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by Macout Mann


Mark isn't the only fourteen-year-old to attract Elijah's attention. He expects that Blake also is anxious to be with an older camper, particularly a macho dude like him. So he follows Blake into a latrine, which is an old-fashioned one with just a trough to piss in. He stands next to the younger boy, makes no effort to relieve himself, but plays with his dick until it begins to harden. Blake can't take his eyes off it.

"Would you like to play with this thing?" Elijah asks.

"Uh...yeah," Blake responds.

Touch it," Elijah orders.

Blake reaches over.

"You ever been fucked?" Elijah wants to know.


"I'd like to fuck you. Would you like that?"


Elijah directs Blake to one of the secluded spots nearby where he strips the young Chickasaw and has his ass.

"You're a damned good fuck," he tells Blake. "I'd like to get with you again. You ever done a three-way?"

"Uh...huh." Blake is obviously more experienced than Elijah had thought.

"Maybe you and me can hook up with a friend of mine." Elijah is thinking not only of Eric but of Mark as well.

So Elijah's interest in Blake's rear end is why he and Eric were following along behind the boy on Saturday's long hike.

The fourteen to sixteen-year-old trail is the longest and hardest of three. There's a very simple one for the tens-and-elevens. A harder one for the twelves-and-thirteens, but it still can be hiked in time to get back for lunch. The "seniors" each carry a sack lunch, since they are note expected back before three or four. Their trail covers fairly treacherous terrain and the hikers are warned to be very careful, especially around slippery rocks and steep inclines. As usual Patrick Harwood doesn't listen.

At one point a spring gushes over rocks just where the trail drops off about six feet. Patrick isn't paying attention and slips. He falls into a muddy bog at the bottom of the slope, just as Blake and another Chickasaw reach the top. They are followed by Elijah and Eric. The commotion causes several other boys to turn back. Seeing who has fallen, they break into laughter.

Patrick looks up and sees Blake.

"That fucking faggot pushed me!" Patrick yells.

"I did no such thing!"

"The hell you say," Patrick cries. "Just what a fucking queer does. Sneaks up instead of fighting like a man!"

"We saw exactly what happened, shithead!" Elijah shouts Patrick down. "This kid wasn't anywhere near you. You weren't watching where you were going and slipped on the wet rocks."

Several voices called out in agreement.

"I'm beginning to think all of you are nothing but a bunch of dick suckers," Patrick answers.

By this time Winston has arrived.

"What's going on?" he asks.

"Your little pet fairy pushed me off the edge, I guess because I wouldn't let the little motherfucker suck my dick," Patrick spat.

"That's not true. I wasn't anywhere near him." Blake again tries to defend himself.

"Osborne's right, Winston," Eric says. "Elijah and I were right behind him and his friend. This guy wasn't paying attention to where he was stepping and just slipped."

"Well right now, everybody get back on the trail," Winston orders. "Mr. Huff will sort everything out when we get back. But Harwood, what you just said doesn't put you in good stead, even if Osborne had pushed you."

"My god damned lunch is ruined," Patrick protests.

"I'm sure some of your friends will share," Winston responds.

A very hungry Patrick arrives back with the rest of the hikers. Fifty years of informal rules dictate that Winston go first to Patrick's counsellor, William Stanton. He explains what happened on the hike. Together they go to report to Chester Huff. He calls in Patrick, Blake, and all the witnesses.

It becomes apparent that not only is Patrick lying about being pushed, but that for a third time he has violated the camp's rules about bullying.

"Get all your belongings, Patrick," Chester orders. "I think you'll be safer, if you sleep in the infirmary tonight. You'll be going home tomorrow."

"Fuck all of you," Patrick responds.

Chester places a call to the senator's office, the only number he's been given to reach Patrick's parents. He says someone must meet Patrick at the St. Louis airport tomorrow.

It is Saturday night. Free time. Blake finds himself alone in the dark with Eric and Elijah.

"Thanks for your help today," Blake lisps.

"The stupid asshole needed to be sent down," Eric says. "Somebody needs to dry-hole that motherfucker."

"Sooner or later," Elijah responds.

"You promised me a three-way," Blake says.

As twilight deepens, Blake takes Eric in his mouth, while Elijah plunges his hard tube into the youngster's well-used ass.

"I knew you'd like a spit-roast," Elijah moans.

Malcolm and Chester are celebrating week's end as they always do. Together in bed.

"Had to send that Harwood boy down," Chester reports. He describes what happened.

"Shouldn't have taken him," Malcolm says, "but you can't win 'em all."

"Winston really handled the thing well, though," Chester says.

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