You already know the warnings. This is a story about a boy and an adult.

Frankie was a very special scout I met during my first year at camp. In fact, it was in July. How can I be so sure? Dennis, my camp supervisor notified me about the first of July that I was to join my medical group at the base clinic for special duty. When I reported back to the base, they told me I was going to spend the July fourth weekend camping in the sand as part of a scout jamboree. It was going to be huge.

And it was. There were thousands of scouts . All had their own tents. Troop after troop pitched all kinds of tents. Row after row. Troops were assigned by the area they came from. Hundreds of tents. The camp had never handled that many people in the past. I watched in disbelief as a small city of nomads appeared before me. An entire beach landing area turned into an invasion of boys.

I was sent to a medical tent similar to a MASH unit. There were a couple dozen medics already there. We were quickly told what a jamboree was. Scouts would compete in skills and games set up for them. Awards would be presented to the winners. We were there to handle injuries. The jamboree would run from Friday to Sunday. It would end with a fireworks display. There would also be military exhibits and demos.

A senior medical officer explained to me that I was there to be a lliason between the scouts and the military because I was currently assigned to a scout camp in the area. I got a few curious looks and giggles from medics who knew me. I probably also looked curious and confused. I had no idea what my duties actually were. A short time later I was told I was to work with scout leaders and parents to explain military policy. A base doctor and the base commandant’s aide would work with me. Wow1

I saluted the two officers, then shook hands with them. The doctor introduced his son - a young teen scout named Frankie. The boy was gorgeous. He had light brown hair, brown eyes, and an average build and height, and a nice tan on his arms and legs. His dad said he was fourteen.

We didn’t have much time for chat although I sure wanted to know more about Frankie. I was told a heat wave was expected for most of the weekend. I should warn the scout leaders to be prepared. I spent the day going from troop to troop advising them to drink plenty of water and dress for summer. The symtoms for heat exhaustion were discussed.

Temperatures were already in the nities by Friday afternoon. Night didn’t bring much relief.

All hell broke loose for the medics on Saturday. Temperatures soared over one hundred degrees. Water was running low. Many scouts were showing signs of heat problems. We brought in extra water buffalos (truck water tanks) Trucks were refilling them as fast as possible. I rushed from camp to camp telling scout leaders to sei up tarps for shade. And treating boys in their own tents to cut down on the number of boys being carried to the MASH unit. Open activities were held under tarps.

Finally, at sundown, contests and activities came to a halt. The temp had topped off at one hundred five - a new record. Medics had recorded treating a couple hundred heat cases, also a new record. A thunder storm cooled everybody off, and saved the jamboree. Sunday would be cooler. We had made it. Some eight thousand boys and guests had survived. The medical staff received the praise of both scouts and military. They were exhausted.

I was sent back to scout camp to complete my temporary duties. Most of the boys arriving for summer camp had seen me at the jamboree. I had been called up on the stage at the awards ceremony, and was applauded. Now I was back to checking physicals. Not that I minded.

A week later, I met Frankie again. He had arrived for camp. At first, I wasn’t sure it was him, but that smile gave him away. Boys at camp usually showed up in their swim suit so they can proceed for swim check after their physical. When Frankie handed me his physical, I was impressed. He had a swimmer’s body. Not so much muscle, just a perfect athletic build.

“Hi Frankie. We meet again.” I quipped. “You look much better in a swim suit. Come see me if you get a chance.”

I told him this as I looked him over, taking time to admire a well filled swim suit and a plump bottom. A slap on the butt told him I was done. He blushed a little then took off with his buddies.

Frankie took me up on my invitation to visit a couple days later. We chatted about camp, school, sports, etc. He was on an Indian dance team in scouts. He was good at it. That was no surprise. He was part of a club that only certain scouts belonged to that was based on Indian lore. We talked about that. You had to be elected into this club. He was an Indian dance solo contestant. They not only put on dance shows at camps and festivals, they also held regional contests for awards. I had seen them dance at the jamboree. I was surprised when Frankie told me they had regional dances and a national comprtition. He later did a dance at a campfire in camp. He was so good that many campers started their own Indian dance costumes.

Frankie had heard about some of the stunts I had played on the camp. He thought the jokes were cool. He told me the stories were spreading back home. Thats why camp attendance was way up. Boys wanted to be there. The camp staff was having a ball. So were the campers. He also laughed that he had heard why I was volunteered for camp. It had backfired. His dad said my popularity at the camp and the jamboree was a big hit. He heard about my using the camp loud speaker system to announce that sex diseases were on the rise at camp because some were not using safe sex methods. The kids thought it was funny. Some leaders thought it was not for young boys, but did no harm. Frankie couldn’t believe I had done that, but all his buddies had repeated it back home. All the boys had heard that the favorite call on the camp loud speakers was: “DOC! Report to the office - NOW!!!”

That week, we carried it one step further. I got four college staff members. We borrowed the campmaster’s new VW bug one night and carried it to the boat dock. There, we loaded it onto a barrell raft and tied it on. When morning came, you guessed it. The campmaster’s voice boomed over the speakers: “I know who did it! I want my car back. I want it now!” Two hundred boys and leaders ran to the dining hall to find out what was happening. When I showed up at the office, Jim was shouting at me. “I know you’re behind this. I know it.....bla, bla, bla .....” What Jim didn’t know was that he had left the loud speakers on as he raved. Every one was hearing some not so nice words. Of course I denied any knowledge of his car. It didn’t help much when a scout leader pointed to his yellow VW bobbing up and down on the lake. No one admitted anything until later - weeks later. Jim apologized to the boys and leaders for his language. The joke became so popular that Frankie’s dad heard about it before he could call them from camp.

Frankie and I became good friends, but not sexually. I think he had heard stories about me. He knew I was friends with Mike and Ray. He had met them. Mike was in the secret club, and a good dancer. Maybe Frankie just didn’t want to compete with him. Or maybe Frankie was smart enough to play not interested. At any rate, we were still keeping in touch even after summer camp ended.

Of course, after camp ended, I returned to the base, and the medical clinic. I also joined the scouts. Frankie and I visited troops and scout activities. My popularity at Camp Dandy made me a necessary guest at youth dinners and acyivities. I was invited to join the Order and took an initiation. Most of the boys I had befriended at camp also were in the Order. I took the pledge of secrecy.

A short time later, the clinic sent me to take a camp management course and announced that I would again work at a scout camp. Dennis, camp director, and James had become good friends. I would once again be camp medic, but also Assistant Campmaster. Frankie would return as a counselor-in-training.

 All of the other boys did not return to Camp Dandy. Frankie would take the tent that Mike and Ray had next to the camp health lodge. A boy named Doug was his tent mate. Doug was sixteen, but not much experience in camping. (Not yet.)

As I had done the year before, I invited jnvited the boys to visit and to shower at the lodge. The view from the porch was beautiful and erotic. I had already seen Frankie nude when he did the Indian dancing, so he wasn’t shy about showering at the lodge. It didn’t bother him when I followed him in the shower. Doug was shy at first, but soon felt more relaxed. As always, I lounged around the lodge in the evenings in boxers. If my shaft was hanging out, I would ignore it. Frankie and Doug usually wore loose shorts.

As I did with the other boys, I would offer them a drink; then we relaxed on the front porch. One night as we were showering, I eased into the shower with Frankie. Doug hadn;t got there yet. Slipping behind Frankie, I soaped up his back for him. He loved the massage that went with it, and remained relaxed as I extended my hands to his chest and stomach. He knew I wanted to move to the next level with him. I knew I would have to be the one to make the move. Frankie was willing, but not going to encourage an adult to get sexual. He let his arms drop to his side, then closed his eyes as my soapy hands made their way to his semihard shaft and balls. His only sign of approval was soft moans of pleasure as my hands took control. He leaned back against me softly as if to say “I’m all yours.”

I pressed against his back with my stiff shaft resting in between his plump butt cheeks. My hands now held and massaged both his shsft and his balls. His shaft was maybe five inches. He had a healthy amount of pubic hair. Not huge, He was circumcized. I was pretty sure Frankie was into the jerking off games most young teens play. Trying hard not to go to fast, I was content to grasp his shaft and slowly work him over until he was thrusting his dick back and forth trying to match my rhythm. He was practically begging through his own actions and soft moans to get me to finish it. He was dying to get off, and knew I was teasing him. When he did come, it was hard and fast. He was literally on his toes and breathing hard off in a world of his own eyes closed tight. He didn’t even see his dick spewing out his small load, but he fely iy. His body then suddenly fell back against me. I held him up knowing he would soon drift back to earth and reenter his empty shell.

I turned him around as his eyes reopened. His face was angelic. He had a strange look on his face, kind of dreamy. He was smiling that boyish grin that told you he was beautiful. He brought his arms up to my shoulders and wrapped them around my neck. He uttered the first words since I entered the shower with him.

“WOW! It never ever felt that good.”

I relied dumbly. “Glad you liked it.”

That was it. We rinsed off, and then dried off. We chatted openly about jerking off and how much he knew about sex. I was surprised to find out Frankie had never gone any further than jerking off with a couple of friends. And couldn’t believe J had taken it to a higher level. We got a drink and relaxed arm in arm on the porch. For some reason. I had the urge to hug and kiss him. He wasn;t sure how that was supposed to work, but let me take the lead. I introduced him to his first French kiss. He caught on quickly, and we were doing the tongue dance passionately when I heard Doug bounce through the back door. Frankie and I parted quickly. I’m sure we looked startled to Doug as he found us standing awkwardly under the moon on the porch. Thinking he had just scared us, he laughed, asking me if he could get a soda. The three of us once again relaxed on the loungers bringing the day to a close.

Although nothing was actually said between us, Frankie must have known he was slowly giving in to me. We found more reasons to spend time together. He was more relaxed when we showered, even when Doug was there. On a weekend when Doug went home, Frankie and I spent the night at the lodge knowing I was going to move to a higher level. Frankie knew about gay stuff. He had heard what gay boys did, but never thought it would happen to him. He sometimes hesitated, but only for a moment. He had no trouble that night as I took him to bed, and fondled him, kissing and feeling every part of him. He even returned the favor. It came as no surprise when I slid down in bed until I was face to dick with him. His perfect shaft was just the right size for me. I easily took the entire shaft into it’s new home. There, it was massaged, sucked, and licked until it gave up it’s treasure, sending Frankie into space once more. His entire body arched trying despately to pump every drop of sperm it had down my throat. His dick throbbed vigorously. Totally exhausted, Frankie went limp. He dozed off while I once again held him close, caressing him.

Satisfied that I had just gave him the best sex he had ever had one more time, I was also pleased that I had got what I wanted, I slowly dozed off as well. I woke up an hour or so later. Frankie was awake, and sliding slowly down to return the favor. I wanted to stop him and tell him he didn’t have to do that, but he already knew that. Frankie was doing what he wanted to do. I chose to let him go as far as he wanted too. He took his time. Once he was comfortablr, he grasped my shaft gently. It responded by becoming stiff. He felt it up, then playrd with the shaft with one hand while feeling up the balls with the other. Finally, he lowered his open mouth until he could lick at the glans. He went a little further covering his teeth with his lips as he slowly took in more. He made no attempt to take in all of it although I’m just about average in size and length. And like most, I tried unsuccessfully to hold back. I warned Frankie only a few seconds before my balls shot their load. He did not attempt to back off. I felt him swallow a few times and knew he had taken my load. Only then did he back off.

Frankie and I talked it over. It was the first time he had attempted a blow job. He was pleased he had done it right. He had decided he wanted to do it for me. He had been sucked before by a boy, but would not return the favor. For some reason, this time he wanted to try it. Later that night, I showed him how to do a “69". He had decided he liked it. He also decided that was as far as we would go. I’d be lying if I said I agreed with that, but for Frankie, I would respect his wishes.

As it turned out, Doug would help me out big time without knowing it. He soon figured out that Frankie and I were doing stuff. It wasn’t all that hard. When he came over with Frankie to shower, he noticed we horsed around a lot. It wasn’t unusual for us to touch and play in the shower. It wasn’t so much sexual. Frankie and I were just good friends who teased each other about getting a hardon. We didn’t try to get Doug to do anything; we just didn’t try to hide a stiff, saying it was normal to jerk off at camp. We were all guys.

Although Doug was still to shy to let us see him jerk off, he was soon at ease getting stiff in front of us. It wasn’t long before he got into the shower with us knowing he was going to be touched because the shower was crowdwd with three in it at once. I knew Doug was more afraid of my adult reaction than he was of Frankie. I left that up to Frankie.

Frankie and Doug were sitting side by side alone on the front porch when Franke took his shorts off and began slowly pumping the shaft telling Doug it really fely good. Doug admitted he knew that, but wasn’t going to do it in front of anybody. Coming outside, I didn’t say anything. I just slid my boxers off and joined Frankie facing the rail.

“So this is what you guys do when I’m not here”, Goug grunted.

“Noyhing gay about it.” I came back. “How many guys you know that don’t jerk off?”

“Spose somebody sees you?” Doug wasn’t sold that this was good.

Doug, you got a nice dick and balls for your age. You already know that. You’ve been pumping it for about a year, maybe longer. When summer camp is over, you’ll probably find a doll and make out with her like the rest of us. Loosen up. What happens at camp stays at camp. “. I continued playing slowly as did Frankie.

Doug caved in. He stood next to Frankie at the rail, dropping his shorts as he rose. Still a little nervous, he drasped his five inch slender shaft and went for ir.

I doubt Doug even noticed when I slipped one hand behind his back and gently slid it up and down over first one cheek, then the other. He was the first to shoot his load. Frankie and I weren’t far behind. We used a towel on the rail to clean up. The two of them left to head back to their tent. Two horny boys can find a lot of fun in a tent once the ice is broken - and the shorts come off.

It would be up to me to make the next move. I didn’t expect Frankie to look gay in front of Doug. I decided to use Frankie to show Doug how to have even more fun. As we showered in the tight stall, I once again moved in behind Frankie closing in with my stiff between his legs. As frankie giggled and pushed my dick away from his butt cheeks, I reached around his waist once again, grasping his shaft. Holding him close, I began stroking him. Ignoring Doug’s stare, I brought Frankie to a climax. As usual, he really got into it, thrusting his dick forward as he shot his load. Spent, he lay back resting on my chest quietly.

Doug responded by watching curiously at first. It wasn’t a big deal. Just me jerking off Frankie instead of Frankie doing himself. Besides, it looked like we were having fun. Of course we were. Doug grabbed his own stiff and was soon rapidly jerking off. He openly enjoyed jerking off while watching us doing our own thing. As Doug arched forward shooting his load, I decided he would probably allow me to move things up a notch with him next time around.

After dinner and an evening swim with the campers that night, the three of us retired to the lodge porch as usual. This time, we stripped down feeling more at ease with each other. Both boys were comfortable with me by this time. With one boy on each side, I was able to play with each in the semi-dark light of the moon. All to soon, we stood at the ratl ready to finish off our fun. Doug remained calm as I sljd in behind him rubbing my dick along his crack as I pumped his hard dick into a thrusting frenzy. He was just one of us now, going along with new things Things teens do for fun. He didn;t have to say he liked it. We all did. The fact that my dick was sliding up and down his crack as he shot off his load felt good to him. I shot off between his legs as he leaned back against me coming down from a terrific orgasm. It felt far better than jerking off alonr.

The next day in the shower, I showed Doug how good it felt to get a finger up your butt while being jerked off. Once I found his love button, I held his dick with onr hand and a soapy finger slowly made it’s way inside his butthole. I’m sure it felt a little uncomfortablr at first, but soon he was wriggling around on it as an electric charge shot up and down his spine. Both confused and excited by the new feelings, he looked back at me with a curious grin as his toes curled, his legs tensed, and his balls suddenly drew up. As his shaft throbbed. And jerked wildly. He moaned and shot his load for me. He explained to Frankie that he had never had so great an orgasm.

Doug was more than willing to do the finger thing again the next day. So we did. This time, I used two fingers. He hatdly even noticed. After stretching him as open as I could, I suddenly pulled out. Still working his dick, I slid my soapy dick into his crack. His height was not that much shorter than mine. The sharp spongy head found the open hole. Doug was pushing back trying to find the fingers that had suddenly disappeared. Instead they had opened up to a hard stiff dick that pushed firmly forward . Doug jerked up on his toes, but it was too late. The big pole at his back door popped tnside his love hole. He yelped as the mushroom head lodged and slowly edged further up the chute. He looked back in surprise, but didn’t pull away. Feeling a little off balance, he leaned forward against the shower wall. Doug was tall enough and big enough to handle me. And he was willing to try.

“Push back and allow it to ease in.” I told him. “The worst pain is over. It gets better from here on. Sorry I tricked you, but I know you’ll like this.” I whispered, allowing him time to pull away if he wanted.

Frankie wasn’t with us, so it was between us. Doug knew he was way over the line. He wasn’t so innocent that he didn’t know about being cornholed. Still, as the pain eased up, he made his move. The curiousity was too much. Still leaning against the wall, he pushed back against the invader. It slid in further. I wrapped my arms around his waist, grabbing his dick with one hand and working it slowly as I eaed the shaft all the way in. Holding it inside him, I moved it around giving him the feel of it as I searched for his love spot. When I found it, Doug forgot everything rlsa. He wiggled his butt and moaned. I pulled all the way back and quickly slid back in. Starting slowly, I began to speed up. All too soon, I felt the usual fantastic signs that I was about to pump my load inside. Doug followed shortly with his own load.

As soon as I pulled out, Doug made a dash for the commode. Then he rejoined me in the shower. As we washed off, he let me know that had hurt.

“You fucked me.” he glared. “You stuck your dick up my ass like I was a girl. I’ve been cornholed! Do you know what they call a guy who gets cornholed? A fag! They call them a fag!” Doug sounded angry.

I let him vent thinking the fun was over. I wasn’t sure what he would do. I had jumped the gun. It was his move. I knew he had enjoyed it, but what if he was having second thoughts now that it was done?

Doug’s angry looks and attitude turned to a smile as fast as they had turned angry. He stopped drying and we embraced in a long hud.

“We’ll do it again soon, but it’s just us. And maybe Frankie. It actually felt fun after it was in. Guys ain’t supposed to like being screwed so it’s our secret - O K.”

Doug would come over alone for a few days, but Frankie was smart enough to figure out Doug was being coy about something. Frankie and Doug had already discovered blow jobs. I’m sure Frankie knew that wasn’t it. There was only one thing they had agreed they wouldn’t do. Both of them had agreed that getting screwed was gross. Only a fag would let someone stick their dick in his butt. Frankie figured it was blow jobs. He had never seen me give Doug a blow job. When confronted, Doug admitted I was blowing him. The next time we were alone and nude at the lodge Doug surprised me by dropping to his knees and giving me a really good one.It was obvious he had been practicing. Frankie watched at first, but the three of us were soon involved. Only after all of us had pleased each other was it over. Frankie was satisfied. Getting a dick stuffed in one’s mouth was O K, but not up one’s butt. I just smied, and kept sucking.

But all good things come to an end. Whether Doug was to blame, I don’t know. Maybe it was my fauly. Maybe just fate.

One night the three of were horsing around in the shower. We had already blew each other. Despite that, we still had hardons and were soaping up . Doug had been getting in front of me, wiggling those delicious buns against my dick. Teasing back, I slid the hard shaft up and down his soapy crack. He just looked back over his shoulder smiling that sexy smirk of his. Confused, I backed off. I don’t think Frankie had noticed antyhing/

A minute later, Doug did it again. This time, he had just soaped it up again. Not only was the crack slick, Doug was pushing beck firmly as my dickhead purposely paused at his butthole. I didn’t back off this time. Neither did he. I didn’t think I was pushing forward all that hard, but then when someone seems to want mr inside, I tend to assist. Who pushed or who made the first move was a mystery. All I know is that I suddenly popped the mushroom shaped glans fully inside the hole. Doug didn’t move. He let out a gasp that quickly got Frankie.s attention. Doug reached out with his arms against the wall, and pushed back to keep my dick inside. I eased the shaft further in as I held onto his hips. I wasn’t worried about Doug. He had taken me this way several times. He looked at Frankie admitting we had done it before. I chose not to say anything. As my dick slowly slid to the base, I clasped Doug tightly. Moving around inside him, I found the prostate. Doug let out a whimper of pleasure. Soon, I was pouhding Doug hard and fast. About the same time he had jerked off, I was pumping my load inside him.

As I pulled out, Doug headed for the toilet seat. Frankie seemed more curious than angry. He still wasn’t sold on the idea, but asked Doug why he let me do that to him. Doug replied simply that it didn’t hurt much and felt good when it was in. We rinsed off, then retired to the porch to chat and fool around some more. Doug defended himself again claiming it was juse summer fun. He wasn’t gay. He didn’t plan to do this stuff back home. The three of us agreed once again we would keep our secret.

Frankie asked if I was angry that he just couldn’t do that. It still troubled him that his hole would be used like he was a girl. I left the choice up to him. I knew he was a little angry with Doug, and reminded him that it was me that had let Doug know about cornholing. Doug had given in out of curiosity and his trust that I wouldn’t hurt him. While I would respect, I would continue to meet with Doug either with him or privately. Frankie knew I had also done other campers. He agreed he had no right to be angry with Doug. He would get over it.

That didn’t happen. Only a few days went by before Frankie gave in. We were in the shower again. Usually Doug would soap me up and I would loosen him up before stepping behind to pin him against the wall. This time though, Frankie kept Doug away by taking his place. Doug gave him a curious look at first, then smiled and backed away. Frankie faced me smiling beautifully as he soaped me down good, taking special care to make sure my shaft was wet and slick. I held him close making sure his buns and his crack was soapy. Then I gently slid a finger inside, working it all the way in, and whispering:

“Are you ready for this? “

Frankie pressed his dick against mine and hugged me. As he did, I slid the second finger in. Frankie pulled off and turned around. Dropping a bar of soap, he bent forward to pick it up. He spread his legs exposing the target, and waited. It was my move - maybe the only one I would get from him. I lined up quickly and firmly pushed until the head popped inside. Frankie grunted. He tried hard to push back and open up, but I knew it hurt. I kept the pressure on. I could feel the shaft slide in further. I paused only a moment before Frankie pushed back taking in more. He grubted again, but made no attempt to pull away. When I was all the way in, we rested a few moments. Then I moved it around inside him to let him feel it. I started a slow short rhythm, searching for the prostate. He trembled when I found it. He was ready. I pulled back and started my massage. Before long, Frankie was into the rhythm, and smiling at Doug, who had watched quietly. All too ssoon, I was letting my dick do the thinking. Frankie was rolling with the steady pounding. Both of us were moaning. I suddenly shoved hard and deep, and held it there. I exploded, sending my seed deep inside him. Exhausted and very happy, I pulled out. Then I turned Frankie around and hugged him. It was done.

That was only the first Time. In the days to come, Doug, Frankie and I spent some happy times together. We did use discretion. There were times when I had patients show up for emergency care during our recreation. A few times, I was still pulling my clothes on as some poor camper was waiting to explain about some pain or injury. We even had a few that had to stay overnight. When I had a patient in the health kodge, I would visit Frankie’s tent leaving Doug to watch the patient.

 On one accasion, I returned to find a young teen with a tick stuck to his balls. He was a doll. Doug had him wait for me. The boy turned a deep red as Doug explained why he was there. The boy was wearing khaki shorts with no underwear. I had removed many ticks, but most were not in the balls. I tried hard not to smile. After all, it wasn’t funny to the embarrassed teen. I got out my supplies. Then I asked him to lay on the bed on his back and pull down his shorts for me, Anxious to be rid of his unwelcome guest, he obeyed without question. I asked Doug to let his leader know I would keep the teen overnight to be sure he would be all right.

The tick had dug in deep at the bottom of the boys ball sac. The thirteen year old had a few hairs coming in at the base of a three inch cut shaft. He was just shy of the teen fuzz stage. Obviously, he was nervous at the idea of having me stare at his privates - even handle his dick and his balls. ...well, at first anyway. I found a second one between his balls and his hole. I lifted his legs up and spread them to check his crack. Again he blushed. He had reason to. He was cute - very cute.

I talked to him about school, scouts and sports as I removed the ticks and scrubbed doen the area. Of course that meant massaging and complimenting him on such a well endowed dick. As one would expect, all this attention caused his dick to rise to the occasion. I checked closely around the glans and decided it needed to be cleaned - my way. Leaning forward, I engulfed the whole thing. He stared in disbelief as his pride disappeared inside my lips. Laying back on the bed, his surprise soon had him moaning. It didn’t last long. Within minutes, his hips rose off the bed as his dick throbbed. He grabbed my head and held on as his mind and body launched off to another planet. He didn’t shoot much,but it shot hard.

Bobby gladly returned several times and gladly sat on the bed as I privately checked for more ticks. He admitted he had never had a blow job. But had heard about them. Before his week was up, he claimed he had shown his tent mate how it was done. Bobby was just one example. There were others. Treating the campers was my job.

Near the end of summer camp, the camp got a call from Doug’s dad. The military was transferring him to another base. He would need to pick up his son so they could start packing. Doug wasn’t happy about the sudden change in plans. We had one last night on my front porch. The next morning he had packed, and met his dad ready to go. Sadly, I respected his wishes. Doug did not want me or Frankie to be there when dad arrived. He was sure his dad would suspect something. I’m sure Doug did not want to cry or choke up in front of his dad. We watched from a distance as he left.

The last week or so of camp, Frankie stayed with me in the lodge. No one seemed to mind. Most everyone was just anxious to get home. It had been a great summer, but a busy one. The staff was tired. We had a terrific “Going Home” party the day before we left. I got my orders back to the base, so I showed up in military uniform ready to go.

Frankie had avoided me that last morning. I sort of avoided him too. Neither of us wanted to say goodbye even though we were going to a national Indian dance competition in a few days with about fifteen others. We didn’t get away with a quiet farewell though. Frankie’s dad spotted me in my Marine dress uniform and dashed over to chat. He was also in the military, and was impressed that I had spent the summer at camp. We had become friends.

“You living at the hodpital?’. he asked.

I nodded.

“You’ll have to put in for leave to go on the national dance competition with Frankie and the other scouts next week.”, he added.

I agreed again, adding that I had already put in my request.

“We went to the hospital to ask that you be allowed to escort the youth group. I think they couldn’t wait to get rid of you. Here are your orders to act as an adult escort. You will not lose any leave time that way.”He held out the orders.

I was surprised, but probably shouldn”t have been. I had learned that the military was friendly with youth groups, and worked with them. It was consiered good public relations.

Frankie and I were about to enter into a closer relationship.


A half dozen cars sat in the church parking lot early that morning as I pullrd in. It was a great day for travel. Four of the cars and a pckup truck would carry some 15 boys and five leaders to Indiana. Each car would have two drivers plus several boys. The boys were given the option of choosing their car. Frankie and I had befriended a college student named Forrest at camp/ He happily agreed to be our relief driver. Frankie had a friend named Jay, his Indian dance partner, and our fourth person. That was going to be our group.

Just before we were to pull out, there was a loud argument between several boys in another car. One boy in the car was known to be gay. Chris was the same age as Frankie and Jay. He denied the accusations, but it seemed to be more of a personality problrm that would get worse. When it got to the pushing stage, I asked Chris if he would ride with us. The leaders were relieved that I had been the one to speak up. The gang in m car agreed. Chris was upset to the point of tearing up, but liked the idea of changing cars. It was a done deal.

As always, the first few hours of a road trip with boys is a noisy one. Chris tried to remain quiet. He was hurt, and he didn’t know us. No way was Forrest going to let that last for long. He teased the boys and encoutaged Chris to tell us about himself. It turned out Chris was also picked on at school. We sooned convinced him we were going to be together for the next week. It was going to be fun. By the time the boys started to tire of the chatter, Chris was much more relaxed.

Things went well until the dinner stop that day. The five vehicles in our group were equipped with CB’s so we could keep in touch. As we pulled in to the parking lot of the restaurant where we would eat, the bully boy started on Chris again. That was going to be a problem. No one did anything to stop it.

I found out the driver of their car was bullyboy’s father, and that the dad was egging his son on. As we waited for another car to show up, I walked over to bullyboy’s dad. He wasn’t all that big, but he did have a beer gut. Knowing that he had been talking about me and the ones in my car, I faced him down abruptly and openly.

“You want we should take a nature walk, fat man, or would you rather I just call you a queer here in front of your son? You aint going to ruin this trip for me without getting your face mashed in.” J spoke softly, but firmly.

Fat man stared in disbelief, finally sputtering “You talking to me?”

“I’m a Marine.” I continued. “You’re attacking my honor. No fat slob gets away with that. Not even a stupid one. Let’s take a walk and discuss your health.”

“I got hrart problems.”, fat man whined.

+And mouth problems.” I added. “You and your son owe me and Chris an apology, but I’ll settle for silence. We’re on this trip for fun - with or without you and your son.”

I sure got the silence. The rest of the group didn;t budge an inch. Fat man quickly herded his group off to themselves. The group leader advised him to watch his mouth, then asked if I would cool off. I warned him that if he had done his job, fat man would not be picking on a fifteen year old boy. Chuck agreed, then walked me into the restaurant where my group was seated.

As we finished our meal, fatman and his son apologized for their conduct. I knew they hated the apology, but dad was in no hurry to be embaeeassed again. Others in the group thanked me. Chuck told them “No gay guy would ever stand up like that or become a Marine.” Frankie just smiled at me whispering: “Yeah! Right!”

The support I got from the group after that kinda surprised me. Some of the guys knew Frankie and I had spent the summer as good friends at camp. They simply accepted that we were just good friends. Forest could have cared less. He openly teased Frankie about being sexy, but I think he thought Jay was Frankie’s secret lover.

Chris had made the same assumption. Not only was he grateful for my friendship, he and I had become friendly. He seemed to sense he was among friends.

The group stopped to rest overnight at a scout camp in the mountains of West Virginia. Frankie and Jay chose a wall tent with a platform. Forest and I took the one next to them. Chris asked if he could join us. He felt intimidated by the others in the group. Forest and I helped him set up a third cot in our tent. It meant the cots were tightly togather like one large bed.

After we were set uo, everyone grabbed a towel and headed to a shower house. About twenty of us herded in at one time because the hot water would not last long. There were half a dozen shower heads -three on each side- in one large room. Maybe about five chose to wait till morning. Fifteen undressed together on benches in the dressing room next to the showers. Most were boys in their early teens. All of them were accustomed to using open showers. I/m sure a few were uneasy with several men mixed in. No one showed it. A few boys showed half-erect boners. That was ignored. We decided to wet down first, then step out to soap up, then back in to rinse as room would allow. It goes without saying that there were boys checking each other out. There were some who bumped into others, or rubbed against them. A few even washed each other;s backs. We were too tired to horse around much. Most of us dried off, slipped into briefs, and headed back to our tents.

After Frankie and Jay pushed their cots together, they quietly turned off their lantern. All was quiet as Forest, Chris and I climbed into our cots. Almost like it had been rehearsed, Chris took the center cot. It was a hot night. Chris and Forest watched as I slid out of my briefs. Chris looked me over, then without a word slid out of his briefs too. Forest gave in. Not used to sleeping nude, Forest had hesitated, but knew sleep would wait.

I turned off the lantern as Chris was reaching for my semihard shaft. From the high pitched sounds from Forest, I knew I wasn’t the only one Chris was checkinh out. I returned the favor by working on Chris. I started by gently massaging his chest and stomach, working slowly to his stiff shaft and balls. Chris was built about average for his age. He moaned softly as I worked him over. Anxious to Go to the next step, Chris slid down on the cot and I felt his warm wet lips take over. Forest took over his shaft and was quietly jerking off. Chris knew what he was doing. He was doing it really well. He would deep throat me working my shaft with his tongue and throat. It didn’t take him long to bring me to a fabulous orgasm. He held on draining every drop. Then he turned away. I heard Forest let out a sudden gasp. Chris went to work on him.A few minutes later, Chris had swallowed his second load.

As I listened to Chris and Forest, I heard Jay gasping and whispering to Frankie. I could make out that Jay was the bottom, and that he liked what Frankie was giving him. They were renewing a game they had played before.

Tired and pleased, I rolled over to get some sleep. Frankie and Jay had quietened down. The only sounds came from Forest and Chris. The shock came when I heard Forest whisper “Your dick feels so good. Fuck me.” Not believing what I was hearing, I raised up just enough to see Chris on top of Forest. No mistake. Forest was a bottom. Somehow Chris had realized that. Smiling to myself, I thought “You never know. “ Sleep took me out of the game. Forest and Chris had outlasted me.

The next morning I woke to the sound of birds chirping and Frankie whispering and giggling. Frankie and Jay had already dressed. They had found us still nude and sound asleep. I,m sure they had checked us out before giggling. I smiled, then woke Chris and Forest. We scrambled into some clothes before others in our group showed up.

To save time, the group loaded the cars. We found a restaurant not far down the road and had breakfast. Then we once more headed west to our destination. Chris was openly teased about sleeping between two men. He teased back that he had heard Frankie and Jay “doing their thing”. I jumped asking Forest if he slept well. He turned red blushing, then softly mumbled that he had fooled around in college. Chris defended Forest by claiming they were just having fun. All of us laughed at ourselves. I reminded them that discretion would save us a lot of embarrassment. We would need to be more private at the university. It was agreed.

We arrived at university that evening. We would be assigned to dorm rooms set up for four to a room. I agreed to share a room with two college boys next to our room so I could be with my group. I was amazed at how well the college handled some three thousand guests arriving from all over the country. After a terrific dinner, we were treated to a stage show featuring several celebrities and a guest speaker. My two college room mates showed us around the campus.

Finally, we made it back to our rooms. The college boys, Bobby and Jimmy, were as impressed with us as we were with them. They were taking summer courses, but had pretty much decided to study us until we left. They were impressed that adults got to take teens to Indian dance contests all over the country. They were equally amazed that the teens and some of the adults dressed up in breechcloth, paint, and feathers to dance barefoot on stage in front of a crowd. Their studies could wait.

After getting acquainted with me, and getting used to having four guests in various stages of dress in and out of their room, they finally announced they were going to shower. Everyone agreed. Six of us grabbed clean skivies and toilet kits. We followed Bobby and Jimmy to a large shower room. It had six or eight shower heads in a room with no door between it and a large dressing room with several benches. There were several cubicles for toilets, and a long enamel urinal on one side.

The boys quickly accepted that there was little privacy allowed for here. They also realized there were a lot of college guys there, most were nude when we entered. The boys were used to the nudity, and I think to the surprise of the older teens and adults, the boys tried their best to mix in as if it was perfectly natural. The room was pretty full. It was obvious we were going to bump and hustle around for water and space. It was not unusual for others to take a quick look at others. Some college boys openly chatted with each other as well as with the teens. I’m sure some of the college boys were there to check out the boys. Some, including Bobby ans Jimmy (who were about seventeen) were making no attempt to hide erections. An erection couldn’t go unnoticed there anyway. I was no exception. I kept a hardon or semihardon the whole time. Chris was in heaven. He not only stayed hard as a rock, he was memorizing every erection in the room. When our eyes met, he blushed but didn’t stop looking. This moment made the trip well worth it to him.

As we moved to the dressing room, I slid behind Chris to dry his back and slide a hand around front to quickly cup and dry off his balls and that long slender stiff rod. No one seemed to notice that he jumped and looked around at me with a big grin on his face. It didn’t help much when he slid into his briefs, so he wrapped the towel around his waist. Forest dressed quickly to rush up so he could get Chris out of there before he got raped by some horny college guy. Between Forest and Chris, all six of us left the showers laughing. Bobby and Jimmy had caught on to our teasing, and were both having trouble keeping quiet.

We went back to my room (with Bobby and Jimmy). They had a small fridge with cold drinks for us. Of course everyone dropped their towels on a bunk to sit on. That left us pretty much exposed except for boxers and briefs. We chatted about sports, school, and girls.. After the drinks, the boys were sent to their room to get some rest. We had been busy. Still, they grudgingly gave in. Boys don’t want to end a great day. Bobby and Jimmy still had a hundred questions about us. They took turns trying to ask how far I had gone with the others without asking if I had had sex with them. I was amused that they were sure I had, but couldn’t believe it.

I soon figured out that Bobby was the top. Jimmy was the bottom. They shared more than a room. When the lights went out, Jimmy slipped into bed with me. The bunk squeaked so I know Bobby heard us. After I had humped Jimmy, I went down 69 on his switching bunks. Then we got some sleep.

Next morning, I paid for my late night exercise. At day break, my boys were back, still in their underwear. They were anxious to get started. I was to go with Frankie and Jay to their first contest for duets. We went to breakfast first, then back to the room for grease paint and Indian dress. Neddless to say, Bobby and Jimmy decided their classes could wait. They watched in awe as I caressed and painted up two gorgeous teens nervously waiting to compete.

As we headed to the stadium. I saw dozens of fake Indians, and some real Indians coming together. Only then did I realize there were Indian tribes on campus to compete. It had just never occurred to me that tribes would compete with us, but it did make sense. Bobby and Jimmy didn’t let us out of their sight.

At the stadium, thousands of people watched as teen duets did their original Indian dances . The dances were based on Indian tribal dances from all over America. The dances were judged by Indian tribal chiefs. Slowly, and sometimes painfully, teams were eliminated from the contest. Frankie and Jay were good. They were gorgeous, both in looks and in dance. They would dance again in the finals the next day. Both would also compete that night in solo dancing.

It was that night that we would take our first setback in the competition. Forest, Bobby, Jimmy, nd I set together up front in the stadium as the boys danced. All of them were good - very good. But Chris was dropped from the finals. He joined us in tears. Since we needed to stay to see Frankie and Jay compete, I spent at least an hour consoling both Chris and Forest. After we got back to the dorm, Forest took Chris to shower and clean the grease paint off. A short time later, I hit the showers with Frankie and Jay. As usual, there was a crowd there. The college boys wanted to watch the dancers clean up.

The next day, we were once again sitting in the stadium watching Frankie and Jay compete in the finals. Competition was fierce. Frankie and Jay placed second in the duets. They were fantastic. They also wowed the judges by beating out several Indian teams, but also lost to one of them. Jay dropped out of the solo dancing. Frankie did his beautiful Eagle dance. He looked really graceful on stage. Still, he had to settle for third place. Both boys took it in style. Neither had expected to do so well. Our lodge would go home with trophies. We were very pleased. Frankie was even invited to visit two Indian reservations, to dance for them.

The nnext morning, I huggrd and said my farewells to Bobby and Jimmy. They really hated that it was over. We headed east with the group. Everybody spent their last night together at a motel. Forest wanted a room with Chris, so I spent a night of wild and wonderful sex with Frankie and Jay.

When we arrived back home, the families were there to pick up their sons. Shortly after, Jay was off to a private school. Frankie and I would see each other a lot. Frankie was elected a vice-chief in the OA. I was his advisor. The lodge entered a lot of dance exhibits. Frankie and I also visited several Indian reservations where he danced at campfires. That trip had established Frankie and I as both lovers and friends. We were content to be together whenever possible. We realized there would be times when we would have to be discreet, but we made up for those times.



The winter past quickly with Frankie and I sharing in popularity. Frankie would be running for lodge chief in the next election. I had been trained to plan and operate programs. We traveled a lot. During the winter months, Frankie put on dances at numerous campouts and exhibitions in the southesat. Jay couldn’t go because of school. Forest and Chris oftrn traveled with us.

When we slept in tents, Forest and Chris shared one sleeping bag; Frankie and I shared another. We carried a large dome tent with just enough room. You can bet the sleeping bags were cleaned after each trip. Both the sleeping bags and the tent stayed plenty warm all night.

When summer came round again, I returned to camp, but this time as an assistant camp director. Frankie was hired on as a counselor. We shared a large family type wall tent near the camp office. Frankie worked at the office, and ran the campfire programs. My duties included camp administration and operation.

At night, Frankie and I did what lovers do. I felt really lucky to have a boy with Frankie;s body and talent. He was perfection. And I think he felt the same about me. Neither of us were huge or super sex heros. We treated each other as equals. When Frankie wanted to be on top, he got it. The two of us did it all. We also kept our routine discreet. We both needed to be rested each day.

Frankie still had to take a lot from me. There were times when I made out with others. I would take them off to hidden areas, but did not hide it from Frankie. He knew he could do the same. I don’t think he ever did though. He told me he was just happy being with me.

It was another great year at camp. Attendance was up. Programs went well. Both Frankie and I did well. At the end of the camping season, Frankie’s family was transferred to the south. Frankie and I were heartbroken. Still, frankie was elected a lodge chief in his new city.

He went off to college, got married, brcame a preacher, and had two children. We kept in touch, but that was it. Everything came to a screeching halt when frankie developed cancer. Still at a young age, he was unable to fight off the cancer. His family and community lost a beloved community leader when he died.

I chose to write this story in his memory. We started out as a summer love affair, but with Frankie it became so much more. Neither of us believed it would last forever. I agreed with Frankie that at some point he would start a normal life. He always thought I would too. He kept asking, and even tried to help me find the right woman. I tried to explain, but Frankie kept trying. Although he’s gone now, I’ll always remember Frankie.

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