Vegas Room Service (Part One)

Shaking with nerves, I knocked on the hotel room door.

And waited.

After what seemed like 3 hours, he opened the door. I realized it had been mere seconds. And that he was every bit as cute as he had been online.

"Daniel" He said, "Come in, it's nice to finally meet in person." He beckoned me into the room. The hotel room was the size of my apartment, a massive king sized bed dominated the space. Through the floor-to-ceiling windows I could see an amazing view of the Bellagio fountains. One other thing caught my eye - you could clearly see right into the shower from the bed, there was just a large glass window set into the bathroom wall.

"Would you like a glass of water? Something stronger?" He did a flourish as he demonstrated the well stocked mini-bar.

"How about a kiss?" Ever the romantic, I figured I should start the evening off the way I hoped it would go.

James is taller than I am, so he had to lean down just a little for our lips to touch. His hand brushed my face just as our lips met, and I could feel my scared-to-death nerves dissipate, and in their place, I felt this warm tug of attraction toward him.

This wasn't just a peck on the cheek kiss, it was a "how do you kiss?" kind of kiss. Initially our mouths were closed, but I tentatively opened my mouth a little, sliding my tongue towards him, and he responded by opening his mouth and letting me in just a little. My hands stroked at his back as I hugged him, his hand that wasn't still caressing my face slid down my side, gently moving from my shoulder to my waist.

"Wow." I said, as we came up for air a couple of minutes later. He was smiling like a Cheshire Cat. "You kiss good." I complimented. "Also, this is a really awesome room."

"Yeah, the window from the room into the shower stall is a little strange," again with the Cheshire Cat grin, "But I'm sure it could come in useful for something."

I think both of us now imagined the other in the shower, doing some kind of pornographic show for the benefit of whoever was sitting on the bed. I relaxed a little more, he seemed to not be a monster, could kiss nicely, and made good jokes.

"Are you hungry? We can send out for room service if you like." He was genuinely trying to be accomodating, but I decided to cut him short.

"Yes, I'm hungry to finally see you naked." There, I'd said it. Terrible pun, but also the truth. "I don't want to rush you into anything, but I'm really anxious to undress you."

He smiled that smile again and stepped back from me a little. "OK. Go ahead." He said, holding his arms out like he was mine for the taking.

And he was now mine for the taking.

With my eyes closed, I kissed him carefully on his cheek while my fingers found the top button of his shirt. I could feel the roughness of his beard against the smooth skin of my face. I could smell his amazing man-smell, not cologne, just pure man-smell. We kissed as I worked my way down the buttons on his shirt.

After I had undone all the buttons, my fingers went in search of his nipples through his undershirt. I carefully and slowly rubbed first his right nipple, then his left nipple. I made sure that they were good and hard, and ready for my tongue and teeth to play with them. Then I pushed his unbuttoned shirt off his body.

Our kissing had grown more and more intense, tongues battling for dominance in each other's mouths and his hands roamed all over my back as he held me against him. I continued undressing him, untucking the undershirt from his jeans. After a short while, I broke off our kissing, I needed to give him a command.

"Put your arms straight up above your head." I said, and he did as he was told. I grabbed the bottom edges of his undershirt and pulled up, rolling the shirt over and off his torso, all the way up to his outstretched hands.

With one hand I moved the now upside-down neckline to reveal his mouth and nose, then with my other hand, I held him blindfolded with his shirt, and with both arms above his head, a little off balance.

Then I licked and bit down on his left nipple.

He moaned. I nibbled a little more before moving back to kissing him on the lips, still holding his arms above his head. After a couple more moments, I helped him pull the undershirt all the way off of his head and we kissed again.

My hands moved to his waist. I slowly undid the button on his jeans, and pulled down his zipper. I couldn't decide whether to slip my hands into his pants to stroke his dick, or if I should just drop his pants on the floor, then stroke. Our lips disengaged, I decided I wanted to watch his face as I touched his package.

I slid my right hand across his tummy, down into his jeans. He gave me a look of apprehension, then joy as my hand found his hard dick struggling to get out of his underwear.

I moved my hand deeper into his underwear, loosening the jeans around his waist as I dove for the base of his dick. I then used one finger to trace from the base of his shaft all the way to the sticky tip. Apparently he's a gusher. I pulled my hand out to lick the pre-cum off my own fingers.

"That's super hot," I said, "I appreciate a man who makes his own lubrication."

He smiled, but looked sad, like I had teased him.

"No, I'm not kidding!" I protested, "We could have hours of fun just playing with your pre-cum. Trust me, it will be super hot."

He smiled again, and this time he appeared to mean it. I moved on by pushing his jeans to the floor, I needed to make sure he had followed the plan, and was wearing the underwear we had discussed online.

"Spin around." I instructed, he met my eyes directly as he started to rotate through 360 degrees in front of me.

"I don't know if these are the right color," he said as his face turned away from me, "but I think they're the style you were looking for."

"You can stop right there." I commanded, with him facing away from me. I knelt down behind him, carefully spreading his ass cheeks and reaching my tongue towards his very willing hole. He let out a loud moan as I used my fingers to spread his hole wider, then pushed against his sphincter with my tongue. He then quickly relaxed and allowed my tongue to slowly penetrate him. After a couple of seconds of eating out his ass, I stopped and stood up.

"I have always wondered," Standing right behind him, I whispered in his ear, "How easy it would be to rim a guy in these cute little Timoteo brief/jock things. I'm happy to say it works well."

"Yes," he agreed, "I'm happy to say it works well, too. Would you maybe want me to lean on something for stability while you continue?"

While this wasn't part of the plan, there was no reason not to indulge his eager hole.

"Yes." I said. "Move over to the window and put your palms against it. Get your legs nice and open." He did as he was told without hesitation.

I knelt down behind him and carefully licked around his hole. Deliberately not penetrating him, but making him nice and wet. I started to rub my wet fingers against him, then I started to work my tongue into his hole, using my fingers to keep him open. He moaned and sighed as I worked my fingers deeper. Then I slowly pulled myself out of him and finished his ass off with a good healthy licking.

I wanted to make sure not to overwork him at this point in the evening, and without proper lubrication.

Just at that moment, the Bellagio fountains started to do their dance 22 floors down. What a view I had - of such a hot guy. Maybe his dick would look like the fountain later...

"You can stand up now," I said, and I stood up and lightly slapped one of his cheeks. "I want to see how wet your underwear are from that gusher dick of yours." He stood, and turned to face me. Sure enough, they were wet and sticky. "Like I said, super fucking hot."

"Maybe you should put them on?" He suggested.

"I figured I'd wear them all day tomorrow while we're at the business meeting. But there's no reason not to try them now. Fresh pre-cum is pretty awesome to feel on my dick." I smiled.

I dropped my pants for him to discover that I was not wearing any underwear.

"Um, wow!" He said. "I was not expecting that."

"I figured you'd supply me with whatever underwear I needed to wear, and if I didn't need to, I wouldn't wear any" I smiled.

"No! Your un-circumcized dick. You didn't say anything about that. I totally wasn't expecting it. We're going to have to spend a long time while I check that out." He licked his lips. "How does it even work?"

"Just like yours, but with a built in cover, I guess." This was not news to me, most cut guys have no idea how my dick could possibly work. It's fun demonstrating.

"You can play with it later," I said, "Now I get to see yours." And I carefully rolled his underwear down off of his body.

His dick popped right up and out. As I was already bent down pulling down the jock, there was nothing I could do but lick the clear fluid slowly pumping out of his big purple head. Then I slowly took the whole head of his cock in my mouth. My tongue spinning around, licking the base, the piss slit, around the head... I took a breath and inhaled him as far as he could go. Then I swallowed, tightening my mouth and throat around his monster dick.

Then, because I had other plans, a slowly slipped his cock out of my mouth and grabbed his damp underwear from the floor, and slid them on. I tucked my dick in nicely and oriented it to where the wettest spot was.

"They fit good." I said, with a smile. I pulled off the t-shirt I was wearing.

He was now naked, and I was wearing his jock-like underwear.

Not a bad start to the evening.

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