CAMP DANDY 2: Mike and Ray Ovdoc 5/20/10

If you have not read Camp Dandy: Frenchie and Jay, you might want to read that one first. It sets the scene and gives some background not included here.

As I mentioned before, I had no experience as a medic at a scout camp. I was at Camp Dandy as a military medic assigned to temporary duty for training purposes. I had volunteered, according to the hospital where I was stationed. I had previously served as a Marine medic in combat, so I had a slight drinking and attitude problem. Somehow, being at a scout camp didn’t sit well at first. Things changed as I adapted to camp living. My youth and rebelious attitude made me popular with the staff and campers.

My third week at camp brought on some new changes. A school teacher who insisted being called James took over as Camp Director. James had never ran a camp before, but was sure it was no harder than running a school. He looked like a typical teacher - specks and slender build. He was a nice enough guy, but he represented authority. He let us know what he expected of us. He got anything but.

I stayed at a health lodge that was beautiful. It was a rustic building with a wide front porch overlooking the camp lake and the swimming area.

Behind the lodge was a staff campsite. The tents were large wall tents set on platforms. There was room enough on the wooden platforms for the boys to have a front porch area and a smaller back porch. The tents were far enough apart to allow some privacy, but close enough to chat and be good neighbors. There were about six trainee counselors called CITs. Thet were sixteen to eighteen, but younger exceptions were made.


The nearest tent to the health lodge was about fifty feet. I was able to step out on the back porch and chat easily with my closest neighbors, Mike and Ray. Mike was a fifteen year old doll with jet black close cropped hair, a permanant tan that every one envied. He looked like he had a summer tanany lifeguard would love. He also had a swimmers build. He was assigned to the swimming area, which centered around the T-shaped dock in front of my health lodge.

We hit it off shartly after we met. Mike and I fooled around when I invited him to use my shower.instead of going to the staff shower some distance from his tent. Mike wasn’t shy. He would walk up to the porch of my lodge, and sat with me, looking out over the beach and dock. Mike always wore speedos, and it was hard not to notice the impressive bulge in them. As we sat on chaise lounges chatting, both of us checked out each other. Neither of us said anything. We just caught each other looking. We would blush, quickly looking away. At times, we would go swimming, teasing and groping, but always accidentally.

It was not until Mike took me up on my offer to use my shower that we took it a little further. Mike had suggested that it would be a shame to waste the hot water. We could shower togather. I wasted no time shucking the swim suit. Neither did he. We were soon splashing each other like tots, feeling and groping openly. Mike soon dropped to his knees. Pulling me closer, he opened up and took the head of my shaft inside. He licked and sucked, slowly working his way down until he had it all. There was no choking or gagging. He knew what he was doing. Way too soon, my balls were drawing up tight against my shaft. I tried to warn him, but he would have none of that. As I pushed my shaft deep into his throat and held it there, I pumprd my load down his throat. Not only did he swallow, he pullrd back cleaning out enough to taste before he let me go.

As Mike rose, I gave him a long passionate hug. Then I also dropped to my knees and easily engulfed his five inch stiff. He had a nice sized patch of black hair at the base. I knew he was ablr to shoot, and probably jerked off several times a day. As much as I tried to give him my best, Mike was a typical teen. He held me tight, rapidly pumping my mouth. In just a few minutes, he had dumped his load. Mike had a way of keeping me in laughter. I came up teasing that he was too fast. He responded that he loved it. He could do it again , but we had to get back to our duties.

He later told Jay about it. Jay was his buddy. They were in the same troop. Jay would decide to make his move on me. I also did another friend of Mike’s - Frenchie. The three of us wound up on a secret beach called the Pointe. It was then I figured out Mike had told Frenchie and Jay about us. Although not happy about this, I figured Mike had played around with Jay on troop outings. Maybe with Frenchie too. Mike was a little older than Frenchie and Jay, and he liked gay sex.

There was another reason I thought Mike was gay. He was very close to his tent mate, Ray. It didn’t long to figure out why. When I got up each morning at the health lodge, I would glance out the rear window in my room. As I mentioned, their tent was just a short distance away. One morning, I caught Ray standing on the back edge of his tent platform. He held his dick waiting for the stream to start. He had a good reason. The shaft was stiff. He had woke with a morning woody. It’s hard to pee when your shaft is stiff. But what caught my attention was the length of that tool. Ray had at least six inches. Probably more, I thought.It wasn’t all that thick. It was slender, but long. This was a sixteen year old with a magnificent tool. To go with it, he was tall and slender for his age. And good looking, too.

Ray had no idea I was watching him from the window. He waited patiently for his shaft to relax. Then waited as a long high stream of pee splattered the plnts next to his tent platform. Mike soon joined him, paying little notice to Ray. They chatted briefly, then disappeared back inside the tent. I would repeat this scene many mornings throughout the summer. Either one or both would appear to take a leak. At times, they would play with it briefly. Since others could catch them, they never touched each other. Just took a leak, then dressed for breakfast.

After the boys staying at my lodge had left, Mike wasted no time letting me know he was there. At first, it was just him that would show up at my lodge. He would chat. We would sit on the porch, play cards, and fool around. Since we had already blew each other, we weren’t shy. Sometimes, we would giggle and jerk off over the rail of the front porch. Both of us waited for dark to do this. It was kinda exciting to do it so openly. On rare occasions, we would quickly cover up when unexpected guests showed up.

 On several occasions, Mike would tease me as I treated boys with minor injuries. One way he did this was to stand behind me as I examined them. He would rub against my back, pushing his stiff bulge between the valley of my buns. Of course, that not only made me horny, it caused my dick to become stiff. The stiff created a bulge in my shorts. The bulge would tent out the shorts. The patient would stare at the bulge. I would become uneasy trying awkwardly to rearrange the stiff. Ever try to move your stiff dick while a teen boy is watching? Or watch helplessly as your patient is trying to estimate how big your dick is?

As you might have guessed, I warned Mike he owed me for causing me such grief. Actually, I found it exciting.

In addition to his duties on the aquatics team, Mike was an Indian dancer for the camp. His dark skin made him a natural. He knew that, and took advantage of it. The camp was proud of it’s camp fire programs. I was fascinated by them. All of the junior staff was trained to put on shows for campers and guests. Ray was also on the team. Practice shows were very informal. The boys usually wore shorts or swim suits at rehearsals, but some just wore briefs. Youger campers weren’t allowed at practice because the dances were “secret”. That also applied to the leaders. I think I was an exception because of my popularity. Or maybe because medics were usually included in anything.

At any rate, Mike went with me back to the lodge to shower and clean up. As usual, he teased and played around as we stripped for the shower. That did it. I was already excited and horny. I carried him to my bed where I made love to every part of his body. He wasn;t doing so bad either. I closed the lodge. We were already undressed. Returnining to the bed, I rolled him over on his stomach, greased up my fingers, and loosened him up. Mike moaned and groaned, but knew what was coming. He watched smiling as I greased up my shaft with KY. When I spread his legs, he grabbed a pillow and hugged it. I slowly and gently placed the head at his rear door. Firmly I pushed in while Mike pushed back. When he was able to relax, the head slipped inside. He grunted and squeezed. I paused until I felt him relax again. Then I slid in further. When I felt my body against his, I knew I was in. After another pause, I moved the shaft around inside him. He was soon again relaxed. I started our with slow easy strokes, but when he pushed back to meet me, I knew he was ready. Speeding up my rhythm, I was soon slapping it to him. It wasn’t long before I felt my dick pulsing and erupting inside this gorgeous speciman. He knew it too. We both grunted and moaned as I finished it off.

We rested for a moment and hugged each other. I found out Mike had been screwed before, but not by a grownup. He had had affairs with other boys. We showered and agreed to meet again. Mike headed back to his tent where Ray was waiting. I knew Ray had to be one of the other boys Mike had referred to, but I didn’t push him for names.

Ray had met Mike at camp. They had agreed to be tent mates, but didn’t know much about each other. Ray lived in a neighboring city. At camp, he worked in scoutcraft skills, so he didn’t see Mike much until activites were done. The two would meet at the tent, where they had to get dressed for dinner. It was through Mike that I got to know Ray. He was not as outgoing as Mike, but slowly accepted me. It was also clear to me that Ray didn’t know much about sex. At least, not until now.

The night after I had screwed Mike, he came back to visit. As usual, he wore only his speedos. But this was not a usual visit. Following behind him was his friend, Ray, wearing khaki shorts. I liked sleeping in my boxer shorts, and had them on. It was hot and muggy, but a cool breeze blew off the lake. We got a drink from the fridge. Mike knew I liked to kick back on a lounger on the front porch. We had watched the moon and stars silently making out while the camp slept. The half moon reflected off the water, giving off a soft light that allowed us to make out images in the darkness.

We chatted about the weather, camp, school,eventually getting to horny boys jerking off. Of course, this led to confessing that we jerked off often, and that it was normal. As always, this caused stiffies. I led the way by letting my chunky shaft rise through the open slot in my boxers. Like I said, it was semi-dark. Mike could see the image. He slid down his speedos, allowing his slender shaft to poke out. Without saying anything, we grntly began stroking our rods. Ray may have been shy, but he was also horny. A few seconds after he saw what we were doing, he slid the zipper open on his shorts. His long slender rod was easily the tallest one there. I think he felt pretty safe there in the dark. The three of us strained to get a casual close up look at each other. The ice was broken. We were stroking our dicks together and watching each other. The fact that Ray and Mike had done this before helped. The fact that Mike and I had done each other helped. But now, we three were making our move just doing what was normal. We were horny. Horny guys jerk off. Nothing to be concerned about. ...Yet.

The conversation had trailed off. We weren’t trying to shoot off, just three guys who felt good playing with their poles. Mike made the next move. He pushed his speedos all the way off to get more comfortable. Casually following suit, I slid out of my boxers to show everything. Ray pushed off the shorts. For a moment, we looked each other over although we couldn’t see that much more in the darkness. That probably gave us a sense of safeiy.

It also opened up the next move for Mike. He silently reached out to both of us. He was seated in the middle. His right hand replaced mine as he softly stroked my dick for me. His left hand grasped Ray’s treasure, and did the same. No big thing. It felt good. Neither Ray or I made ant move to object. Both of us silently knew Mike had taken control. He smiled first at me; then at Ray.We had now gone from stroking our privates to touching each other. Mike had raised the level and the ante.

I watched Ray. He was not backing away. As if he was thinking the same thing, he looked at me. Neither of us was surprised that Mike wanted to play. It confirmed our suspicions that Mike had done this before with each of us. But now, he was doing it openly. We didn’t have to wonder. It was fact. How far did Mike want to go with this?

We didn’t wait long for the answer. Mike slid off his lounger to kneel next to mine. He motioned for Ray to slide over next to me. I expected Ray to object,, but he didn’t. He laid there smiling at me while Mike slowly lowered his lips over the head of my dick. As Mike bobbed gayly up and down, Ray went back to slowly stroking his joy stick. After a few minutes, Mike switched. I watched as he worked Ray’s long slender shaftin and out. I think Mike had hoped to make this game last awhile. It didn’t. Ray grabbed Mike’s head and plunged deep. I watched as Ray filled Mike’s throat and mouth, moaning oprnly. Finally, he let go, laying back still gasping for breath. Mikr then turned to me and I also fed him my load.

After that, the three of us grabbed our stuff and went back inside. I flipped on the lights getting my first up close look at Ray’s dick. We washed up quickly, dressed, and the boys headed back to their tent. I’m pretty sure all of us slept good that night.

The next such meeting was the next night. Ray was curious, and had heard about stuff like this, but had not gone that far.. He admitted he had done stuff with Mike, but there was stuff he would not do. He would not suck dick. That was gay. So was letting some one stick their dick in your butt. It was clear Mike had been the agressor, but Ray was still in control. For a few nights, Ray and I jerked off with Mike and let him blow us. Mike even let Ray screw him one night. Usually they had done that only in their tent.

Things changed that weekend. Mike had gone home for a dayto be with family. Ray came over to the lodge alone. He missed Mike, and we had became good friends. We had played with each other’s dick. Ray and I were impressed with each other. He seemed to know I wanted to go further. I had done so with Mike. He knew I kept booze hidden in the lodge. Mike had told him. He wondered if he could try it too. I offered to spike a coke for him. We sat on the porch chatting and drinking. After jerking each other off, Ray felt funny and wanted to lay down. I led him to my bed. He dozed off quickly.

I joined Ray shortly after he went to sleep. Rolling him facing me, I laid down head to toe. Ray moaned a little when I went half way down on that special slender foot long hot dog. It was stiff even before I took it in. I knew Ray was ready to go further, but needed a reason. Not long after I went to work on him, I slid my shaft into place in front of his mouth. I slid it across his lips several times. Finally, he opened up just enough to taste the precum with his tongue. Then he allowed his tongue to lick just the head almost as if he was kissing on it. Finally. He opened up enough to take a little more in, and started sucking on it. I knew at this point, I had him. Ray was sucking his first dick. He wasn;t backing off.

As I turned my attention back to my first time blowing him, I took my time. Going all the way down, I showed him I could take all of shaft. Not wanting to take his load too soon, I would stop pumping to rest. He was anxious, and would push in again. Not paying that much attention to his own action on my dick, he had allowed it to start pumping deeper. This meant he had to watch that it didn;t go too deep. It caused him to gag. It didn’t take long. Ray was one of those teens that shoots quickly. That would turn out to be a problem for him. As he felt his orgasm coming on, he began pumping vigorously. His dick started to throb. He pushed deeper and his load gushed into my mouth and throat. That sent me over the edge. I also exploded. I don’t think Ray realized that until it was way too late. He had already swallowed part of it before he could back off. I kept sucking his trying to get it all. Exhausted and confused, Ray pulled away when his dickhead became sensitive and felt weird.

I turned around and laid down next to him. He didn’t know whether to be angry with me or not. Not only had he just sucked somebody’s dick. He had swallowed their load as well. His macho defense was already damaged as I smiled and hugged him close. Ray was loving our sex, but confused. What he had just done was gay. He looked at me strangely. He didn’t pull away. He asked if the booze did that. I answered he could blame the booze, but if he liked it, he would want it again. He smiled and dozed off again.

Ray’s attitude lightened up a little the next morning. I reminded him the booze idea was his. I had gone along with it because I wanted him - but he knew that. We both agreed it would be our secret. He didn’t want Mike to know. Or anyone else. After breakfast that mobning, we went sailing. We wound up at the Pointe. This time Ray and I blew each other again. No booze. His decision. Our secret. Ray knew it would be a summer fling. He had decided he could live with that.

Ray watched a few days later when I bent Mike over my bed and tmpaled him on my dick. He admitted Mike had told him I had screwed him. At first, he wasn’t happy about it. He felt jealous although he knew Mike had had sex before meeting him. Still, he felt Mike was his. Now that I was part of their fun. He was willing to share. He just didn’t see how Mike could like being used like a girl. Mike took it in stride. He was being loved by two guys he loved a lot.

A short time later, Ray and I were alone again. Mike was gone. Ray had only been fooling around a short while when he blurted out he needed a drink. At first, I didn’t catch on. I dumbly blurted out that he got upset when we did that. He just smiled. Ray didn’t argue a lot. He had gone as far as he was going to go.

After a few seconds, it sank in. Ray was ready and willing to go further. All the way. I mentally kicked my butt for being so dumb. Without an other word, I fixed him a rum and coke spiked enough to bite him. Then we proceeded to play around. This time, I concentrated on getting a finger inside his hole. Even though it was greased, Ray kept clamping down hard on it. This was an area he had said he would not give up. He didn’t tell me to stop. When I suggested he wasn’t ready, he pushed back on the finger and oprned up enough to get about half way in. He moaned in pain. I stopped to let him accept it. When he relaxed again, I pushed in far enough that I could find hid prostate and rub it. This time he didn’t jerk. He moned in pleasure, trembling and arching forward. When I did it again, he sighed deeply and opened up sighing that it felt great. When he relaxed, I slipped in the second finger to loosen and stretch the sphincter. Ray was ready.

As he watched, I paused to lube up my shaft and his hole. Rolling him over in the fetal position, I eased the fingers out. He looked back to see what was happening. I moved into position with my dickhead up against the hole. Ray clamped up a couple of times holding me out. The third time I just held it there telling him to relax and push down when was ready. He did as I asked. A sharp gasp and clamp told me he had taken the head in. He didn’t try to push it out. He paused, then pushed back as I helped by pushing forward. It took time. I knew it hurt. But Ray was as determined as I was. He didn’t stop pushing back until he felt the hair on my groin flatten out on his buns. I was in. He looked back with a slight grin on his face.

I didn;t try to set up a rhythm at first. I moved around inside him looking for his love button. Once I found that and showed him it felt good, he started moving his butt around loving the feeling of me inside him. I held on to his dick playing with it to increase his pleasure.

As I started my slow short strokes, Ray was relaxed with it. He simply explained it felt like he was full. My dick felt really long to him. Whenever my dick touched his love button, he felt an electrical jolt going up and down his spine causing his toes to curl and his butt to push back to meet my balls. It wasn;t long before I was pulling the shaft all the way back, Then I would plunge in hard rnough to hear us slap together. I tried to keep it slow to make it last, that gave way to my overwhelming desire to orgasm. I needed to shoot my load. I had wound up on top of Ray. He was rolling with the pounding until I shoved forward and held it in. My balls were tight. My shaft delivered it’s load. Ray could feel it pump. He knew I was done. My load was deep inside him.

Both of us was still hot, exhausted, and sweaty as I collapsed on top of him. As we came back to earth, I kissed the back of his neck, nibbled on his ear, and reluctantly rolled off his back. He rolled over to face me. This time, he was sheepishly smiling.

“Now you done it.” he whispered as if someone might hear him.

“Done what?” I asked.

“You stole my cherry. Mike said when someone is the first to screw you, they get your cherry.” Ray answered.

“And you messed up the bed.” I pointed at the wet spot in front of him. He had shot off during our fun.

As I cleaned the bed, Ray made a dash for the toilet. My load was leaking. From his butt. After that, we showered, then crawled back in bed. He willingly lost another cherry that night. Ray had given in, but felt O K with it. I knew he would give in whenever we were alone.

It didn’t take long after that day for Mike to suspect something had changed. It might have been the way Ray and I seemed to be closer. Or maybe it was because Ray no longer boasted about being so much more macho. He wasn’t. Not really. Ray was quieter and more serious.

Mike was anything but sissy. He was more risky and mischievous than Ray. It was hard to take Mike seriously at times. I think Mike and I both confused Ray. I was not only popular, but became known for my practical jokes. No one was immune.

One night as Mike, Ray, and I were goofing off in front of the camp’s beautiful dining hall, I came up with an idea. The camp was very proud of this building. It had a big stone fireplace and held some two hundred campers at a time. Meals were served with pride. Cleanliness was a must. Dinners were semi-formal. Camp uniforms were worn to dinner. I wondered out loud what would happen if someone hid some ripe fish inside the building. Ray caught on immediately.

“Count me out. They’ll fire you on the spot. Besides, where would you hide the fish? You got to be out of your mind. Forget it.” Ray pleaded.

Mike was in instanily. “The cooks would freak out. What you gonna do?’

I looked up at the big brick chimney for the fireplace. “What if the fish were hanging down in the chimney? They couldn’t be seen. And they don’t use the fireplace in the summer.”

Ray was still against it. He wasn’t gonna get fired. Still, he wanted to know how we planned to do this.

Mike knew where to get a couple of fresh fish some camper had caught. He not only got the fish, he and I climbed onto the dining hall roof and quickly up the A-frame to the chimney top. There he dropped the fish down the chute, leaving them dangling from the string tied to a stick stradling the chute. No one had seen us.

The next morning wasn’t bad. No one seemed to notice anything. At lunch, There was a slight smell, especially behind the head table, where me and the senior staff sat. A few sniffed, but no one said anything. But that evening the stench was ripe. The camp director asked the steward why the odor. No one knew. A search was made, but produced no results.

The second day, a thoruogh scrub was done. It didn’t help. Neither did the huge fans used to blow air around. Campers were complaining. A young camper with his nose clamped looked up the chimney, and frantically motioned for the steward.

The fish was promptly removed. An angry camp director boomed into the camp’s loud speakers “The campers responsible for this stuntneed to see me at the office. We already have information on who did this.Camp leaders will be expected to decide the punishment. The dining hall will be aired out all afternoon.”

Mike and Ray were all over themselves laughing at the announcement and the prank. Ray now couldn’t believe the campers were being blamed. Mike couldn’t wait to tell all his friends back home. Rumors spread all over camp about the “fish phantom”. Several staff members asked me if they could get in on the next prank. Mike had told one friend too many. I was worried. I had grown to like the camp. I had also underestimated the campers and the staff. No one told. I was just another rumor at camp, but back in town the story made me a hero - the “phantom”.

Ray saw Mike differently after the prank. After letting Mike blow him one night, he returned fhe favor. Mike couldn’t believe it. Not long after, Ray openly bent over a bed at the lodge and handed me the lube. When Mike walked in on us, he froze. He didn’t say a word, but smiled at me and at Ray. He was right. Something had been going on. Ray had given himself to me. His boast that no one would get his butt was history. That night, Ray also rolled over for his friend. He still didn’t like being a bottom, but fair is fair.

The three of us spent a lot of time at the point. There were other campers and staff who joined me for fun at the health lodge or other hideouts at the camp. Mike and Ray didn’t mind all that much. Their summer fling was really with each other. As far as I know, Ray pretty much stayed with Mike. They shared the same tent all summer. Mike also saw other teens during the season. He was always popular, and continued playing pranks.

As for the fish prank, and a few others, word spread that camp was really fun. Camp attendance soared. People actually came to camp to find out if stories were true.

 My popularity did have it’s problems. While I did make time for Mike and Ray on weekends, a full camp meant long hours for the camp medic. Homesick campers showed up at night with tummyaches and such. Some stayed overnight.

A scout leader showed up one night with three boys from his troop. One was his son. The scout leader had been making rounds after taps to make sure the boys were accounted for before he turned in. At his son’s tent, he heard unusual noises. When he opened the tent flaps, he found his son and two friends nude - and jerking off. The leader paniced. He dragged all three of them to the health lodge because they had “mental problems”. I actually had to convince the father that all boys jerk off. “Circle jerks” at summer camp are common. To ease the situation, I agreed to talk with the leader alone the next day - after meeting with the boys.

When the leader’s son came in the next morning, Mike was taking a shower. No accident. I had planned it. As I explained to the teen that masturbation is no big problem unless your dad catches you, he admitted that it was not the first time. Reluctantly, the boy admitted he had done other things his dad didn’t know about. I suggested he not tell dad any more than he knew.

As we chatted, Mike came out of the shower. He was still nude, but carried a towel over his shoulder. His well endowed dick was clearly visible. It swung limply from side to side as he walked. He stopped to apologize for walking in on us. Bobby, the boy, shrugged. He knew Mike from the waterfront. He hadn’t seen him nude. Bobby’s eyes were glued on Mike’s pride. He glanced up as I asked if his was that big. Bobby shook his head “no”. Mike smiled, then stepped closer still drying off.

“No big deal. Doc and I sometimes jerk off together. It’s fun, and no one else needs to know.” Mike confided.

Bobby seemed to relax a little. He still kept staring at Mike’s body, taking in the beauty. He also squirmed trying to hide his own problem -a stiff that was hard to hide in the skimpy camp shorts.

“You and Doc do stuff?”, Bobby squeaked nervously, still staring at the stiff now easily within reach.

“It won’t bite if you touch it.”, Mike whispered.

I had closed the door to the office and latched it. No one was going to bother us. I nodded to Bobby to go ahead.

He reached and boldly wrapped a hand around Mike’s hardon, slowly stroking it as he felt it, then also felt the ball sac. He watched Mike, then me, to see if this was some sort of a trick.

Mike laid down the towel. He told Bobby to stand. I unbuttoned his shorts. They slid slowly down his thighs as I hooked my thumbs under his briefs and slid them down to his ankles. His dick sprang up. His balls had dropped. He had a crop of brown pubes at the base of his four incher. Bobby stepped out of the clothes. Mike gently clasped Bobby’s shoulders and pressed down. Bobby didn’t resist. He dropped to his knees. Eye to dick , Bobby leaned back on his thighs and slowly slid his lips down Mike’s shaft. It wasn’t a first, but he wasn’t a pro either. He began to suck and taste this new toy he had found. A few seconds later Bobby ignored me. He was busy dobbing up and down. Soon Mike took over. He was pumping Bobby’s mouth. A few “Oh yeahs’ told me Mike was done. Bobby didn’t let go until Mike pulled free.

Bobby was no longer feeling like a kid in trouble. I sat him on the edge my desk and gave him a slow, but thorough blow job that drove him over the edge. He gave up a small watery load, sighing in ecstacy.

“I’ll need to see you and the other boys tonight after dinner. Mike and I haven’t finished explaining what you guys did wrong.” , I told him.

“You gonna do that again?”, Bobby giggled.

“I’m going to also meet with your father to try to explain what you guys did. It would help if you guys waited until dad’s in bed before you do any more circle jerks. Maybe you could do them on hikes.”, I added.

Bobby agreed as he he dressed and headed back to his campsite.

I met with his dad later. I asked if he had ever jerked off as a boy. He reluctantly agreed he had. He still did. I told him I didn’t know any man who has not jerked off. To blame a boy for being a boy just didn’t make sense. I advised him to allow for growing up in the boys. I explained he should talk to his son about changes. He needed to realize his son was just going elsewhere to find out what he needed to know. Dad took it well. He was really relieved to find out his son wasn’t gay. Well, not yet anyway.

That night, Mike joined me again when I met all three boys. I knew it would make a big difference if another teen was there. It did. By the time the talk was over, Mike and I had done all three of them. Two of the boys returned the favor. We met with Bobby twice before he went home.

Finallt, summer came to an end. I was awarded a commendation for my work at camp. I really felt depressed that my punishmrnt was over. Camp Dandy had turned out to be a dandy place to be. Nontheless, I returned to the base for duty - and promptly started checking out the lonely guys in uniform.

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