Camp Youngwood, Part 12: A New Morning

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It seemed like Will had barely closed his eyes when the clanging of the bell woke him up. He had been up most of the night,

his mind racing, thinking about how stupid he'd been the night before. He couldn't believe he'd sucked Ben off in his sleep!

While it was driven by horniness, and he himself hadn't actually, cum, any desire he'd felt had been overwhelmed by regret.

Barely daring to, he glanced over at Ben as he got out his bunk. Does he know? Will he say anything?

As Ben pulled on his Volcom t-shirt and shorts, he wasn't giving it any thought. He had put his 'wet dream' out of his mind,

and was looking forward to another exciting day at Camp Youngwood.

"Morning guys" Jason said as he emerged from his room. "How was last night?"

"It was good," Dan replied. "How was your night off?"

"Fine. You guys cause any trouble?"

"No....we were little angels" Dan smirked.

Chuckling, Jason replied "Yeah, right. Be ready to go in 10.....I don't wanna be late to breakfast."

With that, Jason left the cabin and headed to the wash house.

"Dude, how'd you sleep?" Will asked Ben as they put their shoes on. He was trembling a little bit, but he knew he couldn't go the rest of camp worrying about what he'd done.

"Eh, okay. Woke up once, but fell back asleep pretty quick. What about you?"

"I tossed and turned all night."

"That sucks. Oh well, there's always rest period."


And so began another day at Youngwood. The boys went about their activities, taking advantage of the warm weather to go

swimming, or refining their skills at the archery range. Moving amongst these boys, the counselors guided them, taught them,

and looked out for them.

As the day progressed, some of the boys--especially those past the beginning of puberty--would slip away for 5 to 10 minutes,

seeking out privacy to take care of the erections which came at them unbidden, like a train that can't be stopped. A quick stop in the

restroom, pull down the shorts, some quick tugs, a couple of squirts, and they were back out to play.

For Dan and Will, this was not quite the case--but for different reasons. Dan had found that his dick was actually sore today--not

that this stopped it from popping into a full boner a few times. A quick, and hopefully subtle, adjustment to make it more comfortable,

and Dan tried his best to think of things to make it go away.

Will, on the other hand, was dealing with the side effects of his denied arousal from the night before. He noticed his balls seemed to

ache, almost painfully. It was as if he'd taken a shot to the balls. This actually prevented him from even the most spontaneous of

erections, something he would typically get 5 or 6 times a day.

Ben, on the other hand, was feeling a little horny. The nocturnal ejaculation of the night before had left him oddly unsatisfied; he

almost felt as if he'd been robbed of an orgasm. He was finding it difficult to get enough privacy to jack off, however. It seemed like

overtime he'd go into the bathroom he'd find at least one stall already occupied, and he didn't want to try to rub one out with an

audience. By early afternoon, he was feeling horny and frustrated. Ben resolved to skip his first skill class, and find someplace

to take care of his woody.

It was at the beginning of his skateboarding class that he made his move. "Excuse me, Roddy? My stomach is bothering me

a bit, can I go see the nurse?"

Roddy, who was leading the class, shrugged and said "sure thing. Be sure to come back when you're done."

"I will." With that, Ben walked away, in the general direction of the infirmary. Once he was out of sight of the class, he ducked onto

one of the trails that surrounds the camp and began to look for a private spot to spend a few minutes. Walking along the trail, he

thought about one of the tent out here which are put up for cabins to sleep out in. Maybe he could find one of those?

A few minutes later, Ben saw a small clearing just off the trail. In the middle of the clearing.....a tent! Perfect, he thought, as he reached

down to squeeze his already stiffening cock. Walking up to the tent, Ben was surprised when he heard noise coming from inside it.

"Yeah, that's awesome. You're gonna make me bust."

Those words stopped Ben in his tracks. Barely daring to breathe, he could hear more sounds coming from the tent in front of him which

did nothing to cause his own personal tent to deflate. He could hear whoever was inside gasping for breath, and quite moans.

"Aww man, suck it.....I'm almost there."


Holy shit! Someone's getting a blowjob! I wonder whose in there? They sounded a bit older. Ben resolved to find out. Walking quietly around

the tent, he found a spot just behind it with a thick bush to hide behind. He could still hear the sexy noises being made. His own erection was

throbbing in his shorts, and he could feel some precum forming a wet spot on his underwear.

Worried he might cum in his short, he reached down, unzipped, and pulled out his rigid penis. He wrapped his hand around it and began stroking

quickly. Between his prolonged horniness and the sound he was listening to--other people actually having sex!--he knew it wouldn't take very long.

His fingers sliding quickly up and down his thin shaft, he paused and used his thumb to spread his slick precum around his dickhead. The dude

getting blown was moaning loudly now, and Ben decided he wanted to cum at the same time the mystery guy did. His mind also wandered to which

of the few women in camp--there were only 10 or so, all staff--who might be performing the almost mythical sex act.

As Ben reached into his unswear with his left hand to squeeze his balls, he felt the cum begin to flow up his shaft as he heard:

"Ah....fuuuck.......dude, I'm gonna cum! You better pull off........ohhh.....seriously, I can't hold it is.......Ah! Ah! AHH! Fuck!

Oh! shit.....easy, man, you know how sensitive it gets.........Ahhhhhhhhhhhh."

As the guy in the tent shot his load into the mouth of his partner, Ben's watery semen was flowing out of the tip of his hard-on, coating his rapidly

stroking fingers, lubing his grip. Careful to not get caught himself, Ben only let out the breath he as holding as the orgasm rocked his young body.

His stroking slowing to a stop, Ben felt his dick twitch a couple of more times. Picking up a leaf off the ground, he wiped up the cum from his

cock and hand as well as he could. Coming down from his high, he realized what he'd heard: references to 'dude' and 'man.' Was there two

guys in there?

His question was answered when he heard a familiar voice say "Alright man, my turn now. I'm so fucking hard."

Not only was it two dudes, but one of them was........

(To be continued).