Lt. Seth Richards was by no means your typical Marine Corps Officer. Unlike most of the officers in today's Corps, Lt. Richards was NOT stuck on himself, thinking that because he was an officer, he was better than any of the enlisted Marines. Unlike many of his fellow officers who were born with a golden spoon in their mouth, he grew up dirt poor and worked his way through college. Even in college, it was Seth's life long dream to join the Marine Corps.

Seth's first duty station was at Camp Pendleton, California. For a southern boy, California was a whole new world for him, in fact, so was the Marine Corps. It didn't take him long to realize how his fellow officers spoke about the enlisted behind their backs. When they began degrading the enlisted Marines, Seth always felt totally disgusted and left the room, shaking his head in disbelief. To him, his troops meant everything! As for his troops, they loved and respected Lt. Richards to the point they would eagerly crash through the bowels of hell and think nothing of placing their lives in front of his at any given moment.

Lt. Richards basically violated the officer's vow, by always inviting his troops over his home on weekends. Speaking of his home, he made sure when he bought his home that their was no other officer living in the secluded sparse neighborhood, miles away from the base. He had no family, for he was raised as an orphan, so he saved his money and purchased a very nice four bedroom home that came fully equipped with a Jacuzzi and a large crystal clear pool.

Nearly every Friday night, after work, his troops began filtering into his home to play poker and go swimming. Not one of his troops thought anything of it by going to his house for it had became quite a ritual. At his home, their was no rank structure. At work, it was Lt. Richards. At his home, they all called him Seth and he returned their respect by calling each and every one of his troops by their first name as well.

Well, they didn't really call him Seth either. His troops called him by his nickname he had obtained while in college. Meat! Growing up in an orphanage, Seth was one of those ones who never got placed into a foster home, going from one home to another. He was a loner at best! His only extra curricular activity at the orphanage was lifting weights. From the age of around 6 all the way up until he went on to college, Seth lifted weights everyday.

As a freshman in college, living in a dorm, Seth got the nickname of "Meat" given to him by one of his dorm mates, and the name just sort of stuck with him through college and now in the Corps. To Seth, it was no big deal, after all, it was something he saw everyday and thought nothing of it. While in college, taking a shower, many of the so called "straight" guys watched in awe as he showered. His flaccid cock would sling from side to side, slapping the top of each thigh. Without offering any bragging rights, Seth could have easily walked into the porn business. When his cock was completely soft, it dangled down his legs a good 6 or 7 inches and had the mighty thickness of a cucumber.

For the straight guys gawking at him in the shower, not only was his cock impressive, but his body was just as astonishing. Standing a good 6'3", Seth's body had become a rock solid chiseled creation of perfect muscle mass. With the greatest of ease, Seth could have entered, and probably won, most body building competitions, but to him, that kind of stuff was just boring, not to mention, he had always been kind of on the shy side. Weighing in at 233 pounds, Seth was a walking, talking, living, breathing rock solid wall of pure muscle.

If his body wasn't an eye tease enough and his long and fat flaccid cock didn't make you stop dead in your tracks, his looks sure would have. When he was 20 years old, Seth looked like he was 16. Jet black wavy hair to which he always kept cut short. Green eyes that would literally sparkle in the moonlight. Eyebrows that were evenly paired, and sort of thick. A nose that fit perfectly on his slender and dimple impaling face. And if all of that wasn't enough, to add to his molded perfection, Seth's unknown parents must have been mixed, cause he was blessed with a natural tan from head to toe.

Thanks to his natural tan and priceless smile, as well as his nickname of "Meat", Seth never had to go a night without some strange girl in college wanting to find out for herself just how he got the nickname and whether or not the rumors were true. By the time he was a senior in college, Seth had bedded down tons of women. Though he enjoyed each of his encounters, he knew deep down in his heart, that something was missing. Living in a religious orphanage, Seth never had the opportunity or pleasure of knowing anything about sex. It wasn't until he went to college did he experience any sexual activity of any kind.

To Seth, everything about himself seemed perfectly natural...his looks, his body, and his cock. For others, he was a total work of heavenly perfection. Well mannered and soft spoken only highlighted his other eye popping features. It wasn't until a Friday night with his college roommate, did Seth ever know just how big his cock was. He and his roommate, Carl, were drinking up a storm in their room, and it was Carl who brought out a measuring tape and persuaded Seth to drop his drawers so he could measure Seth's cock. In his drunken state, Seth really didn't think nothing of it, so he whipped his flaccid cock out and Carl stood over him, staring in total awe at the circumcised monster laying on top of Seth's right thigh.

Carl eased himself down onto Seth's bed and reached his right hand out and began lifting the hunk of meat as if he were curling a set of dumbbells. Seth's hands were folded behind his head and he just watched as Carl was trying to get his cock hard. Carl looked up and down the solid muscular form and noticed no hairs had even sprang up from Seth's chest nor his six pack solid stomach. Not even a goody trail stemmed from Seth's barely protruding belly button to his closely trimmed black pubic hairs. Carl placed Seth's sleeping cock into his left hand while cupping Seth's virtually hairless balls with his right hand.

The balls in Carl's hands weren't equally sized as to the rest of the hulking feature laying on the bed. In fact, they were about the size of two medium sized eggs. Either way, the massive cock in his hand, the two perfectly shaped nuggets gently rolling around in the palm of his hand, and the astonishing total beauty of the massive muscular form in front of him made Carl wonder about his own heterosexual sexuality. Never before in his life had he even dreamed of touching another guys cock, but here he was, in a drunken stupor, holding another man's cock and balls, and enjoying every second of it.

It took some doing, cause both were on the drunk side, but Carl finally managed to get Seth's cock rock hard. Carl placed one end of the measuring tape at the base of Seth's cock and stretched the tap until it was at the very end of his even thicker mushroom cock head. Swallowing extremely hard, Carl took a deep breath, then nervously whispered,

"10 and 3/4 inches long! Holy shit dude!"

Carl then wrapped the measuring tape around Seth's cock, relishing in the feeling of the massive cock's velvety soft flesh while gawking at its massive girth, then whispered,

"Fuck Seth, this aint a dick, it's a fucking weapon! 6 and 1/8 inches around! Damn, no wonder the girls talk about you so much! Once you fuck them, they are ruined for the rest of us!

That was the only time Seth had ever felt another man's hand on his cock and that was the last time Carl ever touched another cock other than his own. Neither spoke about the incident from that point on. It was like it had never happened. Seth finished college and went straight into the Marine Corps, bringing us to present day.

It was the usual weekend where all of his troops began filtering into his home for a weekend of steady partying and pool playing. At home, Seth just wore a set of cut-off sweat pants and nothing else. By the time early Saturday morning came around, most of his troops were walking around his home in just their boxers or some type of cut-offs. On Sunday's around mid afternoon, everyone began returning back to the base for the start a new week.

Weekend after weekend, the same thing always occurred. Seth enjoyed having his troops over anytime they felt like it though he knew his fellow officers would certainly protest to his actions. But, Seth didn't care! He felt more comfortable being around the enlisted than he did boring himself to death by being with what he liked to refer to as "those rich stuck up egotistical airheads."

The one piece of the puzzle that had been missing in Seth's life, including his sex life, came to reality during the middle of the week when he was introduced to his newest troop, PFC. Monty Mimms. For whatever the reason, Seth felt weird once their hands touched. It was like a bolt of lighting screeched through his entire body. Though Seth was much larger than PFC Mimms, the beauty his eyes were beholding was utterly breathtaking. Seth began studying every visual contour of Monty's body standing before him. To Seth, Monty Mimms was more than a breath taking beauty, he was more like a dream he never had come true!

As Monty was seated and they were talking, Seth took advantage to admire all of Monty's facial beauty. Naturally, Monty had the regular Marine Corps haircut, but from the few hairs that were visible, Seth became even more excited as to the fine down of visible blond hair that pleased his fluttering eyes. Monty's eyebrows were a light brown in color and perfectly thin and his eyelashes were long and upturned ever so graciously. Seth studied the young Marine's nose, noticing how small it looked and the four little freckles gracing the bridge of his button like nose.

From his constant stare, Seth thought that Monty didn't even have to shave just yet cause his face seemed elegantly smooth and totally void of any hair life whatsoever. Monty's lips were thin and brightly displayed what seemed to be a natural cherry color. Seth witnessed the cute little dimples impaling Monty's soft slender cheeks every time he spoke. Speaking of speech, Seth's cock grew angrily hard just hearing Monty's soft heart warming tone.

When Monty was excused from Seth's office, Seth couldn't help himself as he burned a hole into Monty's backside with his eyes. He had stared at a lot of butts in his day, but up until now, they all belonged to women. Seth struggled to get the sexual thought of Monty out of his head, but once he was alone in his office, he picked up Monty's file and began reading every single word.

Seth found out that just like himself, Monty grew up in an orphanage, never living the pain of going from one home to another. In one way, they were both blessed as to not to have lived that type of lifestyle. Seth also found out that Monty had just turned 18. According to Monty's records, he stood an even 5' 8" and weighed 167 pounds. Another thing Seth found interesting was the fact that Monty listed no girlfriend on his record, nor a wife, just himself.

By Friday, the rest of the troops had taken Monty under their wings and had explained everything to him, including the weekends at Lt. Richards home. Monty wasn't stupid either, as he realized rather quickly that when at work, it was Lt. Richards and all the Marine Corps tradition that came along with that title. The one thing that Lt. Richards did that probably in the history of the Corps no other officer did was that whatever his troops were doing, he was always right there with them doing the same thing. If they had motor pool duty, he was out there with his troops washing the vehicles alongside them.

That night, Friday, Seth wore his cut-off sweat pants and awaited for his troops to arrive, especially, the arrival of his newest troop, Monty Mimms. Everything was going on as normal, some guys playing poker, some playing billiards, while others were milling around the pool or Jacuzzi. Seth took this time to go find where Monty was at, so he walked all through the house, then out back to the pool. Sitting all by himself, sipping on a beer, Monty was relaxing in the Jacuzzi. Now, before I go any further, Seth's flaccid cock always formed a very visual outline of its length as well as its mighty girth, but Seth really never paid any attention to it in the least.

Seth sat on the very edge of the Jacuzzi and the two began talking. Everything was going okay until Seth's cock began to rapidly inflate. Seth forced his left hand to hold his rising and angry cock down so as not to reveal its most direct intention to Monty's piercing blue eyes. Seth could only see the very top of Monty's, what appeared to be, smooth chest. Thanks to the Jacuzzi forming soothing waves, Seth was unable to see past the wavy water.

Tired of fighting with his now rock hard boner, Seth decided it would be best to hop into the Jacuzzi, but as he was trying to rush to submerge himself, his meaty cock slid out from under the right legging and straight into the view of Monty's on-looking eyes. Monty couldn't believe what his eyes were looking at for the huge cock poking out on full display was by far the largest he had ever witnessed. Not only did Monty notice Seth's impressive beef, but his eyes also studied the hulking mass of rippling muscles. Monty's own cock grew harder than steel, but he knew the Lt. couldn't see his erection that was being safely contained inside his skimpy swimsuit.

Seth was completely unaware that his cock was exposed. His only thought was to quickly conceal himself under the water. Monty thought Seth looked to be somewhere in his late teens, and Seth was thinking that Monty looked to be around 14 or 15 years of age. Both were thinking of the other, and neither knew. Unlike Seth, Monty knew he was gay, but it was just he and he alone, that knew. Monty had already had his eyes on Seth ever since they first met, but more so, once the rest of the guys told him why they all called him "Meat" and how he got that nickname. Though Monty knew he was gay, his sexual experience was limited to sometime long ago with just sharing his hard cock with another boy, and the boy showed Monty his. That was it, other than his fantasies.

Their conversation was pretty uneventful as they mostly talked about growing up in an orphanage. What neither one knew, was that both were thinking wicked and sexual thoughts about the other, but neither Seth nor Monty, revealed their deepest and most darkest thoughts. They stayed in the Jacuzzi until they couldn't take it any longer. Monty was the first to get out and as he was doing so, Seth's eyes almost flew out of the sockets as to the scenery before him. Monty was wearing a pale yellow Speedo and as he stood up, Seth got an eyeful of his crotch. Though he couldn't be absolutely sure, Seth could just make out the outline of Monty's flaccid cock.

Monty's cock was angled to the right and it appeared to be rather thin and about an inch or so long. Just from the quick flash, Seth questioned whether or not Monty was cut or uncut. Though he strained his eyes, he just couldn't be sure of that, but when Monty turned to the side to step out, Seth got a good eyeful of Monty's jutting butt. The Speedo material guarded Monty's butt as if he had been born in them, leaving very little to the imagination. The two muscle jutting melons rippled in delight as Monty lifted one foot then the other. The wet tight fitting material was hungry as it snuck inside his butt cheeks to offer the most tempting view. The crack line was small, but then again, so was Monty's bubbly tear drop shaped butt. The other thing that Seth noticed was that when Monty was standing straight up, there was about half inch gap between his legs, offering more of a delicious view.

As if things couldn't get any better for Seth, as he was studying Monty's muscle ripping ass cheeks, he could also make out the snuggly form of Monty's balls. He couldn't judge their size, but Seth's initial impression was that they were kind of on the small size. Seth admired every square delicious inch of Monty as he toweled himself off. Seth's bewildered mind even played a scene where he had his tongue up Monty's butt, and that was one thing he had never ever thought of doing to anyone. He had dined on plenty of pussy in his days, but not once had he ever gone so far as to stick his tongue in their shit chutes. Though be it on plenty of occasions, he had some girls hike up his legs and tongue fuck his hole. To say the least, Seth enjoyed the feeling of having his asshole tongued, but never once did he think about returning the favor.

Or, up until now! Now, he was dreaming of spreading Monty's tight little cheeks apart and lapping at his butt hole. In prior times, he thought of that area being strictly taboo, especially one belonging to another guy. Seth's cock returned to its hardened state and he created some lie so he could stay in the Jacuzzi a bit longer. As Seth sat in the Jacuzzi, willing his hard cock to go to sleep, his mind constantly roamed on the vision he had seen prior, Monty and his near naked form.

On the other hand, Monty had wandered into the kitchen watching the other guys play poker with the towel still draped around his luscious body. Though his eyes were on the game, his mind was on Seth and the monster cock that popped out for his mind to take a permanent record of. It wasn't too long before Monty had to go and sit down on the sofa so his rock hard cock would not be noticed by all who dared to look down at the rather noticeable tenting towel.

That weekend, both Seth and Monty dreamed of the other, but neither would dare to reveal anything remotely as to their actual interests. It wasn't until a month or so later, Lt. Richards fought to get his troops a 96 hour pass. He battled the Captain furiously for his troops to get the time off and made the announcement first thing Tuesday morning while his troops were in their morning formation. Naturally, everyone was extremely happy for the time off and everyone began making plans to go home or make other arrangements.

Lt. Richards had decided he was going to extend their pass by releasing his troops on Thursday around noon. That morning, Thursday morning, Lt. Richards secretly, one by one, went to all of his troops and informed them of his plan to let them start their extended weekend around noon. When he got to Monty, being the professional Marine that he was, he informed Monty of his plans just as he had done to several others before him. After Monty was informed, Lt. Richards popped the question,

"So, where will you be going for this short little vacation?"

Monty had the utmost of precious smiles darting across his rather gorgeous face as he replied back,

"I guess I'll just hang around here! I really don't have any place to go!"

Lt. Richards stood fully erect as ALL Marines do as he took in a deep breath, then nervously stated,

"Since you got no place to go, and I can't see any reason why you would want to hang out here, you can spend the weekend at my place, that is, if you'd like to!"

Seth was so happy he managed to fling out the words and he began lightly tip toeing awaiting Monty's response. Monty looked up at the hulking mass of pure muscle who could have easily been on any Marine Corps bill board displaying what a real Marine should look like and said,

"I'd love to, that is, if it's okay with you!"

Seth's heart jumped to his throat and he fought the words that were scrambling rapidly within his mind, then squeaked out,

"When I release everyone around noon, just come straight to my office!"

Monty gave Seth a happy nod, then sauntered back to his work area. Seth stood in place admiring the way Monty's tight little ass jutted up and down with his every footstep. Feeling his cock rise to a fast hardened state, Seth decided it would be best to quickly scurry back to the safety of his office.

Once inside his office, Seth kicked back into his chair, closed his eyes and relished the many mornings of he and his troops running their three mile run. Not so much thinking of all of his troops, but focusing directly on Monty and the way he was dressed. Every morning, they would get into a formation for their run and Seth always made sure he was running to his troops left, slightly in behind Monty. For Seth, the run never lasted long enough, cause his eyes constantly remained glued to Monty's tight butt. It seemed that Monty's butt never jiggled, just creased from the powerful muscles gluing his butt cheeks together.

Many, many times after their morning run, Seth wanted so desperately to join his troops in the shower, but knew once he saw Monty's naked body, his cock would definitely get harder than a piece of steel. So, he always went into the shower in his office and stroked his thick cock until his thick cream sprayed the shower walls and floor thinking only of Monty. As each day progressed, more like each second ticked off the clock, Seth thought of ways he could catch a glimpse of Monty taking a shower.

While Seth was enjoying his dreams, Monty was busy at his work station letting his mind wander as well. He had always dreamed of having a man plow his ass, but he wondered if the monster meat belonging to Seth would really fit. Monty knew he wanted to feel that big cock in his mouth, but questioned his own fantasy as to whether or not he wanted his asshole torn apart by Seth's abnormally huge cock. But, in his mind, Seth's cock was working his asshole to a mind boggling delight!

Seth waited and waited for the clock to quickly strike noon, cause he couldn't wait to get Monty at his home. It was only 10:00 in the morning and time just wouldn't pass quickly enough, so Seth jumped up from his desk and almost ran out to where his troops were. He gathered them in more like a huddle and informed them to go ahead and discreetly begin their 96 hour pass. His troops knew what he meant by being discreet, so they, one by one, headed to the barracks to gather their belongings and change into civilian attire.

By 10:20, everyone was gone, but Seth and Monty. Monty walked into Seth's office and Seth almost stepped on his tongue from what Monty was wearing. Monty had on a bright yellow tank top and the shortest blue jean cut-offs he had ever seen on a guy. They were so short that it looked like Monty's cock would slip out the sides at any moment. When Monty turned around to face the door, Seth clearly saw two solid mounds of Monty's beautiful butt flesh inviting his eyes to admire the breathtaking splendor.

The drive to his home seemed endless. While they were heading to Seth's home, Seth's eyes drifted down to Monty's thighs and legs. Monty had a nice tan going on but Seth noticed that Monty's upper thighs were completely hairless and glistened ever so graciously. As his eyes traveled a bit lower, the only hair Seth found was on Monty's lower shins. Even the hair on his shins were sparse, lightly tampered with soft whisks of blondish brown coloration. To say the least, Seth's long thick cock had revealed itself along the top left side of his right thigh.

Seth thought about covering his noticeable erection with his right hand, but decided to allow his cock to show itself off, that is, if Monty cared to look. Out of the corner of his left eye, Monty saw the protruding massive erection, and to say the least, he was defiantly straining his eye to consume every massive square inch. Monty's own cock was hard now, but thanks to the tightness of his cut-offs, he knew Seth could not see it. Speaking of his cut-offs, Monty intentionally cut them shorter than he normally would have, cause this weekend he wanted to see if Seth was in anyway interested in him whatsoever.

They finally made it to Seth's house and both walked in the front door with Seth leading the way. This time, it was Monty watching the two muscular bubbly ass cheeks of Seth as they danced up and down with his every footstep. Once inside, Seth and Monty walked into the living room and each taking their perspective place on opposite ends of the large sofa. Seth told Monty to make himself at home while he went to take a shower and change into something a bit more comfortable. Both were thinking of ways to seduce the other, and neither knowing just how to go about it.

While Seth was taking a shower, Monty was busy stroking his erection through his shorts thinking of Seth and his muscular body and horse like cock. Seth was lathering himself up with soap, taking the time to stroke his monstrous erection, thinking that his hand was actually Monty's mouth. Both were frantically playing with their cocks while thinking of the other.

Seth got out of the shower, toweled himself off, then tore through his drawers to find something a bit more appropriate for Monty's crystal blue eyes to behold. With only the most perverse and seductive thought, Seth finally found a pair of his super tight, nearly see through, white bikini briefs. He hadn't worn these things since he ordered them online. Standing in front of his full length mirror, Seth turned to his left and then to his right, watching as his cock was plainly noticeable through the sheer thin fabric. Actually, because of the way the bikini briefs fit, his crotch looked even more larger, if that was humanly possible, but Seth determined that this was the perfect thing to parade in front of Monty.

Monty heard Seth coming down the hall so he quickly took his right hand from his cut-off covered erection. When Seth walked into the room, Monty's heart pounded like a million drums as his eyes flickered and twitched at the scenery before him. His eyes were entranced on Seth's complete muscular beauty. Monty studied every intricate detail of Seth's body building physique. From his huge bulging biceps, to the chest that was sculptured from pure stone, and the six pack abs that seemed painted with perfection. When Monty's eyes fell onto the visually displayed monster cock that clearly was defined through the almost transparent material, Monty gulped a huge hunk of saliva while being held by the mighty cock's trance.

After three or so mixed drinks, both began to feel the alcohol soothe their distraught bodies. Monty was seated at one end of the sofa, and Seth was seated in the recliner facing Monty, a mere four feet separating them. When Seth got up to fix them another drink, Monty stared vividly at the tight ass torturing his eyes as they solidly jutted up and down. As soon as the palm of Monty's right hand landed on his aching erection, he almost shot his load. His body trembled as if one hell of an orgasm shot through his body.

When Seth placed Monty's drink on the table to Monty's left side, Monty's eyes bolted onto the massive hunk of meat before him. From Seth's cock to his ass, Monty watched his every move as Seth returned to the recliner and sat down. Monty cleared his throat, trying to do so silently, then almost hoarsely blurted out,

"I can see why they call you Meat! Only in a dream could I ever have a dick like yours!"

The door was open and Seth knew it, so he returned the compliment by adding,

"It's nothing really, I was born with it! I bet yours gets a lot of attention!"

Monty smiled and Seth's heart melted as Monty replied,

"Yeah right, only in my dreams! Let's just say I wasn't blessed in that department!"

While they spoke, Seth's cock grew harder than ever and there was no way humanly possible for him to hide it, so he just sat there with his erection hovering over his right thigh, directly in the line of sight for Monty's eyes to see. And see, Monty's eyes were definitely seeing!

Their conversation wound up on sex with women and Seth quickly discovered that Monty was a virgin. Not only did their conversation remain on sex, and not only was Seth's cock throbbing in front of Monty, but to make things even more interesting, a huge wet spot appeared at the head of Seth's monstrous cock head. Monty noticed the wet spot as well and he didn't want to say or do anything that might make Seth feel uncomfortable, so he just sat there and played along.

Unknown to the other, both were playing into the others hand. Monty decided to open the door a bit farther, so he asked,

"Have you ever found anyone who let you put that cock of yours up their ass?"

Seth thought of a few girls he had fucked up the ass, so he replied,

"Yeah, a couple of times, and boy did they scream when I fucked their ass!"

Monty swallowed hard, then fired back,

"I can see why! It just doesn't look like it would fit into something so small, but I guess it can!

The longer they talked, the more hornier both of them became and their conversation began being directed to more of a personal note than in general. Seth, feeling the alcohol, not thinking his words through, blurted out,

"Monty, as good-looking as you are, I simply can't imagine anyone not wanting to ravish you from head to toe. I mean, you got the most absofuckinglutely delicious ass any man could ever have. It looks more like a woman's ass than a man ass, and I mean that strictly as a compliment! Look at yourself, just look at you, you are flat fucking gorgeous! You look like you are in your mid teens, and without going overboard, you should be a fucking model, not a Marine!"

Seth couldn't believe his own words that spewed from his blurting mouth, but Monty captured every single word! Monty smiled at the words Seth had just spoken, then offered his own for Seth's nearly drunken ears to absorb,

"Thanks, but you are the one who has it all. You look much younger too and your fucking body is chiseled out of stone. You are the one who should be a model and with that cock of yours, you could be a porn star! I know if I saw you on the cover of a porn movie, I'd buy it in a heartbeat!"

Both tossed out words trying in vain to electrify the other, but both were just too naïve to capitalize on the moment. They talked and talked, flinging out projected words to entice the other, and both were too caught in trying to find the precise words to allow their feelings to progress the other. Sometime later, Seth made mention of the swimming pool, and both agreed and walked out to the back patio. It was Seth who longed to see Monty totally naked, so he hesitantly suggested that they swim naked. Monty was more than ready to do just that, cause just like Seth, he longed to see Seth just as naked.

Their flesh was nearly touching the other as they both stood in front of the patio table to remove what little clothing each of them was wearing. Monty was wearing more clothing, so Seth stood there sipping on his drink, taking in the view as Monty untied each shoe and slipped off each sock. Seth turned his body towards Monty who was stripping off his tank top. Seth drunk in the view as Monty's arms extended high into the air to remove his tight fitting tank top. Monty's nipples were tiny, but visibly erect. A dull pink in color caused Seth's to release a slight moan.

Seth's eyes darted to the outstretched armpits and fought against the back yard lighting and moon light to see just a few sparse strands of blondish brown hair forming a sparse patch in each pit. To say the least, Seth's cock became angrily erect at the view Seth's eyes were witnessing. Monty slung his shirt onto the table, and almost slowly, began unbuttoning his cut-offs. Using the table for support, Monty had tuned to his right side, preventing Seth's eyes from seeing his front view. Seth's eyes began bulging as Monty's cut-offs fell to the ground and he slowly stepped out of each opening.

Monty had on no underwear and was now giving Seth a full unobstructed view of his little unblemished ass. The creamy colored butt was highlighted by the lightly tanned coloration of the rest of his body. Monty's butt cheeks looked like one of Seth's hands could completely cover both muscular mounds with the slightest of efforts. The jutting thin line dividing those two perfect mounds looked more inviting to Seth than an invitation to the White House.

As if the view couldn't get any better, Monty slowly turned around to Seth, showing Seth the vision his mind had offered him ever since he first laid eyes on Monty. Seth's eyes never hesitated to peer onto Monty's flaccid cock, inhaling all Monty's perfection at its utmost very best. At the very base of Monty's cock rested a sparse perfect half inch patch of blondish brown hair, forming a perfect V. Monty's cock was no more than a flaccid inch or so sticking out from his body, but the one thing Seth's eyes caught, was the fact that no scalpel had ever touched Monty's cock. At the very end, his cock head was truly protected by a flap of silky looking flesh, that not only covered his cock head, but flapped over another good inch or so.

Beneath Monty's mouth watering slender cock, rested two low hanging balls that are probably only compared to as the size of pecans. From the view Seth was taking in, he couldn't really tell if Monty had any hair on his ball sac or not, but from what he could see, it looked completely void of hair.

While Seth was admiring Monty's complete and total nude perfection, Monty was lost in his own world staring profoundly at Seth's rock hard monster cock. Before Seth's very eyes, the flaccid cock his eyes were glued on began to slowly grow. Within a flash, the half inch flaccid cock jutted straight out from Monty's angelic body a good 5 inches. Directly in the middle of Monty's vein less shaft, the upper portion started to angle slightly downward. The foreskin grew with Monty's erection and still covered the head and had about another inch sloping downward.

Though Monty was totally consumed at staring at Seth's enormous cock, he knew his own cock was standing at attention, harder than ever, but at this point in time, he no longer cared. Seth's deep concentration was interrupted when Monty's soft and pure voice sounded somewhere inside his head,

""It's your turn!"

Still entranced by the sight of Monty's erect foreskin covered cock, Seth began to slide his skimpy shorts off. Monty's legs grew even weaker as the one eyed enormous monster sprang massively erect into his view. In his fantasies, he thought that Seth's cock was so thick that it would naturally hang towards the ground, but now, at this precise moment, he knew better. The massive cock bolted from Seth's solid body, nearly straight out with no arches or bends anywhere on the humongous organ.

Monty took a brief second to look at his hands, pondering whether or not they would even be able to go around such a thick hunk of prime beef, better yet, judging from the length and enormous girth, prime real estate! The thought entered Monty's mind to just drop to his knees and suck on the beauty that was sticking straight out at him, but thought it would be best to just go ahead and drown his sorrows by jumping in the pool.

Like two children, away from their trusting and strict parents, Seth and Monty frolicked in the cool relaxing water, fearing to even get close to the other. Both were relaxing in the shallow end, secretly admiring the other's body. Both had throbbing erections that could be clearly seen by either eyes. Seth wanted more, so he jokingly snatched Monty and tossed him high into the air, watching him splash into the water head first.

Their play continued until Monty began announcing moves similar to professional wrestling. Seth picked up on this quickly and one thing led into another. They took turns slinging one another into the water from the side of the pool...back flips, clothes lines, body slams, and various other maneuvers done from the side of the pool. Then, Seth remembered one of the moves called a power bomb. Adding to his already heightened excitement, Seth had Monty place his head between Seth's knees. Seth wrapped his muscular arms around Monty's hips and with the easiest of ease, flung Monty high into the air, forcing Monty's naked ass to smack up against Seth's face. Seth felt Monty's balls rest on top of his forehead, but knowing that Monty's ass crack was clutching to his nose, forced Seth to take one hell of a deep breath, inhaling whatever scent would grace his nose from Monty's butt.

Seth's nose had penetrated the superior tight fortress of Monty's muscular ass crack and Seth could feel the most hidden of body parts press against the opening of his inhaling nostrils. Bound and determined to smell something, Seth took several long deep breaths, inhaling the fresh chlorine scent of Monty's butt hole. Though he couldn't see inside Monty's nose filled crack, Seth could feel the wet tiny hairs tickle the sides of his deeply inhaling nose.

Monty's hands were holding Seth's head for dear life, patiently awaiting to be tossed into the water. On the other hand, Seth was busy trying to absorb as much of Monty's butt hole as time would allow. Finally, Seth flung Monty into the water, creating a huge splash. Monty landed square onto his back, knocking the wind right out of his lungs. When Monty surfaced, gagging and choking, Seth dove in, grabbed Monty and swam the both of them towards the deep ends ladder.

Monty took a hold onto the steps and railing and began climbing, ever so slowly, up each wrung. Seth was holding onto the ladder, keeping both eyes on Monty's butt. With each step Monty took, Seth's cock twitched and throbbed harder and harder. At one point, Monty's tight crack opened ever so slightly and Seth got a great view of the wet down of little blondish brown hair which traveled up and down Monty's crack, lightly gathering around his almost invisible little butt hole. And what a butt hole Monty offered. Though be it that it was a quick glance, Seth could see no signs of a brown coloration whatsoever. Monty's tightly sealed hole seemed to be nothing more than trying to peer into an eye of a small needle.

After smelling Monty's ass, and now seeing his cock hardening asshole, Seth had predetermined that if given the opportunity, he wouldn't hesitate shoving his tongue straight up that delicacy.

They both out of the pool and Monty was still gasping for air. Seth began caressing Monty's back with the most loving of gestures. Monty was bent over holding his knees with his hands, gathering some well needed air when Seth decided to steal this opportunity to sneak a peak at Monty's bent over butt. Keeping both hands caressing Monty's back, Seth slid in behind him. That precious and ever so tight seal of his butt cheeks had parted, giving Seth a better view of Monty's visually displayed bung hole.

The hairs that had tickled his nose, now Seth could clearly see just why. The blondish brown hair running its sparse course between his crack was just limited to a few tiny strands. The little speck, better known as his asshole, had just a few short hard to see hairs gathering around it. With each of Monty's coughs, the little speck puckered. Trying to be as sneaky as possible, Seth backed off of Monty's back just far enough to allow himself the opportunity to get a better whiff of Monty's asshole and whatever aroma it may offer.

Be it Seth's mind was playing tricks on him, or it was just the plain facts, but Monty's puckering asshole offered no foul odor whatsoever. To Seth, it was like being caught in a storm, standing in the middle of a rose garden. The smell his nostrils were gathering was purely an aphrodisiac that has yet to be discovered. Monty stood up rather quickly and unexpectedly, which forced Seth to do the same, but when he did, his throbbing cock slid from the top of Monty's butt crack and was now pulsing just under the delicate little line.

Not only did Seth feel the electricity of Monty's ass cheeks strike his cock and travel throughout his body, but Monty felt it as well. Monty felt the thick beast as it throbbed, twisted, and jerked against his butt flesh, bringing his own abundance of pleasures crashing throughout his entire body.

Seth's hands were still caressing Monty's back as Monty slowly began to turn his quivering body to face Seth. Now, standing face to face, Seth's hands were on each of Monty's shoulders. Neither spoke, both afraid of the reactions of the other, so they just stood there, frozen in time. Seth was peering into Monty's entrancing glimmering blue eyes and Monty was deeply lost in Seth's eyes.

Seth took a short step forward, causing his erect cock to glide upwards along Monty's balls and straining cock. As their eyes lingered into the other's eyes, their lips gently touched. Both Seth and Monty's bodies trembled as their lips sealed themselves closed and their snake like tongues darted into the hot fiery oven of the other's mouth. Seth's hands slid up and down Monty's quivering back while Monty was caressing the muscular back of Seth.

Just their soft moans could be heard in the night's air as their hands slid up and down their backs, reaching the perfect mounds of the other's jutting butt. Monty traveled the entire solid length of Seth's bubbly ass, feeling the soothing flesh as it greeted his traveling hand. Seth was doing the same thing, letting his hands grip and massage Monty's silky smooth tight little butt.

This was Seth's first time kissing someone of the same sex, but for Monty, this was his first kiss ever. Their tongues roamed freely into the other's mouth as their bodies became as one. Seth longed for more as his taste buds were electrified at the minty freshness it had obtained from within Monty's saliva dribbling mouth. Seth's right hand cupped Monty's butt while his left hand gingerly gripped the back of Monty's head, forcing his mouth harder onto Monty's.

With each passionate moan, the other felt the vibrations echoing down their throat, adding to their already over bearing passion. Their kiss was long and their hands roamed ever so freely. For Monty, this was a long lost dream coming true, and for Seth, being with Monty was filling a void he so passionately sought to fill.

As their lips broke their tight seal, Seth gripped Monty's tongue as it was exiting his mouth with his lips and began sucking with the slightest of ease, using his own tongue to trace the delicious morsel still trapped inside his sucking mouth. Releasing Monty's tongue, Seth stuck his tongue into Monty's left ear, which in turn, caused Monty to growl an elongated moan, sending chills racing up and down Seth's spine.

Seth knew how to strike the tender points on a woman, but now he was with another man. Once his tongue snuck inside Monty's ear and he heard Monty pant and moan, he knew right then that Monty was feeling things he had never felt before, so his oral assault continued. First, Monty's left ear, then his right. Seth sucked, licked, and nibbled all around Monty's neck and throat area causing Monty to hold onto Seth for all he was worth so as not to fall down. Monty's fingers dug into Seth's back as his legs grew weaker and weaker by the second. His entire virgin body was shaking as if he were about to go into some kind of convulsion. His eyes were watery and his breathing became desperate.

Seth dug his fingers of his right hand into Monty's already dry crack, fighting against the crack muscles to feel Monty's super tiny bung hole. Once Seth's fingers found its mark, Monty released a long moan as Seth's fingers began gingerly gracing Monty's rapidly puckering virgin hole. The feelings coursing throughout Monty's body felt like a hurricane conquering his every breath. Never had anyone touched him the way Seth was now doing so. The fingers rubbing against his butt hole sent shivers all over his body, and for whatever the reason, Monty made up his mind, right then and there, he was going to give his asshole to Seth's mighty cock!

As Seth's lips, teeth, and tongue traveled further downwards, they launched another oral assault on Monty's nipples. Seth eased his teeth around Monty's right nipple while flickering his tongue, striking just the very tip of Monty's tiny erect nipple. Monty slung his head backwards while crying in the night's air with a long and deep moan. Seth worked one nipple, then licked his way to the other, placing tender loving kisses along the way.

Monty's body was shaking violently as he never imagined anything in this life being so good. His five inch throbbing cock pulsated and throbbed with each lick, each nibble, and each kiss. Seth didn't try to penetrate the tight orifice, but did allow his fingers to run wild between the solid muscular mounds of Monty's muscle clamping ass crack.

Seth lowered his working mouth all the way down to Monty's nearly non existent belly button. It looked as if it were nothing more than a tiny line, neither protruding or impaling. Seth's tongue circled Monty's line of a belly button while using both hands to grip and persuade those solid ass cheeks to release their muscular defense. Seth felt Monty's hard uncut cock as it jumped up and down, striking him just under his chin.

Monty's hands now held the back of Seth's head which was now traveling a bit lower. Seth's chin forced Monty's throbbing erection down as his tongue began playing with the scrawny patch of pubic hair, relishing in the feeling of Monty's heavy breathing, and caressing fingers on the back of his head.

Seth slid his face to the right and watched in awe as Monty's solid slender rock hard cock sprang free from under his chin and launched upwards, dancing up and down ever so wildly. Seth placed tender kisses on Monty's smooth thighs, rotating from one, then to the other.

Taking in a deep breath, Seth sucked in Monty's right nut, then the other. Now, he had both of Monty's sweet tasting balls inside his mouth and all his ears could hear was Monty's loud groans and moans. The fire baking his balls was nothing what Monty had imagined as he began tip toeing back and forth at the feeling overcoming his every thought. For Seth, having Monty's balls inside his mouth while his tongue traced every square inch of the tender nuggets was definitely something new, yet, Monty's balls felt right at home inside his mouth.

After some time, Seth let Monty's saliva soaked balls slip from his mouth, and without thought, his tongue immediately began lapping at the base of Monty's cock. Seth's tongue traveled upwards, feeling the hardness mixed with silk. The foreskin flap covering Monty's cock head intrigued Seth to the point that he just had to sample the prime meat. Closing his lips around the hanging silky smooth flesh, Seth began to roll the flesh around his lips while using his tongue to find the entrance. As soon as Seth's tongue discovered the closed entrance and began sliding inwards, Seth got more than he had ever bargained for.

Inside Monty's foreskin flap contained bucket loads of his pre cum which inevitably shocked every taste bud Seth owned. His first instinct was to yank his head backwards as this was certainly not something he had anticipated, but Seth wanted and needed to press on. As more and more of Monty's pre cum dipped into Seth's mouth, Seth came to realize that he actually began to crave this unknown and strange flavor. It was slick, stringy, hot, and had just a hint of salt, but other than that, in the mind of Seth, the more he tasted, the more sweeter it became.

Seth wanted to see what Monty's covered cock head looked like, so using his left hand, he carefully slid the skin back until the marvel appeared before his quivering eyes. Monty's cock head was a bright pink with a little opening for a piss slit. The head itself was a tad larger than the rest of the shaft, but to Seth, this cock, this breathtaking beauty was the creation of perfection that only the heavens above could ever create. While Seth was admiring the beauty of Monty's cock, a bubble of pre cum appeared at the piss slit. Seth, without thought, stretched his tongue and swiped the clear fluid and eagerly drank in its divine sweetness.

Like being caught in the grip of a powerful magnet, Seth's mouth opened and his lips slid along the smooth surface of Monty's throbbing cock until Seth's nose was firmly pressed up against the soft down of Monty's beautiful pubic hair. Seth's tongue went on autopilot as it began the luxurious task of frolicking all over the chunk of tender sweet meat lodged inside his mouth. Never having a cock in his mouth ever before, like some kind of natural unexplainable instinct, Seth began bobbing his head back and forth.

Monty was groaning ever so loud, and Seth caught himself moaning while pleasing himself with the feeling of giving his first blow-job. Seth's fingers of his right hand continued their play with Monty's butt hole while his left hand cupped Monty's low hanging balls and began lightly tugging while lovingly squeezing.

The fire surrounding his cock was more than he could have ever possibly dreamed. The hand on his balls, pulling them down while squeezing was a feeling Monty could never explain and the fingers grazing on his asshole sent electrical currents ripping throughout his entire body. Monty was biting his lips to suppress the desire to scream out in blissful energy as his fingers dug into the side of Seth's head out of desperation.

Seth was sucking his first cock, and loving it! The silky smooth shaft slid easily between his sealed lips and his tongue roamed wildly as the sweet cock of Monty plunged in and out of Seth's saliva slurping mouth. While Seth was bobbing his head back and forth on Monty's cock, Monty began thrusting his hips, driving his aching cock harder and harder into Seth's vacuum like mouth.

The fingers digging at his asshole increased their pressure and his balls felt like they were just about to explode and Monty's body was trembling as if he was in a full blown convulsion. Once every so often, Seth would let Monty's delicious cock slip from his mouth while his left hand skinned back the foreskin so he could use his tongue to swirl around Monty's warrior like helmet of a cock head. By doing this, Monty would literally scream as the pleasures raced all over his body.

The rock hard cock inside his mouth bulged, making the shaft larger than ever. Never having sucked a cock before, Seth had no idea what next was to happen, but when he felt the first bolt of hot fluid strike the roof of his mouth, he knew Monty was shooting his load. Blast after blast of hot thick cream littered the inside of his mouth, but Seth held Monty's erupting cock firmly and continued bobbing his head on the spitting meat.

Somewhere between 8 to 10 powerful jets of Monty's cream flew from his cock before subsiding to a slow, but steady, drizzle. Monty thought he was about to pass out and he could feel more of his load rising from somewhere deep within in. Seth never once tried to swallow, for this was certainly something he never thought he actually could ever do. Just when Seth thought that Monty's cum had ended, Monty's body tensed like a rigid board and his cock expanded once more, then another round of fiery hot sperm torpedoes struck the roof of Seth's mouth.

This time, Monty's thick and hot cream offered about 5 thick ropes of cum before ending to a slow spewing. Seth never once took his mouth from Monty's cock, but then again, he hadn't tried to swallow any of the cream which was building inside his mouth either. The rock hard silky smooth cock inside his mouth now was nothing more than a limp noodle. It had became too sensitive for Monty, so he used his hands to free his cock from Seth's, still yearning to suck, mouth.

Monty was gasping for air and his body was still quivering from head to toe. With a mouthful of Monty's hot cum, Seth debated whether to spit it out, or try and swallow it. It was the desire to actually taste Monty that won the battle, so Seth opened his throat and allowed the smallest portion of cum to trickle down his throat. Unable to determine what Monty's cum really tasted like, Seth swallowed a bit more. The first taste offered nothing, but the second taste caused his vocal cords to moan in sheer delight.

It was definitely hot and certainly thick, but in the eyes of Seth, Monty's man seed had very little taste. It was by no means bitter and it had just the mildest hint of salt which only added to the purity of the sweetness now drenching his gulping throat. Seth groaned loudly as he savored each swallow, inwardly begging for more of Monty's sweeter than sweet cum.

Monty had backed up and was now leaning against one of the lounge chairs, panting in desperation for some well needed oxygen, as well as doing his best to regain his strength in his wobbly legs. Seth was still on his knees peering holes into Monty's now flaccid cock, marveling upon the younger man's body as if it were a five star buffet and he hadn't eaten for weeks. The most devilish of thoughts crept inside Seth's head as he raised his fingers of his right hand, the same fingers that had so passionately toyed with Monty's speck of a bung hole, placed them up to his nostrils and began inhaling.

As Seth inhaled, he moaned joyously as the enriched aroma of the freshness of the pool mixed with Monty's abnormal delicious body aroma showered his entire lungs with radiating floods of pure perfection. Being driven to a state of mind he had never been before, Seth slipped his fingers into his mouth and began milking the flavor from his own flesh. His moans grew louder as the taste of Monty's bung hole overwhelmed his unknown animalistic passion.

Monty leaned against the chair and watched Seth as he sucked on his own fingers as if Seth had been the only one at the pool. Monty was well aware that those fingers, those same fingers, had been the object that had sparked his asshole and increased his emotions to fire such a heavy and powerful load. As Seth was lost in his own world sucking his fingers, Monty had other ideas as well.

Monty forced himself from the back of the chair and wobbled over and behind Seth. Monty carefully leaned down in behind Seth and placed himself flat on his back, angling his head directly in behind Seth's outstretched ass. Using his shoulder blades and feet, Monty crawled on his back until his face was directly hovering just under what he now knew was a perfectly shaved asshole. Monty gulped as he noticed that Seth's bronzed tan even covered the hulking man's crack, giving his little butt hole the appearance of a tiny third eye.

Seth felt the fiery hot breath strike his spread asshole, but before he had time to react, Monty locked his hands firmly onto Seth's thighs and his tongue began drilling away. Seth cried out and Monty tightened his grip. Monty had dreamed of this moment ever since they had first met and he was not about to let this time escape him, so he moaned loudly as his tongue swiped up and down the muscular man's crack, zeroing in on Seth's bronzed colored little hole.

Monty's tongue creased Seth's asshole, then began fighting against the muscular orifice to dine on its interior. Be it the mood, the elements, or the plain fact that Monty was eating his asshole, any which of way, Seth was moaning, cooing, and purring. Monty was bound and determined to travel Seth's anal highway with his tongue, so his tongue drilling pressure increased to an all time high. Seth was no stranger at having his ass eaten, but the women who had done this to him just satisfied themselves with licking just the very opening, but Monty on the other hand, he was applying an awesome amount of pressure directly on his little button.

Seth's cries and Monty's moans dashed across the privacy fence as Monty's exploring tongue won the battle and struggled to regain territorial rights to Seth's tongue crushing chute. Seth's mind went completely blank as he felt Monty's snaking tongue travel deep up his anal canal. Monty was embellishing in the flavor, as well as the feeling of having his tongue in such a gorgeous man's ass. This, by far, was better than any fantasy his mind had ever created. For Monty, even more shocking, was the fact that his tongue was up Seth's poop chute and he was not getting any foul aroma in which this area might offer.

Every time Seth took a breath, Monty could feel the man's ass muscles coil around his pile driving tongue. The more Seth wiggled from the pleasure his asshole was sending his brain, the harder and deeper Monty's tongue seemed to travel. Monty was having so much fun he began tongue fucking Seth's asshole with a vengeance. Seth was hissing and his body was shaking violently. His massive cock was throbbing, dancing up and down with each thrust of Monty's ass pounding tongue.

Other than a dream, this was Monty's first taste of ass, and oh what a first taste this was. But, being that this was his first time and not being used to using his tongue in such a manner, Monty's tongue was painfully aching from the pressure within Seth's muscular ass. Knowing there was more, much more, of the muscle bound hulk to explore, Monty reluctantly retrieved his tongue and began the awkward journey to his feet. Seth was still on his knees, panting heavier than ever when Monty finally managed to stand on both feet.

As Monty stood to Seth's left, looking down at the hulking Adonis, his eyes fell onto the horse like cock which was fully erect and looked even more thicker now than ever. Monty's eyes took a quick sweep of the area, then reached out with his right hand and latched onto Seth's left forearm. Seth was more like a zombie as he struggled to stand on his weak legs, but he followed Monty over to the diving board. Monty turned Seth around and had him sit on the middle of the board, then leaned Seth so that he was now laying flat on his back with his feet dipping down to the very edge of the diving board, nearest the water.

Monty pushed the massive muscular legs apart so that Seth's legs were completely off the board and resting firmly onto the patio flooring. Without a question, Seth was nothing more than putty in the hands of Monty. Monty spread Seth's legs wider, keeping his eyes on the protruding cock arching towards Seth's face. Once Monty had Seth exactly where he wanted him, Monty quickly ran over to one of the chairs and gathered two cushions, placing them down so his knees could rest on them on Seth's left side.

On his knees, Monty's eyes traveled up and down Seth's body, absorbing every square inch of the heaving muscles that rippled in the night's soft air. Tears began forming in Monty's eyes as he drank in the view of Seth's naked body, realizing that this was what he had waited for all of his life. To be with a man, and not just any man, but the man he had fantasized about every since his cock found the pleasures his hands could give.

Monty's eyes went up to Seth's eyes as they now were both looking at one another. Monty reached up with his right hand and guided Seth's eyes closed, for he wanted to worship the man of his dreams like no other. Whether he and Seth would ever do this again was unknown, but Monty wanted to cherish every single second, for this night would be a night he would never forget, and if he did things right, hopefully, Seth wouldn't forget either.

The small hands of Monty shook as they began sliding all over Seth's muscular chest. To be so hard, Seth's flesh felt like pure velvet or silk. Monty's hands roamed Seth's chest and rippling stomach as he lowered his face directly over Seth's face. Sticking his tongue out, Monty began tracing Seth's upper and lower lips ever so slowly. Taking his precious time, Monty slowly licked every square inch of Seth's face, including Seth's entire neck and throat area. Seth was literally purring as the moist tongue slid along and across his face, sending a resounding pleasure all the way to his throbbing cock.

Monty's right hand caressed the hulking shoulders while his left hand slid along Seth's muscular right thigh. His lips began placing the most gentlest of kisses along Seth's chest, just under each erect tiny nipple. Monty sucked in Seth's left nipple and gently grazed the very tip with his teeth while stabbing the tip with his tongue. Hearing and seeing Seth's reaction, Monty increased his nipple clamping pressure, nearly causing Seth's ass to jut straight off the board. It didn't take Monty long to figure out that Seth loved his nipples bitten, not too awfully hard, but hard enough, so he worked each nipple, giving each the same amount of quality time.

Wanting Seth to know just how much he adored him, Monty teased his rippling stomach with long, yet slow, loving licks. Monty's left hand had caressed each thigh and was now in between Seth's spread legs, cupping the heavy cum filled balls into the palm of his hand, gingerly rolling them around, lost in the feeling of the smoothness and scorching heat. Seth was fighting back the tremendous urge to just scream, but he bit his lips and did his best to stifle his moans of pure pleasure.

Monty kissed, licked, and nibbled his way down to Seth's right foot where he took his time by devouring each toe, then began working on Seth's left foot. Seth was absolutely besides himself with pleasure as the tongue and oven like mouth worked on his toes to perfection. Monty worked his way up Seth's trembling left leg until the left side of his face was within a fraction of an inch of Seth's monster cock.

Keeping Seth's cum filled balls into his left hand, Monty used his right hand to lift the heavy cock straight up into the air. Pre cum was steadily oozing from the head of Seth's giant cock and the longer Monty looked at the clear fluid, the lower his head was unknowingly edging itself closer. Now, with his lips nearly in contact with Seth's piss slit, Monty darted his tongue out and it came in contact with the bubble of pre cum oozing out of the piss slit. Other than his own, this was Monty's first taste of pre cum, and it was by far better than he had ever anticipated.

Seth's pre cum was thick, slick, and soothingly warm as Monty began swirling his tongue around the piss slit and very tip of Seth's pulsating cock. Seth could feel Monty's tongue sending electrical waves exploding all over his body as it coursed its way all over the head of his cock. Monty released Seth's balls and scooped up a large amount of pre cum dribbling down the enormous shaft. With each scoop of pre cum, Monty practiced stretching his mouth for the nearly impossible task which lies ahead.

Using his index finger, slick with Seth's pre cum, Monty stuck his finger up to his asshole and began slowly trying to shove his own finger up his own ass. Though Monty was lost in the moment, he had enough sense about himself to know if he was to ever feel such a huge cock go up his ass, he had better start doing something now to get himself prepared. While his tongue worked on Seth's cock head, his finger forced its way up his anal canal. Monty moaned as his finger dove in, not only because of his finger, but of the wonderful taste rewarding his mouth from Seth's addicting pre cum.

Monty began digging away at his asshole with his own manipulating little finger while doing his best to stuff the thick mushroom shaped cock head into his overly stretched mouth. As the huge knob filled the interior of his mouth, Monty craved for more of the thick beast, so he gagged and gagged, but was ever so careful as to not use his teeth. Within seconds, Monty had about four inches of the huge beast popping in and out of his mouth in sync with the finger diving in and out of his butt hole.

Seth groaned ever so loud as the hot oven like mouth scorched his aching cock. His loud growls mixed with Monty's slurping sounds sent shivers racing up and down Seth's spine. As Monty pursued his oral assault on Seth's horse like cock, he took the time to drip saliva on his fingers, then inserted two fingers up his ass. There was a dull ache as his asshole was being stretched. Sure, on more than a couple of occasions, Monty had fingered himself, but that had only been done with one finger while he was jacking off. But now, he really had to stretch his virgin hole wide in order to be able to take such a long and thick beast. One way or the other, Monty had already convinced himself, no matter how much pain, he was going to feel Seth's cock up his ass.

As the hot moist mouth bobbed up and down on his confused and throbbing cock, Seth could literally feel his cum boil somewhere deep within his arched and curling toes. He had tons of women who sucked his cock, but none could come close as to the way Monty was making him feel at the present moment. Seth growled in delight as Monty increased his speed, but still, only managed to stuff about four or five inches into his bloated little mouth.

By now, Monty had painfully worked three fingers up his ass. Struggling to suck the massive delicious cock, Monty fought in vain to stretch his fingers outwards, hoping beyond all hopes to stretch his anal canal wider to accommodate Seth's abnormally thick, one eyed monster. Seth loved the way Monty was sucking his cock, but the longer he lay flat on that board, the more his mind envisioned him eating Monty's ass out. Without thinking of the words, Seth's mouth flew open and the words just simply flew out,

"Straddle my face, I uh, I got to eat your ass!"

A slight shock of fear overcame Monty as he realized what Seth wanted to do to him. Not that he didn't want that to happen, but after all, he had been finger fucking himself ever since he began sucking on Seth's cock. Before Monty could react, Seth had basically hoisted him up with his left hand, forcing his right leg to slip over the hulking figure below. As fast as time would allow, Monty yanked his fingers from his asshole, but kept his mouth firmly intact on Seth's pre cum spitting cock. No sooner than his right foot struck the ground, Seth's large hands gripped the inside of his thighs and pulled his spread ass onto his face.

Seth immediately began flattening his tongue out, coursing up and down Monty's butt crack while stabbing at the little pucker hole that was offering his nostrils such an elegant aroma. With Seth's tongue literally drilling at his backdoor, Monty with a mouthful of cock, purred ever so loudly. Now, with his left hand free, Monty began once again playing with the hairless balls, tugging and rolling, while fighting to swallow more of the mammoth cock.

In less than a minute, Seth's tongue slipped past the sealed orifice and began working its way up the fiery hot canal of Monty's mystical ass. Seth was moaning at the top of his lungs, and Monty could feel the vibrations piping through his anal canal, as well as Seth's churning tongue sliding deeper and deeper into his convulsing rectum.

The muscles clamping down on his tongue was a bit confusing for Seth. Not only were the muscles tightening their already tight grip, but it felt like his tongue was caught in a vacuum as well. The more he pushed his tongue up Monty's deliciously tasting ass, the more it seemed that Monty's ass was sucking his tongue deeper and deeper into its fiery hot cavern.

While Seth was busy eating Monty's intoxicating ass and relishing in the best blow-job ever, Monty was still playing with Seth's balls, but he had slipped a finger a bit further down until it was hovering directly over Seth's slightly displayed clean shaven asshole. By the way Seth was bucking his body, Monty figured he must be getting pretty close to shooting his load. Though, up until now, the only cum Monty had ever tasted was his own, he already knew he wanted every drop of Seth's man seed, so he sucked even harder and faster while stabbing relentlessly at the man's fortress bound asshole.

Seth's mind went completely blank as he felt the massive orgasm building, on the verge of near explosion. He was willing his cum to hold off, but having his tongue rifling in and out of Monty's wonderful ass and Monty sucking his cock, was by far, way more than he could stand. He tried to offer a warning of some type, but Monty had timed Seth's orgasm perfectly. Monty had spit on his finger and quickly pressed against Seth's asshole just as Seth felt his cum gathering momentum at the base of his cock. Just as Seth's cum was about to rocket from his cock, Monty slammed his finger all the way up Seth's unaware asshole, causing Seth to almost bounce off the diving board.

With his tongue buried deep into Monty's asshole, and Monty's finger triggering something up his own ass, Seth's cock exploded. He tried to scream, but nothing, not a single moan or a plain grunt would leave his ass filled mouth. Monty felt the first wave of the hot and thick cream splatter in the back of his throat, followed by numerous powerful sperm rockets. Wave after massive wave of man seed exploded from Seth's erupting cock. Monty dug his finger around inside Seth's asshole while feeling the powerful jets of thick seed building up inside his mouth.

The first load that had struck the back of his throat had worked its way down his throat. While focusing on not spilling a single precious drop, Monty realized, right then and there, that he was addicted to Seth's appetizing man cream. He tried to contemplate the taste, but he could only ascertain that it actually didn't have a taste whatsoever. So, without further ado, Monty began gulping down the thick juice as fast as he could while moaning with each thick spurt, which was still firing from Seth's cock like a broken water faucet.

Eventually, and to the absolute reluctance to Monty, Seth's cum stopped erupting, but it continued to ooze out in thick globs. Monty was more than happy to dip his tongue onto the oozing mouth watering delicacy and moan in sheer delight at the mind boggling tasty delight. While all of this was going on, Seth needed something to fill his hands, so he used his right hand to snatch onto Monty's erection and he began pounding the uncut wonder of perfection fast and furiously.

The thick and long monster cock began to deflate inside Monty's mouth and Seth's tongue was aching beyond belief. Monty allowed Seth's cock head to slip from his mouth, and though Seth was still shaking and dazed from his powerful orgasm, his animalistic needs controlled his actions. Pushing Monty's ass up from his face, he pushed Monty's cock directly into his mouth in one stealth move.

By the way Seth was pushing him up and down, Monty picked up on this hint and he began fucking Seth's mouth with ball busting speed. Seth's large hands gripped and spread Monty's humping ass cheeks while feeling Monty's balls collapse against the bridge of his nose with each downward thrust. Using his two index fingers, Seth literally dug at Monty's sealed asshole until just the very tips gained entry. Monty screamed as he felt his asshole expand to accommodate Seth's fingers, but Seth began pushing both fingers ever so slowly up his hungry rectum.

Seth had both fingers up Monty's canal, or at least up to the first knuckle, when Monty cried out and Seth felt several thick spurts of Monty's boiling hot cream strike his upper pallet. Monty's fingers dug into the flesh of Seth's thighs as his cock shot round after round of miracle cream into Seth's cock fucked mouth. With the last of Monty's seed forming a puddle inside his mouth, then and only then did Seth start the favorable task of swallowing Monty's sweetness.

With each gulp, Seth moaned as he glorified the taste with melted chocolate. Seth swallowed and savored until the last tiny bit was safely trickling down his throat. Monty was gasping for air as his mind wandered far away from his convulsing spent body. Seth moaned in absolute delight at the flavor rewarding his every taste gland, thanks entirely to Monty's thick and sweet man juice. Monty had long since stopped pounding his cock into Seth's mouth, but Seth continued to finger fuck Monty's bone crushing tight asshole while locking both eyes on the feast he had so lovingly dined on.

Monty's groans grew louder as Seth's fingers darted deeper and deeper into his wanting anal canal. Seth trapped Monty's deflated cock inside his tongue slashing mouth, relishing in the feel of the smooth and silky flesh. Monty was in disbelief at the feelings conquering his quivering body, but the need to piss soon took over. With all his might, struggling beyond belief, Monty cried out,

"I--I got to ... I got to pee!"

Seth had long ago made up his mind that there was nothing Monty could do or provide that could remotely have a disgusting taste. Never having the desire or thought to actually taste anyone's piss, Seth never gave it a second thought as he spoke with Monty's soft cock lodged safely inside his watering mouth,

"Ummmmmmmmmm, go ahead!"

Monty had never thought of pissing into someone's mouth, but the pressing urge to pee and the words Seth had just mumbled gave him the extra power to forget about everything, but the fingers crawling inside his ass and his overly expanded bladder.

With one slight grunt, Monty felt his piss slit explode open and his bladder erupt his built up piss. Seth felt the first hot splash strike the center of his mouth, followed by a powerful stream of pure hot, more like boiling hot, Monty piss. Seth had just enough brain cells functioning to realize he had to swallow as fast as he could, so he began gulping down the hot fluid as fast as it sprayed heavily into his mouth. Without a doubt, the first few swallows made Seth gag, but he soon got past the salty, slightly bitter taste, and began moaning louder than ever as the hot fluid rushed down his throat.

It felt like an eternity, but Monty's piss slowly diminished to nothing more than a mere trickle or two. Seth used his tongue to slide under the tasty foreskin and slurp whatever remained trapped inside. The mouth sealing his cock and the tongue crawling around his sensitive cock head was a bit too much for Monty to endure, so he hiked up his ass, forcing his shriveled cock out of Seth's slurping mouth. Monty fought to stand, but his legs were too weak and shaking like never before. Unable to actually maintain his balance, Monty turned his body to the point his lips was within a fraction of an inch away from Seth's already puckered lips.

Their lips touched, mouths opened, and their tongues darted inside. Monty got a good taste of his own piss mixed with his own cum and ass remnants once his tongue slithered inside Seth's mouth. The mixture of all three, not to mention just being with Seth, only added to his luxurious deep moans. While they were totally consumed with digging their tongues deep into the other's watery mouth, Seth's hands returned to Monty's smooth ass cheeks and he began finger fucking the tiny tight hole one more time.

With each downward stroke of Seth's long finger, Monty purred like a kitten at the feeling his ass was sending to his spinning brain. When Seth added a second finger to the equation, Monty knew right then and there, that no matter how bad it would hurt, he had to have Seth's huge cock inside of him. Breaking their tight lip locked seal, Monty peered deeply into Seth's eyes and softly whispered,

"I want you to fuck me!"

Seth didn't reply with words, but his quick peck on the lips with his own was all the reply Monty needed.

Neither spoke a single word, but both fought to retain their balance as they tried despairingly to stand upon their own two wobbly legs. Seth reached down and took hold of Monty's left hand with his right hand and the two slowly walked inside Seth's house. Monty was walking just slightly in behind Seth, admiring the man's muscular physique and rippling ass. Every now and then, Monty's eyes would catch Seth's huge somewhat flaccid cock swing ever so powerfully from left to right. He knew that he had asked to be fucked, and he was also smart enough to know he was about to feel more pain than he could have ever possibly imagined, but this was definitely something he so passionately wanted.

Standing next to Seth's large king sized bed, they kissed one more time before Seth had Monty get into a doggy-style position. Monty followed Seth's movements with straining eyes as Seth fumbled through a nightstand. Seth finally located his bottle of slick jack-off lube that he used many, many times while thinking only of Monty. Kneeling directly in behind Monty, Seth flipped the lid up and poured some of the slick fluid onto his right hand. The large headboard had a full length mirror, giving Monty the view of watching Seth as he prepared to apply the lube up his nervous ass.

Seth had already placed a clean towel by his side as Monty felt the first finger slip up his anal canal and begin to twist and turn. Without forethought, his moans bounced off the bedroom walls as the finger delighting his ass danced waves of blissful electricity up his ass and throughout his body. When Seth slipped the second thick finger up Monty's ass, Monty felt his anal walls stretch wide and the deep fire hot burning sensation coursed throughout his rectum, sending memories of what is to be crashing through his mind. In a faint attempt to relieve some of the pain, Monty began gyrating his slender hips as the two fingers worked themselves in and out, and all around, deep inside his anal fortress.

Monty had just got used to his butt being stuffed with Seth's two fingers when Seth applied the third. Monty bellowed loudly as the third finger joined the company of the other two. His hands clutched the bedding while locking his teeth on the front edge of a pillow, grunting and jerking his head as the pain traveled up his body. Seth tried to take his time cause he knew Monty was a virgin and the one thing he didn't want to do was do something stupid to put a bad taste in Monty's mouth so he never would want to do this ever again, or at least, with him.

With the addition of the third finger, Monty was fully aware that his ass had never had anything so large stretching his virgin anal walls, but he was more glad that Seth knew what he was doing by taking his time and adding one finger at a time. Within several minutes, Monty became buck wild and was thrilled having Seth fuck his asshole with three very slippery fingers. His mind was darting in and out of darkness, but the pleasures he was now feeling constantly reminded him of just how bad he wanted to feel Seth's humungous cock burrowing its thick way up his chute.

While Monty was cooing and moaning from his ass offering him so much pleasure, Seth on the other hand was lost in his own little world basking in the pleasures that Monty's mystical ass was providing him with. He watched in awe as his fingers nearly snuck out of Monty's ass as the muscular tight ring sealed itself around his fingers, locking them ever so tightly, preventing them from leaving his anal ecstasy.

In time, Seth applied more lube to his slippery fingers and guided the fourth finger up to Monty's finger filled asshole. With one slight push, Seth's fourth finger joined in on the fun, causing Monty to rapidly pant and constantly grunt. Monty felt like his asshole was being pried apart by a scorching hot poker iron, but he knew that the pain he was experiencing would soon be replaced with the utmost of pleasures. And after some time, the pleasure Monty sought, finally conquered the fiery pain. Now, with four fingers rifling in and out of his ass, Monty began timing Seth's downward thrusts, meeting the fingers that worked his ass with his own backwards thrusts.

Monty never knew his ass could give him so much pleasure and the longer Seth worked his fingers inside him, the more he anticipated having Seth's cock replace those fingers. Seth was just about to remove his fingers when Monty's entire body tensed up and he began crying words that was clearly unknown to the English dictionary. With both hands filled with bedding and a mouthful of pillow, Monty's cock exploded, sending his cream shooting all over the sheet below him. Seth saw the first wave of powerful thick jets shoot from Monty's cock and he quickly dipped the palm of his left hand under the erupting cock and groaned as Monty's hot cum fired into his hand.

As Monty's cock shot its load, Seth increased his anal assault and pounded his fingers in and out of the young Marine's bone crushing ass with blinding speed. Monty's erupting cock ended its spray of cum and Seth never gave it a second thought as he raised his left hand to his face, gazed temporarily at the puddle of thick white sperm, then rather noisily, slurped every last delicious drop until there was nothing left to vacuum up. Seth licked his hand clean and moaned as the five star taste hovered graciously inside the realm of his mouth.

Seth was still aware that Monty's ass, though his four fingers had fucked him into one heck of an explosive orgasm, was still not enough to relieve the pain of his cock pushing its way up inside this young gorgeous Marine's anal canal. Seth applied more lube to his slippery fingers and dove them hard back up Monty's rectum. Monty moaned as the fingers dove deep and hard, then began to twist and turn. Monty's head was spinning from sheer unadulterated passion and he knew exactly what Seth was trying to do to his ass. While Seth's fingers danced away inside Monty's convulsing ass, he had already began the joyful task of stroking his lubed left hand onto his rock hard boner.

Monty was in a pure blissful daze, but his mind kept telling him to beg Seth to fuck him fast and hard. Seth's fingers felt awesome, but Monty wanted to feel Seth's super sized cock stretch his virgin asshole to make a perfect form fit, regardless of just how much pain he would have to endure. With both Marines full of excitement, Monty literally screamed,

"Fuck me, fuck me Seth, fuck my ass, SIRRRRRRRRR!"

Seth was so absorbed in the way Monty's ass was sucking on his fingers, the angelic voice he just heard seemed to have came from miles and miles away. As Seth began pulling his fingers from Monty's mystical ass, Monty was in auto pilot, driving his ass backwards onto the retreating fingers.

Now, with his fingers completely out of Monty's slick ass, Seth forced himself to his knees while looking deeply at his right hand. Other than the lube, his fingers were just as clean as before they invaded Monty's sweet and tasty ass. Monty was still on all fours fighting back the water in his eyes to stare into the mirror and see Seth's hulking frame hover in behind him. Just as Seth had cleaned his hands off with the towel and inched his massive cock up to Monty's already tightly sealed asshole, Monty hoarsely cried out,

"I know it's going to hurt, but please, please just shove it all the way in!"

Seth used his right thumb as a guide, placing it just to the edge of Monty's glistening asshole while grabbing a firm hold on the base of his mighty beefy cock. While Seth was preparing for the invasion, Monty was already preparing himself for the pain he knew was coming. He sunk his teeth hard into the pillow while grabbing more bedding with both hands. Monty could feel the pressure of Seth's warrior like cock head as it pressed hard up against his shivering butt hole.

Monty fought against himself to relax in an attempt to allow Seth's thick cock to easily slip inside, but no matter what he tried, the massive cock kept on slipping up and down his spread crack, but not ever penetrating its retaliating target. Though Seth was frustrated, his cock was harder than a chunk of metal. Seth took a better hold of his throbbing boner, used his right thumb to open Monty's eye appealing pink asshole, then shoved his entire body forwards, forcing his cock to push its way through Monty's sealed fortress.

Monty screamed at the top of his lungs and he thought he was going to pass out from the pure fire scorching burning that was tearing his ass up forever and ever. Seth cried out as the anal muscles convulsed and furiously attacked his invading cock, but Seth shoved his massive meat all the way inside Monty's ass until his low hanging balls slapped harshly against Monty's free swinging nuggets. Monty never would have imagined this much pain in his young life as the amount he was now undertaking. It felt as though his ass was being torn apart from the inside out and then someone lit a stick of dynamite to add to the torturous pain. Without a doubt, Monty could feel every square inch of Seth's monstrous cock lodged deep within his heavy panting stomach.

Seth held himself perfectly still, relishing in the way Monty's once virgin ass felt around his cock. It was though he had shoved his cock into a commercial vacuum cleaner and the power button was stuck on the on position. The pressure and tightness of Monty's ass was nothing he had ever felt to date. Seth slung his head back to get some relief from the pressure crushing his aching erection while Monty was rubbing his face into the bedding, wiping the tears caused from the sheer pain he was now encountering. His asshole was on fire and the scorching heat singed its way throughout his entire shaking body. From absolute darkness to a blinding light, Monty was encountering the most pain he had ever felt in his life, and the pain, the agonizing pain caused by Seth's enormous cock, was pure mind boggling at best.

With each breath, Monty thought his body was going to explode. Somewhere in the back of his mind, he wished he had never told Seth to just shove the whole thing in at once. Monty's breathing was harsh and extremely difficult, leaving his stomach feeling bloated from the huge cock lodged deep within his chest cavity. Monty fought back the urge to scream, but the excruciating pain prevailed leaving his grunting mumbled words of pain shooting heavily into the bedding wedged inside his clamping mouth.

"Semper Fi", shouted Seth as he had to move or he thought his cock would literally be crushed to death. Slowly, ever so slowly, Seth eased his cock from the vacuum like canal until just the very tip of his enlarged cock head popped into view. Monty groaned and moaned as the massive meat slowly vacated his tortured anal canal, only to feel the massive thick meat slowly travel back up his chute until his balls collided with Seth's.

Seth used his thumbs to hook the insides of Monty's crack and he began slowly working his tool in and out of Monty's magical ass. Every so often, when Seth had most of his beef out of Monty's ass, he would apply more lube to his thick shaft, then reinsert his cock all the way home. The task was long and slow, but soon, Monty's ass began arching backwards to greet Seth's slow thrust. His deep crying grunts sounded like moans of pure bliss as Monty was now feeling the fiery pain vacate his body and his anal canal relented to the chunk of prime beef searing in and out of his butt.

The bedding fell out of Monty's mouth as he arched his head as high as he could get it, then used both hands to grab the wood rail of the headboard, looked into the mirror at the hunk of man wearing his ass out, and screamed,

"Semper Fi, fuck me, fuck me like you've never fucked before! God, yessssssssssssssssssssssssssssss, fuck meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!"

Monty was slamming his ass backwards as hard as he could while doing his best to clamp down with his ass muscles on the piece of steel now pounding his ass.

Seth grabbed the sides of Monty's smooth hips and began driving Monty backwards while he was pile driving his cock with all his might. Seth's balls smacked up against Monty's nuts with each tremendous thrust, and the sound of flesh striking flesh bounced off the walls. Both men were moaning at the top of their lungs as Monty drove his taunted ass harder and harder onto Seth's rifling cock while clinching his anal muscles as tight as he possibly could. Seth felt every convulsion of Monty's anal muscles as he fucked Monty's ass like he had never fucked before. Seth was beyond any self control as his only thought was simply the feeling of his cock being sucked in with his every wild and rapid thrust.

With each and every long and deep anal dive of Seth's long and thick cock, Monty felt the huge beast as it passed through his anal canal and stabbed somewhere hard inside his heaving stomach. His mind seemed to have slipped from his body as the pleasure coursed throughout his body in total pleasure knowing that Seth's enormous cock was stuffing his ass beyond any of his wildest dreams. Monty knew he was using his hands to shove his ass onto Seth's impaling monster, but the feeling of him getting ready to shoot another load was getting ever so present and it felt as though it was traveling from somewhere deep within his curling toes.

Seth was now dripping with sweat, and though he never missed a rapid stride, for whatever the reason, he wasn't even close to unleashing his load, or at least, not just yet. Seth marveled at the feeling of Monty's ass, crushing and sucking on his cock, and somehow, he managed to increase his ass busting pace and was now thrashing his cock in and out of Monty's fiery hot ass with the blinding speed similar to the wings of a feeding hummingbird.

When Monty felt the cock blazing away at his ass, that was all his sperm needed to fire like rockets from his throbbing hard cock. Monty's eyes saw complete darkness as his cock jerked and twitched and fired round after round of his sperm onto the bedding below. Between the feeling of sperm exploding from his cock and the pleasures Seth's massive cock was giving his ass, Monty could do nothing but cry out with muffled words of pure bliss. On the top side of things, Seth was completely unaware that Monty was spilling his load, cause if he had known that was the case, he would surely have cupped his hand under Monty's cock and captured ever last precious, delicious drop. All Seth knew at that time was that Monty's anal muscles coiled around his thrusting cock with the pressure of a python.

Seth reached up with both hands and locked onto each of Monty's shoulders and began using his shoulders to drive Monty backwards while his cock rammed powerfully forwards. Though Monty had long stopped spewing his creamy cum, his body was still convulsing as if he was locked onto a constant orgasm. Monty was too weak to hold onto the wooden railing so he let both arms drift slowly to the bedding, resting the left side of his face onto one of the pillows. Now, most of his chest was laying on the bedding and all Monty could do was stay in this position and let Seth have his way with his more than willing ass.

As Seth continued his relentless attack on his ass, Monty soon felt as though he was soon going to faint. His body still shook fiercely as if he was still undergoing the most intense, as well as longest, orgasm he had ever experienced. Seth wanted to fuck his seed deep into Monty's ass, but Monty on the other hand, wanted to stay in this position for the rest of his life. The cock that had once given him more pain than he ever thought possible, was now giving him pleasure he never knew existed.

Keeping his cock deep within the boiling hot bowels of Monty's ass, Seth used his mighty strength to roll Monty onto his back. As if his hands had a mind of their own, Seth pushed Monty's quivering legs high up into the air, then forced Monty's knees to go beyond his ears and impale the mattress above either ear. Now, Seth could look straight into the beauty of Monty's twisting and contorting face as he slammed his aching meat into Monty's convulsing love hole.

Monty could barely focus on Seth's gorgeous face since his eyes were so watery, but once he felt the first long thrust, he knew that Seth's cock just had traveled farther than ever before. It almost felt as though Seth's cock tore through his anal canal, slipped passed his stomach lining and chest core and was now poking at the back of his throat with every single blazing thrust. The hard cock wedged between Seth and Monty felt awesome as Seth could feel it come alive with jerks and twitches as he drove his own wild meat furiously in and out of Monty's hungry ass.

With each powerful thrust of his hard cock, Seth felt the hot air blow from Monty's wide open mouth, shooting up both of his inhaling nostrils. Seth moaned as he smelled Monty's delicious hot breath which only forced him to fuck the young Marine's ass that much harder and faster. Monty wanted to shove his ass upwards to greet Seth's cock, but the hulking beauty pinning him down prevented him from moving. Monty's right hand found itself locking the back of Seth's sweaty neck while his left hand slid along Seth's muscular and sweaty back.

While pounding his cock into Monty's ass, Seth peered into the face of Monty, breathing in heavily at the younger Marine's total beauty. To say Monty was gorgeous would be too easy, so Seth silently agreed that Monty was genuinely a creation from absolute perfection. The longer he gazed into Monty's gorgeous and perfect face, the harder he crammed Monty's asshole with his rock hard piece of meat.

Like being caught in the vice of a powerful magnet, Seth's head lowered until his lips completely sealed themselves around Monty's trembling lips. Now, instinct took over as their tongues slithered into the others mouth, wildly frolicking about while Seth continued his animalistic assault on Monty's cock filled ass.

Seth simply couldn't get enough of Monty and the more saliva he dug out of Monty's mouth and tasted, the more he cravingly wanted. Seth wasn't the only one who loved the others fresh saliva. Just like Seth, Monty craved all he could get from Seth. With their mouths locked onto the other and their tongues completely out of control in the others mouth, Monty's cock suddenly exploded, spewing his boiling hot sticky cream between both of their stomachs. Seth felt the hot liquid shoot out and before he had time to react, his own cock shocked him into the most intense orgasm of his life.

When the first sperm bullet fired from his cock, Seth felt like his piss slit had just been ripped open, giving way for the largest ball of sperm he had ever felt. Monty cried heavily into Seth's mouth as his cock was shooting yet another frantic load as well as he felt the large sperm cells shoot deeper than Seth's cock had ever ventured. Seth grunted into Monty's mouth as his cock shot round after round of sperm torpedoes, causing his entire body to freeze up, locking him into a steady convulsing stream of steady orgasmic waves. Monty felt the first three or four sperm missiles travel deep into his bowels, but after that, he could only feel his stomach being bloated as if he just eaten way too much.

Seth slowly forced himself to pump his shooting seed while enjoying the fresh cum sliding between their two stomachs. In the eyes of Seth, he thought he was going to drop from sheer exhaustion as the last wave of his orgasm hovered over his sweaty body. Shoving his meat as hard as he possibly could deep within Monty's sperm coated bowels, Seth blindly held it there, fighting desperately to allow air into his lungs via his nose.

Monty was just as exhausted, but feeling Seth's cock lodged deep within him, he managed to coax his anal muscles into action. While their tongues slowed to a mere slithereing in the others mouth, Monty clinched his ass muscles as hard as he could with every rapid breath. Each time he did, Monty felt the vibrations shiver down his throat as Seth grunted and groaned. Seth's mind went wild as his cock felt like it was being miraculous milked by trillions of tiny hands. Monty loved the feeling of his ass muscles clamping down on the thick chunk of meat inside his ass, so he increased his rhythm while fighting madly to use every ounce of strength he could possibly muster.

Seth couldn't move as the waves of pleasure shot through his body like a cannon. Seth knew he was spent but the feeling of Monty's ass muscles slowly milking his still hard cock forced him to remain perfectly still and let Monty do with him as he so desired. Seth knew there was no way he could shoot another load, or at least that was what he thought, but Monty had other ideas.

As the anal muscles gripped and stroked his cock, Seth felt so weak that he thought he would soon fall asleep. But, just as his eyes lids closed, his balls tightened, and his body began shaking as if he had been caught in an earthquake. His cock expanded and then more thick sperm missiles tore from his cock. Monty knew Seth was shooting, so he clamped even harder with his ass muscles and began doing his best to hump his cock filled ass onto Seth's erupting cock. Seth was truly seeing stars as the sperm shooting explosion caught him off guard, sending his already reeling mind into orbit.

Monty locked his lips around Seth's tongue and began sucking ever so hard while looking straight into Seth's clearly bewildered eyes. Monty used his hands to hold tighthly onto Seth while Seth shivered and shook from his orgasm. When Seth's body finally stopped shaking, both Seth and Monty felt Seth's once rock hard cock slowly begin to deflate. With no more energy from either Seth or Monty, Seth rolled to his right, forcing his deflated cock to slip out of Monty's sperm dripping ass.

Seth lay his head on the pillow, looking up at the ceiling, but only seeing stars while Monty dropped both legs heavily onto the bed, stretching them out for the first time since all this began. Both were panting and grunting as they lay perfectly still. Monty's stomach looked as though he had swallowed a watermelon as it rose slightly puffy from all the miracle cream Seth had deposited.

Monty wanted, more like needed, to go to the bathroom and sit on the toilet for a while, but his still shaking legs were so weak that they wouldn't even move. He lay there willing his legs to cooperate, but his legs absolutely refused. The pressure building inside his bowels increased to a frustrated urge of near explosion. As he lay there, Monty thought if he moved a single muscle, his ass would explode Seth's cum everywhere, but if he soon didn't do something, he would explode anyways.

Seth finally regained enough energy that his eyes could now look upon whatever he wanted to look at. Seth rolled onto his right side and looked at Monty's grimacing face. Seeing something on Monty's face that was out of the unordinary, Seth whisperingly asked,

"Monty, what's wrong?"

Feeling slightly embarrassed, Monty graciously replied,

"Your cum! My legs wont work and I really, really got to go or I am going to shit your cum out everywhere!"

Seth had not yet regained his full strength, but feeling something nasty, yet exciting, overcame his clear thought. Seth slid his muscular frame down until he worked himself between Monty's quivering legs. Seth was on his back and used what little strength he could muster to lift Monty up. Monty reached behind him and grabbed the headboard as Seth forced his body upwards to slide directly underneath Monty's ass. Monty strained to slip his feet into a firm position and he was now squatting directly over Seth's face. Monty's asshole was puckering like crazy trying in vain to hold Seth's cum inside and Seth could clearly see the actions of Monty's already sealed hole.

Monty bit his lips and cried out,

"No, no Seth, I really got to goooooooooooooooooo!"

It was too late, Seth had already pride his tongue into Monty's asshole, forcing Monty to relinquish all control. Seth had his mouth open and his tongue just barely inside Monty's anal canal when the massive cum based explosion shot directly into his expecting mouth. It was his own cum and now he was feeding himself with it after it had just been deposited inside Monty's ass. This only excited Seth that much more! His sperm mixed with Monty's delicious anal juice forced Seth to groan at the top of his lungs. Monty, on the other hand, couldn't believe he was shitting Seth's cum out of his asshole, and better yet, he was shitting it out directly into Seth's mouth.

Seth not only loved the fact that he was doing something considered to be so nasty, but he absolutely loved the way Monty's tight little ass cheeks clung feverishly onto the sides of his face. Seth slurrped and sucked until there was nothing left except the flesh on Monty's five star delicious ass. Naturally, Monty felt a whole lot better relieving himself from such a thick and heavy load. Without thinking of what he had just done, Monty slid off of Seth and lay directly on Seth, then shoved his tongue deep within Seth's mouth. It didn't take long for Monty to realize the taste overwhelming his taste buds was Seth's cum, the lube, and his own ass juices. Instead of disliking the taste, Monty joined in on Seth's groans and the two lay there kissing ever so wildly.

Just before sleep overtook them, their kiss broke, and Monty, with his lips just inches from Seth's, smiled, then stated,

"Seth, I can't thank you enough for tonight. You made my every dream come true, and without sounding like some pussy, I honestly don't ever want it to end!"

Seth was already smiling as his hands rubbed up and down Monty's back and sides as he softly replied,

"I don't want it to end either! This may sound a bit awkward, but Monty, I honestly, more than life itself, love you!"

Monty kissed Seth on the lips ever so lightly, then whispered,

"You are my life and you already have my love! Semper Fi!"

"Semper Fi", flowed out of Seth's mouth.