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by Macout Mann


The bus that took Patrick Harwood away from Lookout brought Liam Covington back. Liam is one of the six week campers.

Every camp has its share of blowhards, guys who know-it-all and want to run everything. Liam at sixteen is the perfect example. He's not the perfect athlete, but can convince most guys that he's better than they are. He's not dislikable, but certainly not loveable either. He takes Patrick's place in the Cherokee cabin. Immediately he begins to take over.

Camp Lookout has never had a religious affiliation, but it does offer worship opportunities for those boys who would like them. Boys are urged to participate, but it is made clear that the choice is theirs and that they will not be criticized, whatever they choose to do. Each week a minister from either a Baptist, Methodist, Presbyterian, or Episcopal Church in Fort Payne comes up on Sunday afternoon to hold a service. If there is a demand, (Protestants make up the vast majority of campers), a Roman Catholic priest is also available once each session for mass on a Saturday evening. Attendance is pretty good among the younger campers, but does fall off in the fourteen-and-over group.

Bradley Fawcett is a fifteen-year-old first time camper from Birmingham. His folks are pillars of the Ruhama Baptist Church there. He had been to week-long camps at the Baptist Center at Cook Springs, but wanted a longer camping experience; so his parents agreed to let him come to Lookout, provided there would be occasions for worship and Bradley promised to go.

As Liam Covington is settling in, Rev. Francis Blucher in the mess hall is preaching a slightly abbreviated version of his morning sermon at First Baptist, Fort Payne. He then prays interminably, finally dismissing his flock of maybe fifty boys. Like the other ministers who come to Lookout, he always offers to meet privately with any lad who has a problem, but never has any takers. Until today. Young Bradley remains behind after Rev. Blucher's benediction.

"Yes, son?" the preacher says.

"Reverend," Bradley begins, "there's sinning going on, and I don't know anybody else to talk to about it but you."

"Tell me what's bothering you, son."

"Well...I was going to go to the bathroom in our cabin yesterday, and there was two boys already in there and they were jac...They were m...masturbating."

The pastor was not unaware that such things happened even at the Baptist camps, but he reacted like he should have under the circumstances.

"I can see how that concerns you," he replied, "and I will see that the proper people are made aware of what's going on." He gets Bradley's name and the name of his cabin. "I am sure that Mr. Huff and the counsellors will take care of the problem," he advises. "In the meantime, I wouldn't let this bother you anymore. Enjoy camp."

Before Rev. Blucher leaves, he does call on Chester Huff. "One of your campers has come to me. He is very worried about sin in the Mohican cabin," he tells the manager.

"We can't have that," Chester replies.

The Reverend details everything that Bradley told him. His demeanor remains totally serious, but Chester feels all the while that the clergyman can hardly keep from laughing. Nonetheless, the issue has been raised.

So Chester calls in James Unger, the Mohican Senior Counsellor.

"I have a pretty good idea who they're talking about," he says.

"Well tell them to be careful of who may be watching," Chester counsels.

Meanwhile it being Sunday there is ample free time. Eric and Elijah have told Blake about their adventures with Mark; so while Bradley Fawcett is meeting with the reverend, Blake and Mark are secluding themselves in the forest.

"This summer I'm just loving camp," Blake says. "Aren't you?"

"I always like it," Mark answers. "But this year's been special. I got fucked for the first time."

"I got fucked when I was in sixth grade."


"Yeah. They all called me a sissy or a fairy but this one big guy. He was real nice to me. Invited me to come home with him after school. His mom and dad both worked.

"We would play with each other, and he let me suck his dick. He even tasted me a couple of times. And he finally asked me if he could fuck my ass. I couldn't say no.

"God, it felt good.

"After that I've let anybody do me that wants to."

Blake reaches for Mark's crotch. "Would you like to fuck me?" he asks, knowing what the answer will be.

"You better believe," Mark replies.

Blake strips off Mark's cutoffs. "Let me get your dick ready," Blake says. "Then you can rim me."

Blake slobbers over Mark, then leans over for Mark to lube his ass with spit. "Give me that dick," he says.

Mark makes the most of taking Blake's ass. He slips his rigid tube all the way into Blake's well-plowed anus. He tries to take it easy, but he can't. He soon begins to pound in and out, and almost at once he releases his load. It doesn't matter. He's ecstatic.

Unknown to both boys Elijah has sneaked into the underbrush and is watching while he jacks himself off. He remains hidden until Mark has sucked Blake to climax, then reveals himself. "Fuck guys!" he says. "That was some hot shit.

"Let Mark fuck you again, Blake," he adds. "He can probably make it last this time."

Four hundred and fifty miles to the northwest Senator Harwood is preparing for his return flight to Washington tomorrow morning. He listens to Patrick explain how he was kicked out of camp because he made fun of a queer boy. "Those guys down there are all gay or gay lovers," he says. "It's probably for the best that I didn't stay the whole time."

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