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by Macout Mann


Camp Lookout has always had "scholarships." Well almost always. Mostly these are funded by former campers who have made good. And Malcolm and Chester often each bring one boy to camp for free each year. Until now the beneficiaries of the "scholarships" have always been acquainted with their benefactor donor. Malcolm could learn all about each boy before he arrived. This year that changes.

Years ago Mason Harriman came to Lookout as a "scholarship" camper and loved the experience. He is now a partner in a major Philadelphia law firm and has underwritten a "scholarship" for a poor boy to be selected by the youth ministry of his church. The first to be chosen is fourteen-year-old Ben Foster. He arrives today and is to be a Mohican.

Ben is short for his age, but is streetwise and tough. He is a blue eyed dirty blond with hawk-like features. He arrives wearing a too-small t shirt and threadbare jeans.

James Unger, the senior Mohican counsellor, has been briefed, and he tries to make the newcomer be at home.

"You'll feel more comfortable when you get into some shorts," he suggests.

"Aint got nothing but jeans," Ben says. "Didn't think it'd make any difference."

"No problem," James responds. "They've got sheers over at the laundry. We can cut 'em off. Most of the guys wear cutoffs anyway."

"Then what'll I wear back home?"

"I wouldn't worry about that. Somebody your size will have an extra pair of jeans you can use."

"I don't want no charity from no rich boy."

"Like I said, Ben. Don't worry. Mr. Partridge will take care of it one way or another. You just relax and have fun."

"Didn't really want to come anyway."

James does convince Ben to bring both his pairs of jeans to the laundry and let them be cut off. Even with a four inch inseam there are still holes on the ass and thigh. Ben really likes how he looks in them, though. The threadbare look also appeals to some of the other boys, so their cutoffs later in the week wind up with holes in them too.

James also alerts the management to Ben's concerns about wearing cutoffs back to Philadelphia. James can't see why he's concerned about that, when he wore almost obscenely torn jeans south. Malcolm and Chester do understand. He doesn't have any other clothes back home.

The other campers are never told about "scholarship boys." The other Mohicans at first found Ben a bit strange. Well crude. But they found that in baseball he could both pitch and hit. And soon he was "one of the boys."

Eric and Russel quickly become fuck buddies, and Eric seeks out a fourteen-year-old Choctaw to add spice to their relationship. Noah Prescott is from Chappell Hill, North Carolina. His parents are both on the university faculty, and Noah has the run of the campus. Including the rest rooms in the library and commons, where he had been introduced to the joys of sex with college boys. He is a slender, light-skinned kid with golden hair and blue eyes and with the slightest lilt to his voice and his walk.

It is this lilt that attracted him to Ben Foster. Ben is not a swimmer, so is receiving basic instruction from Winston. He is making good progress after a week, although he still has to stay in the kiddie pool during free swim. When he sees Noah climbing out of the lake beyond the rope, he quickly jumps out and approaches.

"Hi," Ben says. "You're Noah, right?"

"That's me," Noah answers.

"I've been wondering..." Ben speaks very softly. "Please don't get pissed off, but I'm fed up with beating my meat...and I was wondering if you could help me out some."

"You're asking me if I'm gay?"

"Uh huh. I guess."

Noah hesitates, then responds. "You might say so. You wanna get blowed?"

"Fuck yeah, man. I need it bad."

"Follow me."

Of course Noah just has to report his escapade with Ben to Eric and Russel. Russel is dispatched to bring Ben into the group.

On the way to the chow line Russel says "hi" and gives a universal signal. He scratches his balls several times. Ben responds by scratching his.

"Thought you and I might get together," Russel mumbles.

Later Russel and Ben canoe up to the flat rock, where Eric and Noah are already waiting.

"So this motherfucker's the reason you knew I was into fucking around," Ben says.

"Yep," Russel answers. "But there are more guys here that like to than you'd think."

Eric and Noah are already naked. The other two quickly join them. Eric reaches for Ben's tool. In a flash all four boys are playing with each other.

"How'd you get started?" Eric asks Ben.

"Needed some spending money," Ben replies. "In Philly it aint hard to cruise the parks and find dudes that'll give you a few bucks to have sex with 'em."

"And you decided you liked it?"

"Hellova lot better than screwing pussy."

"You like to get fucked?" Eric asks.


"You ever been `Lucky Pierre'?"

"Nah. You mean...?"

"I fuck you, while you fuck one of these others. Try it. You'll like it."

Eric retrieves a tube of lube from his discarded cutoffs. Ben chooses Russel. Soon his dick is greasy enough, and after both tonguing Russel's ass and planting more lube than was needed in his chute, he has Russel lean over, hands on knees; and he plants his dick in Russel's ass. Then Eric, after making sure Russel is on balance, stuffs his prong up Ben's bottom. Together they move awkwardly at first, but then in unison. Ben does like it. "Yeah," he moans. "Giving it and getting it."

Eric begins to chant "," as they rhythmically plow their targets. Ben manages to flex his ass muscles each time Eric's dick plunges in.

"Goddam, you're good," Eric grunts.

"You learn to please your regulars, so they'll keep coming back and be more generous," Ben responds.

Meanwhile Noah is watching the show, beating his meat as he does so.

"Come over here, Noah," Russel cries. "Let me suck you. You don't have to jack off."

Ben cums first but leaves his still-hard shaft up Russel's ass. He reaches around Russel's chest and pinches his nips. Eric continues to pound Ben's ass. Next Noah floods Russel's mouth and throat with his baby-making cream. Finally Eric dumps his load into Ben's colon.

Before they drift back downriver, all four boys are sated. The first of many such encounters before the four week session is over.

Eric alerts Winston that there is a Mohican who should be a Choctaw, and this information is relayed first to Chester and then to Malcolm. It probably would have been already known to both, if the usual "scholarship" procedure had been followed.

Ben not only profits from his sexual experiences but becomes a model camper. He learns to swim well enough to qualify to swim in the open lake and take canoes and rowboats out alone. He also becomes an excellent archer. And Malcolm Partridge sends a grunt to the Fort Payne thrift store to buy a pair of jeans for Ben to wear on the plane back to Philadelphia.

He also places a call to Mason Harriman. His main motive is to suggest that Ben be provided with a new set of jeans, when he gets home; but the conversation soon turns to the success of Mason's project and how the camp is faring generally.

"Ben is an ideal camper," Malcolm reports. "He gets along well and has made wonderful progress athletically. I've been thinking about asking him back next year. I allow myself one free camper. Of course he'd have to ride the bus rather than fly."

"That's all great to hear," Mason said. "Would you consider a second boy—in a different session of course—next year?"

"Certainly," Malcolm replied.

"I guess the camp has changed a lot since I was there," Mason speculates.

"Not as much as you might think. Why don't you pay us a visit? Chester and I have loads of room."

"Well, I wouldn't want to come while the Foster boy is there. He might put two and two together."

"We still have one session to go," Malcolm says. "Do come. I'm serious. If you are to be a major benefactor, you need to see what you're spending your money on."

"I think I may."

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