Tom laughed and said "fuck now I really want to pound that sexy arse even more"

Mark laughed as he spotted Toms cock was starting to harden again Mark went down and started to suck it.Tom moaned and said "yeah get it ready bitch"

Tom's cock was now rock hard and Tom pulled Mark off and kisses him he then moves Mark onto his stomach and goes down in between Marks arse cheeks. Mark groans as he feels Tom slowly run his tongue up and down his arse. Tom smiles and puts a finger in his mouth and then slowly runs it over Marks wet hole. Mark groans even louder as Tom's finger pushed into his tight arse.

Tom then slowly lubes up his cock and runs some over Marks arse and then slowly pushes his cock at Marks hole. Mark shouts "fuck" as he feels Tom's cock push into his arse. Tom slowly pushed further until his cock was all the way in and left it there as Mark groaned louder and louder. Tom then leaned over and whispered in Marks ear "ready babes"
Mark nodded yes. Tom slowly withdrew his cock and then started to slowly fuck Marks arse. Mark was groaning and moaning loudly as Tom expertly fucked his arse. Tom was soon going in and out faster and faster and then pulled out turned Mark over lifted his legs up on his shoulder and pushed his cock back in and smiled at Mark as Mark shouted "fuck me"

Tom was soon going in and out of Marks former virgin arse faster and faster. Marks cock was dripping precum all over his body and he was moaning and grouaning as Tom fucked him harder and harder.Mark soon couldnt take anymore and he shouted "oh fuck shit" as his cock exploded covering him with a huge load of cum.This caused Tom to shout "fuck babes" as his cock exploded inside Mark sending his hot load into Marks now well fucked arse.

"so tell me Tom who was the lucky fucker thta popped your cherry" Mark said smiling

Tom smiled and said "wow that was when i was sixteen Ryan Matthews was his name was and he was the school stud"

Mark laughed and said "what you got him to fuck you?"

"yeah it was easy really he was dating a friend of mine and the day before I caught him fucking another girl so I told him that i would tell her"

"you bastard" Mark said laughing

"so one day after school we met down behind the garage where I work and I bent over and old oil can and he bummed me as he called it and boy didnt i like it" Tom said smiling

"wow bet he was a hot fuck" Mark said

"yeah he was shame he is not around here anymore" Tom said smiling

"so i am surprised you didnt get him to bum you again" Mark said

Tom smiled and said "nah but i got to pound him a couple days later he came up to me in school and told me to meet him by the garage later boy i was surprised when i got there he was already there and when i got close he pulled his trousers down and bent over the same oil drum and said bum me which of course i did and ever since Ryan Matthews is known as the local gay boy"

"wow so where is he now?"Mark said

"he lives in Cardiff with his boyfriend" Tom said


Mark grabbed Tom and kisses him and the two lovers slowly drifted off asleep in each other's arms.

A few hours later

Judith arrived home and saw Mark's car parked outside she walked into the cottage and went into the kitchen and made three cups of tea and went upstairs and knocked on Tom's door. There was no reply so Judith opened the door and saw her grandson in bed with Mark sleeping. She smiled and quietly went back downstairs.

About ten minutes later Tom woke up and said "shit you seen the time Nan will be home soon we better get cleaned up"

Tom and Mark went downstairs a little while later and Tom was shocked to see Judith sat in the lounge.

"Hey you two come in here a minute I want to talk to you" Judith said

Mark looked at Tom who shrugged his shoulders and went into the lounge.

Tom walked in and said "good show?"

"Yeah it was i won the Victoria sponge competition so i am happy" Judith said

"That great" Tom replied

"well now I want to talk to you about what you two have been up to today first of all Tom i have always known you are different to most lads around here I just want you to know i am really happy you two are getting on so well and I can see the love you two have in your eyes" Judith said

"But how did you know?" Tom asked

"Well I suspected something yesterday when you was so happy but you didn't tell me so i had to guess what made you so happy" Judith said smiling

Tom smiled "I'm sorry I didn't know how you would react"

"Well I had my suspicions confirmed when i got home and brought you up a cup of tea and saw the two of you sleeping looking cute together" Judith said

"Look Tom as long as you are happy i am happy i don't care if you sleep with girls or boys as long as you are happy that's what matters and Mark promise me you will look after him and don't worry I won't tell your gran" Judith said

"That's ok gran already knows I'm gay that's why I lost my job because my boss was a homophobe and I told him where to stick it" Mark said

"There are a lot of those idiots around but my motto is live and let live" Judith said

"Now Mark why don't you stay over here tonight I'm sure Tom would like you to and it would save you driving all the way back here tomorrow" Judith said

Tom smiled and said "wow Nan you don't mind Mark staying over?"

"No of course not I have already said I support you in this journey and it will be nice for you to have someone because since your parents passed away you have been a loner young man" Judith said

Mark smiled and said "well I will stay over and thanks for the support I really appreciate it"

Tom was smiling and sat down on the settee next to Mark and put his arm around him Judith smiled and said "you two make a lovely couple you know that"

Tom blushed and Mark laughed and said "stop it you got him blushing"

Judith laughed as Tom poked his tongue out at Mark

"Well i leave you two love birds here while I get the dinner cooking" Judith said

Mark looked at Tom and pulled him into a hug and then kissed him and said love you Tom Bevan"

Tom smiled and replied and I love you Mark Green"

Both lads laughed and knew their journey had just begun.....

The end

Tom and Mark(c) 2010 for all comments