Camp Youngwood, Part 13: Life is Full of Surprises (gay/highschool/camping/mast/oral)

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Jason felt like his eyes had barely closed when the ringing of the wake up bell roused him from a deep slumber.

Laying on his stomach, he could feel his erection pressing into the mattress beneath him. Giving a quiet sigh,

he gently thrust his hips against the bed, thinking back to last night and his time with Ryan. Having shot twice the

night before, he was almost astonished at how horny he was this morning.

Hearing noise from out in the cabin, he reluctantly rolled over and swung his legs off his bunk. It was time to go

back to work.

Jason reached into his bag and pulled out a clean pair of underwear and shorts, and pulled them up. He tucked the head of his still stiff cock into the waistband, pulled on a long t-shirt, and walked out into the cabin. He knew once he took a leak his rigidity would abate, but first he had to get to the bath house.

"Morning guys" Jason said as he emerged from his room. "How was last night?"

Dan, who had not yet gotten out of bed, responded for the group. "It was good. How was your night off?"

"Fine. You guys cause any trouble?"

"No...we were little angels."

Noticing the smirk on Dan's face, Jason chuckled a bit. "Yeah, right. Be ready to go in 10....I don't wanna be late for breakfast."

With that, Jason headed to the washhouse. Stepping into a stall, he dropped his shorts down to release his dick. Taking aim, he released a strong stream of piss into the toilet. By the time he was done his cock was mostly flaccid, to his relief. He suspected, however, as he washed his hands, that he would have to take a few minutes later and find some privacy.

And so began another day in the life of a counselor at Camp Youngwood. Jason and his charges enjoyed a hot breakfast of pancakes and sausage, before cleaning up their cabin and and going out to do activities.

Jason moved from task to task, from supervising activities to helping a camper from another cabin combat a bout of homesickness. After lunch and rest hour, Jason had a period to off as he didn't teach a class during the first afternoon period.

As the campers left the cabin, Jason's erection began to return. He'd been anticipating the chance to rub one out since this morning, and figured this would be a good chance to do it. Once he was sure the last of his campers had left, he started to go back to his room. He could feel the sensitive mushroom head of his cock press into the fabric of his boxerbriefs, and reached down to squeeze it through the fabric of his shorts. Before he could unzip, however he heard the screen door of his cabin slam shut.

"Hey Jason?"

"Shit," Jason thought to himself. It's Bobby, the Counselor in Training from the next cabin over. Bobby was a good kid, but sometimes seemed to follow Jason around like a lost puppy. Whenever he had a question, he would go to Jason instead of Roddy, who was the counselor in charge of that cabin. Jason found it a little endearing at first, but it had gotten a little irritating as the summer wore on. He wondered what Bobby wanted now.

"Just a second Bobby, I'm getting changed." It was a small lie, but it gave Jason an excuse to wait a minute before going out into the main cabin, a minute which is valuable when trying to conceal boner.

Again tucking beneath the waistband of his shorts, Jason made sure he wasn't throwing too much of a tent before he emerged into the cabin. When he walked out, he noticed two things right away: one, Bobby was shirtless. Two, Bobby had a pretty hot body. Jason had seen him shirtless before, of course, but had never really noticed how well defined his chest and abs were. They weren't huge, by any means--after all, Bobby was 16, but he seemed well on his way to developing a six pack.

"What's up?" Jason asked, after an awkward moment of staring at Bobby's mostly hairless chest.

"I, uh....well, I wanted to ask you something. But I'm not sure if it's out of line." Bobby stammered a bit as he asked, and Jason noticed a slight blush creeping into his cheeks. Bobby was fair-skinned, with perpetually messy sandy brown hair, and expressive, almost feminine blue eyes. His good complexion and dimple made him the epitome of the boy-next-door. Jason had never seen him nervous, or blush.

"Well, just know me, I'm pretty easy going. You're not going to offend me or anything."

Bobby continued to hesitate.

"Dude, just ask."

Exhaling loudly, Bobby steeled himself and asked the question that had been on his mind. "Jason, where do you...I mean, is it okay if I......what I'm asking is, I guess....well, is it okay if I jerk off at camp? It's been like 3 weeks, and I'm going nuts, but....." His voice trailed off and his blush deepened, and he hardly dare glance at Jason.

Jason was trying hard to control his laughter. "Dude, 3 weeks? We're at camp, not a monastery. Of course it's okay to jerk off....what do you think these periods off are for?"

Bobby's head snapped up, and he gave Jason a sheepish grin. "I dunno...I guess I was just worried about doing something inappropriate. I don't wanna mess up."

"Dude, don't worry about it. I promise you, every guy here over the age of 13 is finding some time for relief once in a while."

"But where? I mean, counselors have their own room, but I'm in with the kids. What if one of my campers came in and saw me? And there's always kids coming into the bathrooms....."

Jason could see his point. Bobby was hoping to become a staff member next year, and having one of your kids catching you beating off was not a good way to do that. He thought about it for a minute. His own cock, meanwhile, hadn't really softened at all. Part of is brain was imagining Bobby laying on a cot, his shorts pulled down, and his hand flying furiously over his rigid dick. What did his dick look like? Was he cut? How much precum does he make? These questions blazed through his mind at the speed of thought, and his dick lurched in his shorts. He quickly formed a plan.

"What about one of the tent areas, when no one is using it? There are a few of 'em, and no one goes in there during the day usually."

"Huh, I never thought about those. But what if someone did come along?"

"Yeah, that would be weird, I guess. Three weeks?"

Bobby nodded his head sadly. "Yeah...I don't think I've ever felt this horny."

"Tell you what. I'll come with you, and will sort of stand guard outside while you do it. And....if you don't take too long, you can do the same for me. I was planning on doing it this period, but kinda got interrupted...."

"Oh man, sorry about that. Would you really do that for me?" Bobby couldn't believe his good fortune. His dick had been getting so hard lately, he was desperate for release. He didn't give a second thought to taking up Jason on his offer.

"Yeah dude. I know what it's like to be super horny and not be able to take care of it." "Perfect", thought Jason. "I'll at least be able to listen in while he jacks it. Now if I can just find a way to convince him to do it with me..."

"How much time is left in the period?"

Jason checked his watch. "About 45 minutes. If we hurry, we should have about half an hour to take care of business."

"Well, lets go!"

And with that, Jason and Bobby set out toward the trail that housed the tent platforms. As they walked, each was pretty quiet, thinking about their own arousal and upcoming release.

They reached the tent platform with about 25 minutes left in the period. There was no one else around.

Bobby hesitated before going in. "Jason?"


"Do you think there's enough time? I'd hate for you to know...because of me."

Jason saw his opportunity. In fact, Bobby had handed it to him on a silver platter. "I dunno. I guess it depends on how long it takes you to cum. I usually need at least 10 to 15 minutes." He glanced at Bobby, and down at the bulge in the CIT's shorts. Jason decided to make a move, and hoped Bobby's combined horniness and eagerness to please would override any hesitation. "If you're that worried about it, we could always do it together."

Jason's words hung in the air for a few agonizingly long seconds. If Bobby turned him down, Jason would have to make an excuse for why he would suggest such a thing, and maybe defend himself against the camp rumor mill.

Bobby mulled it over for a few seconds. He had never jerked off with another guy before, but had sometimes thought about it. Jason was a great guy, and they were both horny. He made his decision quickly.

"Okay. We'll just have to be fast in case someone comes along." Bobby felt better about their privacy since walking out to the tent, as they hadn't seen a single soul on the trail.

Jason grinned and said, "awesome! Let's do this..."

Bobby and Jason entered the tent, and looked at each other. Bobby hesitated a moment, but Jason just pulled his shorts and underwear down, exposing his throbbing cock. He glanced at Bobby, and could see that Bobby was staring at his boner. "Hey, come on, you too!" Jason encouraged the younger teen.

This seemed to snap Bobby out of his trance, and he reached down and unzipped his shorts. He pulled his cock out through the fly, and now is was Jason's turn to stare. Bobby's cock was 5.5 stiff inches--not huge, but big enough. What captured Jason's attention was the foreskin which covered half Bobby's cocked. The tip of his dick was exposed, and a big drop of juice decorated his piss slit. Bobby's dick also curved slightly upward from it's base. Jason's own dick gave a throb, and each boy began to stroke.

Bobby hadn't yet taken his eyes off Jason's rigid cock. It looked huge to him, and so red and purple. The head looked awesome....

Jason noticed the stare Bobby was given, and felt like he might be willing to go even further. "Bobby, have you ever messed around with anyone before? Girls or guys?"

Bobby shook his head, responding in the negative. "Naw....I've never really had much luck with girls, and my guy friends would be weirded out by something like that. I've thought about it though." Bobby felt comfortable admitting this to Jason--after all, it was Jason who had suggested they jack together.

"So, you'e never had a blowjob or anything?"

Bobby blushed again. "I've never even had a handjob."

Jason appeared to contemplate before speaking again, even though he had his next thought fully formed. "You want to find out what one is like? A blowjob, that is? Because....well, because they're amazing, and I think you're a cool kid. I've messed around with a couple of guys, but I wouldn't offer this to just anyone. But there's a catch. I can't have you telling anyone about this. So, if you say yes, you'll have to do me too."

Bobby's hand stopped moving along the shaft of his cock when Jason made his proposition. "Holy shit! A blowjob?!?" he thought to himself. He wondered if Jason was fucking with him, somehow pulling a prank so he could tell everyone that Bobby was a fag. He glanced at Jason's face, and didn't see any deception. He glanced at Jason's cock, which was still be slowly fisted. Bobby had often thought about being on the receiving end of a blowjob, but had never really thought about giving one. He really wanted to find out what something other than his own hand felt like. As he looked at Jason, still slowly stroking, he made his decision.


With that word, Bobby's sex life was about to get more interesting. "Lay back," Jason instructed.

Bobby did as he was told, and lay down from the kneeling position he had been in. He was almost in a daze as he watched Jason move over him and look down at his cock. He saw Jason's head move closer, closer, to the moist tip of his penis. Jason's tongue emerged from between his lips, and Bobby gasped as the tongue licked off his juice and slid under his foreskin, swirling around his cockhead. It was all he could do to not thrust his dick deeper into the moist heat promised by Jason's breath on his groin.

Jason opened his lips, and slid further down Bobby's stiffness. The salty/sweet precum was flowing out of his dickhead, and Jason loved the taste. Moving past the head, he engulfed the shaft all the way down to Bobby's pubes. After three weeks, he guessed Bobby wouldn't last very long getting his first oral sex.

He heard Bobby groan quietly, and saw him suck in his stomach. Jason moved his head back to the tip, and again licked under the foreskin and around the sensitive head. He wanted it to last, but had to remember that they didn't have much time.

Switching things up, Jason moved from the slow, caressing oral ministration into high speed, pistoning his head up and down over Bobby's crotch. Sucking, licking, swirling pleasure engulfed Bobby's hard-on and he could feel his body tense up. "Awww man, suck it.....I'm almost there."

"Mmmhhhmmm" was Jason's reply, as he practically hummed around Bobby's cock. His saliva now coated Bobby's rigid shaft, and there was a slurping sound at the point of contact. Jason brought his hand up, and began to gently squeeze Bobby's balls, even though they were still hidden by his shorts.

That move did it for Bobby. His toes pointed and curled, and he felt his whole body tighten. The semen was rising like water from a well, and he knew he couldn't stop it. He tried to warn Jason.

"Ah...fuck......dude, I'm gonna cum! You better pull off....ohhh...seriously, I can't hold it."

Jason heard Bobby's warning, but made an instant decision to eat his virgin load. He wanted to feel the hot cum squirt in his mouth. He soon got his wish.

" it is.......Ah! Ah! AHH! Fuck!" Bobby came, torrents of cum spurting from his slit blasting against the roof of Jason's mouth. Jason didn't stop sucking as the flow of cum fired in his mouth, coating his tongue and dripping down his throat.

Bobby felt like his whole body was spasming as he blew his load in Jason's mouth. He couldn't believe the feeling...he could still feel Jason's tongue swirling as blast after blast of sperm was generated by his overly full nuts. It seemed like his orgasm would never end. It was so good, it was like every other time he'd cum hardly existed.

Jason swallowed twice, and still more semen was leaking onto his tongue. Finally, he felt Bobby relax beneath him.

"Oh! Shit....easy, man, you know how sensitive it gets.....Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh."

Bobby relaxed against the floor of the cabin. He looked down, and saw Jason still gently nursing his cock as it lost some of it's hardness. He looked past Jason's face, and saw his dick was still rigid. Bobby knew what was coming, but it was worth it.

"Alright man, my turn now. I'm so fucking hard."

"Jason, that was....I.....I've never felt that good before. Thanks. I don't know if I can do it as good."

"Dude, I'm glad you liked it. It was hot for me, too. I almost came without touching myself. I'm sure you'll do fine."

With that, Jason scooted up and put his cock within a couple of inches of Bobby's mouth. Bobby snaked his tongue out, and took a hesitant lick at Jason's head. Jason shuddered and gasped. He was closer than he thought. As Bobby opened his mouth and lifted his head up to take Jason into his mouth, Jason went unexpectedly over the edge. His cum began to gush out of his cock like water from a firehouse, and his first shot hit Bobby in the back of the that. Surprised, Bobby backed away as more and more jizz shot out of Jason's throbbing cock and over Bobby's face and lips.

Jason, seeing that Bobby wasn't prepared for what was happening, quickly brought both hands down: one began stroking his cock through it's explosive orgasm, the other cupped in front of his acorn head, catching the rest of his spunk as it squirted again and again.

Bobby struggled not to cough as the hot semen dripped down the back of his throat. He had never even tasted his own cum, and the spicy liquid caught him off guard. He was thankful Jason blocked most of the cum, although one shot had fired across his lips.

As Jason came down from his intense orgasm, he gave Bobby a shrug. "Sorry, dude. I didn't realize I was that close."

"Um, it's okay. I just wasn't ready for it."

"Yeah, me either."

Just then, they heard the distant ringing of the bell, signaling that the period was over.

"Shit." Jason exclaimed. I have to go teach. Realizing he still had a hand coated in cum and no easy was to clean up, he brought his hand to his lips and licked all his cum off.

Bobby watched with a mixture of shock and disgust as he watched Jason clean off his hand. Then he considered that Jason had just eaten his load, so his own semen must not be as gross by comparison. He shook off the thought, though, and reached down to tuck his semi-rigid penis back into his shorts. He had to get to a training session.

Jason, his hand now clean, reached down and pulled up his shorts. Attempting to look normal, he gave Bobby a nod. "Not a word to anyone, right?"

"Dude, of course."

Jason gave him a smile. "Wanna do this again sometime?"

Bobby thought about it for all of one second. "Dude, yeah."

Jason nodded again, and stepped out of the tent. As he did, he thought he heard a rustle in the woods nearby. He freaked for a moment--had they been caught? Then he remembered they were out in the woods--"Probably just a squirrel" he thought, and gave a slight chuckle as he walked away.


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