Camp Youngwood, part 8 (young friends, t/t, masturbation, oral)

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Camp Youngwood, part 8: Dan Finds a Friend

BANG! The screen door to the cabin slammed shut behind Dan as he returned to the cabin from the washhouse and his afternoon jerk off.

"I was starting to worry you'd fallen in" remarked Jason. "I was about to organize a search party."

Dan wasn't certain how to reply. "I, er, really had to go."

"Apparently." Jason turned to address the cabin. "Only a few minutes left before first period. Get your stuff together, and go get changed if you need to."

As the other boys in the cabin sprung into motion, getting together things they would need in the afternoon, Will gave Dan a knowing look. Leaning over to whisper just slightly above the din in the cabin, he said "I bet I know what you were doing in there."

Stunned, Dan glanced at Will and blushed. "Whatever."

"Dude, its okay. We're thirteen years old, its just what we do." And with that, Will turned and walked out of the cabin as the bell rang, indicating the start of the afternoon periods. As he walked away, Will felt his penis begin to stiffen as he imagined Dan stroking off in the washhouse. "I might have to go there sometime soon, myself," he mused as he reached down and gave his burgeoning boner a squeeze and shifted it to a more comfortable position.

Dan, meanwhile, wasn't sure what to make of Will's comments. Having heard Will and Ben the previous night, he knew Will also jacked off. What he wondered was if Will would be interested in playing with him like he had with Ben. Dan felt himself grow horny again at the thought, and began to think about how to get Will into some fun.

As the afternoon progressed, Dan and Will went to their skill classes. They each took sailing during the second period, and today the focus was on how to get the small boats flipped over if they capsized. The weather was hot, so neither boy minded the chance to get wet in the lake. Afterwards, they began to walk back to the cabin to get changed before their 3rd class--Dan had soccer, Will had tennis.

As they were walking, Dan's mind was whirring. He wanted to get Will to jack off with him, and was thinking this opportunity to talk to Will alone would be his best chance to get something started. But how tot do it?

As they arrived at their cabin, Dan still hadn't figured out how to bring it up. Fortunately, he had help from Will. "Dude, was I right about what you were doing during rest hour?"

Dan could feel himself blush a bit again, but knew this was his opening. "Yeah. But you can't give me and grief about it. I heard you and Ben last night, so....."

Dan left the sentence unfinished. Glancing at Will, he saw that Will looked stunned.

"Dude, what do you mean?" Will couldn't believe what Dan had just told him. He thought he and Ben had been so quiet. Maybe he could deny it. "We didn't do anything."

"Don't lie to me. I heard everything from the time Jason came back into the cabin until you went back to your bed. I even hear Jason jackin' off after you guys left his room."

Will knew he was in trouble now. He was worried Dan would tell....well, anyone, that he and Ben had jacked each other. "You won't tell anyone, will you? We were just experimenting..."

Dan was beginning to be taken over by lust, as he realized he could get what he wanted and make sure Will wouldn't tell anyone, either. "I won't tell anyone, but you have to do it to me."

"WHAT?!?" Will was shocked. Dan had just demanded that he give him a handjob.

"You heard me. I won't tell anyone if you jerk me off, too." Dan looked outwardly very calm, but inside he was shaking. Would his ploy work?

Will considered his situation. He had enjoyed what he had done with Ben last night, but Ben had done the same thing for Will. Dan seemed to be looking for a one-way thing, and he wasn't sure he was cool with that. Of course, he also didn't want word to get around that he was a fag.

"I dunno....doesn't seem fair. Ben and I did each other. If I do you, but you don't do me, how do I know you won't go telling everyone?"

Dan considered this for a moment, but only briefly. He really wanted to jerk Will off, as well, so he was quick to conclude...

"Fine, I'll do you, but AFTER you do me."

"Deal. When do you want to do it?

"How about now? We have the cabin to ourselves, and you know they never take attendance in the classes. Jason's teaching this period." Dan could feel the blood rushing into his penis as he suggested this to Will. He was about to get jerked off by another guy, and it was making him as horny as he'd ever been.

"Really? Didn't you just cum like, 2 hours ago?"

"Yeah, but I can do it again. I usually do it like 3 times a day at home."

"Well, alright, I guess. Do you want to, like sit on your bunk?"

"Okay." Suddenly, Dan felt a little shy. No one had ever seen his boner before. Glancing at Will's crotch, he thought he could see a bulge where he hoped Will had a hard-on. Will could see the tent in the front of Dan's bathing suit, and it was making him hard.

"Well, take off your suit. I can't do it with your pants on."

Taking a deep breath, sat up and quickly pulled down his bathing suit. His stiffened cock sprang up, throbbing slightly with his arousal. Will sat down indian-style on the floor in front of Dan, and gazed at the head of Dan's penis. He had never seen another boy hard in the daylight, and was fascinated at how hot it looked. Reaching up, he slowly wrapped his hand around Dan's dick.

Dan let out a gasp as Will's slender fingers wrapped around his still inches. He could feel his balls begin to pull up, and in only a few strokes could feel the precum begin to ooze from the tip of his cock.

Will was as turned on as he had ever been, and was fascinated at the fluid that was leaking over his hand. Stroking Dan gently, he paused to use his thumb to rub the slick fluid over the head of Dan's penis.

"Ugh! That feels soooo good" Dan sighed. He knew he wouldn't last very long, despite having just shot a load 2 hours previously. His dick felt like it was on fire, and he could feel every place Will's fingers touched.

Will continued to stroke Dan, but took his left hand and began to explore other parts of Dan's body. Running his hand up Dan's thigh, he gently grasped his friend's balls and gave them a light squeeze.

"Oh yeah, that's awesome" Dan moaned.

Will took his and ran it through Dan's sparse pubes, and rubbed up to his nipples, which he found stiff. Pinching them gently, he felt more liquid ooze onto his hand. Will got more aroused as the jacked Dan, and some crazy thoughts began to go through his hormone-soaked brain. "I wonder what that stuff tastes like? I wonder what it would be like to suck Dan's dick?" Glancing up, he saw that Dan had leaned back and was resting on his elbows with his eyes closed. Maybe....

Will leaned forward, and glancing up at Dan again, stuck his tongue out and licked some of the juice off the tip of Dan's dick. Dan's penis was leaking the stuff like a faucet, and Will suspected it would not be very long before Dan came.

"What was that?" Dan asked as his eyes flew open when he felt Will's tongue on his dick.

"Dude, nothing, forget about it."

"Ugh! Whatever it was, do it again! It felt awesome."

"Okay, but close your eyes, and promise not to open them until I say so."

Dan wasn't sure what technique Will had used on him, but that brief sensation had been the strongest of his young life. He wanted to feel it again.

"Alright, fine...but just do it." With that, Dan lay all the way back on his bunk, and Will, who had never stopped stroking Dan's cock, leaned in.

Opening his mouth, he stuck his tongue out again, and licked the head of Dan's cock. Again finding the taste to his liking, he opened his mouth farther and took the whole head of Dan's prick into his mouth. Still stroking with his hand, he swirled his tongue around the cockhead, and almost immediately, Dan began to gasp quickly.

"Oh man, I'm gonna...." Dan didn't have time to finish his sentence. Whatever Will was doing to him had brought his cock to the edge faster than he had ever gotten there before. He could feel his hot jizz burn up his cock, and begin to spurt from the tip of his boner. What he didn't know was that Will was now tasting his juice.

Will was as prepared for Dan's load as any first time cocksucker could be. As Dan tried to gasp his warning, Will suddenly tasted the pungent semen shoot against the back of his throat. Surprised, he pulled back, and took the next 2 squirts to his face. Unsure what else to do, he swallowed the first bit of cum that had fired into his mouth. His right hand kept stroking, as Dan began to come down from his best orgasm yet. It seemed like it would never end, his penis twitching in Will's hand as little aftershocks rocked his body.

Looking around for something to wipe the cum off his face, Will felt a damp spot on the front of his bathing suit. Without realizing it, he had shot into his shorts while Dan was creaming in his mouth and on his face. He had never cum without touching himself before. Reaching under Dan's bunk, he grabbed a used t-shirt and wiped the semen off his face. Clearing his throat..

"Um, you can open your eyes now."

Looking at Will, Dan replied "thanks...that, just wow. Give me a minute, and I'll do you."

Will, not wanting to admit that getting Dan off had gotten him off, demurred. "Dude, that's okay. The period is almost can do me later on. Maybe tonight."

"Okay...." Dan was surprised (and a little disappointed) that Will didn't want him to return the favor. But, he figured he would have a chance later on. Sitting up, he looked at his deflating penis and noticed how it seemed to be glistening. Seeing the shirt in Will's hand, he said "dude, can I use your shirt to wipe off?"

Will let out a little giggle. "Dude, this isn't was under your bed." He handed the shirt to Dan.

Now it was Dan's turn to chuckle, "It's not mine...must be Anthony's." Anthony had the bunk above Dan. "I hope he wasn't planning to wear it again!" Pulling on some shorts, Dan got up and prepared to go to freetime. "You still need to change your bathing suit."

Will blushed. He didn't want Dan to see the cummy mess in his suit. "That's alright, I'm going swimming during freetime, anyway." With that, the two boys left the cabin, the screen door making a BANG! behind them.


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