CAMP DANDY: FRENCHIE & JAY            ovdoc

Part I Before Camp Opens

I’ll have to start this one by explaining how a marine medic wound up at a scout camp to begin with. Keep in mind this story took place many years ago. I was in my early twenties and in pretty good shape. I also was dating although I had had bisexual affairs. I wasn’t sure of myself, but was satisfied with my age group, and legal teens.

 It was no surprise to any one at the hospital where I had been transferred to that I liked to drink and party.

Nor were they surprised one night when I was returned to the  hospital by two unpleasant military escorts who claimed I was drinking. Well, O K, they said I was drunk. In fact, they insisted. It had not been the first time. ... or the second.


Next morning, I was escorted again. This time to see the hospital administrator who didn’t care that it hurt my head when he yelled at me. To make a long, loud story short, he offered me a chance to redeem myself. I could accept temporary duty at a scout training camp as the camp medic and he would not record my conduct if I did a good job, and he would note that I had volunteered. On the other hand, we could discuss my confinement to the hospital grounds for punishment duties for months to come. (He smiled and raised his voice considerably as he explained that last part.)


I quickly agreed to volunteer.


A day later, I drove way out in the country to a camp miles from the nearest bar or lounge. I quickly found out there were a few things I was not told. I handed my orders over to a Navy Commander who was running the camp. The smile on his face told me he knew my background. He then showed me to my room at the camp Health Lodge. As he expressed his pleasure that I had volunteered for such tough duty, he mentioned that drinking at the camp was forbidden, and that I would answer to him.


 The lodge was really well located. It set on a slope leading to a small lake. A large picture window gave me a beautiful view of the lake. There was also a large raised porch across the front with lounge chairs looking over the white sandy swimming area. I could get used to this for a week or two. The Commander looked a little surprised that

I thought I would leave so soon, and quickly explained I would be there for eight weeks. I should just call him Dennis at camp.


With that bit of news, we went to the dining hall. There, he informed the cook I was the camp medic, and would probably need lots of coffee.


We had lunch. I was introduced to the camp staff. I was also given the camp outfit, which was a pair of khaki scout shorts and a Camp Dandy tee shirt. My Marine uniform was popular, but very formal. I was glad I coild wear the shorts and tee. Additional clothes were to be issued to me from the camp store, which was the coolest place in camp. (There were no air conditioners in camp then.) The camp store was popular. It sold cold drinks and ice cream. Dennis whispered that soda was the closest thing in camp to beer.


I retired to the health lodge to think about what I had done to myself. College kids ran a staff of some twenty high school boys. Other than Dennis, I was the oldest guy on the camp staff. My chances of a fun sex-filled summer were not looking great. It was Friday. Camp would open on Sunday. The lodge needed cleaning. No help available. I had lots to do in a short time. Things couldn’t get much worse.


Or could they?


Dennis drove up before I could even change into some work clothes. He had received a surprise call from a parent. They were leaving early on their vacation toEurope. Their son and his best friend were supposed to spend two weeks at camp. The boys were on their way. Could the camp arrange to have somone meet them at an airport not far away? They would arrive in his private plane. I could use the camp jeep. I should leave right away. Just look for boys named Frenchie and Jay.


I arrived at the airport, which turned out to be a small private one with a couple of small runways. A dozen small planes were parked scrambled around the field. No boys in sight. As I checked around to find someone in charge, I spot a large plane circling the field. Bigger than anything there. To my surprise, it had no trouble landing. I drove alongside as the door opened. A pilot waved as two boys scampered down the steps looking confused. There was a Marine standing next to the camp jeep frowning at them.


You our driver? A slender blond haired lad quipped. I am Jay. Could you get our luggage?


I don’t do luggage, I scowled. Get it so I can get back to camp.


Jay paused, then looked at his friend Frenchie who smiled, then quickly headed back to the steps where the pilot had set several backpacks. Jay followed. They threw the luggage in the back of the jeep, and climbed in silently.


I am Doc, the camp medic. Welcome to Camp Dandy! I blurted out and offered to shake hands. Both responded. My handclasp left both of them pulling their hand away quickly in pain. Both seemed to expect that from a Marine, and smiled. As we headed back to camp, I found out that Jay’s dad was CEO of an airline. Frenchie’s dad was a navy chief. They were excited about going to summer camp.


Both boys looked to be about fourteen. Both were about average for their age, Both wore shorts and tee shirts. Frenchie explained he was called Frenchie because he had a French name. He had a slightly bigger build than Jay. He also had darker brown hair, and came on as friendlier. Jay seemed more particular about people. Both struck me as cute, but not so much as sexy, maybe because I saw the older teens as better sex objects.


I delivered the boys to the office, and to Dennis. He wasn’t sure what he should do with them for the next two days, and asked if I could use them at the health lodge. They agreed to help me get set up if they could stay with me. I was kind of surprised at the offer, and agreed. We unloaded their gear and I changed into the camp gear. The boys watched as I changed, but tried not to stare. They were just curious. They gave me a tour of the camp. We got to know each other better. It was clear to me that the boys knew each other well.


Dinner was very informal since the staff had worked hard to get the camp ready to open on Sunday. More than a hundred boys would arrive to fill the camp tents. The staff would put on a show and would teach different scout skills. There was a T-shaped dock at the swimming area, Which included rowing and canoeing. Dennis announced there would be a swim after dinner. Ben, the lifeguard asked everyone to come. He looked like the stereotype lifeguard, with muscles from head to foot.


I still didn’t feel like I was really a part of the staff, so I wasn’t planning to join in the swim that night. Frenchie and Jay wasted no time stripping down to their tighty whities. They were off to the dock. I laid back on a lounge chair to watch from the porch. Lots of noise told me they were having fun. Some appeared to be skinny-dipping. Others were being tossed off the dock naked. It was a ritual. New members of the staff were stripped and thrown in the lake.


Suddenly, there was a problem. A boy was drowning. He appeared to be thrashing about in the water pretty far out in the lake. Several guys dove in to fetch him out. Jay was yelling for me to come quick. I ran for my first aid kit, then for the dock. Boys scampered out of my way. I was on the end of the dock waiting when the drowning boy seemed to suddenly stop thrashing, and strated laughing. Ben stood next to me and lifted me bodily in the air. I was literally flying through the air as I realized I had been tricked. New guys get thrown in the lake. That included me. As I splashed into the water, Mike, rhe drowning victum got into a splash contest with me. We wrestled around laughing. Then the two of us were helped back onto the dock by Ben. Half a dozen naked swimmers laughed as I removed my clothes to join the swim.


As it turned dark, it got cooler. Frenchie, Jay, and I headed back to the health lodge with a few others. On the porch, we dried off. Most remained nude as we sat on the steps or laid back on the loungers. It seemed natural. Some slipped on shorts and headed to their staff area. Frankie and I decided to shower to get rid of the sand. Jay hung back.


For the fitst time, I looked over Frankie. He had a light brown patch of fuzz over his slender four inch shaft and a ball sac that appeared to be still growing and dropping. No hair on it. He blushed knowing I was looking him over. That did not stop him from checking me out as well. We shared the single shower head. Jay stepped in as I stepped out. He was also looking, and was not quite as big as Frenchie. Both of them were starting to show erections as I quietly grabbed my towel and walked away. When I reached the three beds in the treatment room, I could hear Frenchie moaning. Jay was doing something he liked. I knew I shouldn’t care, but I did. That bothered me. I was getting erect over two boys. They were too young. Just cute kids.


I had slipped on some boxer shorts and laid back on my bed when the boys came out wearing their briefs. We chatted about nothing for a long time. Finally, I turned off the overhead lights, leaving on the night light. I laid back down on my back, trying to think of something to get rid of my stiff. Nothing worked. The seven inch shaft was sticking straight up through the opening in my boxers. To jerk off would be too obvious. The boys would know. I closed my eyes in a cold sweat thinking they couldn’t see anything. My hand slowly consoled my shaft.


I think I was just dozing off when I felt someone pull my hand away gently. I thought I was just dreaming. Someone was softly feeling me up. They felt the length, then they felt the size of my balls. Something warm and wet was licking the head of my dick. I wasn’t about to move. My dick was now doing all the thinkinking. Someone was soon bobbing up and down about half the length of my shaft. I ran my hand through his hair. Holding his head in place, my waist started raising up to meet his lips in sync. I know he was hearing my moans. I couldn’t hold back any longer. My balls pulled up tight and shot their load into his throat. He gagged a little, but took shot after shot until I let him go. Even then. He finished cleaning the head. As soon as I came back to earth, I opened my eyes just in time to see Jay slipping back in bed. Too happy or sleepy to follow up, I dozed off, still not sure it wasn’t a dream.  


A big red sun shone through the big picture window of the lodge way too soon for me. Although it was a picture perfect scene, I felt like I had just fell asleep. I sat up on the side of my bed looking out at the reflections of the sun on the lake, then at the two beds next to me. Each contained a boy. Each boy looked like an angel. Each was laying on his back. Each was partially covered by a sheet. Each showed a piss hardon tenting his sheet. Each was still sound asleep.


I made my way quietly to the bathroom where I emptied a full bladder. It erelieved the discomfort some, but the hardon was still clearly poking out the opening in my boxers. The vision of the night was still fresh, and I was still very horny. Jay’s head was laying on it’s side, and near the side of the bed. I couldn’t resist the urge to see if he would do a repeat.


I had no idea what I would say if he yelled or jumped up. I just somehow knew he wouldn’t. Slipping cautiously alongside, I listened to his snoring as I slid my dick across the sheet until it touched his partially open lips. At first, he didn’t move. I slowly rubbed the head over the slightly open mouth. He sniffed it, then opened up a little to let his tongue lick the tip. That did it. Without opening his eyes, Jay moved his mouth toward the early morning treat, engulfing just the mushroom shaped head. His tongue went to work licking and gently sucking it further inside. His eyes slowly opened. His mouth slid more than halfway down the shaft. His hands reached out to pull my butt closer as he began bobbing up and down. He made no attempt to hide the slurping sounds or the moans of pleasure. I don’t think he even looked at or touched his own boner. He wanted this to be special for me. He took his time, even pausing when he thought I was about to shoot. I couldn’t take much more of his teasing. I held his head up enough to pump every inch of my shaft inside a willing throat. I tried hard not to hold it in deep as I shot my second load down his throat. Again, Jay held on until I was clean.


Did I do all right? He smiled.


We’ll practice till you get it right. I answered, laughing.


A third laugh joined in. Frenchie had heard the action, and had simply watched.


Jay couldn’t wait to try you on for size, Frenchie laughed. He is the best. I should know.


The boys headed for the bathroom to piss and brush. We were soon on our way to the dining hall for coffee and breakfast.


Saturday was important to the staff. Most had already been here a week preparing the camp for the summer season. Tent platforms were in place. Tents were up. All the program areas were ready. Staff had been trained. Sunday was the big day. Dennis reminded staff members to stop by and see me. I was to check their physical forms. Anything not yet finished was to be completed that morning. The afternoon was to be spent getting camp outfits clean along with the staff area.


As the boys and I were finishing a terrific breakfast, Mike, the fake drowning boy came over to our table. He was a thin 15 year old with black hair, a dark tan well developed body, and a radiant smile. He apologized for getting me thrown in the lake, but was clearly proud of his acting. I warned him I didn’t get angry; I did get even. Then he turned to Frenchie and Jay to chat. Seems he was in the same troop back home. To my surprise, Mike asked the boys to join him in an Indian dance routine at Camp Dandy’s first camfire of the season. Both boys gladly accepted.


I would meet Mike again that afternoon at a staff swim. This time, we wore swim suits. Most wore speedos. Mike’s was small and tight. He was definitely well endowed for his age. He told me he was a counselor-in-training, or CIT, on the aquatics staff. Once trained, he would become a junior staff member. There were six of them. Frenchie hoped to become a CIT next year. He had to be fifteen.


 The four of us started a game of swim tag, which seemed to include a lot of contact. Jay wasted no time adding underwater groping to the sport. I held back at first, not knowing how far I should go with this new kind of water tag. The three boys had been skinny-dipping with their troop, and were not shy about playing grab-ass. Several other CITs joined in, and I was amazed at how sexy it was to have boys grabbing my balls laughing and feeling me up. I think all of them got at least one chance to feel my hardon while teasing that it was just part of the game. By the time the game was over, I couldn’t wait to jerk off. I had never felt so horny. All of us were slow coming out of the water. I quickly grabbed my towel to wrap around my waist. Mike got a round of applause as he climbed the ladder onto the dock. His hard shaft was clearly showing in the white speedos. He smiled and bowed to them. If he was shy, he sure didn’t show it. The head of his clearly cut dick was right up against the top of those white speedos, straining to peak out.


Mike quickly joined me and his two friends. We headed off toward the health lodge. It was only fifty feet from the beach. As we reached the steps to the porch, Mike had already slipped the waist band of his speedos down over his six inch shaft. It was still pointed up towards his naval, and was waving side to side as he walked. Jay was giggling. All of us once again had full hardons.


 As we entered the lodge, we slid out of the swim suits. Mike and I had reached the shower when we realized Frenchie and Jay had plopped down on the blue leatherette sofa in the front room. As they lined up head to foot, I knew they didn’t want to be disturbed. Mike had plans, too. He dropped a towel on the floor and dropped to his knees. First, he groped my dick with one hand while feeling my balls in the other. As he leaned forward, his tongue started licking at the head of my dick.




A guy has got to accept facts. I was not only outnumbered, I was in heaven. These kids didn’t need to be talked into anything. They knew what they wanted, and how to go for it. First Jay and then Mike had wrapped their mouth around my dick. I was way to horny to stop them. Hell, I couldn’t even believe my good fortune. No one else would believe it either.


 I wanted Mike. I lifted him up and carried him to my bed. Like Jay, I laid down head to foot with Mike. We laid sideways, pulling close so could take each others dick into our mouth. Mike had no problem with it. Neither did I. Age and size were no problem. We were both moaning and slurping. In no time at all, my balls were dying to pump their contents . Not long after they started, Mike’s balls returned the favor. The two of us exchanged gifts. Both of us sucked and swallowed until there was nothing left to suck out. Finally, and reluctantly, we gave up and allowed the shrinking shafts to slide free.


Frenchie and Jay had already finished their own exchange. They sat on a bed watching as Mjke and I parted. We didn’t comment, but looked at them smiling.


You guys sure are noisy. Jay snickered. I think you guys liked that.


All of us laughed. We chatted for a long time. I needed to know a lot more about them, camp, scouts ..... They in turn wanted to know about me and the military.


Mike needed to return to his tent to get dressed for dinner. The rest of us needed to do likewise. Mike paused as he headed through tje door to thank me. I must have looked pretty dumb as I nodded my thanks to him. In two days, I had broken all the rules. None of this could be repeated to any one. I was being thanked by teens who had just accepted me into their club ..... and thought nothing of it.


Since the camp staff held a pep rally after dinner Saturday night, it was late when we got back to the health lodge. We blew each other after a shower. I figured it would be a farewell gesture as their scout group was due to arrive at camp on Sunday. They would be leaving me to join their group at a campsite. They still had two weeks at camp, but I figured they would be busy. We would see each other in passing. All of us promised to spend time together, but I didn’t expect it would be the same.






Part II Camp Opens


Sunday can only be described as chaos. My first surprise came when Dennis stopped by. He wanted to remind me that every scout group would report to me as soon as they got to their campsite, and unloaded their gear. When I looked confused, he quipped; Every boy needs a physical when he gets to camp. He will hand you his health record. You check the form for any health problems or allergies; then you check him for any contagious diseases. Each boy will be wearing a swim suit. He can’t go for his swim test until you are done. Please be quick as you could bog down the whole process.


Jay stopped by to give me a peck on the cheek as he and Frenchie left me. A couple of campers waiting to see me watched curiously. Frenchie explained: Camp medics always get a kiss if you get to go swimming. The eleven years olds giggled. I quickly checked their health forms, then said: Drop your swim suit for me. I placed my fingers under their ball sack, then said: now cough. They did. I said: we’re done. Go get your swim test. They turned to leave. One came back , grabbed me by the neck, and gave me a quick peck on the cheek, then ran off. His dad quipped: First timer. We just laughed. Another dozen boys replaced those two. When phyisicals were done, I had counted more than a hundred. Some stragglers would filter in as the day wore on. Other boys needed additional care. Some had open sores that would have to be covered before they could swim. I couldn’t believe I had just given that many physicals.


All the campsites were now occupied. Many scouts were still waiting at the dock or beach to take swim tests. I went to tell Ben I was done with checkups. All groups were present. He smiled. Things were going well. I paused to watch Mike giving swim tests. He waved and smiled. There were boys all over the dock. They wanted to finish swim tests before dinner. I needed to wait at the health lodge in case I was needed. Cookie, the cook sent me a pot of coffee. I needed it. The craving for a drink was now bothering me. I wasn’t an alkie, but it was habit.


Dinner was more formal on Sundays. The boys were expected to wear their uniforms. Staff was expected to put on camp uniforms, and to get the campers excited about being at camp. Senior staff sat at the head table with me and Dennis. There were songs and cheers before or after the meal. Introductions were made. Camp staff members were recognized, their duties explained, nick-names exposed, and sometimes a cheer was led in their honor. It was announced that the camp medic would check campsites to determine which troop would earn the “Clean Campsite Award”.


Monday morning, I awoke early to get ready for breakfast. There were voices coming from the back of the lodge. Not more than fifty feet behind me were the tents on platforms where the camp CITs were also waking up. I watched as Mike stepped outside his tent wearing only his briefs. What a beautiful adonis to wake up too. I had an excellent view from a window. He was too sleepy to notice me, and pulled his six inch pecker out. It was stiff. He stood on the edge of the wooden platform and aimed away from the tent, giving it his attention. Suddenly, his tent mate, Ray, joined him. They stood side by side giggling and watching each other as Mike, then Ray let loose their stream. Like most boys, they crossed streams and played around. Each casually observed the other. It wasn’t the first time they had plated this game. Ray looked to be a little thicker and longer than Mike. When they were done, the boys fondled their toy shaft until it started to swell again, then disappeared back inside their tent. I had kept as much out of sight as possible and had gone unnoticed.


I couldn’t believe how fascinated I was at the two teens. Feeling my own dick, I was well aware that I was again stiff. Another boy appeared outside his tent to pee. That did it. I had to get relief. Once again I watched a boy pee as I vigorously whipped my seven inch shaft until it spewed a load onto a towel in my hand.


After breakfast, I I held sick call for about a dozen young boys. Most were already homesick. I made a note to check up on each during the day.


Then, it was time to start checking campsites. The inspections were a lot more intense than I thought they would be. Boys and leaders waited to watch as I checked the campsites for clean tents, grounds, and gear. Each campsite had it’s own latrine. No one paid any attention if I loked inside a tent or walked into the toilet. Boys accepted it as part of the camp routine for me to catch them changing or taking a leak. They were more interested in their score than in their privacy. An occasional teen would quickly turn away. Others did not. Inspections were not sexual. Often leaders would watch from a picnic table or folding chair trying to appear invisible.


I did see Frenchie and Jay at times during the day. They were usually together. We would pause to chat, but they often had other friends with them. Both had badges to work on. Both were junior leaders in their troop. Both seemed to know and understand I had a busy schedule during the week. They also understood I would be seeing lots of other boys. I suspected they had each other. Sometimes that made me a little envious, but also feeling guilty that I had interfered in their boy play.


On Tuesday afternoon, I took time off to go to free swim. Mike seemed pleased I had come. He wasted no time roughing it up in the water. Nor did he miss the chance to grab ass, dick, or balls. It was in fun. No one seemed to take that much notice. He did the same with other friends.


 When the swim area closed for dinner, we went to the lodge to shower. After soaping down, Mike turned off the shower, then started teasing again. This time, he would grab my dick rubbing it against his own or stroking it. Suddenly, he turned his back to me and pressed back against me. When I stsrted sliding my dick up and down the crack, he moaned it felt good. By this time, I needed sex. As I slid over his love hole, I paused. Mike moaned again. This time, he pushed back and I pushed forward. He gasped a little as the head popped through his rectum. I paused for only a few seconds. Again, he pushed back and I pushed deeper. I was sure I had captured a young teen Greek god and made mad passionate love to him. The two of us were somewhere in outer space as I tried desparately not to cum. Even when I did, I kept going. So did Mike. I know he came more than once too . His butt muscles were doing a love dance on my poor entrapped shaft. All too soon, I was too exhausted to go again without rest. My balls were screaming for mercy. Even though my dick was still steel hard, I pulled out. My knees were weak. I leaned against the wall for support as I turned the water back on to rinse off. Mike and I embraced once more. Then we dried off and reluctantly parted to prepare for dinner. Neither of us said anything about doing this again, but we knew we would.


Mike went back to his tent to get dressed. I arrived at the dining hall a few minutes after he did. Thank goodness, we sat at different tables. No one was the wiser.


I’m sure we had dinner that night. I just can’t remember what. If I spoke to anyone, I probably couldn’t remember who. My mind was totally on Mike. Visions of us in bed, in the shower, on a deserted island.......

On Thursdays, the the camp had an aquatics contest. Each of the twelve campsites would enter a five boy team . They would compete in swimming, canoeing, and rowing games. The games would start mid-afternoon and run until dark. I was amazed to see so many boys in speedos packed in a crowd, all anxious to compete or cheer on their friends. Of course, Frenchie, Jay, and Mike were all there. Mike was involved in the games. Frenchie and Jay were two leading competitors in the games. It stands to reason. Of all the teams present, their team not only showed the most in speed and power: they were the most good looking as well.


Jay let me know he had heard from Mike, and was not pleased that I had not saved myself for him. Although it was said with a smile, it sounded a little sarcastic. And he made no attempt to keep it from Frenchie or the three other boys on his team. Frenchie just smiled. The three other boys listened curiously. I didn’t want to get involved in a feud, so I reminded Jay that I hadn’t heard from him for several days. When I slapped him firmly on his almost bare buns, he jumped back laughing. “That’s mine! “


“Yours, mine and Mike’s”, I laughed, grabbing a cheek as I pulled Jay to me for a squeeze and a hug.


Jay turned a deep red, but didn”t try to break free. His three friends took it as a joke. All of them laughed. It was clear they knew Jay pretty well. After giving Jay a hug that lifted him off his feet, I let him go. All of them bolted into the water for the next game.


Frenchie and Jay asked if they could move back in with me at the end of the week. That came as a surprise. Their troop was heading to a mountain hike. Both Frenchie and Jay insisted they had requirements and training to finish at camp. Their parents and leader agreed to the change. I was reluctant because I was seeing Mike regularly. The boys knew that. Mike told me it would only be for a week, so he would be all right with that. He and his tentmate, Ray, were getting it on. Seemed like everyone had agreed, so I gave in. Actually I liked the idea, but couldn’t believe my good luck.





As their troop left camp on Saturday morning, Frenchie and Jay sat their stuff on their cots in the health lodge. They had said their goodbyes to their friends, and we chatted on the front porch waiting for the troops to leave. New troops would check on Sunday afternoon. Until then, the staff got a break. Some two hundred new scouts were expected for week two.


After we had had lunch, Frenchir, Jay, and I went back to the lodge to slip into some shorts. As we changed, I found out why Jay was so devoted to Frenchie. He had a tall slender muscular body, brown hair, brown eyes, a huskie dick, and a big ball sack for his age. He just smiled as we caught each other getting a stiff as we dropped our clothes on our cot.


We had seen each other nude before, but we were aware that we would be getting closer for the week. No need to act shy or innocent. Jay joined us by grabbing my stiff as he tossed his clothes on his bed. In seconds, he grinned at us, sat in front of us and held both dicks as he sucked on one and then the other. Jay and I just shrugged and relaxed as Jay did his thing. Being a teen, Frenchie was more impatient. No sooner than Jay had taken his dick all the way in, Frenchie held his mouth and head in place while he rapidly humprd it. I watched amazed as Frenchie seemed to freeze standing on his toes hugging Jay’s head tight with every inch of his big husky shaft pushed as far into Jay’s mouth and throat as possible. To make it even more impressive, Frenchie shook and flexed his butt muscles tightly. Jay, on the other hand, held Frenchie around the waist easily taking every drop he had to offer. Frenchie’s breathing had gone from short rapid gasps to moans, and were now slowing down as he returned to planet earth. Pulling out of Jay, he stepped back and sat on his bed, laying back totally exhausted.


But Jay wasn’t done. He turned his now undevided attention to my shaft, and easily went all the way down on it,sucking and bobbing up and down. He knew as well as I did I wasn’t going to last long. If he hadn’t got back to me, I think I would heve shot my load all over his face and hair anyway. A few minutes later I flooded his mouth once again with another load. Once again Jay held on tight until I pulled away. Like Frenchie, I backed away and sat on the edge of a bed.


Knowing Jay had not been done yet, I took him onto the bed with me and worked him over until he joined us by giving up his watery load. ‘


With that, we got on some speedos and played around waiting to use the swimming area. A few others joined us in the lodge. Most of us were hoping to use the sail boats. Mike and Ray got the approval. They would take a boat out. Frenchie, Jay, and I got one also. It was a beautiful day for it - just a gentle breeze.


We watched as Mike and Ray sailed away ahead of us, then we climbed into our own boat. We went to a spot on the lake called “the pointe”. It is a sort of private beach far enough away from the campsites that you can anchor, swim, and sunbath on the small beautiful white sandy beach. After sailing and swimming until we got bored, we dropped anchor and waded to the beach.


No sooner than we had spread our beach towels side by side, we started playing. We had already been grabbing and feeling each other up on the boat. The speedos didn”t hide much, and we had already sucked each other off, so we just picked up where we left off. Off came the speedos. Each of us stroked each other, felt up and played with other,


 I had no problem handling Jay’s dick and balls. His dick was normal for his age, but still pretty slender with blond peach fuzz that was still so light it made him look even younger.


It was clear why Jay liked Frenchie. His dick was longer, thicker, and his ball sac was also haning lower. His pubes were brown and thick. He was almost as big as me, but not as thick. He had no hair on his chest or stomach, but that was coming. Frenchie was quiet, but I could tell he was the dominant one. He knew how to please Jay, and was proud of his talents. He was a good friend who let Jay do the talking. He liked Jay’s handsome physique. But in bed, it was Frenchie who took over and gave Jay the attention he wanted. Frenchie would prove himself there on the beach.


It was only after Frenchie had fed his dick to Jay that I got into the act by playing around with Jay’s perfect cut shaft. Frenchie was more than bold. He held Jay’s mouth in place while he worked it over. When he moaned and obviously blew his load down Jay’s throat, I thought he had given his friend what he wanted, and wondered if it was Jay I needed to go after. Frenchie quickly solved that problem. He wasn’t done yet. He rolled Jay over on his back, lubed up his love hole, and slowly sank his dick inside. Although Frenchie was gentle, it was clear to me this was not new to either of them. I watched amazed as Frenchie eased his hard shaft entirely inside Jay until it had entirely disappeared. Jay’s legs were spread wide. Frenchie leaned forward to kiss him passionately only after he had let me watch him impale his friend.


As jay laid back on the towels, I watched enviously as Frenchie started a slow easy rhythm. Both boys were working each other, but Frenchie was causing Jay to moan in ecstacy as he worked over his joy button. He knew exactly what Jay wanted. Unlike most teens, they were both getting high on each other. Only when Jay shot off all over his own chest did Frenchie lean forward pushing Jay’s butt high into the air as he plunged his dick hard and fast causing Jay to rock back and forth vigorously from the passionate rhythm. It didnt take long, but I could see Frenchie’s dick pull almost out before it plunged back deep inside. Both boys were totally lost in their own world when Frenchie moaned loudly. He plunged deep, then held it there. A few seconds later, he did it again. And again. Finally, he collapsed hot and sweaty onto Jay’s limp torso. It was done. Frenchie and Jay had made love to each other.


Once Frenchie was done, he pulled back. With Jay’s permission, it was my turn. I knew there was no way I could do any better than Frenchie, but I tried to copy what he had done. Jay must have liked it. He was smiling when I gave him a peck on the cheek.


For the coming week, Frenchie, Jay, and I would find time to make love. It came to an end when Jay got a phone call. He and Frenchie would be picked up to join Jay’s parents. They had planned a trip to Europe. Jay wasn’t all that impressed, but they were going to France. Frenchie had relatives there. We said our fond fairwells all night at the health lodge, then they flew away.


The rest of the summer at Camp Dandy was anything but boring. Mike and Ray knew I was into games with Frenchie and Jay. They included me in their games almost immediately after Jay was gone. If you want to hear about them, contact ovdoc@yahoo.com.