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The Father and Son Outing

By Paul S. Stevens & Hans Schreiber

Chapter #11

Morning rudely slapped me in the face and I was so wiped out from the weekend that I had to literally drag my sorry ass out of bed. Monday had arrived and Mom and Dad had already left for work. As for me, I had a full day of school ahead of me before our first day of house hunting would begin. My magical weekend experiences at the campground had impacted me so much that my whole world now revolved around Wes and suddenly, without him by my side, everything seemed strange, lonely and empty. As I slipped into the shower, all I could think about were the times when Wes and I peered into the adjacent shower stalls, creating a series of life long memories that bonded me to my friend, brother, and lover. I couldn't wait to see Wes again and the idea of house hunting together gave me the boost of energy that I so desperately needed to kick-start my day.

The school day lumbered on longer than it ever had before and I was totally zoned out and distracted. I was almost sleepwalking through my school day as I realized that I had been mercilessly bitten by the love bug. My god, I was in a kind of pain that defied description. Then, out of the blue, shortly after lunch period began, I received a picture message on my phone from Wes. I nearly dropped my phone in my haste to see what my sweetheart had sent me. I hurriedly opened it up, full of anticipation, and was utterly shocked to have received my very first nude, full frontal `selfie'. Wes's unexpected surprise sent my whole world spinning out of control.

Apparently, during the lunch break at his school, Wes had stripped naked in one of the restroom stalls and then, at the appropriate time, opened the stall door and pointed his cell phone at the large full-sized mirror across the room, snapping the perfect nude shot of himself. Doing something like that was so typical of Wes and I admired his fortitude and sense of adventure. That was a big part of what I loved about him. I don't think Wes realized the risk he was taking by sending me such a gift. I wanted the world to know I was in love and I wanted everyone to see how cute and endearing my exhibitionist boyfriend was. I very much wanted to proclaim: `this is my boyfriend, just look at that awesome cock of his'. I got boned up imagining how easy it might be to hit the `share' button on my contact list and forward my pride and joy along to everyone I knew. But of course, it goes without saying that I had to be responsible with Wes's precious gift. I'm very sure he sent it to me in the strictest of confidence, putting his complete trust in my vulnerable hands. I was so excited, yet I knew I couldn't show a single soul. Wes was so comfortable with public nudity, where I, on the other hand, was so uneasy with it. I caught myself in a daze and suddenly realized I was holding my phone openly and was staring deeply into the display with Wes's picture prominently visible to anyone who might chance upon a passing glance at it. I gave a cat-like scan of my immediate surroundings and sighed with relief. No one was within viewing range.

As I sat, eating my lunch and admiring Wes's photo more discretely now, Ruben found me sitting alone and came over to sit down beside me.

"Hey Seth," Ruben said in greeting. "I wish I could've gone with you to that campout thing you and your dad went to. It was boring as hell here without you. Would you like to come over to my house later? My brother is going to be gone with his friends all night and my parents are working until after six o'clock, so no one will be home for hours. We could catch up on our lost time. Russell just got a new DVD called "Al Fresco Twinks". I know exactly where he stashed it, so maybe I could borrow it and we could check it out together. Russell was talking about it to his buddies and I heard him say that there were some pretty hot three-ways in it. So, what do you say, you wanna come over?"

"Nah, not tonight," I answered. "I'm going with my dad and... some other people to go house hunting. I might be... kind of moving."

"Kind of moving?" he questioned. "What does that mean? How does one `kind of move'?"

"On my weekend trip, my dad kind of dropped a bombshell on me," I explained. "My rents are splitting up."

"Divorcing?" Ruben asked.

"Yeah," I sighed. "Actually, it's all basically a done deal."

"That freakin' sucks donkey dicks, dude." Ruben hissed.

"Yeah, but it's not all bad," I indicated. "My dad's moving in with another guy and he has a son that's my age. His name is Wes... Wesley Hauser. So I'll be living with them in our new house. Like it is with most kids of divorced parents, I'll be coming back here frequently to spend time with my mom. When I'm visiting here, Wes will probably come with me. I know it sounds complicated but you'll still see me around. I also know this all happened all of a sudden, but I'm certain it's going to be the best thing for everyone involved. We met at that campground over the weekend and everything just kind of `clicked'."

"Oh. Wait. What? Who'd you meet?" Ruben asked with confusion.

"The other guy and his son, Wes," I clarified. "The father's name is Henry Hauser and his son's name is Wes. My dad and I are going to be sharing a house with the two of them."

"So that's it," Ruben frowned. "We've been friends for three years. Then you meet somebody new over a weekend and suddenly you're moving in with them and you and I are like... history? Doesn't three years of friendship count for something? I don't want you to go moving away. What's this other kid like? Is he cool? Will I like him?"

"Oh yeah, he's way cool," I said proudly. "Let's just say, we got along really, really good. Like brothers. I'm sure you two will hit it off."

"You hit it off like brothers?" Ruben sarcastically joked. "So you like fought constantly, insulted each other, sat on his face and farted and then yelled at each other to stay out of your stuff?"

"Okay, well, maybe not like brothers then," I confessed. "Maybe more like long lost friends, very special friends."

I gave him a knowing grin and then slowly ran my tongue across my lips. I so badly wanted to flip my phone open and show Ruben my newly acquired picture of Wes. It took all my willpower to resist the temptation and show-off my sweet angel-boy to Ruben.

"Oh," Ruben said, sinking into despair. "You got yourself a new jack-off buddy, so you don't have any freaking time for me anymore, eh? That's okay, I get it."

"Ruben," I said, trying to make him understand. "You and I are friends, very good friends. That hasn't changed. But Wes and I are like... connected or something. I can't explain it. You and I will always be friends, Ruben. The thing is, we can't do any sex stuff together anymore. You understand, don't you?"

"Sure, I understand. I hope you and your new boyfriend have a nice life!" Ruben said as his voice cracked.

He quickly stood up from the table and made a hasty retreat before I could see the level of pain in his eyes.

"Don't be mad," I pleaded. "Don't go. Hold on a minute. Ruben..."

There was no doubt that Ruben was emotionally hurt. I pretty much expected Ruben to be jealous of Wes just like Wes got jealous of Ruben, but this was much more than that. It was then that I realized that Ruben must have thought of me as much more than just a jacking buddy and maybe even regarded me as taken. I didn't know what to do about that, but I was going to have to do something. Wes was the most important person in my life, but like Ruben said, we'd known each other for three years. That counted for something. Actually, it counted for a lot. Ruben was a dear friend. He'll always be the dear friend who I shared many wonderful jacking adventures with, and that's something I would cherish forever.

I abandoned my lunch at the table and went running after Ruben, but he got away so fast, I couldn't find him anywhere. I felt like shit. Losing a friend is a traumatic experience and I was going to have to find a way to diffuse the volatile situation that was developing between Wes and Ruben. Being in love certainly had its complications.

For me, the second half of the school day was far worse than the first. Not only was Wes prominently consuming my every thought, but now the disaster with Ruben added another level of unresolved issues that I could do nothing about at present and I was emotionally at the end of my rope. Somehow, I was able to finish off the school day and I raced home in anticipation of getting an early start on our house hunting.

When I got there, I noticed that Dad's car was still gone, but Mr. Léger's car was in our driveway. It was obvious that Dad was going to be working late and Carey was probably inside, just waiting for me to arrive so he could grate on my already frazzled nerves. I remained outside for a while, reluctant to go inside in an attempt to avoid another `Carey' encounter. Dealing with him was the last thing I needed right then. I was already hanging by a thread and I could tell that one more thing could easily throw me over the edge.

I would have happily waited outside until Dad came home, but my full, aching bladder had other plans and I was forced to go inside. I quietly snuck into the house and used the bathroom without arousing anyone's attention. I thought I was home free to slip silently up to my room, but the force of habit compelled me to flush the toilet, giving away my presence.

"Seth, is that you sweetheart?" my mom called out.

"Yeah Mom," I answered.

"Carey is here," she informed me. "He's been waiting for you to come home. He wants to talk to you."

The next thing I knew, Carey came out of the kitchen and rounded the corner just as I was about to go up the stairs to my room.

"Hey," Carey said.

"Hey," I said back.

"Can I come up with you?" he asked.

"I don't know!" I stated. "Can you?"

"Wow," he exclaimed. "Are you serious? That's something my English teacher would say. Is that where you got it from?"

Without justifying his curt response with an answer, I just turned and walked up the stairs while he closely followed behind. I opened my bedroom door and Carey blatantly followed me in and closed the door behind him, then sat down on the foot of my bed and stared at me.

"You're kind of horning in here, aren't you?" I hissed as I instinctively got on the defensive.

"What's it like?" he asked, ignoring my obvious bitterness.

"What's what like?"

"I overheard my dad talking on the phone with your mom, saying that both you and your dad got yourselves boyfriends. Is that true?"

"What if it is?" I coldly said. I decided right then not to attempt to hide it. Sooner or later, it would all come out anyway.

"No wonder you haven't been with a girl," Carey said with droll delight. "I should have guessed it. The clothes, the hair, the way you stared at my crotch. You're a faggot then. So, what's it like to have a boyfriend? What do you do together? How do you decide who plays the male and female roles? How can that even work? What's it like when you go out together? Do you kiss?"

"Why are you asking all that stuff?" I wondered. "I thought the very idea of being gay was against your beliefs."

"Against my dad's beliefs," he said as he looked away from me, avoiding eye contact.

"What do you believe, Carey?" I asked. "Do you share your dad's beliefs?"

"I don't know," he shrugged. "Seems kind of weird, but I've never met a real-live fag before. I want to know what my dad can't tell me, or I should say, what he won't tell me."

My opinion of Carey softened a little when he wasn't being so outright annoying, although, I hated his derogatory use of the word `fag'.

"Dude, what's up with calling me a fag? How'd you like getting your face rearranged?" I growled.

"Why are you so irrationally angry all of the time?" Carey wondered. "You've already admitted that you're a fag. Does it make you mad to talk about it?"

"I admitted I'm gay," I explained. "The word `Fag' is an ugly and defensive term. If you call a gay person a `fag', that will only serve to provoke and anger them, causing them to be rude back at you. You probably don't have many friends, do you? You're such a smug asshole, you know that? I'll bet nobody likes you."

Carey's lip actually quivered a bit from my frank assessment.

"I didn't know it was bad," Carey said, sounding sincere.

"You drive me crazy, dude," I chided. "You honestly want me to believe that you didn't know that word is like... poison? Don't you go to school? Don't you talk to people? How could you not know that? I honestly don't know if you're serious or if you're just trying to get me mad."

"How would I know that?" Carey asked. "It's what my dad calls guys who have sex with other guys. I'm sorry if I offended you. What would you like for me to call you then?"

"Seth," I stated. "I'd like you to call me Seth. And if you want to refer to guys who like guys, then the word is `gay'. Okay?"

"Okay," Carey humbly answered apologetically.

I tried to relax out of my aggravated state as I went over to my bed and sat down next to him.

"So then," Carey asked with his penetrating baby blues as he moved to the edge of his seat in anticipation, fidgeting like a child. "What's it like doing gay stuff with your boyfriend?"

My mind began to spin. Was this a trap? Was he goading me into a religious debate, or was he just echoing his father's pompous `holier-than-thou' attitude? I really didn't know Carey long enough to be able to read his intentions. To say that he was forward and pushy would be an understatement. Still, he seemed to me to be really sincere. But what would I tell him? After all, I was far from an authority. Yet, on the other hand, I wasn't exactly a novice anymore either. Then I wondered what Wesley would say about all this? Would he be skeptical? Would he be angry? Would he be offended that I was even talking about our private relationship to a stranger? I didn't really know what to say. Then I decided to turn the tables on him and give him a taste of his own medicine and see where that might take us.

"It all depends," I began. "First, I need to know just how much you already know about sex. You already admitted you jack-off. How does it make you feel? Do you like it? How long ago did you start? Did someone teach you how to do it or did you stumble upon it all by yourself? When did you have your very first orgasm? Were you having dry heaving orgasms before your first real wet one? Do you moan uncontrollably when you cum or do you cum silently so your father won't hear you? When you shot your first load of real sperm, did you get scared or did you get excited? When did you notice your first pubic hairs? What technique do you use to get off? Do you use personal lubricants or do you dry-stroke yourself? Have you ever used a condom? Have you ever rolled it onto your long hard shaft? Do you play with any sex toys? Have you ever used a dildo? Have you ever stuck anything up your ass when you jack yourself, milking your tender prostate? Who do you think about when you jack it? Do you fantasize about anyone in particular? Perhaps you fantasize about a locker room full of naked guys that really do it for you?"

Carey just stared at me, amazed that I could be so forward and at ease about sex.

"That's private and personal," he said.

"Exactly, and it's even more private and personal when a second person is involved," I stated. Then I took advantage of having the upper hand and delivered the killer blow. "What would your dad do if I told him you frequently did the dirty deed?"

"What?" he gulped.

"See what I mean," I declared. "You gotta be careful who you share personal information with."

"You're not going to tell me anything, are you?" he whined.

"Nope," I said, being very proud of myself. "I've told you too much already. For one thing, I don't know if I can trust you. Even if I was sure I could trust you, I don't know if you are mature enough to handle it. Besides, I don't know if Wes would be okay with it or not."

"So, his name's Wes, huh?" Carey said. "What does he look like? Does he have a big one? Do you have a picture of him I could see?"

This guy was beyond inquisitive. He was downright relentless. I couldn't believe I'd just slipped and said his name like that. I really wasn't sure if Wes wanted to keep our love a secret from Carey or not, but now it was pretty much too late for that. Carey was going to find out sooner or later anyway with my mom and his dad discussing it back and forth so carelessly.

Then, I smiled as I thought about the one picture I did have of Wes.

"He's very cute," I confirmed. "But I don't have a picture I can show you."

It was true. I didn't have a picture I could show him. I kind of wanted to, though, just to see his reaction.

"What kind of boyfriend could you possibly be if you don't even have a picture of him?" he said. "I'm not sure I believe you."

"I don't care if you believe me or not," I declared.

"Okay, if you're not going to tell me anything, then thanks for nothing," he griped.

"You're welcome for nothing," I shot back.

It felt good to have the upper hand with him and watch him get frustrated for a change.

There was some commotion downstairs and Carey and I instinctively stopped talking for a moment and strained to listen in. Before we could gather any of the conversation, Mr. Léger called up from the bottom of the stairs.

"Carey! Come down, boy. We're leaving."

As before, Carey jumped up like he'd been shocked with a cattle prod. Before rushing off, he spun around and whispered something to me.

"You wouldn't really tell my dad about me... would you?" he asked, making a jacking motion with his hands.

I really had him concerned. I smiled and shook my head `No'.

"Don't worry, your secret's safe with me." I assured him.

He looked relieved as he ran off. I waited and listened for the front door to close before I made my way downstairs.

"Hey, Dad," I said. "Are you ready to go house hunting now?"

Mom and Dad turned toward me and I could see there was something wrong. Mom's eyes were red and Dad had that pissed off look he gets when there's trouble.

"What's going on?" I hesitated to ask.

"We're not going house hunting tonight after all," Dad said. "There's a problem, a big problem!"

"Like..." I asked, waiting for an explanation, not really sure I wanted to know.

"We'll discuss it later," Dad said, not wanting to be the one to deliver the bad news.

"No way," I protested. "You're always keeping secrets from me. That's bogus! This affects me just as much as it affects the both of you. I'm just as involved in what's going on as you are. I deserve to know what's happening."

"Okay, okay!" Dad conceded. "Of course you're right, I suppose you do. You're not going to like it, though. Let's go back into the kitchen. This is going to take a bit of explaining."

The three of us went into the kitchen and sat down around the table. Then, Mom and Dad looked at each other, not wanting to be the one to deliver the bad news.

"So... What's going on?" I asked, losing my patience.

"Seth," Dad began. "Yesterday, in an attempt to be honest in her new relationship with Mr. Léger, she told him about our intention to live with Henry and Wes. It was only right that she tell him since his own son is going to be involved in all of this `melding together' of families. Mr. Léger immediately hired a private investigator and he uncovered something today about Henry and Wes that poses a problem for everyone involved."

"So, what did he find out?" I asked, trying not to sound anxious. "How bad could it be? What did this investigator guy discover?"

"When Wes was in the fifth grade, he'd started into puberty a bit early," Dad said, being the one to deliver the blow. "He was caught in the boy's restroom teaching a group of fourth graders how to masturbate."

None of what was said so far fazed me in the least. In fact, it was typical of Wes to do something like that. Unfortunately, it was also typical of him to get caught.

When Mom saw how Dad was having difficulties telling the story, she jumped back in to assist him.

"When the principal asked Wes where he'd learned such a thing, he told her that his father had taught him how to do it," Mom continued. "Instead of talking to Henry about the incident first, the principal overreacted and called child protective services, blowing everything out of proportion. There was a big investigation launched and a very serious case was filed against Henry."

"I was just over there talking to him about it," Dad jumped back in. "I wanted to hear his side of the story. That's why I was gone for so long. It's a complicated story."

"What did Henry say?" I asked.

I felt sick to my stomach as I heard more. It was turning out to be much more serious than I had first thought. I was becoming aware that this was going to seriously impact my entire future.

"He said it was all a big misunderstanding," Dad answered. "It was true that he had in fact just had `the sex talk' with Wes the night before and reviewed an accredited book about puberty with him that he'd gotten from the public library. Wes's mother was at home at the time and was very much aware of the discussion. In the investigation, it came out that the family practiced naturism and were often naked in front of each other as a common daily practice. They even took Wes with them to several nudist recreation resorts while vacationing. Mr. Léger's private investigator was particularly prejudiced towards the whole situation, as was Mr. Léger himself. In the end, Henry ended up agreeing to move Wes out of that school. He also ended up pleading a `no-contest' to the administrative charges of endangerment that stood against him by protective services. He simply didn't have the resources to pay an attorney and the court fees to fight it. The D.A. has never pursued the matter to its conclusion in light of Wes's mother's death, and since they obviously recognize the whole thing is nonsense, the matter has stayed unresolved but remains open on public record."

"So, he didn't do anything wrong then," I proudly stated on Henry and Wes's behalf. "No big deal!"

"Here's the problem, Seth," Dad explained. "In light of Wes's sorted background, Mr. Léger doesn't want Carey to be exposed to Wes, and if you continue to have a relationship with Wes, he won't want Carey to be around you either."

"The fact that Wes already seduced you into doing sexual things together with him this past weekend proves that he's a disturbed child from his openly sexual upbringing," Mom tried to explain.

My mouth just dropped open as she prepared to deliver the final blow and drop the bomb.

"Therefore, Gordon and I have agreed that we will fight for full custody of you," Mom stated as if it were already a done deal. "You will live here with us and we'll be placing a restraining order against Mr. Hauser and his son, Wes. If your father still chooses to go with them, we'll see to it that he gets to have supervised visits with you, away from Henry and Wes, of course."

"There you go again, trying to keep me away from the person I love," I said, raising my voice as I held back the tears. "Like I told you before, if you think you can keep me away from Wes, you're so wrong. This is so fucked up! None of what you've told me changes how I feel about Wes or Henry, and it shouldn't matter to you either. Henry and Wes are good people. Don't let something so innocent change what you know in your heart is right. If you're going to make any changes, Mom, dump Mr. Léger and his creepy son and stop being such a coward! You don't need them in your life! He's just trying to brainwash everybody!"

"Seth!" Dad scolded. How dare you say something like that to your mother! Apologize, at once."

"Why should I," I huffed. "He's the source of everything that's gone wrong here."

"That's enough young man," Dad seethed. "Go to your room and don't come out until you're ready to apologize to your mother!"

"I guess I'll never come out then," I sneered, and with that, I stormed out of the kitchen and walked around the corner where I paused at the bottom of the stairs. As I stood there, I could still hear Dad continue to talk from the kitchen.

"You know, Mabel," Dad began. "Seth is right. That guy is the one, single source of all of our problems. He's made me angry and uncomfortable in my own home, and it is still my home. He's put you in the middle of his one man crusade and he's made you choose him over your only child, making all of us miserable. And look at poor Seth, Mabel. It's true what they say, `the children suffer the most in a divorce'. Look what it's done to him. Look what it's done to us. And take a good long look at Gordon's son. Do you really want Seth to become a clone of that Carey kid? I know that the choices I've made recently have not been stellar, but I think you can do better than Gordon Léger, a lot better! And sweetheart, you deserve better. You deserve better than me, and you certainly deserve better than him!"

Mom began to cry, and that put a stop to their conversation. Once there was nothing more to listen in on, I continued on up to my room and leapt onto my bed. I buried my head in my pillow as a flood of tears poured from my very soul. How could so many things go to shit in such a short amount of time? What was Mom going to do? Dumping Mr. Léger would solve a lot of problems, but Dad was right, I had no right telling her what to do, anymore than they had the right to keep me away from Wes. Then I started to think about poor Henry and Wes. What kind of trouble did Mr. Léger's stupid investigation stir up in their lives? I flipped open my phone and called Wes. It went straight to voicemail, which threw me into another panic. What else was going to go wrong in our lives?

I didn't think I could withstand one more blow before falling to pieces completely. Every time I would come close to getting a hold of myself, I would think about losing Wes, and would break out into another flood of agonizing tears and heaving convulsions. A desperate notion to run away from home filled my mind until I rationally thought it through. First, I didn't have a single clue where Henry and Wes lived and since Wes wasn't answering his phone, I couldn't very well ask him for directions. Second, I had no money for food or transportation and it was going to be getting dark soon. Then I realized that it didn't really matter where I went. Just the fact that I was gone would send a message to everyone as to just how serious I was about anyone trying to keep me away from the one I love.

It was time to take action. Without taking anything with me, I planned to quietly walk out the front door and be gone for a while. As I silently walked down the stairs, I got half way down when Dad stuck his head out of his bedroom door and spoke.

"Are you going down to apologize to your mother?" Dad asked.

"Ah, yeah," I answered, being totally caught off guard.

"She's in here with me," he said. "Come in."

I turned around and went back up the stairs and went into my parents' room. As I looked in, my mom was sitting up in the bed, leaning against the headboard with her feet out straight in front of her.

"Hey Mom," I said. "I'm sorry. I had no right to tell you to dump Mr. Léger, and I didn't mean to call Carey creepy either, even if he is. And I'm sorry I implied that you've been brainwashed and called you a coward. But at the same time, you have no right to tell me I can't see Wes either."

"Okay, Seth. Thanks for the apology, such as it was," Mom groaned.

"Come on Seth," Dad said. "We're leaving. Your mom wants to be alone to think."

Crap! I was caught and I had just gotten roped into going somewhere with Dad. I didn't know where. I had all the wind taken out of my sails. I was all set to disappear into the night. I was in an agitated mood and I wasn't thinking straight. Dad and I hopped into the car and off we went. I paid little attention to where we were going as Dad drove in quiet contemplation, silently wrestling with his own problems, no doubt brought on by Mr. Léger's loathsome meddling.

We pulled off the main road and entered a residential area. It was obvious now that we weren't going to a store or mall, and I didn't recognize the neighborhood we were in. For a moment, I imagined that Dad was taking me to see a house that was for sale, but it would've been meaningless to go house hunting without Henry and Wes. We stopped in front of a small cluster of condos and Dad parked in the last remaining space by the curb. He turned off the motor, clutched his keys and opened the door. I thought that Dad had temporarily lost his mind if he thought we were going to be happy living in a cramped track of old run-down houses.

I followed Dad up to the front door of one of the houses and he knocked in a deliberate and strange way. It was almost like a secret knock that a kid might use for their clubhouse.

Knock-knock... pause... knock-knock... pause... knock.

A moment later, Henry answered the door, completely naked, standing as casually as can be. I was rendered totally speechless as I stared at Henry while my brain processed the bombshell.

"Hey Wes, come here, Son" his dad called out. "There's a surprise out here for you!"

Wes came running from another room and I almost pissed my pants. Here I was, thinking I was going to have to run away from home if I were to ever see Wes again. I couldn't believe that Dad had defied Mom's wishes and disregarded Mr. Léger's demands by bringing me here. As I beheld the image of my lover, my heart skipped a beat. Like his dad, he was also totally nude as his cock and balls bounced up and down from having sprinted to the door. Without stopping to say a word, Wes raced right up to me and threw his arms around me, squeezing me tightly and lifting me right up off the ground. When he released me, he grabbed my hand and pulled me inside.

"Let me show you my room," Wes said as he exuberantly pulled me through the house, leaving our dads in awe at the door.

I looked back and watched my dad and Henry hug and kiss just before I got pulled around the corner and out of sight. As Wes ushered me into his room, he immediately pulled my shirt off over my head, stripping me where I stood. He probably thought I couldn't possibly be comfortable wearing all these clothes, so he made it his duty to put me at ease. Once he stripped me naked, he gave me another huge bear hug. This time, I could feel every muscle, every bulge and every ripple of his fit and sexy body as my cock sprang to attention. Then he directed me to his bed, sat me down and then sat opposite me, moving in as close as possible. He leaned in and kissed me rather passionately.

"Oh god, how I've missed you," I blurted out. "You won't believe what's happened today."

"Tell me all about it," he said, leaning back and holding my hand with genuine interest.

"As soon as my dad and I got home from the campgrounds, I met my mom's boyfriend, Gordon Léger, and his son, Carey," I began, retelling my horror story from the beginning. "You won't believe what an ass Carey was when I first met him. He was scoping out my room like a detective or something and acting like he could tell everything about me from what he observed in my room."

"So, how close was he?" Wes asked, knowing it irritated me. "Did he say you were a horny little gay boy with a tasty hot boner he could easily suck on for hours at a time?" Wes joked as he reached for my dick and gave it a quick pull.

"Very funny," I answered. "He did comment about my clothes though. He thought I was all popular at school and doing all the cheerleaders."

"No shit. That's funny as hell," Wes said, kicking back and smiling.

"Well, you know that, and I know that, but it was insulting all the same," I complained. "He wanted to know all about what it was like to be fucking with the hot girls at school. I had to bite my tongue. He's like obsessed with sex or something. He admitted that he jacks off and that his Dad thinks it's some kind of major sin, so he keeps it all a secret from him."

"Poor kid," he said, shaking his head. "It comes as no surprise that a guy his age jacks it. It's common for guys to hide it from everyone, but being afraid of getting caught in your own home and having your dad come down on you for it, sucks big time."

"It definitely does," I agreed. "But Carey's dad is a total asshole. I can't believe my Mom is even interested in him. I'm gonna hate just being around him. I don't get what my mom sees in him or why she wants to marry him. Seriously, he's stirred up all this trouble about us living together. Have you heard about it?"

"Yeah," Wes groaned. "He is an asshole for sure. I've definitely heard all about it. Your dad was over here earlier talking to mine about it. It's so freakin' stupid. It was four years ago and I was just a horny kid. I didn't know I wasn't supposed to go sharing the coolest thing ever with other guys. I thought you were supposed to share good stuff with others, like candy and toys and orgasms."

That made me laugh so hard, I fell back on his bed. He jumped on top of me and we started wrestling around until we both got boned up again. I pushed him off me and tenderly scolded him.

"Not now," I insisted. "We still need to talk about some things."

"Okay," Wes smirked. "You talk while I suck. I can multi-task."

"God, you're always so horny dude," I grinned. "I love that about you."

I sat up on the edge of his bed and spread my legs. He knelt between them and slipped my stiffy into his hot warm mouth. I instantly sighed. All the sweet and loving memories of our glorious weekend camping trip came flooding back to me. He gently worked up and down my welcoming shaft. Then he pulled off, looked up, grabbed his ears and wiggled them in a goading fashion.

"Well, you said you needed to talk," he reminded me. "So, talk! I'm listening."

Then he slipped my dick back into his moist cavern and made it nearly impossible for me to concentrate on what I'd planned on telling him.

"Okay," I forced myself to continue. "So, last night I came out to Mom and it didn't seem like it was going very well. First, she tried to blame Dad because he was setting a bad example for me. Then, she tried to blame you for it. She said that you were a disturbed child who was a victim of an openly corrupted sexual upbringing, causing you to seduce me, thereby turning me gay. I told her how ridiculous that sounded and convinced her... Oh that feels so good...!" I moaned in ecstasy as Wes's sucking broke my train of thought. A moment later, I re-focused and continued. "I convinced her that it was how I felt about you and how I felt about sex. My god, you're so good at that...!" I moaned again, as I tried to enjoy Wes's sucking while struggling to tell my story. "Anyway, in the end, it seemed to go okay. Then tonight, after Mr. Léger got all up in our business, she was all saying how you sexually corrupted me. Like I couldn't think straight or think for myself." My very words rang in my ears as I literally couldn't think straight.

Wes pulled off me, snickering.

"Yeah, that's me," Wes said in a sinister `Darth Vader' sounding voice. "I'm the corrupted bad boy that seduced you to the dark side. I've got you in my clutches right now and I'm gonna suck your dick until you're gay, gay, gay!"

"Shut up and get busy," I barked. "I'm all about your kind of corruption."

He smiled and then went back to work, sucking my full length down his throat while I strived to continue.

"The truth is that, it's Mom whose been brainwashed by Mr. Léger, not me getting brainwashed or corrupted by you. Then I got into a huge fight with Mom and told her that she needed to dump his sorry ass along with his evil spawn. Dude, you're going to make me cum!" I cried, forgetting what I was trying to say. Then I grabbed his head and held him still, just long enough to keep from cumming and catch my breath. Then, I resumed anyway, despite being almost ready to blow. "Anyhow, that made Dad furious and he made me apologize. But, I'm really not sorry I said the things I did because they were all true. I just should have said them in a different way I guess. So, after I apologized, Mom said she needed some time to think, so I guess Dad thought he should bring me here. Okay, I'm cumming now. Here it..." I gulped as Wes siphoned my load directly down his throat as though it were the rarest treat on earth. I jumped and quivered and bucked my hips as Wes held my cock hostage until he couldn't get another drop out of me. He was emitting soft, erotic moans of satisfaction as if he were sampling some rare and blissfully sweet nectar.

"I'm glad he did bring you," Wes mumbled as my delectable prize dripped from the sides of his voluptuous red lips. "So screw that Mr. Léger guy. We'll just live full time together in our new house and not ever go to your mom's house. That should solve the problem."

"You haven't heard all of it then," I said in an ominous tone. Wes wiped his mouth with the back of his hand as he got a serious look on his face.

"What else?" he asked cautiously.

"Mom plans to file for full custody of me and put a restraining order against you and your dad from being around me at all. Like... ever!"

"No fucking way that's happening!" Wes stated. "No fucking way!"

"That's what I said," I stated. "We have three years before we're 18 and can control our own lives. This could get ugly for us until then. I thought about just running away together, and I almost went through with it earlier tonight. But shit, let's be realistic. We can't live on our own."

"We can't live apart either. At least, I can't be apart from you for three freakin' years. No fucking way! We have to stop this somehow. What if I go talk to your mom with you. We can convince her we really love each other and she won't do the straining order thing."

"We could try, but she's really been messed up by this super homophobic Léger guy. If we're going to do anything, it's going to have to be that we expose Mr. Léger for the monster he is. I've been told that the people who object the loudest have the most to hide. He's such a creep. I'm convinced that he's hiding something, and whatever that something is, it's big!"

"Wow, you poor guy," Wes said, squeezing my hand. "We've had a little excitement here ourselves."

"Oh, yeah, I want to hear your story now, but I want to switch places with you," I said, turning the tables on him. "I'll suck while you talk this time."

I smiled at him and rose up to kiss him, tasting the remnants of my own cum on his lips. Then I swapped spots with him and eagerly sucked his waiting cock into my mouth, savoring the sweet pre-cum he had already begun to ooze.

"Talk," I playfully reminded him, wiggling my ears the way he had done to me. Then I swallowed his bone, all the way down to the base as I watched his eyes widen.

"Oh yeah," he feigned innocence and gulped from my initial plunge down his thick shaft. "It just feels so good, I forgot. Anyhow, when I changed schools after the bathroom incident, nobody at my new school knew about what happened and everything was going fine," Wes began. "Then when that investigator guy started poking around today, the word got around and all of a sudden, everybody at school knew what happened and everybody started treating me differently. The other students started calling me names and the teachers and staff just pointed and whispered among themselves. Oh man, you have a magical way of sucking cock, Seth," Wes complimented as his breathing quickened. He dropped his head back and stared at the ceiling as he resumed his story with great difficulty. "I don't like being called names and stuff, but I'm not sorry for what I did. It was fun and exciting teaching those guys how to masturbate. They were all going to find out how to do it eventually. I wish somebody had taught me how to do it when I was their age. That would've been so cool!"

"I'm so sorry that happened to you," I said, pulling off of Wes's cock just long enough to respond. "Some people just don't know how to mind their own business."

"I didn't know what everybody's problem with me was at school and I just assumed that somehow, the picture I sent you got hacked," Wes explained. "You almost got me cumming, Seth," he said as he tilted his head back up to watch me do my magic. "When I came home from school, I told Dad what happened and told him about the picture. Thinking it was no big deal, I showed him the picture I sent you and he totally freaked out on me. He's usually not like that and I really didn't understand at first."

"You showed your Dad?" I jerked, with my mouth full of Wes's cock.

"Ouch. Watch the teeth, dude." He scolded as I unexpectedly chomped down on his cock in astonishment.

"Sorry," I apologized. "Why in the world would you show your dad that picture?"

"Why not?" he wondered. "He's seen me naked and he knows you've seen me naked. What's the big deal?"

"What did he do?" I asked, holding Wes's cock motionless in my hands absentmindedly.

"That's when he told me about the investigator who was poking around and asking questions indiscriminately," Wes explained. "The principal of the school called my dad and told him what was going on," Wes said. As he continued his explanation, Wes, reached out and nudged my head back onto his pulsing cock. I resumed my blowjob and drew Wes's cock back in my mouth and he got back to his story, sporadically speaking between gasps. "After he spread the information... ah, ah, oh god... around at my school, he went poking around at my dad's work. That explained the treatment I was getting at school and how they found out about it all. I just wish Dad had told me all that before I told him about the picture, because he immediately took my phone away from me. He said that sexting you a pic of me could get us all in a lot of trouble again and this time it might not blow over. He seemed angry... oh, oh, oh yeah... and sc, sc, scared at the same time." Wes was starting to tense up involuntarily and then suddenly, he relaxed as his climax started to bubble to the surface.

"Should I stop a minute?" I asked.

"No! Don't stop." He forced himself to go on, "Dad was worried that just talking to you about it could cause trouble." Wes paused again as his concentration got overtaken by a rush of climactic ecstasy. "Okay, Seth, I'm about to blow," Wes warned as he started thrusting his hips upward, plunging his cock in and out of my mouth. "So that's... why... I haven't... called you," Wes said, speaking in small bits between his heavy breathing. "I was thinking of coming to find you, but I didn't know where you lived and without my phone... I couldn't call you... or even arrange to meet somewhere. I almost... went... out of my mind... not being able... to talk to you. Oh, here it comes!" Wes announced as he arched his back and pumped what seemed like an endless number of blasts down my gulping throat until he finally ran dry, still heaving a few extra times for good measure, even though he had nothing left to squirt.

"Same with me," I said as I recovered from swallowing Wes's massively sweet load. "I've called you several times and your phone would go straight to voicemail every time. Now I know why. We've been so busy being in love with each other that we haven't taken the time to learn some very important things, like where we live and what school we go to. And one more thing, I want some pics of you with your clothes on so I can have something to share when I show you off!"

After Wes recovered from his strenuous orgasm, he got up and fished out a pad of paper and pencil from one of his dresser drawers. He came back to sit next to me again and handed the items to me. I wrote down my full name, address, cell phone number and the name of the school I attend. I tore out the page and handed it to Wes and then had him do the same. A moment later, he tore out his page and handed it to me. I read through the page which had all the important information on it and ended with a large heart with an `I Love You' written inside. I almost lost my composure as it confirmed the fact that Wes was indeed my soul mate. I lowered the page to my lap and stared into Wes's eyes.

"You're so sweet, I love you too!" I cooed as I planted an appreciative kiss on his soft, juicy lips.

I picked up my pants from the floor where Wes had tossed them and carefully stored my newly acquired treasure inside my wallet for safe keeping.

"I wrote my school information on the page, but I don't know if I'll be going back to that school after what happened today," Wes guessed. "I doubt it. I really don't want to go back. I just want to move away, go to a new school and have you and your dad move in with us like we planned. Then everyone else could just stay out of our business and leave us alone!"

"I agree," I said. "I knew our plan was just too easy. I was worried that something like this would go wrong. Remember?"

"I remember," Wes agreed. "I hate to admit, you were right."

"But, it was you who said that you had a vision about our new home," I reminded him. "Do you remember that?"

"Yeah, I do," Wes thoughtfully said.

"I believe in your psychic visions," I assured him. "Some part of our plan still has a chance of succeeding, right?"

Just at that moment, Dad came to get me. Wes's door was open and, to my amazement, my dad was standing in the doorway, totally naked.

"Well, I see that Wes made sure you felt comfortably at home just like Henry did to me," Dad said as he chuckled. "Get dressed now, Son. We need to get going. We really shouldn't be here. Your mom thinks I just took you to walk around the mall. We don't want her to start wondering where we are."

I'd seen dad naked at the campground a couple of times that weekend, but it still felt odd seeing him that way, although, in a way, it was feeling more natural each time.

"Sure Dad," I calmly said giving the impression that Dad seeing me naked just then was also perfectly normal. "I'll be right there."

Dad walked away and allowed us to say our `goodbyes' in private. Since we'd both swallowed each other's massive loads down our throats, we had no clean up to have to attend to. I kissed Wes before I got dressed to go and I promised him I was going to fight any attempts to keep us apart.

He kissed me back so tenderly that it brought a tear to my eye. We slipped our hands around each other's backsides and gently rubbed each other's backs and smooth round cheeks while we passionately made out with each other. Reluctantly, I broke our embrace and gazed directly into Wes's eyes.

"I love you, Wesley Hauser!" I stated as absolute fact. "Nothing will stop us from being together. I swear it."

He didn't speak. I didn't think he could anyway. He just hugged me one last, long hug for reassurance.

I got dressed and watched Wes's cheerful expression change to one of dismay that I had to leave so soon. Wes reluctantly came to the door to see us off and he waived as he put his arm around his Dad's waist for emotional support. My stomach dropped to my knees as I heard the door close behind me and my eyes welled up with tears. I got into the car with Dad and we headed back home.

"Don't worry, Seth," Dad said. "I think your mother is starting to see the evil lurking inside Mr. Gordon Léger and I'm sure she'll make the right decision. I just hope she sees it before things start to get worse. We have to let her make up her own mind though, so behave yourself and let things happen in their own time. Okay?"

"That's going to be really hard," I said.

"I know," he agreed. "As I've told you all along the way, Seth, trust me!"

End of Chapter #11

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