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by Macout Mann


The last week of each four week session all three groups play Capture the Flag. The fourteen-plus group plays on Thursday night. Two cabins are Shirts, two cabins are Skins, and the campers in the fifth cabin are divided between the two teams, according to which side of the room their bunk is on.

Liam Covington appoints himself Captain of the Skins, takes their flag and secures it in a tree stump near the clearing. Then he stations himself where he can scare away or take to jail any Shirts that come near the prize.

The Choctaws are also Skins, but neither Eric nor Elijah are interested in challenging Liam's leadership. It is probably the last chance they will have to mess around out in the open. And Eric is fond of saying that one of his most favorite things is to feel the night breeze blowing on his bare skin, while he's having sex. They sneak into the woods just out of sight of the game's action for some action of their own.

"What if some guys come out here and catch us?" Elijah asks.

"You're not coming back next year anyway. It'd probably fuck up my chances to ever be a counsellor, but Huff and Partridge probably know as much about what we are doing as we do anyway," Eric answers. He pulls Elijah to him. "Just let your dick enjoy the cool night air."

They roll together on the grass. Eric tongues Elijah's ear and blows into it. Elijah nibbles on Eric's nipples, which are about as hard as his pole, just only about a hundredth of its size. Soon they are engaged in a passionate sixty-nine. If anyone does notice their cavorting, he doesn't call attention to it.

Meanwhile just yards away Blake is hiding in plain sight. He stands near the edge of the clearing about forty feet from Liam and watches him capture several Shirts. He notices that Liam seems to be guarding a particular area. He bides his time.

About twenty minutes later Liam is in hot pursuit of two invading Shirts, when Blake rushes forward. "Gotcha, Liam!" he yells. "Go to jail!"

"Like hell I will, kid! I didn't even know you were playing."

Across the clearing Winston notices the ado and comes to check it out.

"This kid's just been standing there for I don't know how long. I didn't think he was playing. Then all of a sudden he attacks me," Liam says. "That don't count."

"If he wasn't playing, why would he be wearing a shirt?" Winston responds. "Seems to me like he just was using good strategy. You're in jail, dude."

Blake quickly enlists other fourteen-year-old Shirts and they sweep the area where the Skin's flag must be hidden. Liam hasn't told the other Skins where it is, so in just a couple of minutes, before the other Skins realize what's happening, Blake recovers the flag from its hiding place, and protected by his fellow searchers, runs it home.

Shirts win.

By breakfast time next day Blake's exploits have become the talk of the camp. The wimp is quite the hero. But before that, after "lights out" in the Chickasaw cabin he's already being rewarded in ways he could never have expected when he arrived at camp.

Friday is the last day in the session for scheduled events. At morning swim, Blake promises Winston that next year he'll qualify for the open lake. Winston tells him he's sure he can.

At fencing Thomas bests Blake for the first time. "That's all right," Blake laughs. "At least I captured the flag last night. And by next summer you'll have forgotten everything about fencing you've learned."

Eric sneaks with Mark off to a private place away from Elijah. They do their thing.

"It's been a blast man. I really love that sweet ass," Eric tells him. "You know, even if I come back as a grunt next year, I won't be able to fuck around with you. But you've found out enough this year to do whatever you want next summer."

"It's been great," Mark says.

"Tonight after `lights-out' head into Winston and Roger's room," Eric advises. "Tell `em you want something to remember them by `til next year. They'll tell you to get out, go back and hit the sack. But you tell `em you really need their dicks. That's how I first got to mess around with counsellors."

The climax of each session is Skit Night. Parents are invited to share supper with the campers. Many who have driven their kids to the camp do come and enjoy the festivities. Some of them leave with their sons immediately afterward. Others wait until morning, staying at motels in Fort Payne or with friends who have summer houses in Mentone or other nearby communities. For everyone it is both a happy and sad time.

For Malcolm and Chester the end of session is exhausting and tomorrow will be more so. They fall asleep without conversation or sex.

In the Choctaw cabin, however, after Mark slips out of the counsellors room Eric pays Winston and Roger a late visit.

"I told you two that you ought to check Mark out," he says.

"So it was you that put the little bastard up to that," Winston responds.

"Yeah somebody's got to take my place as slut in chief. I guess since Mark won't be here for the whole time, though, I'll have to find a couple of other guys to do my thing too."

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