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by Macout Mann


Winston has been coming to Camp Lookout every summer since he was ten. Now at twenty he is a first-year senior counsellor. His summers here are still his favorite time of the year.

Camp Lookout comprises three hundred acres of scenic property along the Little River atop Lookout Mountain in the northeast corner of Alabama. To get there you turn off U.S. 11 onto State Highway 117, wind your way past Mentone almost to the Alabama-Georgia border, and turn into a gravel road marked only by a small sign reading "CAMP LOOKOUT. Private."

In 1988 the camp is still owned by seventy-six-year-old Malcolm Partridge. He started the enterprise at the height of the depression. Without a job and finding no market for his recently inherited mountain top legacy, he decided to start a summer camp for boys. For the first few years it barely put food in his mouth, but gradually it developed into one of the Southeast's most popular and socially esteemed camping sites. To put it mildly, it is now a cash cow with waiting lists for every session every year.

Little River is the only river in the nation that begins and ends on a mountain top, terminating in a roaring water fall in Desoto State Park, a few miles south of the camp. The river is great for canoeing and rafting. In the early days it also served as the place for swimming, despite the current. Now a man-made lake serves as a swimming hole, and it is large enough for row boating as well. The camp also offers horseback riding, hiking, rappelling, caving, and individual and team sports, including archery and fencing, about any activity an active boy would want to try. There are crafts to challenge the campers as well.

The major tourist attractions on Lookout Mountain are in Tennessee around Chattanooga. Its highest point in in Georgia. But the biggest part stretches south into Alabama, where its most picturesque sites are found. In the camp's many acres there's both ample beauty and rugged terrain to explore.

The camp operates for twelve weeks each summer and serves boys from ten to sixteen years old. A few well-heeled campers come for the entire season. There are six week options, but the majority of boys come for only one of three four week sessions.

The major buildings are arranged along a level stretch on the riverbank. There are ten cabins for campers, each named for an Indian (Native American) tribe, and designed to house eighteen campers and two counsellors. Still there are twenty beds in each bunkroom. Sometimes problems arise requiring that campers be moved from one cabin to another. There is a large mess hall, which with a stage at one end also serves as an assembly area. There is an infirmary with a physician in residence and an administration building which also serves as a utility building. Several craft shacks, storage buildings, and stables complete the layout.

Further away is a dormitory housing the cooks and other adult workers that keep the camp functioning. There is a "grunt dorm," (more about that later), and on a crest at the highest point in the complex is Malcolm Partridge's home.

Malcolm is still very much in evidence. Every day he wanders from activity to activity, gives advice to the counsellors, and takes all his meals with the boys in the mess hall. The day to day management of Camp Lookout, however, he has passed to his friend, Chester Huff. Chester was one of the earliest ten-year-old campers at Lookout. He progressed to become a counsellor seven years later, and during the next few years became Malcolm's closest associate. They have been housemates and have shared in the running of the camp ever since.

Like Winston, almost all the counsellors have been campers. Ideally, a counsellor will have responsibility for each of the sports or crafts offered, but sometimes an expert in something like fencing or skeet shooting must be brought in. The counsellors, however, have always provided the continuity that makes the camp what it is.

After their sixteenth summer, applications flow in from former campers seeking to become counsellors. Each year only four to six counsellors retire or leave for other reasons. Once a counsellor graduates from undergraduate school, he may no longer be a counsellor. So from the sixteen-year-old applicants, Malcom and Chester choose twelve to become seventeen-year-old grunts.

Counsellors must be at least rising college freshmen. Grunts are seventeen- year-old high school seniors. They come to be tested. They are paid minimum wage and are charged half the amount they earn for room and board. They spend the summer doing stuff like polishing pots and pans in the kitchen and cleaning shit out of the stables. They have been appraised as campers but are further closely evaluated. A grunt who shows off like he's better than even the lowliest camper is written off. It's a system that works well. From the grunts are chosen the new junior counsellors for the following year.

The grunts and the counsellors all arrive a week before the first session begins. There is much to do.

The counsellors hear or rehear "the lecture." Malcolm delivers it each year almost verbatim.

"You are the older brothers of the campers," he begins. "Each one of your charges, even the teenagers, must look up to you. And you must be a real brother to them."

Then toward the end of his speech he says, "And be aware, men, that in every session we have boys that are `different.' We have never allowed boys to be teased or bullied at Camp Lookout. Any camper that can't get that message will be sent home. And Mr. Huff and I want you to tell us about any boys that you perceive to be different in any way."

Malcolm speaks the truth. He will willingly give up three to five hundred a week in income to drive home the realization that bullying is not tolerated at Camp Lookout. When he was growing up he was mercilessly bullied for being "different." And accommodation is made at Lookout for campers who are. And not only for campers who are gay. Those who are smart beyond their years or who have special talents are given special tasks in keeping with their interests. Those who lag behind their peers are given additional help, be it with athletic pursuits or crafts. But as youngsters with homosexual tendencies are identified, they are monitored in the hope that they can mature in the best possible way.

Two of the ten cabins house all the ten and eleven year old campers. Three house twelve and thirteen year olds. As boys get older, interest in going to camp increases. Of the five cabins for fourteen to sixteen year olds, two are almost always reserved for guys whose gay tendencies have been identified. The "Choctaw" cabin is for the "butcher" boys; the "Chickasaw" cabin for the more effeminate ones.

Obviously, as gay boys come to appreciate how they are treated at Lookout, they tend to encourage their friends to come. So that's why as many as forty percent of the older campers may be gay.

Yet, the way the camp is run, no one would guess that any emphasis is being put of campers who are "different." For example, if anyone wonders why the Chickasaws are less macho than others, they are told that since they are less athletic, they are grouped together in one cabin so they can more easily be worked with. No one ever has the slightest indication that either Malcolm or Chester are gay. And they are certainly not pervs. Neither has ever had any sort of relationship with a camper or a grunt. Counsellors may be something else again. But many a straight counsellor has finished his four years of service without any idea that the management has any interest in gay boys beyond protecting them from being hassled. And by the time they become counsellors they certainly have come to believe that helping boys who are "different" is a worthy goal.

Counsellors are very carefully evaluated. Some are seen to have a particular ability to minister to younger boys. These are mostly guys who have much younger siblings. Counsellors in the senior cabins are often varsity athletes, whom the campers are bound to look up to. Counsellors in the Choctaw and Chickasaw cabins have usually also been Choctaws or Chickasaws.

So it is with Winston, who is senior counsellor in the Choctaw cabin for the first time this year. He is also one of three water-safety instructors who share oversight of the swimming program.

It is Friday night. Tomorrow the campers will begin to arrive. Malcolm and Chester lie together in bed facing each other, each fondling the other's hard dick. Malcolm has lost none of his studliness.

"I want your cream at least twice tonight," Chester says. "We've got a few hard days ahead."

"And I want you at least three times," Malcolm rejoins.

"Unlike you, I'm getting to be an old man. Can't cum like I used to," Chester giggles.

"Always knew you were a wimp."

"Seriously, love, we need to start thinking about training up some dude to be my successor as manager. Neither of us is getting any younger, and we don't want to be caught short."

"You're right," Malcolm says, "but I don't want to talk about that right now. Right now I want your dick in my mouth."

"Me too."

In the counsellor's room in the Choctaw cabin, Roger Merrill's mouth is already passionately caressing Winston's dick. Roger is Winston's brand new junior counsellor and they have shared a bed every night this week. Once the campers arrive, they will still have sex, but an unwritten rule says that they not sleep together. Too bad. Winston loves to wake up with his soft prong resting in the small of Roger's back.

Winston has known Roger ever since he first came to camp, and Roger became a Choctaw the last year that Winston was a camper. So that was the year they first had sex. Winston is delighted that Roger has stayed with the program.

Tonight Winston fucks Roger's face until he deposits his load down his buddy's throat, then takes Roger's prong into his hungry mouth. Like the men in the house on the hill above them, Winston knows that they'll be busy bees the next few days, so he wants tonight to be special. He'll drink Roger's cum, they'll make out for a while, then fuck each other before drifting off to sleep. Winston's sure they'll wake up and do it all again before sunrise. Then they can greet the bright new day and the new crop of campers.

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