Camp Quebec: Filip’s Family November, 2011

Note: This one is dedicated to my friend, Roy. He loved hearing stories about Filip. Comments can be sent to:

A little about me: I was a scout leader from the states in his mid-thirties that had developed a scout exchange program between the U. S. And Canada. I consider myself to be about average in size and looks. My interest in scouting had led me well beyond national borders, allowing me to visit a number of other countries, and, as such, I gained a considerable knowledge of youth programs elsewhere. I also made friends in other countries. Filip’s family was part of that collection.

Renee, Filip’s father was a scout leader in Montreal. He called me one summer years ago asking if I could join him at a camp. He explained it was a family type camp, but was being used as a summer camp by his scout group. I was to meet him at his home. We would go to camp on a bus with some twenty boys. Some of their boys would follow us in mobile homes as they always attended summer camp as a family. How could I resist an offer like that? A French Canadian troop going to camp as only they do. I thought of it as an opportunity that I might get just once in a life time.

I flew up a few days later. Renee picked me up at the airport with his son, Filip carrying a sign with my name on it. One look told me I was going to like Filip. He was a twelve year old with sandy blond hair, blue eyes, and a beautiful face and thin body. I had to remind myself that he was with his father so I didn’t appear to be overly friendly. Nevertheless, we seem to have hit it off instantly. I have no idea why. We just seemed to know each other, even though we had just met. Filip was a little shy like most boys his age, but before long he had overcome that, and was anxious to find out all he could about me. We spent a day at home getting to know his family. Filip had an older brother, Zacques, (14) as openly friendly as Filip, and a ten year old sister. I quickly learned that Zacque loved to tease the younger siblings.

My first set back came on the bus. We had set out for camp early the next morning. Renee’s wife was driving their mobile home to the camp. Zacque and the daughter went with her. Renee had gone ahead with another leader to get to the camp before we did. That left Filip to ride beside me on the bus. This was necessary since I do not speak French, the language most of the boys speak. If I wanted to chat with them, I had to do so through Filip. He was proud to be my spokesman. It seems his father had told the troop I was an important scout leader in the states. This led to some not so nice comments from boys on the bus in French. I was infringing on their privacy. I sensed something was not right. When I asked Filip what was wrong, he quietly answered that they couldn’t talk dirty or tell sex jokes because I was a VIP. I reminded Filip I didn’t speak french. He quickly let the others know. Suddenly there was a lot of chatting and giggling like I expected from boys.

A little later, one of the boys told a story about a new scout who had found out all about sex while camping with his troop. The new boy discovered the joy of getting a blow job from another boy, who insisted he return the favor. The new boy was told this was a secret ritual. He showed the other boys he was brave enough to be one of them by blowing the boy who had done it to him. Not only did he discover he liked getting blow jobs, he also liked giving them. By the time the camping trip was over, the boy had blown most of the boys in his group.

 As the boys giggled and discussed this boy and his antics, Filip quietly repeated it in English to me. Only a couple knew I was aware of the story. They were next to us, and had remained quiet to see how I would react to it. When I laughed that scouting was the same the world over, Filip also laughed. He repeated my comment to the others. The few who understood English confirmed Filip’s claim. The ice was broken. I think every boy on the bus had at least one joke or story to tell. Filip was now important. He could make sure I understood, and could reply for me. Filip had more than a few jokes of his own that he wanted to tell. He did so in English for me, then in French to the others. I added a few sex jokes of my own. The trip turned out to be a big hit. I agreed the boys need not worry about being told on since I did not know them by name yet, and did not tell on my friends.

When we arrived at the camp I shall refer to as Camp Quebec, we pulled up in front of a big log cabin type building. The mobile homes went to their respective sites. The “bunkhouse” as the cabin was called had a large dining hall, a twenty four bunk sleeping room, a big recreational/ lounge room , a large open shower, a kitchen, and several small bedrooms for guests and leaders. Since Renee’s mobile home was small, his two boys would join the other boys at the cabin. I would have one of the bedrooms in the cabin. My luggage had already been delivered by Renee.

During summer camp, every one eats in the dining hall, although the Bunkhouse is primarily for the boys. I had to wonder about that. Their bunk room was next to the rec room, which had games and sofas for socializing. Both boys and girls hang out there. I would discover that the door between the rec room and the bunk room was rarely closed. Another door opened directly into the shower room, which had about a dozen shower heads, but no private booths. The dining room did have a door that was usually closed, but was where every body met for meals and activity planning.

My room was big and spacious, but being a leader’s room, it opened out into the bunk room. To get to it, I had to go through the boys room and the rec room. I also had to go through the bunk room to reach the shower and toilets. The toilets had booths for privacy, except for the urinal, which was a long ceramic trough. There were certain hours set up for girls and families to shower during the day.

After a tour of the camp, Filip and I joined the others in the rec room. There was a coffee area set up for adults with tables to chat, and a large area for games that kept the boys busy, along with a few girls. Dinner was served buffet style. I spent most of my time getting to know every one better, especially the families that had joined us at camp.

 Renee asked if I would mind sitting in on the program planning session. Moms and children headed back to their mobile homes so the boys in the bunk house could shower and get ready for bed. It was getting late. Renee sent Filip to the showers with the others. He would interpret for me.

What surprised me was that the boys returned to their bunks where they changed out of their clothes, leaving them on the bunks to be collected for cleaning.

We sat at the coffee lounge, which was just in front of the bunk room. We could see the boys undressing to their undies as they filed into the showers. Not that it mattered. I may have been surprised, but no one else seemed to notice. Other than a couple of warnings to cut the chatter, the men ignored them. Despite my semi hard on just thinking about the twenty four young almost naked boys scurrying about, I forced myself to pay attention to the meeting.

To make things worse, most of the boys would shower, then return to their bunks wearing only a towel wrapped around their waist. When they reached their bunks, they would continue to dry off by removing the towel to dry their hair or their body. The fact that other boys were doing the same thing in front of them and the men didn’t phase these boys at all. A few caught me looking and just smiled at my curiosity. Since the boys ranged in age from eleven to fifteen, there were slim, chubby, short. And tall ones. Many had no pubes. A few had mature looking packages. They apparently knew what to expect. No one paid that much attention to the others. An occasional peek from a younger boy was ignored by older boys. Of course, there was a rare slap or pop from a towel that brought a warning and a yelp.

There were also boys whose dads were at te meeting who came to the lounge for a good night hug. Two of them were Filip and Zacque, Renee’s sons. Filip sat down next to me asking if he could interpret for me now that he had his shower. Renee agreed. And Zacque sat down next to his dad quietly. Both were wearing only very skimpy French style briefs. Filip sat close to me on a small wooden bench we shared. Thank goodness, it was next to a table. He had a slim body, blond hair, hazel colored eyes, and a cute little pecker that looked like it might be about three inches long, and appeared to be very slender. But it also appeared to be half erect. The thin briefs that looked like panties did little to hide it. His balls were harder to make out, but they were just starting to grow and drop. His big brother, Zacque was fourteen, and also wore briefs that showed a four inch shaft hanging limply over a fairly large ball sac. He sat in a chair behind his dad so I got a good look at his package from across the table.

As for me, I’m sure Filip noticed that I got an eye full of his package as he sat down beside me. He ignored it, asking if I needed him to explain anything. I nodded “No”. Instead, I looked over at Zacque. His legs were spread open, allowing part of his ball sac to slide under the briefs. I could see enough to get a pretty good idea of their size. I could also see part of his shaft at the base. Seeing my glance at him, he simply adjusted his package, closing his legs enough to hide it. He blushed a little, and smiled. Dad hadn’t noticed anything, and was anxious to close the meeting so the adults could shower and hit the sack or return to their family. I wasn’t in any hurry. My shaft was so hard I was afraid to stand up. I needed time to get control. That wasn’t going to happen with the boys at the table, but I desperately tried to think of anything but the two sexy soapy smelling boys with me.

All too soon the meeting ended. We were done for the night. Most of the men went back to their family. Zacque and Filip headed off to their bunks. The lights were turned down. I could now make it to my room to get a shower. I knew a few other men would also be in the open showers, but that didn’t bother me. I had made it. Once back in my room, I shot my load to relieve the pressure, and then off to the shower. I still spent the night dreaming of lining up the boys for my pleasure. There wasn’t much I didn’t do to them (in my dreams).

I woke up early the next morning to the smell of coffee brewing in the rec room. Several of the men were in the kitchen busy getting ready to start breakfast. The boys were still in bed. There were six double bunks on each side of the room. The light in the room was still dim although there was sun light peeking through the windows on one side. I was surprised to see most of them sleeping with the covers thrown back. No one was wearing pjs. Some wore colored briefs. Most wore white.

 I found Filip on one of the top bunks, still sleeping. He was on his side facing me, his cover down to his knees. A distinct bulge told me he had a morning woody. I couldn’t resist. I slowly and carefully slid the briefs down far enough to see a really cute pencil sized uncut dick tight against his tummy. Not ready to go any further, I let the waist band loose and gave him a quick kiss on the forehead. When he moved, I backed off.

Below Filip on the lower bunk was Zac. He wasn’t soft either. In fact, the head of his six inch uncut dick was exposed poking under the waist band of the briefs. He was very well endowed for a fourteen year old. I paused to get a good look before heading for the coffee urn. I didn’t want to get caught checking the boys out.

By the time I had finished my first cup of coffee, the men in the kitchen were making enough noise that the boys started moving. Not long after, we moved to the dining area, and were having a hearty breakfast.

Morning activities soon had the boys scattered all over the camp doing such things as archery, art craft, compass, etc. Filip stayed by my side. He took his job seriously, and told me I was his claim to fame. To make things easier on him, I went with him to the activities he wanted to do.

At one point, we stopped at a latrine to take a leak. Filip thought nothing of it. He joined me at the urinal, pushing his shorts and undies down to expose his hairless goodies. When I pulled out my dick, he glanced over to look.

“Where’s your woody cover?”, he asked, looking confused.

At first, I didn’t know what he was referring to. Then, I remembered that most boys in this area don’t get circumcized. I explained what being cut was about. He listened politely, but couldn’t accept the idea of cutting off the skin on your woody. He insisted that had to hurt. He looked over again, and then checked out his own. I felt like some kind of weirdo, and had to remind myself that Filip would be the one feeling strange back home.

After lunch, the swimming area was open. It had warmed up a lot, and while it still felt cool to me, it was summer to these guys. Anything over seventy was hot. Filip and I headed for the beach on a small lake. As we arrived, I had to pause. There were nude people laying on towels on the sand. Lots of them. Some were wading in shallow water. Others were playing in the sand. Although I had been told nudity was optional here, I had to get used to it. For Filip, it was no problem. He spread his towel, took off his clothes, and watched to see what I was going to do. We had dropped our towels next to his family. They were all nude. Zac looked at me with that impish smile. There was no way he was not going to tease me if I wore a swim suit.

 Resigning myself to my fate, I blushed a little and dropped the clothes on my towel. A few others came by to chat. They tried not to stare, but a cut dick was rare. No one said any thing, but I think every boy on the beach came to see me. I knew word was getting around. Nudity was not unusual here, but circumcision was. Renee laughed it off, warning me and the family that we would have people dropping by to see my dick. The family giggled. I responded that I had been to nudist camps, and knew it was a problem. Zac thought it was great that people wanted to visit to see your dick. I offered to trade. Every body laughed. It was good to know that we could joke openly about our genitals without shame. It was also good to know that I could blame any erection on people checking me out.

When we decided to go swimming, I was in for another pleasant surprise. We swam awhile, then started wrestling, splashing, even got a tag game going. The tag game would include mostly kids in the lake. Most of them were about Filip’s age, and knew him. Being bigger and older, I discovered I was “it” more than anyone else. I also discovered that when some one else was “it”, they tended to come after the slowest one - me. They also seemed to like to grab me around the waist, and hold on rather than just tag me. Their hands would drop to my crotch. When you’re nude, that means your dick. It also means they have just got a feel of a circumcised dick. Whether it was because I was an adult with a big one, or maybe just a guy with a different kind of dick, is hard to say. I can tell you it’s hard not to get hard when you know people are chasing you to feel your special dick.

I was loving it, and I think they knew it. Even Filip’s little sister, Marie, got a good feel. I didn’t jump or pull away from them, so some got a good feel. By the time, we began to tire of the game, I have no doubt that they knew I was not the least bit upset that most of them had “accidentally” got a good grab. When you’re playing tag, it’s hard not to show when you’re sporting a woody, so most had seen me with a semi or a hard on. It’s acceptable to do that when you can’t cover up, but you do get a few smirks and smiles from kids who are curious about you. No one said any thing though. And I did blush knowing other swimmers had to see it. After we headed back to our towels, Zac teased “There’s a place where guys go to pee in the woods nearby. Any body else need to go?”

Filip and I took him up on the offer. Renee and Marie stayed with the towels. Surprisingly, it was not that far from the water. It was pretty well hidden though. There were several other boys already there. Two were peeing on a tree. One had finished, but was taking care of another problem. He was pumping vigorously, and simply faced away from us as we entered the area. I guess I was the only one that paid him much mind. I had only got a glimpse of his package. Zac brought me back to reality when he picked a spot, and the three of us turned to pee alongside the other two boys. They looked up at me, then at my cut dick. A double treat. Not many men came here to pee, and none with a funny dick like mine.

The boys knew Zac and Filip. They also knew who I was. They showed no shyness, and waited to chat with us as we finished. Then came the next big surprise. I had sprung a semi looking at so many cute looking dicks, and was doing all I could to keep it down so I could pee. Zac noticed. He finished up, but was slowly stroking his. It had begun to respond, and was growing as his glans began to show. He was pulling the foreskin back and forth, obviously letting the others know that he was going to jerk off. The two other boys were about his age. They followed his lead. I couldn’t believe it. They were going to jerk off. The boy who had just finished turned to watch.

Filip was smaller than they were, but was very familiar with the ritual. Using two fingers ans his thumb, he joined them, looking up at me. There was no way I could ignore this show of confidence. No one had to tell me that this was something they didn’t do with other men. The look in Filip’s eyes told me he wasn’t sure he should be doing this in front of me. I wrapped my hand around my shaft and soon was showing a full fledged hard on. As you might expect, Filip had a dry orgasm first, but looked proud that he as getting the feelings along with the big boys, and me. He stood there patiently watching as each of us shot our various sized loads within minutes. Each of us shook it clean, smiled, and chatted as we headed back to our spot.

I’m sure I must have been still showing at least a semi as we walked across that beach. No one seemed to notice though. Nothing was said about what we had just done. I knew boys probably did that all the time here at the beach. It was part of the boy ritual here. What amazed me was that Zac had intentionally included me. I had his confidence. How many adults get to see teens just being teens. I felt pretty special.

After another swim to rinse off, Renee led us back to the bunk house. He had to get back to work putting on the program. The boys followed me to get a shower after the swim. Since I went to my room to get some clean clothes, they got theirs, and waited for me to go in te shower with them. We weren’t strangers any more. After all, we had just jerked off together. There were a few other boys in the showers, but from the comments and the chatter, I’m pretty sure word had gotten out about my appearance in the woods. No one seemed upset about it, but I got some curious smiles.

Filip was still my interpreter. I’ll never know how many comments were made I didn’t catch. He let me know when some one was speaking to me, but I think other comments were about me. He would smile, and answer them in French. They would smile at me as if they knew something I should know. Filip, and sometimes Zac, would not explain what they had just discussed. That left me looking a little confused. Most of the time, I let it go. Filip would tell me later if there was any thing he thought I should know. He made it clear he liked me, and there were no secrets between us.

I had become a little more attached to Filip than I had intended. After all, he was the son of my friend, Renee. He was so outgoing that we were constantly talking about scouting, camping, sports, family, and even sex. He also had a smile that made you want to hug him, and cuddle him. Not to mention a body that looked just perfect. When I did give him a hug (which was probably way too often), he responded by holding me close. We were together constantly.

I was not all that surprised when Filip asked his dad if he could move into my room so he would be there when someone needed to talk with me. Renee told him no, but then asked if I knew Filip wanted to move in. I wanted it so bad I could taste it, but didn’t dare admit it to Renee. I joked that I liked Filip so much that I might hide him in my luggage and smuggle him out of Canada. Renee explained that Filip was usually a very shy kid. He had not been so happy as when I started making such a fuss about him. I had made Filip both more popular than he had ever been, and both Filip and Zac had talked about nothing as much as they talked about me. My teasing had stunned Zac. He thought no body could match his wit until I just teased him back. He loved it. And Filip couldn’t be shy when I praised him for taking care of me so well when I needed to know what to do or how to respond to some one.

Finally, I sadly told Renee. “I understand your concern for Filip. As much as I would love to have take the other bed in my room, it would cause you to worry about a young boy, and what others would say.”

After thinking it over, Renee came back. “You do not understand us as well as I thought. My son likes you a lot. He is not yet old enough to be in love. Besides, you are going home after camp. You may not take my son. Do you still want to be his friend? I will let him take the other bed as your aide and assistant. It is your choice.”

He went on to explain that he knew Zac and Filip had experiences with other boys, and probably a few girls. It was expected that kids still learn from others as did their parents, but that these experiences were never discussed with the parents other than the birds and bees talk. He had heard the boys talk about leaders they liked. And not just his sons. Boys sometimes meet young leaders they like. With him, it meant they were trying to get through that awkward teenage life when you are too young to be serious about family, but old enough to be really horny. Renee was still young enough to remember his youth, and understand what it was like.

Still not sure what I wanted was even remotely possible in this setting, I agreed to let Filip move in with me. We both agreed that if any one was upset about it, we would reconsider. Renee was sure no one would mind except Zac. He would not miss such an opportunity to tease Filip about being a leader’s “pet”, the name given to boys picked as a favorite by older boys or young leaders. Filip would laugh it off. Zac also teased him about “his little thingy” and his lack of knowledge about sex. It was a big brother thing.

When Filip was told by his dad that we had talked, and he had changed his mind, the boy was excited. No sooner than Filip could hug his dad, he ran to his bunk to move his gear to my room. The spare bunk was on the far wall from mine. He dropped his gear, then gave me a hug. Zac was not far behind him. Instead of teasing, Zac was pleased that the two of them would spend more time with me. To Zac, I was a rare scout leader from the states that they would not get to know again. And a guest of their family. Really cool.

To my surprise, the other boys took it well too. There may have been a little jealousy since Filip’s dad had used his position to help Filip get the position as an aide, but the sex thing wasn’t an issue. Despite the fact that I had jerked off with several of the boys, there was no mention of it in front of the adults. This was accepted as one of those things Renee had referred to: an experience kids do not discuss with their parents, but talk about with each other.

That afternoon, another event went in my favor. Zac and I teamed up in the horseshoe contest. I hadn’t given it much thought. Horseshoes is popular in the southern states, but in Canada? Since it was hot in camp, Zac and I elected to wear only loose shorts. Horseshoes is not a contact game, so I figured it would not be a problem. But it seems horseshoes was popular. Zac and I were good together. We defeated a dozen teams. Word quickly got around that we were the team to beat.

Finally, as the hour grew late, Zac and I agreed to get cleaned up for dinner. We headed for the camp showers. Although Zac’s English was not all that good, when he handed me the soap and turned his back to me, I knew what he wanted. We were alone in the showers, but it was open to any one, so I had to be careful not to go too far. Still, I did soap his back and his buns, going so far as to reach around and feel up his dick and balls. Zac watched as his long slender shaft instantly stiffened. He made no attempt to stop me. He just smiled as I worshiped his six inch uncut shaft. In record time time, I had massaged it to the point that he humped my hand and shot off his load. He was a young teen that really got excited, and he moaned in pleasure as I finished him off. His smile said it all. This would not be the last time we would enjoy each other, but for now we rinsed off and left the showers.

Filip had not been feeling well. He was not good at horseshoes, and had left when Zac and I teamed up for the contest. He did join us for dinner, and for the indoor camp fire, but announced he was staying at the family trailer for the night.

Zac asked if he could visit with me after an indoor marshmallow roast (since it had turned chilly outdoors after sundown). The bunk house had a huge stone fireplace and lots of room for a family type pep rally. The scouts also served hot chocolate and snacks. Every one had gone back to wearing clothes, but since the nude swim, most wore only shorts or pjs. A few boys wore only briefs or boxers as the room was warm. Leaders led a few songs, then settled down to camp stories in French. Filip explained them for me. He left with his dad when the meeting ended.

Zac asked if he could visit with me as the group broke up. I agreed, and we went to my room. He sat on the empty bed in my room, facing me. Zac don’t speak English all that well, so I knew he was not expecting to do a lot of talking. He could understand pretty well so I did the teasing. Both of us were wearing shorts. It didn’t take long for Zac to sit on the side of his bed in such a way that I was looking at the top half of his shaft poking out one leg. He answered my questions about sex at the camp. He admitted the boys did play with each other sexually.

 And they also had foreplay with the girls. Since girls might get pregnant, boys had to be careful. Most girls knew to stop before penetration. This irritated the teen boys, who didn’t have to worry about that with other boys. Sometimes, the girls would wind up jerking off the boys. A few would agree to blow them. He knew about rubbers, which older boys carried with them at night.

Zac and I had already seen each other nude. We had also jerked off together. I had jerked him off in the shower. I suspected he wanted to either play some more or go further.

All the talk about sex had caused his dick to get hard. He was waiting to see if I was willing to go further. When I latched the door, then asked if he would feel better without the shorts, he nodded boldly and dropped them. It was late. The lights were out. Most of the others had turned in. I turned off all but a bedside light. Then I dropped my own shorts. My seven inch shaft was not hard, but was semi.

He watched as I walked toward the bed he was sitting on. My shaft was stiff enough that it swayed back and forth as I walked. Zac watched, smiling. When I sat down beside him, I immediately reached for his stiff. He made no move to stop me, but hesitated to copy me.

“This time, we are alone. I can have you, or you can still walk away.” I whispered.

He lay his head on my shoulder. That was the easiest way to answer me.

I gently lay him back across the bed with his shoulders resting against the wall. Then I spread his legs so I could kneel in between them. Placing a pillow under my knees, I leaned forward engulfing most of the length of his very stiff shaft. Zac moaned as he felt the warmth and wetness of my mouth. He lifted his hips a little to offer me more, then sat back to enjoy. As I bathed and pushed back the foreskin to taste and lick the head, he simply whispered “Oui”.

Once I had began a slow and bobbing motion to take in all of his shaft, he gently placed both his hands behind my head as if I might stop. I could tell this was not his first blowjob. He knew it would feel great, and didn’t want it to stop. He also knew enough to let me take the lead and do it my way. Most teens get carried away and want to rush it. I had no trouble taking all of it. I even pushed the head into my throat. Zac was relaxed, and pleased.

As his hands held me tighter, I knew his balls were pulling up to shoot their load. He began to arch up to meet me as I took in his shaft. His breathing became faster and louder. He muttered quick French words I couldn’t understand, maybe warning me that he was about to cum. No matter. I had no intention of losing his load. Suddenly his toes curled up, his entire body tightened, and he held his shaft in tight. The first shot went down my throat. I managed to pull back enough that the second and third shots coated my tongue. He continued to pump, then suddenly relaxed as if his body just couldn’t pump any more. His breathing returned to normal. His hands let go of their grip. His dick began to go limp, and he pushed me away, his dick popped out of my sucking lips loudly.

I looked up to see a very relaxed, tired, and pleased Zac, his eyes closed as if he was away in some sex filled dream he didn’t want to let go.

I sat next to him on the bed, allowing him time to rest, then return to reality. When he opened his eyes, he knew it was his time to repay the pleasure. He hugged me, again saying some French phrase. Then he slid down on the pillow. Taking my dick, he felt it up along with my balls. Pretty much as I had done, Zac leaned forward, started licking the head, then slowly took in the shaft. After a while, he was showing his own expertise. He was not new to making love. I was already horny, so I doubt I took long. Like him, I placed my hands behind his head, and soon pumped my load down his throat.

After he was done, we hugged one last time. Zac smiled, put his shorts on, and slipped out of my room to return to his bunk.

No one slept better than the two of us that night.

At breakfast that morning, Filip had returned to my side, miraculously recovered from his cold. He asked if I slept well. I asked how he was doing. There was certainly nothing wrong with his appetite. And not one cough. To make matters more suspicious, Filip kept looking at Zac, who sat across the table from us. Zac was all smiles. Filip didn’t say ant thing, but Zac’s friends were making comments in French. I looked at Filip, but this time he just smiled at Zac, his friends, then me. I felt like the fool who thought the teens would actually include him in their coded rating system. They did not. I must have done all right though. Zac and those at our table were apparently pleased with the report I was not to share. Finally, frustrated and embarrassed (which I’m sure turned them on), I shrugged my shoulders, and excused myself to go shave.

Filip took himself seriously as usual as my aide. Even when I met with leaders, Filip was by my side to repeat my comments in French, or their comments in English. It really did make my stay more pleasant.

Because it would look indiscreet if Filip moved in with me, we chose to leave him with the boys, but left it up to him to decide when and how to be by my side.

That night, when I decided to shower and retire to my room, Filip and Zac joined me in the shower, as did most of their friends. I had been accepted by them as a friend more so than as a guest. Nudity was not an issue, other than to see the person who had had sex with Zac.

After the shower, I chatted with the boys and leaders in the rec room, then headed for my room after curfew (lights out). A few minutes later, Filip slipped into my room. He wore only his briefs, and slipped under the cover after letting me know he was there. We both fondled each other, then got rid of the briefs. I went down on his cute little uncut shaft, taking the time to bathe and massage it before bringing him to an energetic orgasm. He had no problem returning the favor, and explained that Zac had taught him how. In the days to come, we would repeat the favor.

About the third day, I rolled Filip on his side, and stretched him open, then slid inside him. It was the first time he had done that, and it was not without some pain. Still, he wanted to do it for me, and we did it again the next night.

I am sure Zac and the other guys knew Filip was seeing me, but accepted that it was something he wanted to do. It was accepted as a special thing we shared, and his friends did not let that bother them. It was obvious Filip and I were close friends. No one mentioned his visits to my room, or questioned the reason. I knew I was developing a crush on Filip, and sometimes would blush if others saw me get an erection with him in the shower. All I got was smiles when I would finish up quickly, and retreat to my room to relieve myself.

Filip grew to enjoy the times when we would join together (anal sex), and whenever we could slip off to be alone, I would both love him, and have sex. I knew I would pay for this when my time was up and I had to go. Filip seemed to take it as a game, and I accepted that he would return to sex games with his friends when I was gone. I don’t think any of his friends knew we were slipping off just to be alone. And I doubt that he or I realized we were too close for our own good.

The night before camp was over, Filip and I spent most of the night together. We hugged, kissed, and had sex several times. In fact, Filip was slipping back into his own bunk just before daylight.

As the boys and their parents were packing up to return home, I was packing my stuff in Renee’s car for the ride to the airport. All of us were unusually quiet during the ride. Zac was not teasing me or his family. I guessed then that parting at the airport was going to be difficult, and suggested that they should leave as soon as I got there. Renee picked on the silence, and agreed.

This time, however, my plan didn’t work so good. We hugged and I said goodbye to each member of the family. I probably took more time than necessary with Zac, who had been so accepting, and so giving. He tried hard to maintain his “whatever” attitude, but his voice cracked a few times, giving away his sadness that it was over.

Then came Filip, who both hugged me tightly, and kissed me on each cheek, as the French do. He did not let go. I waited patiently, expecting he just needed a little time to compose himself. He kept holding on. Tears started streaming down his cheeks.

“Don’t go now.”, he choked. “You could stay longer.”

“You have been more than an aide, I told him. We are good friends. We will keep in touch. I’ll call you, and will probably come to visit, but I have to get back to work. Your dad is proud of you. You did a great job.” , I said.

Renee stepped forward and pulled his son loose. My fears became real. I had tears running down my cheeks as well.

As I made a quick retreat to the airline taking me home, I paused before getting on the plane to compose myself. It didn’t help much that I heard Filip telling his dad “I loved being his friend.”

I’ve often wondered how much his dad found out about us. I suspect dad didn’t press the issue. He told me later by phone that Filip missed me, but was all right. Filip told me that he and Zac were much closer because Zac knew what it was like to lose a friend.

Of course, as time went on, the calls were fewer. My next trip to Canada was to Ottawa, and another camp.

Filip and Zac will always be a very special memory to me. Especially Filip. How could I ever forget the boy who enjoyed being with me so much? How can I ever forget how much I loved his company? How sad that it was doomed to be nothing more than a summer affair, but a lifetime memory.