This story contain no graphic scenes of sex
This story contain no graphic scenes of sex


TUM   BIN...
[ Without You... ]

Part Eight

Neeladri blinked his eyes open and felt the warmth against him... instantly recollecting the previous night, turning his head to look at Aahan.

He was sleeping... on his stomach, the sheets thrown off... gloriously naked. His face, so calm and content, turned towards Neeladri... the chiselled features sharp, yet sensuously delicate, framed by the slightly longish mane, dishevelled in slumber... those succulent lips, slightly parted, moist.

God, he looked so ravishing!

Neeladri slowly rose on his elbow, watching the sleeping man... his eyes adoring... catching his breath as he saw Aahan in the brilliant glow of the morning light... fulgurant.

His eyes travelled along the gentle sweep of the masculine contour - from broad shoulders rising and falling with the gentle breathing... down the slender length of the torso, to the slim waist... seeing the powerful muscles forge stunning ridges and swerves... the pair of pronounced dimple at the base, before sensuously sweeping up to form those perfect twin mounds - so firm... so full... so incredibly beautiful!

Neeladri reached out... gently caressing the shoulder... lowering his face to kiss the bare arm... his fingers fluttering lower, over the silky softness... reaching for those magnificent globes, fondling...

He heard Aahan let out a soft moan and pulled back, looking down at his face... his hand still patting the naked butt.

Aahan blinked his eyes open... dreamy... and then slowly looked up at Neeladri... the gaze uncertain... giving a faint smile before suddenly freezing.

Even before Neeladri realised what was happening, Aahan scrambled off the bed, desperately searching for his discarded pajamas... finding and pulling them on... And was out of the room in an instant!

Neeladri lay on the bed, staring at the closed door, bewildered. Utterly confused, as he wondered what he had done to scare Aahan away...

Aahan sat very quiet at the breakfast table, silently eating...

He had remained in his room and had to be called for breakfast when he failed to come down as usual; and as Ahmed cleared the table he finally looked up, "I... uh," he hesitated, looking at Neeladri for a brief moment before lowering his eyes, "I'm sorry about last night... um, I shouldn't hav..."

"I'm not..." Neeladri interrupted even before Aahan could finish. "I'm not sorry about last night."

Aahan looked up once more, his eyes searching Neeladri's face... the look amazingly innocent, devastatingly desirable.

"But if you don't want it to happen again, it won't," Neeladri continued looking into his eyes, "don't worry."

"Ah..." Neeladri hesitated for a moment, "um, I was thinking of taking Aahan to Pune next weekend," he finally said, looking at the two doctors.

He had spent the whole morning thinking about the previous night's incident... trying to make sense of Aahan's reaction that morning, and what he had said at the breakfast table... still puzzled.

Yes, he desired the man... had desired him ever since that first day, at the hospital... but it wasn't mere lust.

He was in love, insanely in love with Aahan, just like Radhika and his mother had pointed out. But he had never, ever dreamt of 'imposing' himself on Aahan... couldn't imagine 'forcing' himself on someone who was unable to decide - accept or reject - consciously. He had been content with Aahan's company, happy to care for him... genuinely concerned

But once it had happened, last night, he was desperate for Aahan... wanting him... unmindful of the consequences, or the implications. Oblivious of whether the man was straight or even married!

Aahan's reaction that morning, what he said at the breakfast table, though baffling, had shattered that intoxicating joy he had felt...

If Aahan didn't want it to happen, there was no question of it happening, ever again!

He had brought Aahan home to care for him... and that wasn't a lie, or a deceitful facade for his desire. Yet he had allowed himself to be swayed by passion... had succumbed to the temptation. He had failed once, and he couldn't trust himself again...

So, the best thing to do was try and help Aahan get back his memory, as soon as possible.

True, there wasn't really much that the doctors could do, but still, there was no harm in trying... and thus was born his sudden plan!

"Pune?" Dr. Reddy asked, the eyes questioning.

"Yes," Neeladri nodded, "he keeps talking about trekking..." he paused for a moment collecting his thoughts, before continuing, "Sir, while in Lansdowne we would go out trailing and hiking, and he would constantly talk about rock-climbing and camping. I noticed that he's very skilful, and when he talks, it's so obvious that he's also knowledgeable ..."

"So?" Dr. Ramchandra asked, leaning forward.

"So I was thinking of taking him for a visit to Pune, since the place and the surrounding districts are a favourite haunt with trekkers and rock climbers..."

"But so are areas in Kerala and around Bangalore," Dr. Ramchandra said, "and then, there's the northern and eastern Himalayas!"

"Yes, sir, but Pune is the easiest and most convenient from here," he replied, "we can go and see the place in a short weekend. If we want to go further north, or to the south, then a weekend isn't enough, and I know that I can't leave the hospital for that long."

"That's a very nice thought," smiled Dr. Ramchandra, "but how will this weekend visit help?"

"I don't know," Neeladri confessed, "but I'm hoping that seeing the hills, being on the trails once more might trigger something..."

"And Pune is also an IT hub..." Dr. Reddy observed.

"Yes," Neeladri nodded, "maybe the two things together might just..." he shrugged.

"Are you trying to tell us that this man, Aahan as you call him," Dr. Ramchandra interrupted, "is a software professional, and he's also a keen trekker... maybe even a mountaineer, and since Pune has a thriving IT industry, and has numerous trek routes around it, he must belong there, huh?"

"No, I'm not saying that he 'must' belong there," Neeladri replied, "I'm just hoping that..." trailing off with a shrug.

"Hmm," Dr. Reddy nodded his head, "there is some merit in your idea, but do you really want to try it out?"

Neeladri nodded.

"What's your plan?" Dr. Reddy.

"Sir, 9th of November is Diwali, and it's a day off for me. Being a Friday, if I just take Saturday off, we will get three days..." he said, sitting up.

"And will he remember your efforts when he recovers?" the doctor asked.

Neeladri shrugged, "Probably not, but I'll be happy to have helped him recover, happy to give him back his past!"

"The delight of professional achievement, eh?" Dr. Reddy smiled, "Well, a very unorthodox way of going about things!"

"A very unconventional method indeed," added Dr. Ramchandra, looking at Neeladri, "So, you want Saturday off, huh?"

Neeladri nodded.

"Fine," Dr. Reddy finally said, "best of luck!"

Neeladri went up to his room after dinner, and as he walked out of the bathroom, pulling on his pajamas, he heard the knock on his bedroom door.

"Yes?" he called.

There was no answer.

"Come in," he called once more.

Still no response.

Neeladri walked over and opened the door...

Aahan stood there, silent.

"Aahan, is something wrong?" he asked, concerned, "Come in..."

Aahan walked in, very quiet, eyes lowered.

"What happened?" Neeladri asked, taking his hand and leading him to the chair, sitting him down.

Aahan finally looked up, into his eyes, "I... I'm sorry..." he mumbled, barely audible.

Neeladri gave him a smile, "It's okay Aahan, you don't need to feel bad or sorry about anything; and as I promised, you neither need to worry..."

"But..." Aahan interrupted, "but, I want you..."

Neeladri stood, stunned into silence... horribly tempted... resisting with all his might...

God, he wanted to wrap his arms around that man and kiss him... throw him down on the bed and...

Aahan rose, slowly, his hands taking Neeladri's... his mouth savage as he sought the doctor's... both men gasping... bodies pressed together...

Anxious hands crawling and groping as they petted and caressed... The fingers seeking out fresh areas to explore... creeping beyond the waistband, reaching in, fierce as they kneaded the tingling flesh...

Both men groaning with arousal as they stumbled towards the bed... Tripping and fumbling as they tugged off the pajamas, stripping each other naked... eager digits wrapping around the swollen, flexing appendage... stroking and fondling.

It was as deliriously passionate as the previous night, equally torrid... but the animal ferocity was lacking. There was no rush that night... no desperation in the union; just the languorous intimacy of concupiscence...

Both men making slow and gentle love, unhurried... experimental... unending...

It was simply amazing!

to be continued...            

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